FBI: Hitler Didn’t Die, Fled To Argentina – Stunning Admission

The unbelievable truth is hidden in plain sight. Hitler fled to Argentina after World War 2, and all of the details are available to view on the FBI’s own website.

The FBI.gov website reveals that the U.S. government knew Hitler was alive and well – living in the Andes Mountains in Argentina long after World War II had ended.

The world has been repeatedly told for the last 70 years that on April 30 1945, Adolf Hitler committed suicide in his underground bunker. His body was allegedly discovered and identified by the Soviets before being taken back to Russia.

Is it possible that the Soviets lied all this time, and that the history you have been taught at school is a complete fabrication?

With the release of these official FBI documents it is now confirmed that the world’s most notorious leader actually escaped Germany and lived a peaceful life in the foothills of the Andes Mountains in South America.


And as if that news wasn’t bizarre enough, a photo has emerged recently which purports to show an elderly 95-year-old Hitler posing with his girlfriend in Brazil in 1984.


The above FBI documents show that not only was Hitler and Eva Braun’s suicide faked, the infamous pair might have had help from the director of the OSS himself, Allen Dulles.

In one FBI document from Los Angles, it is revealed that the agency was well aware of a mysterious submarine making its way up the Argentinian coast dropping off high level Nazi officials. What is even more astonishing is the fact that the FBI knew he was in fact living in the foothills of the Andes.

Who is the Mysterious Informant?

In a Los Angeles letter to the Bureau in August of 1945, an unidentified informant agreed to exchange information for political asylum. What he told agents was stunning.

The informant not only knew Hitler was in Argentina, he was one of the confirmed four men who had met the German submarine. Apparently, two submarines had landed on the Argentinian coast, and Hitler with Eva Braun was on board the second.

The Argentinian government not only welcomed the former German dictator, but also aided in his hiding. The informant went on to not only give detailed directions to the villages that Hitler and his party had passed through, but also credible physical details concerning Hitler.

While for obvious reasons the informant is never named in the FBI papers, he was credible enough to be believed by some agents.

The FBI Tried to Hide Hitler’s Whereabouts.

Even with a detailed physical description and directions the FBI still did not follow up on these new leads. Even with evidence placing the German sub U-530 on the Argentinian coast shortly before finally surrounding, and plenty of eye witness accounts of German official being dropped off, no one investigated.

Even More Evidence is Found:

Along with the FBI documents detailing an eye witness account of Hitler’s whereabouts in Argentina, more evidence is coming to light to help prove that Adolf Hitler and Eva Braun did not die in that bunker.

In 1945, the Naval Attaché in Buenos Aires informed Washington there was a high probability that Hitler and Eva Braun had just arrived in Argentina. This coincides with the sightings of the submarine U-530. Added proof comes in the form of newspaper articles detailing the construction of a Bavarian styled mansion in the foothills of the Andes Mountains.

Further proof comes in the form of architect Alejandro Bustillo who wrote about his design and construction of Hitler’s new home which was financed by earlier wealthy German immigrants.

Irrefutable Evidence that Hitler Escaped:

Perhaps the most damming evidence that Hitler did survive the fall of Germany lies in Russia. With the Soviet occupation of Germany, Hitler’s supposed remains were quickly hidden and sent off to Russia, never to be seen again. That is until 2009, when an archeologist from Connecticut State, Nicholas Bellatoni was allowed to perform DNA testing on one of the skull fragments recovered.

What he discovered set off a reaction through the intelligence and scholarly communities. Not only did the DNA not match any recorded samples thought to be Hitler’s, they did not match Eva Braun’s familiar DNA either. So the question is, what did the Soviets discover in the bunker, and where is Hitler?

Even former general and President Dwight D. Eisenhower wrote to Washington.

It was not only General Eisenhower who was concerned over Hitler’s compete disappearance, Stalin also expressed his concerns. In 1945, the Stars and Stripes newspaper quoted then General Eisenhower as believing that the real possibility existed of Hitler living safely and comfortably in Argentina.

Is it Possible?

With all of the new found evidence coming to light, it is possible and even likely that not only did Hitler escape from Germany; he had the help of the international intelligence community. Released FBI documents prove that they were not only aware of Hitler’s presence in Argentina; they were also helping to cover it up.

It would not be the first time the OSS helped a high ranking Nazi official to escape punishment and capture. Look at the story of Adolf Eichmann who was located in Argentina in the 1960’s.

Did Hitler escape to Argentina? The answer is yes.

This article was originally published in 2015 and is frequently updated

Sources include:
Red Flag News

  • Vynn

    lol what a load of horse shit

    • Remembers

      Perhaps, but I can remember my parents discussing this possibility over 50 years ago. There was never conclusive proof of his death.

      • Jess Mee

        He died in Berlin. Hitler’s dentist was captured after the war by the Americans. Two of his dental techs were captured by the Russians. Each independently reconstructed the details of Hitler’s dental work from memory. Their reconstructions meshed completely, and they fit with the details of the dental work on the jaw fragments attributed to Hitler AND to the skull X-rays taken of him by his doctor after the July 20 bomb attempt. Bottom line, there is solid forensic proof beyond a reasonable doubt that Hitler died in Berlin. For a detailed account of the forensic exam go to http://www.nl-aid.org/wp-content/uploads/2012/09/Sognnaes.pdf

    • delquattro

      It’s easier to fool people than to convince them that they’ve been fooled. ~ Mark Twain

      • ArthurFrayne

        Isn’t that Fox News’ motto?

        • Dusty Miller

          No NBC’s motto!

    • David Van Grove

      Was Operation Paperclip horse shit?

      • Knowles2

        Paperclip had a specific aim of keeping the German scientific minds out of the hands of the soviets. What would keeping Hitler is still alive secret achieve?

      • Greg Skomaroske

        Seems like it was a well planned agreement to me.

      • Greg Skomaroske
    • MEMe

      You can only know what you saw with your eyes. Guessing you’ve never seen his body. His death was always uncertain.

  • Δ.Μ.

    Hitler was protected because thanks to him the state of Israel was established in 1948…
    Without Hitler’s contribution, no Israel state would exist today…

    • Rekan

      And thats good?

