David Icke Defeat, Conspiracy Author Made To Pay £50,000 For Lies

David Icke defeated in Canadian court for publishing libel

Conspiracy author David Icke was forced to pay £50,000 for lies spread about a Jewish Canadian human rights lawyer in one of his books.

He’s not the messiah, he’s a very naughty boy” were the words Richard Warman, a Canadian human rights lawyer, quoted after being paid £117,000 in compensation for vicious lies published by conspiracy author David Icke in his 2001 book Children of the Matrix

In an embarrassing defeat David Icke quietly settled out of court for indefensible statements he had written about Warman, which included false allegations that Warman was seeking to suppress Icke’s purported exposure of Satanic child abuse and murder.

David Icke is not shy of making allegations, often vicious and vitriolic in nature, about people on his website DavidIcke.com.  However, it is noted that Icke hasn’t mentioned this recent defeat anywhere, despite having previously widely publicise it to his readers and appeal to them for monetary donations for a legal defence fund.

Richardwarman.ca reports:

In 1999-2000, Warman had worked with various Jewish and anti-racism groups to notify public venues in Canada of discriminatory elements within Icke’s mishmash of conspiracy theories. After being provided with material from Icke’s own writings, a number of these venues withdrew permission for Icke to use their facilities in his tours.

In retaliation, Icke included false allegations in his 2001 book Children of the Matrix that Warman was seeking to suppress Icke’s purported exposure of Satanic child abuse and murder.

David Icke made an out-of-court settlement on January 8th paying $90,000 CDN (50,000 GBP) on the eve of a long-delayed trial that was scheduled to begin in Toronto on February 2nd, 2015. The Court order formally discontinuing the claim was issued on 4 March 2015 thus paving the way for this announcement. Insurers for three Canadian bookstores that had refused to stop selling the book after being served with libel notices had previously settled out for $120,000 CDN (67,000 GBP). Information obtained from litigation by Icke against his former US business partner demonstrated that at least 55,000 copies of Children of the Matrix had been sold worldwide.

The settlement includes the requirement that Icke immediately cease any further distribution of Children of the Matrix and remove the defamatory material from any future editions. Warman thanked his lawyers Christine Lonsdale and Elder Marques of law firm McCarthy Tétrault – “They were absolute professionals and I couldn’t have done it without them.”

Warman said “This settlement exposes Icke’s argument that no one had ever sued him because his allegations were true as nothing more than a fallacy.” He added, “My reputation has been entirely vindicated. David Icke’s attacks against me were disgraceful and beyond the pale but he’s paid a heavy price for them and I trust this will never happen again.”

Warman closed quoting Monty Python, “He’s not the Messiah, he’s a very naughty boy.”

This article was originally published in 2015 and is frequently updated

  • Nicola


  • michael dunham

    David is just trying to make some money. The truth is that humans have a detached spirit or electrolytic energy body. Humans are breed for this energy. This electrolytic energy is used to make more of these grays or also known as satyrs who come from sheol/heaven. This grays have no sex organs and cannot reproduce sexually. Now that is the truth. These grays get you after you die.

    • englishvinal

      michael dunham… (related to Obama’s mother I assume?)….. my comment on your observations is:

    • Myriam Haar

      And you know this ‘truth’ how? Been through the experience yourself?

      • michael dunham

        Because I woke up when they had me in our thought dimension. All humans have a detached thought body. These grays are thought beings. Let me put it to you this way. They are easy to kill.

        • Myriam Haar

          Really? By now you must have killed a lot of them. But why go to killing if they are ‘thought’ beings? All you would have to do is change your thoughts, right? And if we accept that thoughts are energy then surely you could shift your energy to maybe something like the Pleiadians or Cassopeans? Friendlier energy entities that would have you focused on using your positive energy rather than the dark one.

          • michael dunham

            It is really very simple. When you move your thought body moves which causes the protiens in the body to move the muscles in the body in relation to thought body. For some reason I was waking up shifted into this thought body. Dead peoples thought bodies servive death. Cognitive ability comes from this thought body. You can not see these grays unless they have you in thought realm. It does not work like you see on television or alien shows. NASA knows the truth just check out NASA Jim 108 videos on you tube. There are also these solid black shadows that were never human. They perform miracles and the grays or virgins perform judgement

          • Myriam Haar

            huh, that is interesting. Are there ways to control that shift into the Grays’s ‘arms’ so to speak?

