Arnold Schwarzenegger: I’ve Given Up Meat For The Benefit Of Humanity

Arnold Schwarzenegger gives up meat

Terminator star and former governor of California Arnold Schwarzenegger has urged members of the public to give up meat and take-up a plant-based diet “for the benefit of humanity”.

In partnership with James Cameron, Arnie is spreading the message, “less meat, less heat, more life”. reports:

Recently, Arnold Schwarzenegger partnered with the Wild Conservation Society to raise awareness about the issue of poaching. In that video, he made it clear that poachers will pay for their crimes against humanity as killing African Elephants for their tusks is likely to result in their demise within the next decade.

Now, the former bodybuilder, governor of California, and actor has teamed up with James Cameron, director of Avatar and advocate for the vegan lifestyle, and both have a powerful message to share with the world.

In the video below, it is explained that animal agriculture is responsible for 18 percent of greenhouse gas emissions, more than the combined exhaust from all transportation. The duo lends support for China’s new directive which urges citizens to cut down on meat consumption to prevent diseases of affluence, such as heart disease and diabetes.

The staunch environmentalists tell the camera:

“Less meat, less heat, more life.”

According to the documentary Cowspiracy, livestock and their byproducts account for at least 32,000 million tons of carbon dioxide (CO2) per year, or 51% of all worldwide greenhouse gas emissions. By utilizing land to grow crops that feed humans rather than cows, world hunger can be managed and the large amounts of methane produced by the livestock (which is 25-100 times more destructive than CO2 on a 20-year time frame) will be lessened.

It all begins with the little choices you make. Thankfully, eating healthy, plant-based food is easier now more than ever. Whether you purchase veggie burgers at the store or opt to make your own, there are a variety of ways you can please your palate while helping the planet.

Schwarzenegger correctly advises:

“You have to start slowly, you can’t just convince people to stop eating meat altogether. It’s a very big challenge, it doesn’t mean it shouldn’t be done and you shouldn’t be on that campaign, but it’s a very hard thing to overcome.”

  • commonlaw

    You are a despicable human being.

    • The Color of Nothing

      Who are you talking to? And why?

  • Criage Chelsea Althage

    I wish Schwarzenegger would apologize and come clean on his cruelty, sexism and rape of women. All this aside temporarily; merely boycotting meat is not going to put the meat industry out of business. That is not how it works economically. This environmental disaster already put upon us now is largely caused by industrial production using oil and coal. This must be a system change rather than a meaningless personal responsibility change of diet. Yes industrial farming is contributing to this disaster, and that is not to be denied, But until we change the system, the economics of Capital will destroy every last refuge in it’s quest for resources and materials for profit. Eco-socialism is a way forward.

    • Edith Tsacle

      And how long are we going to wait till “the system is changed” and who is going to do it? Start with what you can do, right now, easily, without waiting a second longer for someone or something to change: go vegan and you are responsible for a hell of a lot of things changing, including “the system”! But of course you are not going to do it. That’s ok. Don’t worry. The climate will take care of everything, soon.

      • Chuck Hawkes

        yep including the wiping out of wildlife in the world. Great example Orangutans in Southeast Asia for your palm oil instead of butter or whatever else they are making out of it. You have to have land in order to grow this food and cultivation does not leave much room for forest and other natural habitats so you might want to rethink your Veganish as you are destroying their lands and making these species come extinct.

        • Edith Tsacle

          You don’t know me! I vehemently reject any and all products containing palm oil and try to educate others. I advocate for the Orangutans who are driven to extinction. Palm oil is in my opinion not a Vegan product (I am vegan and try to harm as little as possible) since it kills so many animals, their habitat, the planet, only to make a few people richer. So I think you better rethink your mindlessly assuming things and judging without any factual information.

