Archives Reveal The Duke of Windsor ‘Wanted England To Be Bombed’

It has emerged that the Duke of Windsor had argued that bombing England could bring peace by ending WWII.

Former King Edward VIII who is widely regarded as a Nazi sympathiser was forced to abdicate in 1936.  He took the title of  Duke of Windsor shortly after.

Duke of Windsor and Hitler in 1937

The Independent reports:

Correspondence kept in the Royal Archives between the British royal family and their German relatives in the run up to WWII remains confidential.

However, information pieced together from open archives across 30 countries, including Germany, Spain and Russia, has revealed the close relationship some members of the European aristocracy had with the Nazis.

Dr Karina Urbach, senior research fellow at the Institute of Historical Research at the School of Advance Study at the University of London, has uncovered how the Duke of Windsor told Don Javier Bermejillo, his old friend and Spanish diplomat, that the British royal blamed “the Jews, the Reds and the Foreign Office for the war”.

Writing for The Conversation, Dr Urbach explained how Windsor told Bermejillo on 25 June 1940 that “if one bombed England effectively this could bring peace.

“Bermejillo concluded that the Duke of Windsor seemed very much to hope that this would occur: ‘He wants peace at any price.’,” wrote Dr Urbach.

She added: “This report went to Franco and was then passed on to the Germans. The bombing of Britain started on 10 July.”

Research Dr Urbach has documented in her new book Go-Betweens for Hitler also shows how Nazi supporter Charles Edward Duke of Coburg was a key figure in the network of private individuals who Adolf Hilter used for covert negotiations when he mistrusted his foreign ministry.

As Coburg’s sister Alice Countess of Athlone was the Queen Mary’s sister-in-law, he was “welcomed […] by the royals, including the Duke of Windsor” to the extend he was invited to visit George V and the Queen at Sandringham in 1932, according to Dr Urbach.

The two Dukes became so close that they hoped to strike an Anglo-German alliance.

According to Dr Urbach’s findings, the Soviet intelligence services were certain that the Duke of Windsor was a Nazi sympathiser when war broke out, and reported in 1940 that he and Hitler had discussed forming a new English government, and striking an alliance with Germany based on having the USSR as their shared enemy.

The revelations come after a book published earlier this year revealed that Hitler wanted to use Windsor when he was still King as a puppet on the British throne.

Before he abdicated and a month after Hitler occupied the Rhineland in March 1936, Windsor sent Hitler a telegram wishing him “happiness and welfare” for his 47th birthday, according to an extract of Seventeen Carnations – The Windsors, The Nazis and the Cover-Up by author Andrew Morton seen by the Mail on Sunday.

  • Emily Elizabeth Windsor-Cragg

    . . This is the same war and the same case we are fighting today–mind
    you–banker and Zionist war-profiteers against the world for 222 of the
    past 239 years. Edward was framed in a honeytrap by his father,
    for whom Wallis Simpson served as MI5 agent from 1917-1922, the traitor
    and scoundrel George V that forced Edward to vacate the throne. . . .
    This occurred at a time when Germany was riding high under Hitler,
    Edward’s half-brother. Hitler and King George were related in secret;
    and the King was pursuing Tavistock propaganda from 1921 onward,
    satisfying Occult Luciferian predictions by Albert Pike of a second of
    three wars by which he intended to bring on the Apocalypse for God. . . .
    Further the King had slandered Edward to the Archbishop unbeknownst
    to Edward himselfnot knowing why, after being Golden Boy for 22 years,
    Populist and pro-Labor, the entire body of courtiers turned against him
    at once. . . .
    . . . This article is actually about Elizabeth Bowes Lyons, who was the
    woman whom Edward spurned as Consort in 1920, who colluded with the
    bankers, with the Fascists . . . the absolute adversary to everything
    Edward lived and stood for. . . . This particular version of the story
    is so hobbled with lack of behavioral facts, it’s simply a smear job. I
    mean, ordinarily one doesn’t condemn another person on the basis of what
    he said once. . . . He was not allowed to express frustration over
    what he saw Zionists and Occult Illuminati war-mongers doing? He saw
    that the Zionist Jews were not faithful to their Covenant. Wow? Was
    that a matter of treason? What relationship did Edward have with the
    Rothschilds? NONE. Check his
    profile. He was not an Occultist Luciferian as both George V and VI
    were. No. He lived out his life on a 25K pound annual dole, by the
    charity of the Government of France. What an ignorant piece of dysinfo
    this is. Why don’t you at least read “Saints or Sons of Perdition”
    before you print slander like this? From Emily

    • Emily Elizabeth Windsor-Cragg

      I hope this periodical will allow truthful information to surface in the media. We’ve had enough not-see-ism in our faces.

    • Lucas Iston Redbury

      Good lord!

      • Emily Elizabeth Windsor-Cragg

        Indeed. The Official story, then as now, was contrived and confabulated to serve the Agenda of Globalists, of which both Geo V and Geo VI numbered among them.

  • Emily Elizabeth Windsor-Cragg

    In fact, George VI, half-brother of Adolph Hitler (eldest illegit GeoV issue), saw to it London was bombed, and that he was out of the way. But by then it was clear that Hitler was not the friendly relative that Czar Nicholas had been. This story is a confabulated piece of junk, taking bits and pieces and constructing an argument that Edward Was PRO-NWO, which he was not. He refused, recused, declined and abdicated rather than Stage World War II, which was and is the official Masonic Order that his father King George V handed down to him.