    • Erin Anderson

      That’s why the Rothschilds financed Hitler during World War 2

      • TheRuleOfLaw

        They also financed the U.S. during the war. In fact, they’ve been funding both sides of wars since the days of Napoleon.

        • Chris

          Did Napoleon escape to Argentina too?

      • Gus

        The English knew about Hitler’s dealings with countries such as Argentina, Portugal, Spain, Turkey, etc. and set up a bank in Switzerland that handled the Nazi’s party dealings at a cost. During the war this continued and still the British bank continued despite Nazi’s murdering thousands of British citizens. The Americans were aware of what was going on and were thus hesitant to share information with the British. The best proof that Hitler went to South America is to follow the gold reserves that suddenly appeared in various nations in South America before and during the war. German arms dealers and producers owned and still own property in various nations in South America. Nazi gold and money helped to put into power dictators in South America/Turkey/Portugal and Spain. In these dictator nations, German citizens had privileges many others from various nations did not have. This cannot be simply coincidence.

    • Paul LJ Catlow

      What? Of all the possible people wanted for war crimes in 1945, this was the number one suspect! By the same logic you could argue Heinrich Himmler should have been rewarded with a new identity and a pension for life. But if he hadn’t topped himself in his cell, he would assuredly have swung from the gallows. And nobody in 1945 was thinking about establishing an Israeli state, much. It wasn’t an issue.

      • gingercake5

        Oh they were thinking about it for more than 50 years already. The Balfour Declaration was in 1917. See this bit of history. It’s why lots of Americans fought and died over the last 100 years. All for them.

        • jim

          The step from Hitler to Himmler is large enough, even on just a namesake scale, to warrant two different outcomes. If you’re going to liberate the most hated man on the planet and whisk him away to a foreign country, you don’t bring him and his highest ranking officials. Those are the ones you let hang, so that society can believe that justice was served and the leader of the Nazi’s committed suicide like a coward. I’m not a conspiracy theorist by any means, rarely come to sites like this, but that was the logic the way my brain played it out. You have to have a fall guy, and in this case, you have to have several because the whole WORLD wanted justice.

          • Shannon

            Definitely…I think that the only other high ranking one that was given a “pass” to go with Hitler, was Borman. He was going around setting up shell corporations as early as 1939-40 in countries like Argentina, Columbia, Canary Islands, and more. A close confidant of Franco’s saw Borman meeting with Franco but at that moment he didn’t recognize Borman & it was after Borman had been reported killed trying to get away from the bunker..his body wasn’t recovered until Germany claimed they recovered his bones. Only problem was they were covered in red clay that isn’t found in Germany, but IS common in Argentina

      • Matt

        Nobody in 1945 was thinking about establishing an Israeli state? you can’t honestly believe that can you? it was only 2 years later that the UN passed the resolution for what would become Israel. 28 years prior to 1945 the Balfour declaration made this intention public knowledge.

        • Gus

          Before 1947, the area was under Ottoman/Turkish rule and later under British rule. The collapse of the Ottoman empire led it into the hands of the British empire which itself started to collapse shortly after the Second World War. The Ottomans/Turks were destructive in the entire Middle East, with the British simply adding to this. Neither empires cared for long term peace in the region. Much of the unrest in the Middle East could have been avoided if the ‘civilized’ British had taken the time to understand the region before drawing border lines. Although Hitler was evil, the British empire and the Royal family in particular have had a darker history over longer periods of time. In India, with one law they killed 30 million Indians alone. We are not including another 70 million Indians killed or the millions of Indigenous people throughout the world. Singapore, Hong Kong, etc?… we are talking mostly about recent times without going into the times of the 11th, 12th, 13th, 14th, and 15th centuries. This is fact.

          • Gromit Dog

            Yes the Opium wars are a prime example of the jews using Britain as muscle. Today its the US.

    • kremlingrasso

      undeniable logic is undeniable

    • kevin72132003

      That is why Israel has been such a haven for Nazi fugitives like Eichmann.

      • Parakletos

        You fail to understand that it could be something that they benefited from yet still found to be reprehensible behavior. These Zionists knew that it would be near to impossible to get civilized German Jews to voluntarily expatriate themselves to a desert land that they would have to build up quite literally from ground-up. And nobody that I know of thinks that it was ethical to forcibly exterminate the Jews to Palestine against their wills — even though doing so was necessary to the eventual creation of the State of Israel.

        • kevin72132003

          My point was that people (particularly Zionist Jews) weren’t and aren’t protecting Nazis because without them they could not have populated Israel with European Jews. Even if they were thankful for the consequence of the holocaust, emigration to Israel, they would not forgive the crime, murdering millions of Jews. There is evidence that some intelligence organizations sheltered Nazis but this was apparently done because they had useful information about the Soviet Union.

      • Shannon

        Eichmann was FOUND in Argentina by a THE Simenwenthal Foundation and was kidnapped from Argentina back to Israel to face the hangman’s noose. You have no idea what ur talking about

        • kevin72132003

          I was being sarcastic.

      • Mac McNeil

        No NAZI ever took refuge in Israel.
        The Wiesenthal Group searched out a number of high-ranking Nazis, and had they known Hitler was in the foothills of the Andes, they would have searched him out and brought him to Israel to meet his doom.

    • MEMe

      THANKS TO HIM???? Wow, thank you so much for murdering millions of innocent people. Maybe if the holocaust hadnt happened then Israel wouldnt have been declared, but the Jewish movements still existed and were striving to make it to Palestina (at the time). Plus, Argentina wouldnt protect him over something like that. They did it because he probably bribed them with a sht load of money. I hope you dont seriously think that Hitler “contributed” in any way to planet Earth.

  • Jezza

    If this story is True, I’m glad he was alive to witness the demolition of his empire and for a few decades after, the world was United. He would have had a lifetime of hiding and always looking over his shoulder, listening for a creak on the stair at night. Maybe this would be a better ending to a war that our brave soldiers fought so hard for, instead of his cowardly action of committing suicide.

