Putin Orders 100,000 Troops With Atomic Weapons To Prepare For NATO

Putin orders 100,000 Russian troops to the western front to prepare for NATO attack

Russian President Vladimir Putin has signed an order authorizing the deployment of 100,000 Russian troops to the Western Front, equipped with atomic weapons, to prepare for an expected counter-attack by NATO forces due to Russia’s nuclear strike against CERN in Switzerland. 

NATO are expected to counter Russia’s efforts to obliterate CERN’s underground research site, who the Kremlin say have successfully unlocked “interdimensional communication and travel”.

Whatdoesitmean.com reports:

Evidence supporting that CERN has “unlocked” this feared Nazi secret weapon, this report continues, was obtained recently by Foreign Intelligence Service (SVR) “assests” operating in Spain who had been tasked with uncovering the truth behind the mysterious “Death Star” orbs falling upon the Spanish countryside this past November—and which these intelligence operatives linked to the similar “Death Star” orbs videotaped emerging from CERN.

Though CERN officials have stated that the mysterious cloud formations being formed over their Swiss research facility from which these “Death Star” orbs are emerging is due to their studying a link between galactic cosmic rays and cloud formation, this report notes, the truest evidence of what these Western scientists are actually doing was revealed in 2009 when their Director for Research and Scientific Computing, Sergio Bertolucci, astoundedly stated:   “Out of this door might come something, or we might send something through it.”

To the first known confirmed historical existence of these “Death Star” orbs, this report explains, was during the early morning hours of 14 April 1561 in the skies over Nuremberg, Germany, which that cities newspaper, The Gazette, described as an aerial battle between “large cylindrical shapes from which emerged black, red, orange and blue-white spheres that darted about… All these elements started to fight one against the other” and was preserved for posterity in the famous woodcut made of this strange event by the famous German printer Hans Glaser.


During the Nazi regimes rise to power in Germany during the 1920-1930’s, this report states quoting World War II Soviet archives, an “examination/exploration” by their most “secretive/mystical/satanic” organization known as Ahnenerbe began tunneling beneath Nuremberg where they discovered an ancient “electromechanical machine” they believed was the source from which these “Death Star” orbs came from—and which upon this discovery turned this entire area of Nuremberg into Adolf Hitler’s “greatest shrine” where he first told hundreds-of-thousands of his devoted followers his regime would rule for the next 1,000 years.

With the Nazis believing that these “Death Star” orbs had not only saved Germany in 1561, this report continues, they likewise believed that these “interdimensional devices” would save them, again, from defeat against the Allied armies—and by 1944, this “ancient device/machine” was again reactivated sending into the skies over Germany hundreds of “Death Star” orbs that were described by Allied fighter pilots as “foo fighters”.

Upon the Nazi German’s being defeated, however, this report further notes, the United States secretly pardoned the German scientists that had reactivated this “ancient interdimensional device” bringing them to America in what is now known as Operation Paperclip where their research, even to this very day, continues.

And to the “ultimate purpose” of these Western powers continuing the Nazi’s research into these “interdimensional powers”, this report concludes, they openly mock the entire world about as not only is CERN’s logo emblazoned with the “Mark of the Beast” number 666, the main statue adorning their facility is of the Hindu god Shiva—otherwise known as “the destroyer of worlds”.