CIA Insider: There Is An Active Plot To ‘Topple Trump’

CIA insider claims there is a plot to bring down President Trump

A CIA insider has confirmed that spies within the Central Intelligence Agency are actively “plotting against” President Trump and trying to bring him down. 

According to the former CIA operative, intelligence officials are illegally withholding or leaking sensitive information as part of a Deep State plot to overthrow the Trump administration.

Bryan Dean Wright from Fox News says: “Multiple reports show that my former colleagues in the intelligence community have decided that they must leak or withhold classified information due to unsettling connections between President Trump and the Russian Government. reports:

The former CIA operative made his comments after the Wall Street Journal reported US officials and intelligence were withholding sensitive information from President Trump because of fears the information could be leaked or compromised.

Alleged strong ties between Mr Trump and President Putin’s government have created mistrust within the intelligence community, official sources said.

Last week, Mr Trump accused the US intelligence service of illegally giving information to the “fake news media” about his team’s alleged contact with Russian officials.

Mr Wright also blamed some spies within the intelligence community for going beyond their duty and interfering with American democracy.

He also attacked those “plotting against” the US President, accusing them of “breaking the law” and “committing treason”.

“However, some of America’s spies are deciding that that’s not enough. For reasons of misguided righteousness or partisan hatred, they’ve taken it upon themselves to be judge, jury, and executioner. They have prosecuted their case in the court of public opinion…

“The spies who are plotting against President Trump are breaking US laws. They’re violating their oaths. And they’re committing treason to remedy (perceived) treason. They likely don’t see it that way, of course,” he said.

  • rick lonzy

    Unfortunately for the scum CIA operatives who are treasonous in their actions, alternative news sites are exposing them. The people don’t believe MSM anymore and President Trump is shedding light on the cockroaches and stomping them out. They are on their last gasp, grasping for straws. Soon they’ll be facing the hangmans noose for their treachery against the United States and its citizens.

  • PotomacHeights4ever

    Progressives and liberals want “peace,” yet they insist that we must be enemies with Russia, the country with the most nuclear warheads next to the USA. Pay no attention to them. There is no logic or common sense in their agenda.