FBI Insider: Clinton Emails Linked To Political Pedophile Sex Ring

FBI Discover Political Pedophile Sex Ring During Clinton Email Investigation

An FBI source has confirmed that evidence has emerged from the Clinton email investigation that a massive child trafficking and pedophile sex ring operates in Washington.

According to reports, at least 6 members of Congress and several leaders from federal agencies are implicated in the pedophile ring, which they say was run directly with the Clinton Foundation as a front.

According to an NYPD source, emails found on Anthony Weiner’s laptop detail trips made by Weiner, Bill and Hillary Clinton on convicted pedophile pal billionaire Jeffrey Epstein’s plane ‘Lolitta express‘ to a place known as “Sex Slave Island“.

An archived thread on 4chan in which an FBI insider originally hinted that the Clinton email server investigation was merely a distraction from the more sinister Clinton Foundation and its connection to pedophilia:

Are the people leading the investigation blackmailed pedophiles?

> The people under the magnifying glass do have an affinity for children.

Please before you sleep speak a little on the child prostitution ring.

> Sex rings are popular in all governments, but pedophilia is primarily in British parliament & Saudi Arabia, and that’s why HRC and BC love foreign donors so much. They get paid in children as well as money. Dig deep and you can find it. It will sicken you.



  • Mollie Norris

    Great story; thanks! Comey’s involvement, and his CYA motive in refusing to investigate Clinton’s emails has escaped most media notice. Funny how things worked out here. God has his eye on US politics.

    “Spiro Reports-“Too Big to Jail”: The Revolving Doors- From HSBC to the Clintons
    Spiro Skouras | July 15, 2016

    A criminal network exists that is subverting the judicial system,
    ensuring business as usual for the elite. Let’s take a look at a great
    recent example of this phenomenon in the case of Hillary Clinton and
    HSBC, and their gate-keepers, from FBI’s James Comey and DOJ’s Loretta
    Lynch, to former Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice and Henry

  • Ralf Yuri

    The Satan’s managers are being hunted around the world.

    We can help a little bit.

    Have you ever investigated a Satan’s servant today?

  • dianecee

    No wonder so many Mexican children were being led to our southern border.

    • musimann

      Many groups involved in rescuing children are for this purpose. Look up:
      The Franklin Cover-up, “Conspiracy of Silence” ….
      They never showed the documentary but you can watch most of it online.

      • rolloverandplaydead

        only hope that all this finally hits the fan…

  • Black Swan

    David Icke revealed this information twenty years ago, he was ridiculed unmercilously by the British media and ignored by all the western mainstream and alternative english speaking media.

    • musimann

      Its a worldwide Satanic ritual that the powerful enjoy. Why? Who the f**k knows. They are sick people. I prefer to play my guitar…….they like to abuse children.

  • Prof. Gaptoof

    My #1 pick for DC pedophile is Chuck Schumer (barely edged out by Alan Grayson).

    • tricknologist

      Or Harry Reid.

  • http://www.goodreads.com/review/show/337485161 David Howard
  • 4dees

    And yet Hillary continues to stand up in front of her rallies and bald-face lie to them about there not be anything wrong with the emails discovered on Weiner’s computer. She’s hoping the DoJ will continue to cover up for her.

    • amuncat

      I’m getting hints that Obama is throwing her under the bus. I bet the NWO/corporate, etc., have given him the go ahead because she has become too much of a political liability. When he supported Comey and his reopening and chastized Reid, that pretty much was a signal to me! Also, he’s trying to keep his distance because he knows there are emails there from him! Oh this gets dicey!

  • michaelrivero

    This is a replay of the “stained blue dress” that Ken Starr used to distract Americans from the real scandal of Whitewater; government-sanctioned drug smuggling and sales to our children! They need to keep people from looking at the crimes of Hillary Clinotn, so they are going to dangle a tawdry sex scandal in front of you to make you look in the wrong direction!

    • The Deplorable Native Texan

      You must be easily distracted?

  • liberalslie

    Why am I not supprised?

  • PERS ponzi 1st repsonders

    above the law

    the clinton’$ many connections and protectors….

    taxpayer funded unaccountable govt agencies all look the other way

  • PERS ponzi 1st repsonders

    death is the leading cause of suicide around the Clintons

  • Lainy

    All this falls in line with old man Bush shipping in children to the white house parties at night from orphanages. Half our government is involved in this and being blackmailed. Someone needs to clean out the stench.

  • amuncat

    MK Ultra and Cathy O’brien!!!! She tells a quite believable story of when she was a young girl and what Hillary Clinton did to her. To Hillary it was routine, all she wanted to know was if the kid was “clean”. I knew that BC and Jeffie Epstein were BFF’s until he was found out, and BC took many trips on his plane and several to his island W/O Secret Service detail!!!! Oh, why am I doing this, it has gotten to the place that absolutely NOTHING NEGATIVE about this couple surprises me anymore! It’s like each day they get uglier and uglier!!!! There are 7 more days left!!!

    Hillary would gag on telling the truth the way my cat coughs and gags up a hairball!

  • musimann

    There have been numerous stories about the sex cults in America. Training young boys and girls to be sex slaves. Its a form of mind control. There was the Boys Town and the Franklin coverup. I guess its time to air the dirty laundry. It is thoroughly disgusting. From NYPD sources they have pictures of Huma and Hillary having sex with a teenage girl – basically raping her. We couldn’t get a nicer bunch of people to expose this from the Clintons.

  • Barb Feinstein

    If this turns out to be authentic and even just a little true, anyone still left voting for this creature is probably in on the porn ring.

  • Grey Smith

    Looks like Bill AND Hillary are really into “saving the children”……….

  • Jamtse

    Astounding how so many people are so gullible without any proof.

  • Markdown

    funny how the media covers up the ring in the states.