        • Peachy Skies

          Most vegans don’t eat palm oil you meat eaters do! Even some vegetable oil is palm oil but its labeled veg oil instead. Palm oil is in nearly all confectionery, sauces, biscuits, shampoos and soaps. You will be hard pushed to find anything that doesn’t contain it and the sad fact is that like meat, eggs and dairy its not needed.

          Vegans don’t condone animal cruelty and palm oil is not cruelty free so what are you talking about? Do some more research.

          The only vegans who will be using products with palm oil in are the ones that have transitioned from being vegetarians or meat eaters but thats only because it is in everything. Except vegan butter or anything that has been classed as vegan.

          Vegans are fighting to have it removed from all products so that they themselves are not forced to eat it. You wont starve by giving up meat, dairy, eggs or not wearing animals but a new vegan struggles to source foods with alternatives to palm oil when they first transition and they have to eat something.

          Becoming a vegan is a huge sacrifice that is not greater than loss of life and for that reason it is one that they are strongly committed to making. You can not be judgmental when you are not prepared to make any. So why don’t you get on board and try to make positive changes in the right direction instead of talking about something you clearly have no understanding of.

          • Chuck Hawkes

            That is fine but a lot of Vegans use Palm oil, just like I don’t use palm oil either I use real butter. I have done lots of research on alternative life styles through out my years. A lot of the products ranging from oranges to other crops take away habitat that is used by native funa and flora of those regions where every might be. I also find that the newer generations are waste full and throw away society. We recycled more in my day than they do now.

          • Peachy Skies

            Hey Chuck you might want to read what I wrote before you reply and if you still fail to understand don’t bother

    • Dino 746

      Coal and oil are a seperate issue that Arnold addressed in activism and policy he initiated as governer. Veganism is most certainly not meaningless from an environomentalists perspective. A sustainable future cannot inclide carnism of any sort. To the degree he can influence others, youd agree he is an influencial person, this project of his is manifestly meaningful.

  • Guess What

    The body builder who gives up meat, really only now he knows meat is bad for people, he don’t even talk about how meat rots in a humans guts and causes disease, not to mention the negative energy that comes from the dead animal that stood in line waiting to be killed.

    He thinks he’s saving the planet from global warming if people stop eating meat, it’s ridiculous.

    Interesting fact * Arnolds dad was a Nazi SS Officer.

    • Bernd Beidlheimer

      rotting meat inside your stomach is one of the worst things i experienced…its terrible

      • steveliddleSK

        all food rots inside your guts, it is called digestion 🙂

        • Bernd Beidlheimer

          ye meat is as easy digested as veggies ….allright cya

        • Bernd Beidlheimer

          there is a difference if food is up to a few days inside you or just a few hours but hey im sure you knew that allready…dont get me even started on rotting meat inside me…this shit was the worst and most disgusting experience i had…but hey its soooo healthy to stink outta your mouth like a toilet when you burp

        • Bernd Beidlheimer

          ou and btw digesting is a process of the body…rotting meat is a process that happens in digestion and rotting is the same allright man…are you rotten somehow?

    • Bernd Beidlheimer

      btw there are also many war mongers in the rest of the world which eat meat..

    • Peachy Skies

      He’s had his eyes opened and its never to late to realise when you are doing something wrong. Did it occur to you that he might also NOW care about the animals that he was condoning the killing of but because eating meat is bad for the planet thats really all they have to say and thats more likely to get people to stop eating meat than saying please don’t take any more lives.

      Even vegans are body builders and some of them used to eat meat. Arni was more likely well built because of the plants he ate and not the meat. His doctor has told him now late in life that meat has had an adverse effect on his health and NOW he’s trying to tell people that.

      I agree with you but this is positive and if more famous people get on board with not eating meat things can change for the better. If you put people down for trying they will give up.

      Anyway Arni said hes eating less due to health reasons and David said its because of the environment.

      I just wish they would stop altogether because its not okay to kill full stop and 50% wont change the world hunger crisis. We can only hope that they are hoping once people start cutting meat out of their diets that they will realise how good they feel and that they don’t need it.