    • Justin Humphrey

      Well said indeed

    • Greg Skomaroske

      I hardly believe it makes “our soldiers” “Brave” to carpet bomb civilians from planes that were met with no resistance such as what took place in Dresden Germany with 400,000 civilians being slaughtered!!!

      They however, were “cowards” who took orders and a small paycheck to kill millions of innocent people is how the story really goes!!! And actually, did it ever cross your mind that this was a plan by the rich elites to commit a depopulation of the people of the world at that time? 20 million China men also died before “we” ever went into Germany or bombed Japan….so why are all of the Jews still claiming 6 million Jew were killed and still pumping the sympathy well so many years later while the 20 million China men are all but forgotten?

      Many people believe that less than a million Jews Died in WW2 [at the hands of Hitler] and that the so-called gas chambers were never even capable of killing even half that many Jews. And many of those Jews died of typhus and old age which to me appears to also been a plan to kill off the weak, the old and to [depopulate] Germany in this manner just as they did in many other Countries at that time.

      It is time that the world wakes up to the lies that are told about our history and the real agenda having always been depopulation among world leaders who only appear to be fighting WW’s while they make secret back room deals to depopulate these countries and many people of the world over and over again…like Iraq and Afghanistan, Syria, Libya and even now with the Palestinian people.

      • Robert Gates

        You need professional help. Quickly!

        • Greg Skomaroske

          And you Robert Gates must be retarded and stupid on top of that if you can’t come back with anything better than that for a comment you shallow mindless retard!

          • Robert Gates

            Another Holocaust denier. Ok, forget the professional help, you are just an asshole for saying anything bad about our troops in WWII and believing six million Jews didn’t die.

          • Ogre

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            First of all im 40, i dont live in america so i dont have access to guns, my parents did a fantastic job raisong me, i have amazing critical skills, my life is the greatest success possibly ever, there is no frustration growing at all, au contraire, I’m getting wiser, and smarter, and use psychological weapons more efficiently by the day. No one can touch me, I’m alone at this level. My goal is to actually make peace and make people feel good. I’m above insults and feeling/trying to make others feel miserable. And i’ve NEVER been a troll. Truth is the only thing we need in this world and I’d never dangle someone around like a mouse, there’s no reason to, it helps nobody, it’s only a sign of immaturity and it shows that the responder is insecure.

          • Mitchell Brown

            You’re joking, right?! This post is hilarious!!! You’re using “psychological weapons more efficiently everyday”?!?!?! Holy shit! You’re a fucking psycho! My goodness. Keep up the weirdness – you made me laugh out loud.

          • Jay Dee

            Wow took you 23 days to muster the courage to answer…

          • Trumpet Call

            MB, is a typical, psychopathic English(Anglo) person. I do not use those combinations of words to cause offense, but to accurately illustrate the situation. Anglo’s as a race, are just pure evil. They are truly a race after the fashion of Amalek. Look at his immediate reply:

            “You’re joking, right?! This post is hilarious!!! ”

            It is clear, this Anglo, is going into a psychotic rant, and now switching to pure projection mode. Racial profiling is a useful tool, when used without bias, or intended malice.

          • Waimea_guy

            You are immature. You are rude. You are insulting people for simple comments, this is why I even replied. Anyways. Have a good life. Looks like you are well aware what is really going on in the world but are just cynical, unhappy, rude guy.

          • Abba Scodilli

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          • Jay Dee

            Yes you’re all serious and then you switch to “none of this is serious”.

          • Abba Scodilli

            Ok, and yer just playin’? You should hope that you are. This site is for misfits and zealots…

          • Greg Skomaroske

            You sound like you work for the dept of Homeland security idiots Mitchell Brown. Suppose you believe that terrorists bombed our twin towers too don’t you? Pea brain!

          • Mitchell Brown

            I believe in gravity too.

          • NoNeed

            Its a pity we cant call his parents to ground him, he is under 18 after all. You can see it in his writing. No one intelligent and mature writes like that

          • Trumpet Call

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          • NoNeed

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          • Greg Skomaroske

            Yes, i tried to tell him he was a retard but he simply won’t get it either way. He probably thinks he is a rocket scientist…lol


          • Greg Skomaroske

            Robert Gates….I most certainly can’t be the asshole here unless you can prove me wrong and that doesn’t seem to be something your even capable of doing. You just want to play dumb dumb and i don’t have time for that shyt. Sorry!

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            And why don’t i hear you crying for the 20 million china men who died? seems to me that they are human beings too aren’t they?

            But no, all i hear is this crap about the poor Jews who i have checked on the 6 million number given and i think it is a bullshyt lie….so why would i want to believe a lie? Why would i support a group of killers?

            The truth of the matter is there is no sense in talking to someone like you because you don’t think deep enough to get past that little thing called indoctrination/mind control/ and programming. You should be ashamed of yourself because your obviously old enough to have learned a few things about life before now but yet you haven’t.

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          • Robert Gates

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          • Trumpet Call

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          • Robert Gates

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          • Trumpet Call

            Lot’s of Jew’s did die. Many died in the Allied fire bombings, many died due to disease and starvation, caused by allied bombing campaigns, and the Allies refusal of peace terms. Alot of Jew’s would of survived the war, if the Allies didn’t make WW2 a fight to the death.

            If in a hostage situation, the police said “come out so we can brutally rape and murder you”, what do you think is going to happen? History alone damns the allied powers. That is why the German’s had to be made out to be the “greatest evil” of all time, to cover up the most evil war crimes ever committed in known human history.

            My Grandfather fought in Europe, after what he seen the allies do, fellow American’s and British, he told his children, and eventually his grand children “never again, will a member of our family bleed blood on the field of battle”. He was the most brutally honest, straight shooter I ever knew. He never talked about what he seen, but he expressly forbade his children from serving in the US military.

          • Josh Myles

            You ignorant peice of shit… thats all. Is that a good enough come back? Seems like I stooped to your level of intelligence there… spewing hate and malicious intent because someone didn’t agree with you. So their a “shalow mindless retard” must not be far off from you… assuming more than one person has called you that in your life for you to even be able to say somesomething like that.

