David Icke Didn’t Expose Jimmy Savile Before He Died, But Tells Fans He Did

Icke’s claims to have blown the whistle on Savile in the 1990s do not stand up to scrutiny and have absolutely no basis in fact

David Icke and Jimmy Savile
David Icke did not expose Jimmy Savile before his death, despite the former goalkeepers claims that he did

EXPLOSIVE claims have emerged that conspiracy author David Icke may have LIED about his knowledge of Jimmy Savile’s predatory paedophilia and necrophilia, to the point of being COMPLICIT in the media establishment’s cover-up of the notorious former BBC star’s HEINOUS CRIMES.

His timeline of events is highly suspect – as an important BBC employee from the late 1970s and right through to 1990 it is most likely that he learnt about Savile in the late 1970s or early 1980s and was part of the great BBC COVER UP.

This certainly isn’t the version of events David Icke would have you believe.

If you have been paying attention to him these past few years you will have noticed he has been leading his coverage of the Savile scandal with the claim that since the 1990s, when he claims ‘unimpeachable sources’ informed him of Savile’s true nature, he has ‘told those who would listen’ about Savile’s ‘paedophilia and necrophilia’ (“Jimmy Savile… Doorman to the Cesspit,” David Icke newsletter, 14 October 2012) and that he had ‘named’ Savile as a predatory paedophile ‘such a long time ago’ (David Icke Newsletter, 3 November 2012.)

His claims of being a lone voice attempting to convince the disbelieving masses for decades was even REPEATED without question in the mainstream media.

Sonia Poulton in the Sunday Express (28 October 2012) wrote, ‘Savile’s BBC colleague David Icke, who went from respected broadcaster to laughing stock, was at the forefront of such claims in the Nineties when he named Savile and others as paedophiles.’

Tom Peck in The Independent (26 October 2012) made a similar remark while reporting on Icke’s Wembley Stadium gig, noting that Icke ‘might well feel a little vindicated. For while Jimmy Savile may have been protected by the BBC and the media establishment, Icke has been calling the former DJ a paedophile for years, to anyone who would listen. “They used to laugh at Icke,” claims the promotional material to his Wembley show, and indeed they did.

Mainstream journalists might fall for Icke’s evidence-free, self-aggrandizing bluster, but not us. We have crunched all the data from every David Icke publication before Savile’s death, from Truth Vibrations (1991) to Human Race Get Off Your Knees (2010), as well as every newsletter and public speech, and the word ‘Savile’ only occurs twice in these millions upon millions of words. Paul Savile, graffiti artist, gets mentioned once. As does a murder suspect wearing a Savile Row suit. But the most famous Savile of them all?

FACT: Before Jimmy Savile’s crimes were reported by the mainstream media, Icke mentioned him a total of ZERO times. Zilch. Nada. Not once, despite naming a multitude of others as paedophiles: George Bush Snr, Bill Clinton, Boxcar Willie, Kris Kristofferson, and many more. Not until Savile was dead and the whole mainstream media was swarming over his cadaver did Icke dare to so much as mention his name in his work.

Icke cannot be allowed to continue taking credit where it is not due.

But it gets WORSE.

He also has some serious questions to answer.

It is has become well known that BBC insiders in the 1970s and 1980s knew about Savile’s predilections. Former BBC personality Bill Oddie, for example, said that Savile’s activities were a ‘running sick joke’ at the BBC. ‘The idea that youngsters were prey – everybody knew that.

Tony Blackburn, as reported in the Herald Scotland (14 October 2012) admitted, ‘There were always rumours circulating about Savile, the problem at the time was that rumour was always hard to translate in to fact.

Former BBC Radio 1 presenter Nick Murray claimed that ‘absolutely everybody knew about’ Savile’s behaviour (ITV, 13 November 2012).

Janet Street-Porter, who joined the BBC in 1987, recently confessed to Sky News that in regards to Savile, “A lot of people in the BBC knew what was going on.

So are we to believe that David Icke didn’t know what was going on?

David Icke, who joined the BBC in the late 70s as a sports presenter, and from 1981 worked as a presenter on the prestigious BBC Newsnight program, and subsequently on the prominent BBC shows Breakfast Time, Pot Black, and Grandstand until his contract was ended in 1990.