    • Dino 746

      There is no negative energy you stupid fucking hippie. Veganism is about animal welfare not some bullshit self-centered way to cleanse yourself. Idiots like you are why veganism has a bullshit culty stigma attached to it. Are you a Hare Krishna?

  • Tee Watt

    Google Legal Name Fraud and see how Thou Shall Not Kill includes all Living Beings… You were told. #bccrss #ilovetruth #leglnamefraud #kateofgaia

  • pagliaccio sconcio

    cow farts? ha ha ha maybe steroid movies leading to bypasses lead americans down the road to ruin

  • pagliaccio sconcio

    the country is buffalo land and more buffalos used to live in north america than people and there was no green house gas effect know than when there was more buffalos than todays cows

  • pagliaccio sconcio

    cutout the feed lots grass feed only let`um live about ten years and how many people can one cow feed vs any other food type.The anti-cow hype is as dumb as a steroided imported fake jocko mouth for the money

    • Rebecca Lorge

      Cut out the middleman, which is the animal, and eat the grain itself. It takes between 11 and 16 pounds of grain to make 1 pound of beef. That’s how you feed more people.

      • sharpin la

        Avoid the wheat (at least in the US) however, it’s been destroyed genetically and is now just a poison but other grains are still OK.

    • Brendan McPherson

      The amount of space and resources it takes to raise a cow is far more than most other food sources. The amount of grain a cow is fed in it’s lifetime can itself actually feed more people than the cow will.

  • James Smith

    Hey Mr. complicit blatant war criminal Arnold Schwarzenegger. For The Benefit Of Humanity Why Don’t You Give Up communism? It’s a valid question…

  • pagliaccio sconcio

    grass fed cattle eat nothing but hay=grass,feed lot or fattened beef only feeds grains to four&five year old cattle for about four months to build up fat for marketing.COWs don`t eat grain unless fattening for those markets.

  • pagliaccio sconcio

    cows&buffalos eat only grass and north american once had more buffalos than it now has people.The white man wiped out natural buffalos which are basically native cattle of the northern plains.taking cattle or buffalos to markets are grass feed only makes it worth much more than feed lot finishing them,plus they are less fatty.NO grains are used at all,raiseing grains take much more water and open feild loss of soils leading to washed out unfarmible feilds.The depression dust storms??? the chemicals in our drinking water all came from raiseing grains

  • pagliaccio sconcio

    We raised cattle for many yearsand I understand the not wanting to kill live stock-it an`t easy to send them off to market BUt native north america is cattle country used to be buffalo country and it is full of grass lands and raiseing cattle is cheaper easyer and feeds many more people than grain farming ever will as the USa is the best at farming in the world and has been for many many years.One cow can feed tons of people for a long long time.Just ask native america which knew how to live though the worst winters on dryed buffalo.Native america never feed grain to buffalos they only managed the herds and those herds fed only natural grass.To let the cattle live to ten and be well kepth works way better than fed lots and grain feild soils loses.Controlled grain feilds with less wash off and non-chemically plus limited grass fed cattle is better for the earth and people than trying not to eat a living thing which all of these are

  • pagliaccio sconcio

    Cow farts or old steroid money mouths trying to sell anything is dumb dumb got gum gum?

  • pagliaccio sconcio

    death hormones from marketing stresses are something that needs to be controlled yes very true but row crop farming and top soil wash off and chemical damages from farming grains kills the earth,the soil,the water with damages than can never be recovered-there are no easy fixs BUT native deer elk so on will also eat those grasses get hit by cars,kill people and killed deer and wild life,plu if you dont` tree farm the forests burn down without any human management.Paper tree farming keeps soils intacked and those tree gets replanted every few years.Paper use is good not bad as those are paper tree farms which are renewible.paper doesn`t use regular trees from the forests that is all hog wash.Forests need management and those hardwood trees need to be protected as does the whole ecco system.When you don`t have the kill anything to eat or damage the earth at all to eat give me a call and if that is healthy I`ll try some of what ever you are trying to sell me

  • David Elliott Lewis

    Not all wish to eat plants only. There is great flavor experiences and pleasure in eating meat and/or dairy. There is an equation regarding the trade off between the quantity of life versus its quality.

