Climate Change Scientist Stuns Congress With Irrefutable Facts

A climate change scientists has silenced members of Congress with irrefutable facts that challenge the climate change belief that global warming is man-made

Climatologist Judith Curry shocked Congress during a climate change hearing by using facts and science to question the man-made global warming theory. 

Senator Ed Markey attempted to discredit Curry’s view on climate change during his testimony, but Judith Curry hit back unexpectedly with sold scientific reasons why her views on the topic are valid. reports:

Markey sought to discredit Curry in his testimony by framing her as ignoring the evidence humans are putting the planet at risk. Curry was not happy with essentially being labelled a global warming “denier” and pushed back against the senator’s remarks.

“Are you aware the IPCC and the consensus has no explanation for the increase of ice in the Antarctic?” Curry said. “Are you aware that they have no explanation for the fact the rate of sea level rise from 1920 to 1950 was as large, if not larger, as it currently is?”

“Are you aware that temperatures have been warming for more than 200 years, and, that in the 20th Century, 40 percent of the warming occurred before 1950 when carbon dioxide was not a factor in the warming?” Curry continued.

Curry highlighted even more uncertainties among climate scientists many Democrats and environmentalists are loathe to admit. For example, the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change has trouble explaining the recent “hiatus” in warming as well as the warming trend before the 1950s.

“Doctor, as I just said in my testimony — corroborated by Dr. Titley [another witness on the panel] — this is the warmest year ever recorded,” Markey shot back. “Last year was the warmest year ever recorded until this year. This was the warmest November ever recorded. October… was the warmest ever recorded.”

“You do not have an answer for that,” Markey said before going on to site Galileo and claim Curry was relying on “something that is perhaps God-made rather than dependent upon something that is man-made” and backed by science.

“Are you saying there’s no natural variability senator?” Steyn cut in. “There were alligators at the North Pole. What was that? Was that you in your SUV?”

Markey was forced to acknowledge the planet does in fact warm and cool on its own, but said natural variability is regional and the warming trend “is straight up.”

“Do you know what the little ice age was senator?” Steyn said to which Markey responded by claiming Boston’s record levels of snow are a product of global warming.

  • Ali D

    The warming and cooling of the Earths climate is not a man made thing, it has happened a few times throughout the Earth’s existence (analysis of large ice core and marine sediment data) that is without question. Considering the complexity of climate there are many factors that influence it including but not limited to: the small deviations in Earth’s axis of rotation which influences the effect of sunlight, absorption ability of the ocean and land, and the composition of the atmosphere which includes CO2 and other ‘greenhouse’ gases. As I said earlier the fluctuation of climate is not a man made thing but just like any system when you look at its input and output; if you increase input, the influence or production of one factor in the system to such an extent that the output cannot keep up the system will not function in the same way.
    It’s great practice to never stop questioning but it’s not great practice to ignore data whether there is an explanation of it or not, everyone in this video is guilty of it.
    Is climate change only influenced by man? Definitely not, that’s an arrogant thing to think. Is climate change influenced somewhat by man? It is possible considering the number of us that influence the theorized carbon cycle through the use of oil, coal, and gas. Is it possible that humans have little to no influence on how the climate changes because greenhouse gases may have a minor effect in comparison to earths wobble? Also possible there has been scientific research conducted on answering the influence of both. Is is useful to debate a topic without considering the data and arguments the other side provides, simply assuming they are wrong and not trying to understand all aspects of the problem at hand? Not at fucking all!


    Global warming is between the ears of these traitor would be oligarchs. Markey is COMMUNIST SLIME – – END of Story

  • Jared Naegeli

    The end game for the climate change agenda is complete control over our lives… Carbon taxes and a tax on breathing… Nothing besides… A NWO takeover of our freedoms… Just wait and see how this pans out… Not good..