CIA Agent Exposes How Al-Qaeda Is A Fabrication (Video)

An ex-CIA agent reveals on national television that radical Islam has never existed, and that Al-qaeda is a total fabrication, aimed at scaring the masses into going to war.

Author Michael Scheuer used to head the CIA department’s ‘Bin Laden unit’ and worked with the agency for 20 years, before leaving in 2004 to write the book “Through Our Enemies’ Eyes“.

He says that the Bush administration needed a lawful reason to go to war in Iraq, and so used Al-qaeda as their excuse through the act of creating them. He claims the CIA paid Jamal al Fadl, former associate of Osama bin Laden, hundreds of thousands of dollars in order to verify the government’s story of the fictional “Al-qaeda” group.

  • James

    It’s all tied to the petrodollar. That’s why we took out the head of Libya, because he was going to sell oil not for the U.S. dollar, but for the new gold currency of North Africa. We cannot allow anyone to sell oil for anything but the dollar. Once they do, our ridiculous house of cards falls.
    Check it out for yourself, president Nixon took the U.S. dollar off of the gold standard and tied it to oil creating the “petrodollar”. It requires anyone wanting to buy oil to do so in dollars. If they have no dollars, they need to trade something for dollars…It’s a sham on the world and on the U.S. citizens.
    And either it’s going to fail and every American loses everything, or WWIII happens….

  • Alitstar

    The masses are conditioned to believe whatever the mass
    media tell them to believe. They are sheep being led to a mass slaughter and
    they will pay a terrible price for not searching for the TRUTH.