    • Peachy Skies

      You may not wish to eat only plants but meat isn’t yours to eat in the first place

    • Dino 746

      Being a moral person requires we consider the consequences our actions have on others. Quality of life? You are deficient in empathy.

    • The Color of Nothing

      That is the cold hard truth, 100%. Meat and Dairy, though, don’t taste like anything, and are just the textures and bases for other foods; they’re just depended on so much that it requires creativity to get past, especially when a personal change will not change the rest of the world clinging to food traditions.

      My sister went vegetarian and eating out with her made me rediscover eating. It was like eating in another country, and suddenly even though I still eat meat, I just have more variety in my diet. After a few years I came to peace with the idea that if movements like this took off, food would adapt easily and better option would come out of the need to change, because there is some really interesting stuff out there that i’ve tried that blew me away.

      But not to derive from your point, which is 100% true; people have a right to their choices, and the world is not an easy one to make these choices in (not easy, though not hard either, necessarily), and, we all choice which fights to take up. A homeless person has their own problems, a minority may have discrimination heavily impacting their life. It’s just something some people choose, since we can’t do it all.

  • matt

    I give Arnold 1 years tops before we see a pic of him eating a steak. I was a vegan for 9 months and my health suffered. Now a strong anti vegan advocate. Everyone I know who jumps on the vegan bandwagon eventually falls off. Mostly due to health reasons

    • Joanne V Kimberley

      That’s total Nonsense! I have been Vegan for 18 years and I feel healthier and fitter than ever. I know many long term Vegans who feel the same way. You obviously were not eating a healthy balanced diet and probably know very little about nutrition. A Vegan diet is optimal for our health,and the health of the planet.There are many Vegan athletes and one of the worlds strongest men Patrick Babomian is Vegan ! do your research!

      • Oliver

        If it was “optimal” wouldn’t more top athletes be vegan? Professional athletes must use everything at their disposal to achieve peak performances. A big part of that is diet. If vegan was optimal, ie. the best diet there is, it would give you a competitive edge and in a short amount of time all professional athletes would adopt it because vegans would outperform meat eaters.

        • Enno

          many top athletes nowadays adopt the vegan diet because this improves their performance.

          • Joanne V Kimberley

            We’re waiting for the world to catch up. Serena and Venus Williams are Vegan and Novak Djokovic has just opened a Vegan restaurant in Monaco. David Haye,the British Heavy weight champion is Vegan,..there are so many,..these are just a few.

        • Joanne V Kimberley

          We’re waiting for the world to catch up. Serena and Venus Williams are Vegan and Novak Djokovic has just opened a Vegan restaurant in Monaco. David Haye, the British heavy weight champion is Vegan,..there are so many..these are just a few

      • Freya Swan

        Who are you to say it’s nonsense? I tried the vegetarian thing, gave it a wholehearted, 100% committed effort for a couple of years, and all I got from it was fatigue, thinning hair, brain fog, and I put on a LOT of weight. If it works for you, that’s fine. It is not ideal for everyone. And, I won’t be guilted into being sick. When I include beef, salmon, eggs, butter, and bacon, etc, I feel and look better. No amount of vegan dietary beliefs will change that. As to research, don’t go there with me. I spend multiple hours daily researching nutrition and health.

        • R_ Leakey

          I think you have no idea of nutrition!

          • Hank Smith

            HAHAHAH yeah saturated fat is terrible for you. Do you believe everything the FDA tells you?

          • R_Leakey

            Hey, Hank, good troll! But I am sorry to say, I do believe in science. FDA is just an organization. By the way, why should I believe in you since you have no science support!