Are we to believe that such a prominent BBC insider didn’t know what was going on until the 1990s when his mysterious ‘unimpeachable sources’ told him about Savile’s nature?

The internet is starting to bubble over with people calling Icke out on his dubious claims.

In an article at The Icke Exposed website (25 Oct 2012), for example, Simon Loveland wrote:

David Icke’s been boasting recently, how clever he was for revealing that Jimmy Savile was a paedophile back in 2011, and how nobody else believed him at the time. What I want to know is this—how many years ago did David Icke, really know about Jimmy Savile sexually abusing hundreds of children while working at the BBC, before finally coming forward with his story?

David Icke joined the team of Newsnight, in 1981. Esther Rantzen had known about Jimmy Savile’s sexual exploitation and abuse of children, since the 1970′s. How likely is it that in an organisation like the BBC (which is very close knit), David Icke wouldn’t have heard the rumours about Jimmy Savile as well? Not very likely. David Icke has been aware of Jimmy Savile’s child abuse activities, just like all the other prominent BBC presenters. David Icke like the rest of them, chose to say absolutely nothing.

Now this vile, cowardly man who put his own career before the safety of hundreds of children and teenagers, has the audacity to come forward and take ‘credit’ for exposing Savile as a paedophile after his death!!!

Congratulations Mr Icke—You like all the others, have shielded a monstrous serial paedophile from prosecution to save your BBC career and in doing so, you’ve made sure this appalling man was able to carry out the satanic, ritual sexual abuse of as many children as he wanted, for years and years—you should be very proud of yourself!!!

Commenting on this article on the GodlikeProductions forum, there was also a discouraging word from an anonymous user (10 October 2012):

[Icke] claims he only learned of Savile’s behaviours in the late 90’s, but I somehow doubt this, as Icke worked at the BBC in the early 80’s for 8 years — when Savile was there and rumours had long been circulating. And it doesn’t matter whether he knew in the 80’s or not — fact is, Icke was informed by his “unimpeachable” sources in the 90’s, but did nothing about it, yet he wrote about Ted Heath, the Royals, George Bush, Dick Cheney… but no Savile.

This article was originally published in 2015 and is frequently updated

Baxter Dmitry

Baxter Dmitry

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Baxter Dmitry
  • Kevin Air

    We all know this article is political in nature, because you don’t get along with David after the people’s voice ceased to be. It is of no consequence in the grand scheme of things when David Icke knew about the paedophilia allegations against Jimmy Saville, and your ASSUMPTION that he knew before he disclosed, is just that… AN ASSUMPTION… You are basing a character assasination article on somebody who does the same job as you, but is better at it. Shame on you. All you’re doing with articles like this is damaging your own reputation as a non biased news reporter. Your article has “we want to bring you down David” written all over it, and I know people see that.

  • Peter

    Stop defending kiddie fiddling Kevin, there is no excuse for it

  • 1 Love

    Ha Ha Ha – The truth is the truth. YNW seems to have joined the dark side.

  • hey

    this article is ridiculous the bbc covered up jimmy savile and david icke exposed this in his books so how was david icke complicit !!!!


    • inicholson

      David Icke exposed precisely NOTHING about Saville until after his death.
      So either Icke knew nothing and is fraudulently claiming he did. Or – worse – Icke knew but said nothing.

  • Baxter Dmitry

    ‘hey’ – david icke exposed it in his books? really? where? Send us the proof and you will get a $2000 reward, buddy.

    Kevin – it is of enormous consequence. If people had the courage of their convictions they could have stopped terrible things happening. Talking about it after the fact, and claiming to have done things they didn’t do? Not cool.

  • Gar1

    ive seen documentarys over 10 years old when Icke has said this!

    • Baxter Dmitry


  • Nelly

    Shame you can’t put as much effort into exposing living paedophiles than waste it on this non-story.

  • Mitch Mitchell

    Not liking the tone of this ……piece.

    • Baxter Dmitry

      Thanks for the helpful…. feedback.

    • Baxter Dmitry

      So Mitch doesn’t like this one bit huh? No, of course he doesn’t. Its uncomfortable to witness somebody you hold in high regard being outed as a fraud, isnt it? Of course you don’t like the tone. But as my grandmother says, TAKE THE MEDICINE BOY, IT’LL DO YOU GOOD

      • Mitch Mitchell

        Sounds like someone is feeling a bit butthurt. Icke is not really a “hero” of mine, but I think he may have been of yours. I do hope you are as strong in your convictions as you expect of Icke. I’d guess not.