          • michael dunham

            It started in 1997 when I was visited by solid black shadow humans he told me of what to do during a strike at foster farms in Livingston ca. and gradually stopped in 2014. I have been saved by the shadows of dead people from the grays. I am a big guy so I have been able to fight back this paralysis force that they apply to people. Do you know that the dead people can also apply this paralysis force. There is an Ark of the Covenant Between these shadows and grays. The two tablets are your brain halves, The burning bush is your synapses. The seat of this realm is the cerebelum, the elders are your teeth. The tree of life is the nervous that runs the orgins of the body with the snake being the spine. The tree of good and evil is the nervous system you use to move you body. The sacred treasure produced by these four rivers is the cerebral spinal fluid in the fourth ventrical. These beings come from the waterless region which the story of the flood comes from. The blood brain barrior protects the body from plague just like the blood over the archway protect the followers of god from plague. These beings can feed us thoughts into our minds. The one thing that I learned from this is that all humans come from and go back to the same place and are judged by these beings. So be good to people and respect all human life.

          • Natalie

            I’m curious-and I’m being sincere-Michael Dunham-are you of Native American heritage or familiar with their history? Some of the things you speak of come from their ancestral teachings. So with the humans coming and going back and forth to this planet-for whatever reason, karma, the grays-do you believe in what’s called The Afterlife Trap? I’ve been trying to do some research on the topic and there’s not much out there. If you’re not familiar the premise is that when we die we are shown a hologram of people, animals we loved in a white light tunnel in an effort to get us to “go into the light.” Once the spirit does that it’s immediately shot into yet another incarnation on this planet for the purpose of being used for their energy. I’d like to hear your thoughts on this topic if you have any information. For the record I had a horrifying experience back in 2004 and I know of the beings in black capes/robes you speak of. You know you’re not dreaming when you “come back” and literally get slammed so hard back into your physical body it takes a better part of the day to feel normal again. It took me years of researching to figure out where I went and what happened to me. Most people think you’re nuts. The best teacher is experience and I tell them hope and pray it doesn’t happen to you because sadly you’ll learn the truth the hard way

          • michael dunham

            A solid black human looking shadow was never born human. They do good things for people. The grays give out punisment. People leave a shadow body where you can see the physical aspects of the body. A person leaves a detached shadow body. Go to facebook michael dunham for docs,livingston ca. The physical bodyy produces a detahed shadow body of thought forms which the grays use. The grays live in the shadow world or our thoughts.

  • sharpin la

    Settlements don’t mean anything if you are up against powerful, deep pocketed interests.

    • Donny Crudz

      trap trap in the bando 😛

  • Mick david

    Didn’t this Sean guy who’s reporting this work on the peoples voice? Sounds like a hatchet job to me!!!!

    • englishvinal

      This article is indeed a “hatchet job”….
      Anyone with 2 neurons that still speak to each other, who was watching the fiasco in the Canadian book store at the time of this altercation between Icke and the Jewish folk in Canada, could divine who was doing what, with which, to who…

      AS far as any court system in the controlled western countries, being totally biased, and well paid to be biased, and handing a decision of MONEY rewards to any of these “organizations” or individuals who are the hybrids of the controllers……

      Well, what WOULD you expect?

      It is all about the MONEY… and the force — and the energy of the blood that the parasites need on all levels.

  • Scott

    The guy Sean, who reported this worked with David on the peoples voice.
    I think its very sad that you’ve decided to run this report. Very sad indeed!!!

  • Snowonweb

    Canada is in the pockets of zionists so not surprised of the verdict.

    • Judy007

      I wouldn’t mess with anybody in Canada. Probably the most green oriented country in the world.

    • Donny Crudz

      trap trap in the bando

  • TatR

    This is written by Ickes former business parter. How strange.

  • Phil

    I personally cannot thank David Icke enough for helping make me a better person..his words from the late 80’s influenced me and his latest book ive jus bought The Phantom self is a fascinating read..ive read a thousand books by hundreds and hundreds of authors and I learn and unlearn every day! I have no issue at all with anyone who disagrees with David as long as they have read at least one of his books..thats fine,and I will respect that..if ya haven’t read his words then don’t even begin to comment..for me and I mean just me my opinion is David is a brave man whom I have nothing but respect for..As for anyone else,they have there opinions and that’s how it should be and stay!! I truly wish everyone well..and I wish the reptile controllers some peace because they obviously need it! 1ove

    • hippocampus

      I purchased a copy of The Robots Rebellion. Although well written, I found it drudgelike and thoroughly unreadable.


      Nice try Icke!

  • BrazilNut

    A nutter who has convinced some gullible people.

    • Donny Crudz

      Listen BrazilNut my don, research vaccines, the hidden science of consciousness and man like Icke’s predictions of things that yutes called him crazy for. You don’t even know your born my yute, you’re about to wake up my young g

      • BrazilNut

        Your response makes about as much sense as David Icke. Get well soon.