          • Hank Smith

            Or just everything the FDA tells your “nutritionist” wife that she tells you?

      • Amit Saxena

        Patrick Babomian became the strongest man in the world when he was a non vegetarian. He isn’t the strongest man in the world anymore, sorry!! It’s like using steroids to build a dream physique and then going off it and preaching that you are all natural with genetica…lol.

        • Urayoán Verges Rodríguez

          What the fuck are you even talking about?

          “Patrick Babomian became the strongest man in the world when he was a non vegetarian.”
          This… never happened. Never. He literally has no significant strongman records prior to becoming vegetarian and vegan. NONE. ZIP. NADA. In fact, he basically has no records at all from that era. He only has a Bodybuilding championship from 1999 or something like that but he got bored from bodybuilding quickly.

          Patrik Baboumian was vegetarian from 2005 to 2011 approximately. And became vegan in 2011. His best lift records were accomplished during his Vegan diet actually.

          If you check his world records and accomplishments, you’d see the following.
          -(2009) World Record Log ­Lifí in -105 Bodyweighí Division (165 kg) (Vegetarian record)
          -(2012) World record beer keg lifting (150.2 kg) (Vegan Record)
          -(2015) World record yoke-walk, 560 kg in 28 seconds (Vegan Record)
          -(2013) World record yoke-walk, 550,2 kg over 10 m in Toronto (Vegan Record)
          -(2011) German record in loglifting +105 kg (185 kg) (Vegan Record)
          -(2012) European Champion in Powerlifting Class –140 kg division
          And so on. There are other records but search them up if you want.

          He’s literally achieved his best lift records since becoming Vegan. Now, am I saying he can take on The World’s Strongest Man and all those champions? No.

          He’s simply too short and he weighs too little. He’s ridiculously strong as demonstrated by all his World Records. But height and weight are important. Why do you think the average Strongman champion is over 6 feet? It’s not just strength. Mariusz Pudzianowski was almost an underdog for being champion 5 times while being only 6 feet tall. But Patrik is only around 5’6″. He’s literally half a foot smaller than Mariusz, and Mariusz was, on average, considered a short guy compared to others there. If we put him against Hafborn, Hafborn is more than a foot taller than Patrik, same goes for Brian Shaw. It doesn’t matter if he has two yoke walk records, he’s still too small in size for TWSM. I’d say Patrik is probably the strongest man in the world…. in his weight division. But as a whole? Well, you have guys taller than him and which weigh more than him.

          And now, am I saying going Vegan is going to make you a strongman? No.

          But you’re comment was an attempt at hating on his accomplishments simply because he’s Vegan. Which shows your blatant, ignorant hate. His best accomplishments have come from his Vegan period in life. Saying that he’s become weaker or that he was one of the strongest man in the world before becoming Vegan is a simple lie. His records and best lift progress say otherwise. And in his specific weight division, he’s probably the strongest on the planet. And before you say something stupid like “he’s too short because he’s vegetarian/vegan”, he’s literally 37 years old. He became vegetarian at the age of 25 or 26. Already a full grown adult. So saying so makes no sense. Have a nice day.

    • Enno

      you probably didn’t eat enough groceries and fruit.

      • R_Leakey

        You are true, I live in countryside and we have enough fresh things to eat!

    • R_ Leakey

      I am not a complete vegan but advocate for it! No need advanced scientific knowledge, just observe the nature, you will find plant based food has enough nutrients to keep you healthy, in fact, more healthy! Just you need to balance the menu according to nutritional facts of items! Non-veg foods means more cancer, High BP, Diabetes and so on! Remember that horse, bull, elephant are vegan! Gorilla is almost vegan!

  • steveliddleSK

    in my local farm, the animals seem to mostly eat grass, with some other supplements, prefer a varied diet with meat, fish, dairy, plants, nuts. one reason why humans have sharp carnivore teeth at the front and flat molars at the rear is to eat a varied diet.

    kudos to anyone who can stomach a meat, fish and dairy free diet, tried it and do not like it

    as for meat “rotting” in your guts, that is called digestion, same thing happens to all the other food as it all comes out the same colour at the end 🙂

    • Enno

      humans don’t have carnivore teeth, look better.