        • Baxter Dmitry

          I only have one conviction in life and that is to uncover truth. When I am proved wrong, I am grateful to the person who has enlightened me. If anybody can prove me wrong about Icke, they will be rewarded.

    • Drewgalloway


  • Cam

    of your opinions about Icke (whether he’s done good or bad), you can’t
    argue with TPV’s claim. There isn’t any evidence that Icke spoke about
    Savile, prior to 2011, despite his claims. Icke’s website has been
    active since at least 1997, and yet
    there’s no mention about Savile until after 2011. Surely someone so
    committed to truth would have posted something at least once, assuming
    he had the information.

    This leaves two possibilities :

    1. He knew nothing about it, and is lying to increase his popularity and credibility.
    2. He knew about it, yet didn’t mention it because it benefitted him more to do so.

    option doesn’t really render Icke to be stood, illuminated, in the
    shining light of truth and selfless virtue, as he likes to portray
    himself. It’s worth calling him out on that.

  • steevin harper

    $2000? is that all you can offer for a ‘icke may have’ scoop you stingy cheapskate.
    You’ve been to 80 countries in your short lifetime, you jetsetter you, doing who knows WTF?
    At least people know what Icke has been doing long before you landed only yesterday.

    • Baxter Dmitry

      Like all overnight success stories, I have been grafting hard behind the scenes for years and years.

  • 1 Love

    This is like reading A Daily Mail article on drugs.

  • Huib Kraaijeveld

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    • administrator

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  • Jock Doubleday

    Talk about a non-issue. The world is burning and you want Icke’s timeline for exposing a known pedophile? That’s what you’re going to give up $2,000 for? Insane.

    • inicholson

      I think we’d all either like some evidence that Icke has exposed a known paedophile or for Icke to stop claiming he has.

  • Mary Jo Loomis

    Didn’t the media crucify Icke in the ’90s when he had his vision and spoke of it? If he had said anything , who would have believed him back then when even the Queen & other royalty knew and covered for Saville? Even if he had unimpeachable evidence, with so many higher ups covering for Saville, it’s possible to knowsomething for sure yet not be able to prove it in court, especially when you don’t know the depth of the conspiracy. Hell, millions of people in the US know and have seen POSITIVE proof that Obana is a total fraud yet no one with the authority to prosecute him has the balls to do so. Why do you single out Icke when there were probably hundreds of people with more status and authority to make such an accusation and make it stick! I think this is yet again another witch hunt perpetrated against Icke to discredit him. Why not do something important like calling out the Muslims for the LIARS and MURDERERS they are instead of picking on a man trying to help people with a message of love. I think your priorities are SCREWED!

  • 1 Love

    Keep removing posts you don’t like – great way to promote the truth – what a joke !

  • Angela Horne
  • Jamie Lee Morrison

    I’m confused, isn’t The Peoples Voice Ickes creation? But it’s calling him out?

    • Mick david

      I think it was the editor of this rag….Sean Adl-Tabatabai. I’m sure he owned TPV. They had a falling out…. So make what you want out out of this “news” item.

  • Josie RudeCat Stephens

    Woah! How do you get paid for being a bitch?….well this I suppose. I know David icke had a lot to do with the funding for TPV and you guys had a falling out, now I can see why! Lol. Shouldn’t you be after the real criminals? Your job puts you in an important role to inform the people on what they need to know and I feel you are abusing that position.

    • Mick david

      Seriously, this Sean Adl-Tabatabai fella needs to grow up. His bitterness will eat away at his heart and we all know how karma works!!!

  • Miss.Anne Thropee

    Hmmmmmm, as for this article? I have to admit, David Icke has always been a bit off to make me take a stance on anything that comes out of his brain matter splatter…I tend to have always thought that anything that he makes claim to being the ‘original’ on any info/disinfo should be taken with a grain of salt.