        • brazilnutternutcaenuttless

          Brazil Nut…lol…the idiots name says it all….. enough said brazil NUTTER….. lololol.. Hilarious

          • BrazilNut

            As my comment to which you refer, was made a Year ago, I appreciate the time and effort that you have made before you expressed your considered opinion!
            I trust that the Matron in charge of the ‘Home for the Bewildered’ where Donny is currently incarcerated, is ensuring that the takes his medication.

    • Myriam Haar

      BrazilNut: according to you but what are your criteria to judge him a nutter? Apparently many think differently about him; and please define for us the definition of ‘nutter’. We are bound by our paradigms, social and cultural upbringing; we are free to embrace diversity or reject it, knowing naturally that we tend to reject what we fear or what we see in ourselves.

      • BrazilNut

        Thank you for your swift response to a comment I made Two Months Ago.

        I suggest you use Paxo’s Parsley & Thyme.

        • Myriam Haar

          If I were to apply your perspective, with this reply you would qualify for nutter yourself, according to your principles of judgement.

          • BrazilNut

            OK! Try Sage & Onion.
            Either way -Get Stuffed!

  • Steve Mcmillan

    Completely mentally ill. This is a man who claimed to be the son of god, before he realised there was money to be made out of the gullible! Anyone who gives this man any credibility needs locking up!

    • Donny Crudz

      Fam… Open your pineal gland, it ain’t easy. There is a bigger picture, man like Icke has done big tings. Research properly fam.

    • Kieren

      You can’t just base his whole mind state around that, he has spoke on the incident and been back on that same show (rinsed him) and he said to the guy something like ‘You were mocking a man who was going through a tremendous transformation and was still trying to understand the transformation and what it meant’ you have to think of his mind state then, after and now. He isn’t insane, he’s been labelled nuts by people ever since that show and could barely walk down the street without getting ridiculed. I’ve always been wary of conspiracy icons like Icke but he’s predicted a lot and if you do give him the time of day the more he says the more he makes sense, you’re open to you’re own opinion but I think he is worth listening to even if not everything he says is true because his passion for expanding consciousness and asking questions is a trait we need adding back to society, Trsut me, people above have talked about awakenings and when you awaken to how insane the world is and how you can pin point agendas through things that are made to happen in the world it just becomes second nature. This planet is insane and like Icke says ‘If i’m considered sane to a world that is insane, I wanna know what I’m doing wrong.’

      • Myriam Haar

        Having to settle out of court does not necessarily means that the one settling is wrong about what s/he said. How many times don’t we say things about someone we know are true but would be extremely difficult to prove? Especially once we start about corruption in government circles or major corporations: how many years did it take for Philip Morris to finally admit that his darn cigarettes caused cancer? He had all his scientists lined up to ‘prove’ that the accusations were false for years. And we are going through the same thing with GMO right now with Monsanto firmly entrenched in its opinion that GMO is harmless. Those who come up with proofs of the contrary are either denigrated, vilified, threatened, laughed at or hauled up in court for defamation; we are told they are crazy. People whose actions could not stand the light of day are quite handy at covering their tracks; their purpose after all is to enjoy the freedom to proceed on their path without being discovered. But once in a while they are, and people have proofs in their hand (computer files) and look what happens to them (re. Assange and Ed. Snowden). So the question is: who is truly in the right? Those that do the denouncing or those that fight you in the courts or out of them for that matter (Assange/Snowden)?

        • Skeetszoid

          Sometimes you need to cut your loses because you cant afford ( money wise
          ) to see it to the end.

          • Myriam Haar

            yep or because you choose to put your energy into something else. Vilifying or demonizing ppl is the easiest thing to do, these days you don’t need proofs you manufacture them.

  • Steve Mcmillan

    Michael, you are one of them!

    • Donny Crudz

      Listen, Steven my don.

      Ear me now my yute, man like David Icke hafi suggest things that certain man call him crazy for time and time again, me tell ya it will surprise ya if ya really do ya research ya heard.

      Young Steven, research these specific tings; ‘Hidden Science Of Consciousness’, ‘The Rothschild’s and media, banks, government and religion’, ‘Repopulation, FEMA camps’.

      Ohhh and have a butchers into how money is created and ‘debt being an ilusion’.

      From an Anonymous hitta, the Matrix is real fam. In a world where the cures for Cancer are supresed for money and 4 out of 4 billion dons can’t drink water properly.. Watch who you call crazy

      The real phycopath’s are the ones you don’t see my young g.

      Steven, my Yute.. You don’t even know you’re born son.. You’re about to see through the ilusion now.. Best of luck my hitta

      Wake up call pending.


      • Donny Crudz

        4 out of 7 billion, sorry me were traveling in and out of dimensions! ROFL 😉 your awake now son x

  • Steve Mcmillan

    After reading some contributor’s comments below…… the asylums are going to be rather full!

