Switzerland ‘could grant Edward Snowden asylum if he testifies against NSA’

‘Switzerland would grant Edward Snowden asylum if he revealed the extent of espionage activities by the US government, recommendations by the Swiss Attorney General reportedly conclude.

According to Swiss newspaper Sonntags Zeitung, an official has said that Mr Snowden should be guaranteed safe entry and residency in the country, in return for his knowledge on America’s intelligence activities.

Last month, Mr Snowden was told he could remain in Russia for another three years.

He was not granted political asylum, but again awarded temporary residence as an extension of the one-year visa given to him last summer.

In the Swiss document, the question “What rules would apply if Edward Snowden is brought to Switzerland and the United States makes an extradition request?” was posed, leading officials to consider the diplomatic headache that would follow their acceptance of Mr Snowden as political refugee.’

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