    I do remember reading about Boxcar Willy being in on some ‘illuminaughty’ activities, if you will…There have been a few books (cited and used for an excellent essay in the Apocalypse Culture books, edited by Adam Parfrey. Feral Press) about 2 females, and one of their daughters speaking about being ‘sex slaves’ for members of ‘what-have-you’; a selection of names of politicians and actors whom were the ‘Masters’…The main literature that came from it was called Trance Formation, a tell-all book by ex DOD agents, MK-Ultra, and mind control. I generally wouldn’t waste time on Jimmy Savile, as we all know what an *unmentionable* he was in life, and would not surprise me that his name would be amongst the many cited in mentioned literature…It was published–Trance Formation, that is–in the mid-80’s, being the one and same that has named many many names. All male, and well-known. May be a good start.

    Although, as I said, the only factor between Cathy O’Brien’s testimony (as one ex-mind controlled sex slave has told her story in the book, alleges much about Boxcar Willy, aside a picture of her then-13 year old daughter sitting on his lap in an ‘awkward’ pose.) and what Icke is citing.

    I mean, this has been the second time ever hearing about Boxcar Willy, and his alleged participation. His is not a name that you generally see mentioned amongst the usuals.

  • WMC

    If he’s claiming to have “exposed” Savile, Icke’s simply lying. No two ways about it. He never once named Savile in print. I find this incredibly disappointing–but either Icke was one of a (very) few at the BBC who had no idea about Savile, or, he’s known for quite a long time and waited til Saville was safely dead to call him out. Kind of a letdown.

  • Stevensawyer69@btinternet.com

    He was right about Ted Heath though.

    • inicholson

      So he was right that Ted Heath was a shape-shifting alien lizard who abused underage girsl?

      Utterly wrong.

  • http://www.bavarian-illuminati.info/ quibuslicet

    This article’s entire premise is lifted from the following, without acknowledgment:

    The Savile Affair: Did David Icke Really Blow the Whistle on Jimmy Savile?

    Indeed, there are numerous sentences that are outright plagiarized from Will Banyan’s article.

  • Novack

    The amount of bullshit stories coming from this guy, the author of this “article” are amazing. Inventions from the mind of a prick who takes us as fools. Like the recent “article” where he fantasizes and tries to make us believe he got access to a Kremlin report where Putin writes about “fat over vaccinated westerners”. “Baxter Dmitry” Please stop selling bulshit like this, is too obvious.

  • FreeAgent37

    Ladies and Gentlemen!, Watch Baxter Dmitry wash away precious time as he uses his time jacking-off and spewing fecal matter
    through his ignorant jealous lower brain stem, instead of working
    together and taking his pick at so many vital and REAL threats and targets in this grand
    world of filth. Watch this pathetic little sewer rat AKA Jax-off-ster
    fight for tidbits of meat, because he cant get ratings up or speak even
    close to the caliber of David,…so watch him bend-over madly jerking
    off while taking the money from the same corporate hand that he is horred out to! I wish you were next to me right now so I can dutch rub another hole in your stupid scruffy skull!!!! That would bring me magnificent pleasure!!!, Boot you to the Moon BOY!!! LOL!!!!!!!!!!!! little pricKKK!!!

  • Michelle E.

    You are a LIAR and a DISINFO agent, he DID expose Saville in his books and it is easily provable. I’ve read it half a decade ago in one of his books (Can’t remember exactly which one).

    You are inventing “news”, just like you do with your Putin articles. There’s ZERO evidence for anything that you say.

    Your News Wire became The Onion because of you.

    You can easily prove me wrong by posting ONE source for any of the alleged claims.

  • Drewgalloway

    Ickey didn’t blow the PUBLIC whistle before Savile died, but he DID express what turned out to be accurate truth about his activities, to many groups and individuals in a non-official capacity.
    I know, because I was privy to his information on Savile at the time, and it turned out to be spot on!

  • Drewgalloway

    Ickey didn’t blow the PUBLIC whistle on Savile before he died, but he definitely disseminated his information (which turned out to be totally accurate) to many non-official groups and individuals, prior to Savile’s death. I for one, was always very suspicious of Savile’s association with Peter Jaconelli, the ice-cream King from Scarborough. Both of them were totally unscrupulous and nasty with it…. Both were often seen with a carload of kids; and both turned out to be totally heartless child abusers!!

  • Drewgalloway

    I have posted a comment here 3 times, but each time I return, it has vapourised!! Why?