          • Josh Myles

            Oh and maybe you should read some history at some point and not be so closed minded to the possibility that millions of jewish and other ethnic families stopped existing all together. Not because they killed or did something first but because it was who they were…. hopefully nothing like that happens to you douchebag

          • Greg Skomaroske

            Poor Josh Myles, you must of had your feelings hurt. I am sorry that reality sucks for you so bad for you. Pity party everyone for poor old Josh…He needs our special sympathy!!

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          • Josh Myles

            You’re too funny Greg. You come on hete and call people mindless idiots and many other degrading names prior to me even commenting and I saw that. I didn’t use any negative names toward you until you decided to put me down for my thoughts… I just think its funny. You must have some sort of short term memory loss… tje only reason why I assumed you were American is because you have that arrogant and ignorant air about in all your comments and tend to be incrincredibly demeaning when someone doesn’t agree with your view. Much like many Americans. Then to top it off and prove your points you reference conspiracy videos for people to view… i am a seriously proud Canadian and know for a fact our education system, is far more unbiased, full of world history and it’s not a jaded view that points “America ” out as the greatest country. I personally am happy in life bit you seem again from your comments to not have the decency to humble yourself and man up and admit when your not right. Oh and stop getting your info from conspiracy theorists videos on the internet! The are literally just that a theory… no fact, just some person trying to manipulate the facts that are already existing to try and warp peoples minds to believe theres more to it than we have been told. Maybe even take some time out of your day to read some real news and stories that aren’t being produced for Western Media as it has a really sick weird way of giving out a bunch of pointless dribble that makes it seem like America is so strong… what city will be bankrupt next? When will you stop owing money to China? How is it that Donald Trump is still leading in the polls for your federal election coming up when he has openly insulted half your population? Again stop watching Fox news and using conspiracy theory videos for stats and facts… hahaha db

          • Greg Skomaroske

            I don’t remember asking your stupid punk ass to address me and i always make a point out of treating people according to how they act, good or bad. You acted like an idiot so you were treated like an idiot. I am sorry if you can’t handle it. Maybe try being more respectful next time.

            And once again you are embarrassing yourself by making the comments you make and assuming things that are not true. I don’t watch Fox you stupid retard and Trump has not insulted half of our country. He insults retards like you who don’t know how to act and who want to always blame what happens to you on those you choose to engage with in a less than respectful manner.

            Now just so everyone can see what kind of retard you are, i am going to post how you first addressed me….

            Josh Myles Greg Skomaroske • a month ago
            Oh and maybe you should read some history at some point and not be so closed minded to the possibility that millions of jewish and other ethnic families stopped existing all together. Not because they killed or did something first but because it was who they were…. hopefully nothing like that happens to you douchebag

            That is what you said Josh and yet you now seem to be all upset and bent out of shape because someone doesn’t like you for acting like a RETARD…you are not my problem son. I didn’t ask that you open your stupid face and i am not responsible for making sure parents should of had that abortion. All i can do now is give you some advice and that would be that if your going to act like a RETARD, you are going to be treated like a RETARD and that is no one else’s fault but yours!! good day!

          • Josh Myles

            Hahaha I really got under your skin eh! I’ve never been treated that way because if I chose to I could rip people apart with my words. I’ve always made sure to treat people the way they deserve to be treated as well hence my original comment to you. You seemed in all your posts like a condescending, self righteous, wanna be know-it-all douche that needed to be humbled. Clearly that’s a task even greater than anyone could imagine. Some Americans need to give it up and you would be one of them.

          • Trumpet Call

            Thank you for explaining why your a worthless bully. You laugh at others who use fact’s, than proceed on with your insanity, then expose Anglo’s for the German hating bigots, the Amaleks that you are.

            Hell, I bet you Anglo’s would blow a gasket, if you knew most German’s are between 10%+ Jewish. Could explain why you foam at the mouth in hatred so easily.

          • Josh Myles

            The reason I laugh is because he keeps assuming a bunch of stuff about me just like you are. Again you are another person who is assuming you know anything about me and my background… just to let you know I am one of those 10%. I am Jewish and German. So please keep telling me a bunch of bs that you have read on the internet. I will continue to laugh at people who think they’re better than others as I have heard first accounts from all sides as my family fought on both side of WW2. So remind me why I should listen to conspiracy theorists and people who minimize the suffering that happened to Jewish people in WW2….

          • Trumpet Call

            It is happening, across the Western World, because of Anglo Supremacists like yourself.


            Millions of people died in the fire bombings. Jew’s where used as slave laborer’s and they died alongside German’s in the thousands and milions, and many Jew’s where killed by Slavic’s, as retribution for the Holdrom and other Soviet pogroms, because the Jew’s made up the Soviet security forces, disproportionately, so in Eastern Europe, communist and Jewish people, where often one and the same thing.

            Many Jew’s would not have died, if the allies agreed to allow food to be sent to them. Heck if the UK and the USa, where willing to take more in, more would of survived the war. Your entire world view on your self identity relies upon falsehoods. From my understanding of the facts, “it doesn’t matter”, in terms of who is right. From the perspective of an interned person, it was a hell on Earth. Even if the numbers are way off, and no deliberate genocide took place, there was massive and institutional persecution of Jew’s. SS officers where sure to make their lives hell in those camps, and I can imagine a sick SS officer or twenty, gassing Jew’s in the delousing facilities, and torturing them to death from time to time. The cremations, because of how many died from starvation and disease, would take forever, and from the perspective of the interned victims, it might of well been millions of bodies being burnt, because the cremations would be running 24/7.

            The difference between German cruelty and evil, and British/Anglo cruelty and evil. Is that the British engage in systematic evil, while German’s are only non deliberate amateurs at it. The Soviet’s themselves, when comparing their labor and internment camps to the Nazi’s, used the word “amauter” to describe it. Also, what kind of retarded German, would use Zyklon B to kill millions? The know Death Camp in the Ukraine(run primary by the Ukrainians), they used CO2 poisoning. That death camp though, isn’t brought up, because it debunks all other supposed death camps.

            All the fancy machines the Nazi’s used to keep track of things, where gifts given to them by Anglo owned corporations. Look at the Boer genocide, and compare: The british had food, but deliberately starved Boer women and children to death, to force Boer men to surrender.

