Did Giants Exist? The Suppressed History Of The Nephilim

This video looks at the cover-up of human giants from our history books. Who and what are they? Historic and religious texts refer to the Rephaim – an ancient race of giants or offspring of the Nephilim.

According to the Nephilim are:

The 200 Nephilim who allegedly colonized this planet and mated with earth women as the books of Enoch and the book of Giants suggest are alien and more in the image of man. Their offspring became mighty giants and men of renown. These are the Rephaim.

Other subjects covered in the video include:

  • Under water cities
  • Secret socities
  • London giants
  • Library of congress

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  • bamcintyre

    Not buying it.. at all.

  • Rebekka te Pas

    The Nephilim were the offspring of the Elohim and the daughters of men. Read genesis.