Dalai Lama: “Stop Praying For Orlando”

Dalai Lama says praying for Orlando is not enough

The Dalai Lama has urged the world to stop “praying for Orlando” and instead actually do something practical to stop such a tragedy from occurring in the future. 

In an opinion piece for the Washington Post, entitled “Why I’m Hopeful About the World’s Future,” the Tibetan leader writes:

“It is not enough simply to pray. There are solutions to many of the problems we face; new mechanisms for dialogue need to be created, along with systems of education to inculcate moral values. These must be grounded in the perspective that we all belong to one human family and that together we can take action to address global challenges.”

Ndtv.com reports:

Speaking at the US Institute of Peace in Washington, the Buddhist leader called on the audience to observe a moment of silence for victims of the deadliest mass shooting in US history. “Yesterday, very serious tragedy, Orlando. So let us some silent prayer, OK,” he said.

“Although, one Buddhist monk grows quite skeptical about the effects of prayer,” he said. Real change required serious action, he said, adding that it was important not to lose “determination or courage.”

“Then on top of that, some prayer is OK, no harm,” he said.

Fifty people, including the gunman, the US-born son of Afghan immigrants, died at the Orlando nightclub on Sunday morning.

  • mumble

    How about this?

  • Sangreaal

    It WASN’T the largest mass shooting in American History. Our own government is guilty of genocide upon the Native American population, 490 souls massacred at Bear River.

    • Sunshine1011

      So that is what you take out of this article, all you care about is making sure people know there was a larger massacre in our history.


      • Edith D Thurman

        Yes and I say the same thing! “Wounded Knee” a massacre of the Lakota people mostly women and children! We CAN NOT FORGET! I for one will NOT forget the truth!

      • Marnie Culotta

        MANY people are bringing up all the native massacres as the largest slaughter in our history.
        Sangreaal is only one voice out of thousands who have been pointing this out since it happened and was said it was the largest.
        Are you gonna now go scold the multitudes of others saying the same as Sangreaal?
        Accuse them all of “so that is what you take out of this article?”


  • Sheila

    I think this is a little silly, but ok. Prayer and meditation has been studied and has a mass impact on populations. Crime goes way down. Prayer done in the right way is very effective. It can bring peace when there is grief or chaos. Go within and you will impact the world.