            Germany did not have enough food, begged for peace terms, or at the least food aid for the Jew’s and interneted peoples(which the British and American’s outright rejected, after all they wanted to murder tens of millions of German’s, and knew they could only get away with it, if they could pin a greater evil on the German’s”.

            Unless the UK admit’s it’s guilt, the English will stand alone, as Europe is purged of invaders, and the English fall to the Mohammedans. That is the stark reality. The british have special op forces, but that is it. Your people are worthless and effeminate, and you can no longer raise an army of any note. Your attempts with special operation forces, albeit no matter how brutal they are, will simply tick the invaders off more.

            While the German’s are already awakening, and beginning their revolt. Before the year is out, I wouldn’t be surprised if a civil war beaks out in Germany over this issue, and the occupation government, and occupying powers are thrown out of Germany.

        • Greg Skomaroske

          You have that nasty thing around your left arm and you tell me that i need help? Amazing!! Maybe she is only a trick but i would think you would have saved up your money a little longer Robert Gates so you didn’t have to stoop so low….lol

          And no, i still know that 6 million Jews did not die in the gas chambers but if your a Jew, i am rather upset you were allowed to escape your true fate,…that was what the original debate was all about but you being a douche bag seems to have made it a less than intelligent debate.

          I actually blame your feral parents for this so please make sure you take some time out to let them know life isn’t all about laying around like feral scum having all kinds of nasty sex to create something like you on accident or purely by what they call chance. You should have been allowed to run down your momas leg instead with your lack of brains and personality. Maybe this will help you to feel better that your secret is finally out. (;<))

          • Robert Gates

            *You’re you dumbass. You are the saddest thing on the internet. I see that you are skipping the professional help, so all of those around you are losing out. Man, what a sad sad sad little man you are. Tell me, does your wife love you? Lol

          • Robert Gates

            *You’re you dumbass. You are the saddest thing on the internet. I see that you are skipping the professional help, so all of those around you are losing out. Man, what a sad sad sad little man you are. Tell me, does your wife love you? Lol

      • Christopher Hill

        It’s..You’re….and no, you’re an idiot!

        • Greg Skomaroske

          No Christopher….your my idiot and i still pity you.

          • Christopher Hill

            Its still you’re….and you’re a pole smoker….jackass

          • Mitchell Brown

            You’re just stumbling through life. Ever time you show up on your parents doorstep, you force them to confront their failure as parents. That has to be disheartening for them.

          • Trumpet Call

            Spoken like a true Anglo supremacist degenerate. Can’t win on fact’s, so you resort to psychological abuse.

        • NoNeed

          Funny How everyone who doesnt agree with him is an idiot. Doesn’t that just smack of the same ire as Hitler? Me thinketh someone protests too much!

          • Trumpet Call

            Like you. Your engaging in the same childishness.

          • NoNeed

            One resorts to your level of “debate” when they have nothing intelligent to add to the debate.

      • Mac

        But everything you say ‘we’ did that was wrong, and it was/is wrong, the Nazis and Hitler did, or would have gladly did.

        I suggest you read this: http://www.nizkor.org/

      • Steven Hope

        I think you will find that Hitler actually started the bombing of civillians.
        He started carpet bombing full cities of England before Dresden occured.
        Were you not taught about the Battle of Britain.

        • Mervyn Jones

          Incorrect, The RAF flew its first strategic bombing raid on Germany at Mönchengladbach on 11 May 1940 and in September 1940, the Luftwaffe began targeting British cities in ‘The Blitz’. So there you are, Britain was the first belligerent to strategically bomb civilian centers.

          • Guy

            Are we forgetting the carpet bombing of Poland in 39 by Germany? Does that not suit your holocaust denying narrative…

          • Paul LJ Catlow

            And over Holland’s cities in May 1940.

          • Slinky

            The Germans never had the planes capable of carpet bombing anything at any time during the war. The Stuka was a dive bomber and carried 4 little bombs.

            London is still around because the Germans did not have the planes needed to burn it down.

            Holocaust- great destruction and death due to fire. Historical examples are the burning of Rome and the great fire of London. The Germans shot, starved, bombed, gassed lot’s of people to death but they never burned a city. Dresden and Tokyo along with Hiroshima and Nagasaki where holocausts. What the Germans did was common everyday mass murder. Keep on repeating the Jews lie while they do to the Arabs what they are complaining about.

          • Alexander D. Montblanc

            The germans didn’t cause destruction like that but only because they were stopped. Of course the number of jewish casualties could have been inflated, the only thing that ticks me in that whole narrative is not the numbers themselves but how every other victim was for a long time disregarded because they weren’t “chosen”. Anyway, if this is article is true it only proves that Hitler was a pawn in a bigger game who was smuggled out of the shitstorm he helped promote by the very people who were supposed to be his greatest enemies according to our history textbooks.

          • Slinky

            No Hitler decided to invade Russia rather than pause the war and develop the long range heavy bombers and fighters needed to reduce Britain to ashes. Hitler lost the war the allies did not win it. The Russians may have won it simply by killing 3 German armies while the allies did squat.

          • Alexander D. Montblanc

            It’s not that simple. The italians made a mess by invading the balkans where pockets of resistance imposed a standstill, namely the yugoslavians led by Tito, the germans went in to finish that business and succeeded but list 3 months. That delay caused them to invade the soviet union by late summer instead of early spring and since, as you said, Hitler opted to proceed, their planning went to the drain. They also had many logistic problems in having military apparel reach the eastern front due to the soviets having different railroad tracks and because their harsh winter made it hard for transportation planes to take off. With the arrival of the allied forces led by Patton in southern italy, following Rommel’s defeat in North Africa, a second front was opened increasing the pressure on the already battered german military. Adding the invasion of normandy an year later, a german victory became impossible. The reason that the soviets reached Berlim first is due to the obvious geographic proximity and due to the fact that the bulk of the east front army under von Paulus had already capitulated after the failure of operation barbarossa but if you analize it critacally you will see the human cost paid by the soviets to overcome the invasion.

          • Dick Dawkins

            It was the Greeks who defeated the Italians and delayed the German invasion of Russia. This was the first Allied victory of the war.