      • steveliddleSK

        Hi Enno

        Go to a mirror and open your mouth, the sharp pointy teeth at the front are called canines (pointy teeth) and sharp flat ones are incisors. Great for tearing off bits of meat.

        The flat teeth at the rear of the mouth are called molars, they are good for the chewing of plants.

        if not sure, go and compare a plant eater like say a sheep or a cow compared to a cat or a dog.

        the former are all flat and the latter are all sharp and pointy.

        been a long day, do I need to provide images or can you work it out ?

        • Enno

          have you seen gorilla teeths? they are close family and completely plant eaters.

          • steveliddleSK

            “Gorillas eat a lot of heavy twigs and bark, which requires tough teeth—particularly molars”

            “But a recent study found DNA from monkeys and small forest antelopes called duikers in the feces of wild African western lowland gorillas in Loango National Park in Gabon.”


            So your simplistic idea that they only eat plants, is very much out of date….

            Simple search for gorilla diet:

            About 67% of their diet is fruit, 17% is leaves, seeds and stems and 3% is termites and caterpillars.

            Pretty sure the last bit are not plants 🙂

          • Enno

            The auteur of the article says: “There’s plenty of opportunities” for adding mammal DNA to gorilla scat after the fact, Schubert said. “I don’t really think they’re eating meat.”
            Eating 3% insects doesn’t give gorilla’s the need of sharp big teeths, still they do have. The teeths of gorilla’s are far bigger then humans. From the size and shape of human teeths one should conclude humans are plant eaters.

          • steveliddleSK

            loos like you selectively read the articles and did no further research

            can’t teach stupid people 🙁

          • Enno

            I ain’t stupid. You better react on my arguments, and judge reality on what is real, and logically combine to conclusions that can be made.

          • steveliddleSK

            I did react and it was like gorillas only eat plants (except that is untrue) so as they have no need for canines (other than to crush twigs and win mates) humans with the same sort of teeth must be vegetarians ?

            humans are in fact omnivores, ie able to eat a wide range of foods due to the nomadic scavenger lifestyle they seem to have evolved from

        • Di Newman

          And you have claws to bring down your prey and wow your canine teeth would really puncture a beef cow (how easily you let some other apparatus do that) and you can run at 30-60mph and you dont know where or when your next meal is coming from and do you really have no choice coz those cats certainly dont!!!!! And hell yeah take a look at a gorillas dentition. Talk the talk only when you walk the walk.

          • Amit Saxena

            Humans have been meat eaters from day one. They used to hunt with stones and later on with indigenous weapons, used to run at the speeds you are talking about. Later on, the weak and physically inactive humans fell back, could not survive due to their inabilty to hunt for their meal and hence the need to grow food started. Intially it was raw fruit on trees and plants which later on shifted to growing own crops. Man has essentially been an omnivorous animal, not a carnivore or a herbivore.

          • Amit Saxena


            It has long been taken for granted that the introduction of agriculture had been an unequivocal progress. This is now questioned in view of findings by archaeologists and paleopathologists showing that nutritional standards of Neolithic populations were generally inferior to that of hunter-gatherers, and that their life expectancy may well have been shorter too, in part due to diseases and harder work. Hunter-gatherers must have covered their food needs with about 20 hours work a week, while agriculture required much more and was at least as uncertain. The hunter-gatherers’ diet was more varied and balanced than what agriculture later allowed. Average height went down from 5’10” (178 cm) for men and 5’6″ (168 cm) for women to 5’5″ (165 cm) and 5’1″ (155 cm), respectively, and it took until the twentieth century for average human height to come back to the pre-Neolithic Revolution levels.[55] Agriculturalists had more anaemias and vitamin deficiencies, more spinal deformations and more dental pathologies.[56]

            However, the decrease in individual nutrition was accompanied by an increase in population.

