Bernie Sanders Brings Up 9/11 Truth

Bernie Sanders brings up 9/11 truth during a speech

Bernie Sanders has asked why trillions of dollars went missing the day before 9/11 in a recent speech in Storm Lake, Iowa. 

The Presidential candidate mentions Donald Rumsfeld and the mysterious missing trillions in the video.

Bernie says the Department of Defense is the only agency of U.S. government that cannot sustain an independent audit.

He says that making the government cost effective and getting rid of waste and fraud is on top of his priority list.

Bernie also says he wants to get “big money” out of politics, starting with overturning citizens united, and abolishing the TPP.

  • Daniel Noel

    Sanders, once more, manages to beat around the 9/11 bush. Rumsfeld’s 2 trillions are a distraction compared to the open-ended warmongering, fear-mongering, poverty-mongering launched by the false flag of 9/11.

    Unless Sanders is too dumb to draw intelligent conclusions from Building 7, he is merely playing his act in Plato’s very big and very thick cave.


    • chriz

      You act like 9/11 didn’t happen, or was a cover up. Are you into conspiracies? I think Trump is your man.

      • The Guy

        9/11, in fact, WAS a cover up; read up on false flag attacks (see: pearl harbor).

        this is not a conspiracy; i have my masters in history and poly sci. anyone who was done any independent research can connect the dots; i encourage you to do so.

        the problem with what mr. Noel is saying is as follows: most people would react like you did, and think that sanders is a crazy old coot with crazy hair and crazy policies. i’m sure sanders is aware that the bush regime was responsible for 9/11, but he just cant say it openly (only people that have spent years studying or working in political circles are aware) for fear of what it would do to his campaign.

        same thing with the hitler/holocaust false flag to justify israel; most politicians are aware the holocaust was a gross, gross exaggeration; but could you imagine the backlash of a person in the know defending Hitler as a patsy?

        • Daniel Noel

          Thank you for confirming my point that Sanders is probably another 9/11 censor. The conspiracy theory you propose, if true, would explain the excellent reasons he may have to dutifully play his part in Plato’s worldwide cave.

          Under your theory, Sanders is still a criminal against humanity at least as dangerous as the necons he claims to counter.


          • raysusan49

            You must have just read about that cave, you mention it so often. Btw, I think they are teaching the children in the 4th or 5th grade about that cave, etc these days.

      • Daniel Noel

        You are the one who comments as if 9/11 was caused by Osama bin Laden and his hijackers. You are the one who seems to believe Trump, Sanders, and the numerous other pulpits who dance around the self-evident terrorist controlled demolition ot the Twin Towers. If so, whenever your busy schedule permits, kindly reflect on TV’s worldwide failure to duly inform the public of the extraordinary self-destruction by an office fire of a certain skyscraper related to 9/11.


      • L.P.

        Watch episode #2 of The New Yorker Presents and Zeigheist and get back to us.

    • Peter Neu

      Sanders is aware of the imminent danger from directly confronting the military-industrial complex. Jimmy Carter’s Defense Secretary, Frank Carlucci, had an office for his firm in the Towers. He was also Chairman of Saudi-Bush Carlyle Group at the time. Fingers should point to THAT monster.

    • Rachel

      He’s just clever enough to know how much he can get away with saying…at this point of the election. If he throws all his cards on the table now, he’s likely to have a most unfortunate ‘heart attack’ before the election.


    Sanders never stated anything like this, and the 2.3 trillion missing money
    incident referenced never occurred. This article is weak, and the author should go back to flipping burgers.

    • 4Peas

      He most certainly DOES! Fast forward to the 12:00 mark and listen.

      • ENDIF

        He refers to the incident I document above. Pretending it has anything to do with your sad 911 truther nonsense is hilarious. Confirmation bias is a hell of a drug.

        • Nick

          yep, skyscrapers like tower 7 just regularly implode from simple office fires … you dunce

          • Jack Ewing

            ENDIF is a government troll probably working out of a call center in Israel.

        • Truth Be Told

          More like cognitive dissonance, on your behalf, douche.

        • Rachel

          You need to take a leaf out of your own book.

          • Rachel

            You said quote “Sanders never said anything like this..” Did you even watch the video? Or are you just spouting stuff you read without checking the facts? Sanders DID say this and you don’t even have the brain to flip burgers.

    • Luis

      Actually that metabunk thread is BUNK because the money is still “unaccounted for” ( the thread argues about the semantics of “missing money” vs “unaccounted ” money.

      that’s from the GAO website.