          • Alexander D. Montblanc

            Nor from me, I didn’t remember that the greek had stopped the italians, only that the germans did the cleaning. And I was too young to connect dots of the who’s and why’s during the Balkan wars. It seems that as always, wars happen for economic reasons.

          • Trumpet Call

            The Greeks where pro-Nazi. The Nazi’s where content to leave Greece alone, but the Italians became genital envious of the German’s, and had to “rebuild the Roman Empire”.

            No self respecting German, never should of aligned with a Roman.

          • Trumpet Call

            Because they where stopped? You Anglo’s truly are monsters. The Nazi’s sued for peace multiple times. The British rejected because they wanted to massacre millions of German’s, to satisfy an itch, and use Germany to bring down the Soviet’s, so the British would have free control over central Asia. A point they viewed as “essential”, since they actively planned on conquering the world. History, as taught in school, is blatant Anglo lies. Jew’s tell no lies of their own making, they merely repeat what they are ordered to by the Anglo’s to repeat. The numbers where inflated by the Anglo establishment, to be used as a cudgel to psychological abuse Germans for well over 70 years.

            Hell, there is still rampant evidence, that Britain is still conspiring to sabotage other Western nations, and other nations abroad, in a sick quest of world conquest. This time your using UN Agenda 21 to advance your goals.

          • Peter Ozanne

            What about the Germans bombing Guernica during the Spanish Civil war in 1937? Or using airships to bomb English towns in WW1?

          • Trumpet Call

            What of the 100-200 million people brutally murdered by the British over the course of the British Empire?

          • Marco Van Bergen

            Heard about Rotterdam Holland that was wiped out in May 1940 by the fecking Nazi’s. Read your history.

          • Mitchell Brown

            You mean the “civilian” centers where recruitment happened? Are you talking about the regional and national political centers? Where war-material was produced and distributed? These areas where “civilians” lived? Also, I notice you don’t mention Rotterdam or Warsaw. I guess these “civilian” centers don’t matter to you. Huh.

          • Paul LJ Catlow

            Yes. with propaganda leaflets. As highly placed people in the British establishment with covert sympathies to fascism were absolutely appalled at the prospect of “damage to private property”. British bomber crews in 1939-40 risked their lives to drop paper on German cities.

          • stevenH81

            Actually, as history goes, a German pulot mistakingly dropped a load of bombs on an English town/city so England retaliated, tit fir tat.
            I suppose the truth could be twisted either way, no real way of knowing what the truth is.

          • Trumpet Call

            That history is a deliberate lie, to cover up British evil. Just like the blatant lie that “the British gracefully walked away from Empire”. The British brutally held onto empire until they had no choice but to abandon it. You should of seen the horror they did in Kenya. An entire nation of people, rounded up into concentration camps. Men routinely tortured and abused, and women routinely raped by British soldiers for sport.

          • stevenh81

            I don’t believe that I mentioned the British Empire, correct me if I am wrong.

        • Greg Skomaroske

          Just my point….i don’t need to be taught by anyone. I teach myself and i think for myself and that is what i am saying is wrong with all of the people here above who have responded showing that they are unintelligent because they just believe what is in the history books. You know, there is other ways of coming up with what is the truth than just believing what we are “taught”.

          In any event, i have “learned” about the Battle of Britain but i will go back and reread it just for fun.

        • Alexander D. Montblanc

          And when their planes could no longer fly the skies of britain unpunished he made the v1 bombs rain destruction over London. Let idiots be idiots.

          • Spectrum

            And V2’s, which were even more destructive. Plus, if the war hadn’t ended when it did, Hitler was developing nuclear weapons via heavy water facilities. And he would have used them if he had had the chance.

          • Alexander D. Montblanc

            Yes, it’s been heavily discussed how Hitler in despair relied more and more on secret weapons, thankfully their planes were thwarted before the most crucial weapons were functional.

          • Trumpet Call

            After what British bombers did, most certainly. That is why real history is outlawed, it would just lead to another war in Europe, because the evil of the British is plain as day.

          • Spectrum

            Ever heard the term “Total War” ? It means fighting all out with any and all means at your disposal to ensure victory. This is what World War II became. Civilians are, unfortunately, unavoidably affected in a total war. It was a necessary tactic in order to greatly demoralise the German population, thus hopefully ending the war earlier. And at least in part, it succeeded.

            And remember – the Germans bombed British civilians FIRST, during “The Blitz” and until the latter stages of the war – and for the same reason the British later did to the Germans.

        • Trumpet Call

          Your a liar. The british bombed civilian targets for 5 day’s straight, before the Nazi’s took the bait.

          • Steven H81

            To call me a liar is rather strong. What proof do you have of your accusations other than a history book that says such. Much like what I wrote, you can’t say whether it is true or not.

      • Justin Clark

        Holy Shit! I lost IQ points reading that nonsense.

        • Jay Dee

          So now you actually have a negative IQ??

          • Robert Gates

            Still an asshole.

          • Trumpet Call

            Spoken like a true, evil Anglo SOB.

          • Mitchell Brown

            If you believe what’s been written here, you have a negative IQ. You’ve been failed by all of the adults in your life. That much is clear.

          • Jay Dee

            No its not, AT ALL. If you took the time to study both sides of the story regarding WW2, you would wake up.
            Dont listen to the victor’s side alone, their claims are always exagerrated, and especially in this case.
            Dresden was very real, no one in history has ever been so vile and cowardly as to perpetrate such an atrocity. You need to put yourself under the microscope and wake the hell up.

        • Greg Skomaroske

          How many times have we all heard that less than original comment? Maybe you don’t have the means of thinking for your self as your comment clearly displays. Just think about that for a second before you engage your mouth next time pud boy.

          • Mitchell Brown

            What does that even mean? Your posts are all meaningless drivel.

      • George McFly

        Even if… and that’s a BIG IF, Hitler survived the bunker I’m sure he wouldn’t have gotten far or lasted long without his daily cocktail of drug injections thanks to the good Dr Morell. That plus what appeared to be either Parkinson or Progressive MS would inevitably resulted in an early demise.

        On a lighter note, I’d take being blown to pieces in a carpet bomb raid over a death camp any day of the week.

