Black Chemtrails Being Reported Across The World

Black chemtrails reported worldwide

Reports of black chemtrails are being reported across the world, as users have begun uploading images and videos showing thick black smoke being emitted from aircraft in the skies above cities worldwide. 

This new phenomenon was captured on video recently, and so far nobody has been able to explain what these black lines in the sky are. reports:

In the video below you will see other chemtrails not making a shadow directly beside one that is making a shadow, so the theories about shadows cannot be correct.

The fact is, clouds cast shadows on the ground, not the sky, therefore, we do not see chemtrail shadows on the ground and we do not see cloud shadows in the sky.

They spray a line of black and then go directly over the line and spray with white, making a shadow effect! It is absolutely crazy!

What are they spraying on us, and why has it become black instead of white? Please do not say that it is a passenger jet because it is much too big to be a normal passenger jet.

Please watch the following video below, and you will not believe what you are seeing.

  • Vonsina Wlliams

    What ever they are spraying it causes fatigue chest pain and anxiety. Its happening to lots of my friends. All complaining about the same illness. they are killing us. for real they are eliminating us.

    • aladdinsane22

      who is THEY?

      • Mira

        the illuminati

        • Jim Speaker

          The DEVIL MONSTER?

      • Jim Speaker

        It’s A airoine not A airplane. Chemtrails come out of A AIROINE not A AIRPLANE?

      • Reese Daniel

        The Cabal of Luciferians destroying this planet while deceiving you into believing all their lies.

    • Neil May

      Look at your life style, what you are eating,

    • Alberto

      theyre sprayin heavy metals! jus do a little research on aluminium and mercury toxicity as well as candida (a fungus disease caused by mercury) and its symptoms.

  • Jim Speaker

    Thoes are not airplanes. They are airoines. Shoot them down. God damn AIROINES.

  • Reezal AQ

    deatheaters ?? run harry! run …..

  • RomertL

    I’ve seen one just like in the pic when flying at hight altitude

  • Mini Moonbeam

    see for details on what they are spraying us with

    • Reese Daniel

      There is some good info on that website but be aware: he (the owner of the website) is a disinfo shill. He gives out just enough truth to those who are in the awakening stage to keep them detained in the wrong area. The truth goes much deeper so get the information you need and keep searching. There are spiritual components to this chemtriail thing (aka UFO involvement). It’s not JUST the government. They are in partnership with fallen angels (“UFOs” is what they want you to believe they are or to just not believe in any of it, both a lie). UFOs are fallen angels and Lucifer is their leader. The “geoengineering” website does NOT want you to know this so he steers you away from that and points to only the government.

  • mr piss

    I’m sorry but anyone who can’t figure out what these chemtrails are and why they appear sometimes to be black is a total moron. Actually that’s most people….i explain simply….. They are water that is being ripped apart by the turbulence the wing generates and they are sometimes black because they are in the suns shadow. End of discussion.

    • Steffen Coca-Cola Eivik

      Then why the hell does those planes fly up. up, up. They are clearly not commercial planes.

    • Reese Daniel

      Talk about a moron. Oh my. You are scary.

    • LVClaudia

      Intelligent people are able to make a point without demeaning their target audience. Those who feel the need to demoralize others have issues they should probably work on.
      You “..explain simply..” because you are a simple.
      Come back and play with us when you’ve grown up some.

  • Reese Daniel

    Black chemtrails. Interesting. I can’t wait to hear what all the trolls, scoffers and debunkers have to say about those. Will be kinda hard to use the standard “it’s a contrail” script.

  • René Martin

    “In the event that an aircraft is flying directly away from the setting or rising Sun,
    the contrail may cause a spectacular crepuscular ray, known in
    chemtrail jargon as the “black ray”, after its sinister appearance. This
    has little to do with the chemicals sprayed into the contrail and
    everything to do with how the shadows work. A contrail can block out a
    significant amount of the sun, and this casts a shadow which is what is
    usually interpreted by conspiracy nuts as a chemical change.”

  • Neil May

    When planes first started they had to fly close to the ground due to the availability of oxygen for the people. As the improved the construction they could fly higher and the also able recycle the air also the the engines designed changed from piston to turbine which end sucked in more air mixed when burnt produced gasses and water vapour.
    They also found out as they went higher it saved fuel due to less friction but the air is colder and this makes the vapour from the engines stand out more.
    Now let’s look at the following airline companies are out to make money if the can save money on fuel the will, if they can get more people on the plane to make money the will, if they ca fly as high as possible to save fuel they will, if they can dump grey water from sinks to reduce weight they will.
    Now why woul the load up a plane with chemical which will cost them money in extra fuel.
    If you are worried about your health stop eating processed foods, grow your own food it’s better for you and you will get exercise and less stress.

  • White Widow 2007

    Saw those here in the Midwest not too long ago. Barium?

  • Tom Parsons

    “much too big to be a normal passenger jet.” Really? The A380 is second largest aircraft on the planet, the largest ever to be massed produced and is a passenger jet. The largest aircraft ever built is the A225 Mriya of which there was only one produced. Why do people make silly claims that are so completely false.

  • obieezx11

    the black ones are stage 2 of the death trails then they spray normals trails to cover them so they can bullshishit you and tell you they are shadows stage 3 your dead fuck them.

  • Kiravell

    I just saw my first black streak yesterday morning while sungazing. It was somewhat behind a normal looking chem trail. There was a black streak, then nothing (like they were shifting gears or tanks or something) then a huge white streak. WTF? I just googled it this morning cause this is new to me. I sungaze for over 30 minutes every day so believe me when I say I have seen my fair share of pollution in the skies. This was pretty freaky and no way did it look like a shadow!