    • Truth Be Told

      Use your brain.. The $2.3 Trillion most certainly did disappear, and was most certainly announced to be missing by Rumsfeld the day before 9/11.. Then, the day after it gets announced missing, the plane that allegedly crashed into the pentagon, rather than just dive bombing straight into Rumsfeld’s office, it instead just so happens to corkscrew around the building, crashing directly into the ACCOUNTING offices where the $2.3 trillion had gone missing, thereby destroying the records which would have enabled the missing money to be found.. If you think that these events are somehow “unrelated” you’re either not using your brain, or you’re just a shill trying to peddle bullshit and lies..

      • deenie1219

        Also, Bldg 7 had backup records the auditors could have used. It too, as we all know, went down in the late afternoon. AFAIK, trucks were seen just prior to 9/11, hauling away stuff from the basements of the towers. Was that the missing money in the form of gold?

    • James

      Just like WMD’s were “found”? Yeah, sure they were Skippy… sure they were.

  • savenaturefree google-me

    Opposing the TPP will get you killed

    • psychicreporter

      It certainly got Ed Schultz fired from MSNBC.

    • Rachel

      Supporting it will kill you too, So…are you going to support it out of fear?

  • Tom Moody

    I’m beginning to like you more and more, Bernie.

  • Pamela Hunter

    BS is BS

    • Rachel

      Wake up & smell the coffee!

  • TheTruthNow

    Still having this conversation in the #2 most ignorant country among “developed” nations in the world. Most people don’t even know what a false flag is, so who easier to stage one right in front of on TV? Building #7 was a planned demolition and, surprise!!…so were the twin towers. Now the fun part…go research it for yourself and find out what really happened. Then tell me why you support the oligarchy bent on your destruction.

    • Kenric L. Ashe

      #2 most ignorant? Which is #1?

      • TheTruthNow

        Italy. Interestingly, when it was called Rome they once had a leader named Cisaro who burned down one of their most prolific buildings and blamed it on an enemy state so he could invade them and increase his holdings and power.

        • Vaughan Galustian

          False flags are pretty common. You’ve heard of the Reichstag fire I’m assuming.

          • TheTruthNow

            Another potential false flag but one I haven’t studied. Have you dug in on that one?

        • Mahboob Khan

          Israel had done a similar false flag before via USS Liberty in 1967. They tried in vain to sink it and in the process killed 34 US sailors. The idea was to blame it on Egyptians forcing USA to attack Egypt.

          Don’t we remember what the Zionists had said, “We will use American blood and treasure to achieve our objectives”.

          It is all part of one world order or disorder.

  • Rixar13

    Huck Fillary → Seriously, Time to clean House → #Bernie2016 or Bust.

  • Sharon

    In Canada we have a single payer system and everyone has coverage and ti works great. If Nixon had followed suit instead of going to war the USA would have the same system. We do not go broke and lose our homes over hospital expenses,

  • W Robert Peters

    Great talk! He appears to be a very genuine man and I am finding that whatever I hear him say makes sense. I cannot wait for the time someone sits him down to watch the documentaries #VaxXed #TraceAmounts and #BOUGHT

    I strongly feel that if he takes the time to watch any one of them he will totally get it.

  • George Yesthal

    If Bernie think that the DOD is the ONLY agency that won’t withstand an audit, it proves he doesn’t know enough to be president and if he’s bullshitting, well, that’s to be expected. I notice he doesn’t mention the Fed. Hmmm.

  • polfilmblog
  • Mahboob Khan

    Yes. He is right. Why trillions of dollars went missing from the Pentagon Budget Office a day before 9/11? And who hit the same Budget Office a day later? And how come no plane and its dead passengers were found at the site?

    And how about Tower 7? It was not hit by any plane and yet it came down in a free fall speed on its own footprints in less than 6 seconds at 5.20 pm?

    In a video Larry Silverstein has admitted that design of new WTC 7 was completed in 2000 a year before 9/11 and work to build new WTC 7 to replace the old started in 2002 a year after 9/11. And where is the gold Tower 7 had housed? And who made billions of dollars out of insurance money?

    Why were Jewish workers absent on 9/11?

    Who is the Zionist leader who had said openly that his country has benefited out of attacks on the World Trade Center?

    Only a fresh investigation can answer thesr and other questions.

    • craigbhill

      Pinning 9/11 on “all Jews” is as asinine as anything Donald Trump might say, altho you beat him to even greater stupidity. You can accuse the Israeli govt, the Saudi family, Bush & Cheny and Co, and Tony Blair but you’d never blame it on all Arabs, all neocons and all Brits like you blame the involvement of the Israeli govt on all Jews. That makes you more like a Nazi than a serious commenter.