  • Donny Crudz

    Listen, you lot.
    Slow down a minute ya na mean.
    Man like Icke and certain man, bare man have suggested that all the powers involved in this situation have the power to manipulate truth.
    Perhaps man like Icke was not factual in his words towards this man and there is no proof of him being a Satanist ect but then again if that is the case, why haven’t there been so many over cases?
    *mind blown*
    Stop thinking you know it all.
    Man like Icke has predicted a lot that most man called him insane for, now you can see it come to light rudeboy, research it my yute.

    The vibrations will rise and the vale will fall off.


    • BrazilNut

      If Icke was not factual in his words – and by settling out of court, Icke appears to have admitted that, then the is not doubt. It is not a case of ‘IF’ Icke was not factual in his words, just delete the ‘IF’, and you have the truth.
      Icke spread a lot of untruths, and has had to pay for spreading lies.
      A confessed liar, yet some people are still gullible enough to believe his every word.

  • Philosopher_Twilight

    I’m going to state this upfront, I don’t know whether what David Icke says is true or not. I don’t know if the universe is really “run” by reptilians who keep us enslaved for some purpose only known to them. In fact, I have not had a chance to read any of his books at all. I suppose that doesn’t qualify me to speak on this matter, right?

    Regardless of that, I’m going to speak my mind about this as I’ve seen so many people make such strange statements, use atrocious grammar, and just flat out make no sense. To those people I say; stop. Your insane ramblings are making people who enjoy reading men like Icke simply to be exposed to new ideas. Think of David Icke like Socrates, he is only trying to make you think about the world we live in. I know I just said I’ve never read a David Icke book, but I’m currently reading a book by Graham Hancock, another man who might be considered insane for his views on consciousness, and the origins of it.

    • Mr Potatohead

      ‘to those who think David is nuts, read the books, use your heads and analyse what’s being said’

      Shouldn’t you take your own advice before climbing that pedestal and spewing out a lot of waffly hypocritical nonsense Philosopher_Twilight ? It isn’t just the fact that Icke makes daft sensationalist, sometimes dangerous, claims. It’s the fact that the guy is an outright plagiarist, he isn’t even a very good author with original ideas and concepts! Who needs to waste time and money on that?

  • Rhys

    did David Icke actually publicly confess that his comments in the book were were false if no then i still belief he was telling the truth

  • sean

    Would love to know why he booked a day that the main stream media have been hiding in Ireland for years…to hold his 12 hour event in Dublin? It is the 21st of January…a VERY important date in Irish history, yet a researcher like David doesn’t know? weird scenes inside that GOLDMINE! lol

  • Naveed

    About David icke
    I was initially impressed by his knowledge about invisible reptilian, secret society,illuminati,and other subject
    But now I think he is like one eyed person among the blind .He has some knowledge like scattered pieces of a complete picture But it seems he doesn’t have the complete picture
    Now he makes wild guesses,tries to connect different events like 9/11,Afghanistan,Iraq war,Arab spring and more recently about what is happening in Syria and think each and every thing is a conspiracy ,planned and executed by hybrid race among humans who are being controlled by invisible reptilians

    Regarding this invisible being who are actually Jinns ,if one knows about them and has the knowledge how to deal with them ,one can easily protect and defend himself against them,and humans who are involved with them
    See the link below how easily and efficiently this man deals with these entity


    Perhaps David icke has been so much mesmerised by conspiracy theories,secret reptilian agenda,problem reaction solution theory or may be even seduced by the same entity he talks about so much , that he has lost the ability to distinguish b/w truth and fiction , it seems he has lost his way somewhere ,instead of investigating,counter checking ,analysing ,evaluating the evidence in front of him in a logical way , he outright rejects it as fake ,false flag ,conspiracy .
    Mocks and ridicules anyone who says anything against Russian,Syrian dictator and their allies . For him rebels fighting against Asad
    regime are terrorist sponsored by USA, Turkey,Saudi Arabia ,Qatar
    Finally there is a question for him and all those who blindly believe whatever he says
    Is it possible for few hundred or even couple of thousand foreign agents sponsored by above countries to start such a massive rebellion against Asad regime which has spread through out Syria ,
    Is it possible for these foreign agents to fight without any support from Syrian ,without any air cover against combined forces of Assad regime,Iranian ,hezboullah ,shite militias from Iraq and Afghanistan for over five years
    Does logic and reason accept it
    Think and come out of fantasy world of conspiracy theorist

  • Mandy Hinson

    i don’t give a shit david icke is the messiah and big money will always try to stop you talking

  • mary


  • Harry Abrams

    Richard Warman is not Jewish.