    • JB

      It might come out the other end but most of it rots in the folds of the gut and poop from eating a rotting meat which of course it does as soon as it is killed smells foul compared to a vegans…

      • steveliddleSK

        meat does not start to rot once the animal is killed in the same way as plants do not start to rot once picked.

        My local farm butcher hangs his beef in a cold store for 4-5 weeks, the meat I like is a dark red / black colour and is very tasty and tender, it is not rotten 🙂

        Maybe learn a bit about microbiology before commenting ?

        The folds of the gut are designed to make a huge surface area, an idiots guide is here:

        all the food you eat decomposes, does not matter if it is meat protein or plant protein

        • JB

          I can smell the rotting of my Kingston butcher when I drive past and it is not the same as veg…. I can well imagine that the meat and dairy industry post their self made studies and being veggie and then vegan for over 30 years is all the proof I need, plus the fact that it helps the planet to eat fresh fruit veg and God’s natural foods.
          Would you eat meat grown from a cell that tasted like chicken etc – to help save the animals?

          Meat takes a lot longer to decompose than veggies etc, and is acidic and cancer forming as is dairy…. Read the China Study… written by and ex ardent meat eater and farmer….

        • Freya Swan

          You can’t fix stupid. These are beliefs, like a food version of religion to vegans. You could explain the science until you’re blue in the face.

          • R_ Leakey

            Sounds that you have just come here from Serman of atheist priest Richard Dawkins! I am also an atheist but RD is not my priest. I keep my mind open! You have no idea that religion is mother of science. The most of pioneers of sciences were religious, research methodologies were developed by religious scientists and even the term ‘science’ was coined by religious/philosophers sages! Now some bunch of idiots talk as if science is ancestral legacy of bigot atheists! I am agnostic atheist and give credit to the religions but just differ in the philosophical stand of the concept and existence of God! There are many atheist scholars who were/are vegan.

      • Amando Filipe

        No, meat gets digested within hours, seeds/veggies stay in your bowels for ages, how many times have you seen meat/fat when puking? How many times have you seen corn/carrots in your puke and or poop?
        We digest meat and fat extremely well, read up on 5th grade science.

  • slugsucker

    Ah the Veginator!

  • Mike J

    We are omnivores. And Arnold has probably already devoured 10x the average red meat consumption/human, so it’s about time he switched to veggies.

  • Ondrej Mišák

    People, this aint about who is herbivore and who carnivore. Im vegan but eat what you want as long you raise it or kill it in the nature. This crazy industry meat & diary industries are killing our planet and the only reason is people buying meat and diary in the store. Dont fuckin buy it and you see world be a better place. Peace

  • Sword of Honor

    According to Genesis 1, we were veggies in the beginning and according to Isaiah 11, we will be veggies again one day. In the meantime, vegetarianism is a personal choice, as in Daniel 1 and it is a decision to be made with love, as in Romans 14 and 1st Corinthians 8. It is certainly not a badge of spiritual superiority, because the motive for doing it has to be humble, not selfish.

    A self-righteous or fanatical spirit, which judges folks for eating meat and looks upon itself as superior, is socially negative and spiritually unhealthy. To campaign may have an ethical basis but that does not mean that it is, ipso facto, unethical to eat meat.

    It is a matter of personal choice. I think Arnold Schwarzenegger wisely understands that. Good luck to him. I eat meat but my diet is rich in vegetables. I will make no choice to abandon meat until I am convinced that it is right for me to make a change. If I ever do, I’ll try not to bore other people by going on about that choice.

    To be a veggie bore is a sign of psychologically-unhealthy issues of pride and self-righteousness, which miss the point of humility and delude individuals that they are attaining a superior state.

  • Steve Millington

    However, he is clearly going to be voting for rump :/