        Greg… the idea that people like actually walk among us is a more frightening thought than Hitler being alive or Joseph Mengel having an active pediatric clinic in Texas.

        There is in fact something severely wrong with you. Don’t believe everything you hear at mosque. Go get help. It might not be too late but at least do us all a favor… PLEASE DO NOT REPRODUCE!!! The world has enough idiots running without your brand of insane retardation being thrown into the mix.
        Your like a crack addicted cookie monster whose clothes don’t fit. Food for thought my friend.

        • Greg Skomaroske

          Another mindless idiot who only believes what you read in the history books. Did it ever cross your mind that you just think you know what your talking about and you actually don’t know shit?

          You are the problem with why the American people are so dumbed down and for your information, i am an American and i most certainly am not Muslim. I just don’t see where the truth has anything to do with what you try and distort with your comments.

          George McFly was a geeky dumb ass even in the movies BTW. In real life, he gets himself put in a head lock and his stupid face punched in…lol

        • Trumpet Call

          If the internment camps where so horrible, why did every single Jewish person who could move, voluntarily follow the German retreat back to Germany? I am sure the abuses of SS in the camps where horrific(placing psychopaths in charge of people deemed “enemies of the state”, the abuses are guaranteed to be horrific), but there is not a single piece of admissible evidence, that there was a deliberate attempt at genocide.

          Heck, there is compelling evidence, that Hitler was a double agent from the beginning(remember, his rise to power was solely financed by Anglo money), as WW2 was inevitable. Time and time again, Hitler made orders against his general wishes, that led to ruin. The Generals correctly predicted where the allies would land at Normandy, Hitler ordered them on a goose chase elsewhere. The most damning thing, was on of Hitlers close friends, was a spy for the Soviets. When confronted, Hitler became intensely angry and told them to “stay away from this matter”. They should of put a bullet in his head, then and there, for treason.

      • NoNeed

        Oh and blowing up sailors and civilians at Pearl harbour whilst they slept was not cowardly? Or what about the people in countries surrounding Germany that suffered during WW2? War was declared on Germany, Italy and Japan because of THEIR actions FIRST NUMBNUT! People died by their hands first and they continued to kill innocents not just jews after that. You are just a bigot and using this as an excuse to say things without coming across as one! Your hatred knows no bounds and its people like you who end up as Hitlers and Bin Ladens because you are so consumed by hatred that you actually start living the lie you believe with all of your heart and then try and force it on others and you don’t care and you end up doing
        All I’m saying is I will believe someone who witnessed the killing of Jews in Gas Chambers over a bigot who wasn’t even born and didn’t witness the event “not” taking place any day. What you are sprouting is just pure rubbish used by anti-semetics to voice their hatred over a people they actually do not even know, they just ASSUME! Pathetic

        • Greg Skomaroske

          actually i am not a bigot at all. I have no dislike for the Jews…none once so ever.

          Did it ever cross your pea brain that the US and Japan both planned to bomb Japan and Pearl Harbor?
          Are you even capable of thinking like that outside of the box or are you just one of these fuctards who wants to believe everything that history teaches you? The true and correct answer has already been revealed.

          • NoNeed

            Yes, the best way to win people over is by calling them pea brains. Thanks but I think I will take the testmonies of thousands of people who witnessed the events over one little pea of a person who wasn’t even there any day. And even if I’m wrong so freaking what? We all gonna die in the end and you can’t take your so called knowledge with you. The only thing you can is your integrity and you and your attittude reveals you have none to take with you or leaving anything behind. Not even a crap skidmark. Your post is full of undercover bigotry so don’t even try that.

          • Greg Skomaroske

            You first responded to me in an ignorant manner so that is what you got right back…. and now you cry and whine about integrity, which i can see you have not a clue about what that even means either but just remember….i didn’t start talking to you at all. You decided to spew your non-sense in my direction and i can’t help it that i think your stupid ok?

            You started off assuming that i am a bigot and you couldn’t be any farther from the real truth so that is what makes you a stupid pea brain. You assume things that are not true because you think you have the intelligence to understand things but you quite simply don’t.

            So you talk about someone being a bigot, a nerd who is in the basement and now you say that i am the one who doesn’t show integrity? Then you think your deserving of anyone to talk to you like your normal? Your just an ass backwards retard so i am sorry, i cannot help you any further even if i wanted to. It’s just best that people like you are left to keep busy so they don’t bother anyone…Maybe it would be best if you just stopped talking to people on line if you can’t help yourself from being so mixed up and irritating people.

          • NoNeed

            As I said the best way to get people to side with you is to callthem a pea brain so my response was perfect because you wont listen to anything I say in anycase because you are a bigot and you just dont like being called out. End of story. Take your propaganda and stick it up your ass where it came out of. If you dont like that people have a different opinion than tpu its best you stay offline sweetheart!

          • Trumpet Call

            Aww, a female Anglo, how, repulsive. You say the word “bigot”, but the only “bigot”, is your miserable race of people. Nothing you say is of any worth or value. Why don’t you suck Anglo supremacist, David Duke off. The British started WW1, and WW2, as a deliberate plot to conquer the world. Anglo’s= an entire race of psychopaths. Psychopaths, almost always engage in projection.

            You British/Anglo may be swamping Germany with blacks, but Germans are resisting, while English cowards are capitulating and cheering on their mothers, wives, daughters and sisters being raped day in and day out by the invaders.

          • NoNeed

            Oh yes only Anglos can be bigots and racists right? Shame must be so sad to live in such a horrible world for you. And your comment is nothing short of what the true true definition of bigotry and racism is. If you are going to try and take me on do so without looking like a hypocrite or a fool.

          • NoNeed

            PS I’m of German, Dutch and French descent fool! I had family who fought in WW2 on both sides! so please in the words of my country VOETSEK!

          • Paddy

            I suggest you look into N.i.a.d before u start sprouting that you have read testamonies of people from ww2. This is a database of testamonies from ww2 nuremburg trials.it has the truth not ur half assed english school book sh***. U are fed poo by ur government thats why they give the poor in your country 45 pound a week to live off because the truth is they do not give a flying f*** about any1 that isnt from there local lodge or who isnt going to sponsor next years electoral campaign.

          • NoNeed

            Again with insults. How can I take someone like your seriously? I can’t. I will take the word of respectful human beings over disrespectful assholes any day. And you are a typical Asshole for assuming I am from a 1st world country. I am not. But of course you can’t think past your nose so you think 3rd world countries aren’t educated enough but my basic education by far out does your university degrees that is why you assume I am from a 1st world country! So take your assumptions and go live in the shit you keep sprouting! I have done my own homework and don’t need your ignorant, selfish, disrespectful ass to come and try and break me down when you have just shown the world the poor character you possess with your offensive and uncalled for reply!

            The moment you insult someone the person you insulted has already won that argument because you can’t bring something of intelligence to the table so you resort to insults to show your “authority” and “intelligence” but you look like a fool. You could’ve replied in a non insulting way and gotten across much better but now I will not take your word for it and I will not take you seriously because you are no better than Hitler and ISIS with that hateful reply!

            People like you have SDS so they act all high and mighty on the net but they are actually just acting like fools and we see right through them.

            I pity people like you who have to break others down so that they can feel good about themselves. At the end of the day you are the one who has to live with yourself and if you have no love for yourself which I assume you don’t because hate and disrespect is bred out of self rejection, you will always live a sad, lonely life. Good luck with that. You will be cursing me now and try and bring every reply in the troll handbook against me but it won’t work because I don’t lose sleep over the opinion of sheep. The more you throw insults at me the more of a fool you will be and the internet community stops taking people like you seriously and will ignore you, causing you to keep changing your name and have 10 profiles because your life has no meaning so you live on the net. Now unlike you I will just say that is an assumption but hey most of the time I am spot on about people like you.

            Oh and the most common troll reply to something like this is “it was too long to read” which again shows your lack of intelligence rather than what you assume you look like. But carry on. Your opinions and lack of intelligence means nothing to me.

          • Mitchell Brown

            Maybe YOU’RE the government mole sent here to sow the seeds of dissension. Yes, that’s the conspiracy theory I’m going with. Maybe I’ll make a ham-fisted YouTube video in MY mom’s basement too and I’ll send that out to all the people. People who, in your words, think for themselves. Yeah. That seems like a good idea. Twit.

          • Trumpet Call

            That is because your an evil Anglo. I have never know an Anglo person to ever admit when they where wrong, or ever be held accountable for their individual or collective evil.

          • NoNeed

            *you’re *known *are or were not where
            If you are going to take on the Anglos please learn to spell like them so that they can take your racist comments seriously.

        • Greg Skomaroske
          • NoNeed

            So a video by a basement nerd is supposed to do what?

      • Paul LJ Catlow

        RAF Bomber Command lost 60,000 aircrew over Germany. That’s a lot of “no resistance”. You must be American – never had your cities bombed by the Germans in the way ours were. As Churchill said, Germany sowed the wind and reaped the whirlwind. A nation that could murder twelve or fifteen million of many races and ethnicities in death camps – no mercy. Total war, as Goebbels said, but with them on the receiving end.

        Dresden? At a time when the American leadership wanted to pull most of its forces out of Europe at the end of the German war, and were naive enough to see no problems with the Russians, Churchill wanted them to see exactly what a strategic bomber force could do. The Germans were incidental. Dresden was a demonstration to the Russians of where we were strong and they were weak. (A Red Army that massed its tanks and artillery pieces practically wheel-to-wheel before a major offensive – imagine what a strategic bomber force like the RAF could have done to a target like that. even in pre-nuke days.) As a bonus, our trashing Dresden slowed the Soviet advance into Europe and gave the American Army a free run to Berlin – something vetoed by Eisenhower, who pulled his armies up forty or fifty miles short of a capital they could have walked into.

        • Wolf_Plague

          >Total war, as Goebbels said, but with them on the receiving end.

          Soviet propaganda was pushing the same idea with their “kill the German!” campaign. Not even specifying, just “the German”.

          But, apparently, slaughtering civilians is only bad when you lose the war.

          • Mitchell Brown

            “Civilians” lived in centers of production and transportation/distribution. They worked in the war material factories. The idea was to break the combatants will to fight.

        • Mitchell Brown

          Berlin was of no strategic value. Eisenhower felt no need to kills tens of thousands of Americans for a “prize”. The Americans bombed during daylight. So, if you’re insinuating cowardice on the part of the Americans, well, your parents failed you utterly. Its quite sad too to think many Americans think we’re allies with the Brits. If you’re typical of your people, we were duped. Hopefully, you’re just another bloviater with an internet connection. Oh, you know very little of history or military tactics.

          • Paul LJ Catlow

            Whoa, touchy! I did not mean that AT ALL. I should have added that (just checked this number) the USAAF’s casualties in all areas in WW2 were 80,000 and a significant number of those would have been lost over Germany. That’s also a small town’s worth. Where did “insinuations of cowardice” come from? And Eisenhower was a great manager and a great diplomat. Only he could have called into order two flawed and egotistical subordinates like Montgomery and Patton and got them both to obey orders. But his political sense…

        • Alexander D. Montblanc

          Much like the atomic bombs being dropped in Japan later, in war there are no innocents and winners become justice. This is not an apology to either side, everyone as a rough idea of what would be our future if the axis had won the war.

          • Slinky

            Gee the German economy is one of the best in the world America, Britain, France and all the other allies economies suck. What part of America is a police state did you fail to notice as the uniformed goons rape, rob and murder the farmed animals?

            Do tell what difference there would be?

          • Alexander D. Montblanc

            Our torture would be overt instead of covert and they’d clearly tell you that you were unfit to live due to your skin/eye colour, political preferences, physical disabilities or sexual orientation?

          • Slinky

            Valid points, I for one prefer to deal with up front people rather than hypocrites.

          • Trumpet Call

            The Nazi movement would of died in the 40’s, without WW2; I seriously doubt it would of lasted until the current era, if the NAZI’s won WW2.

          • Craig

            Ummm, Hitler started WWI…..

          • Trumpet Call

            How exactly would it be worse then what is going on now? If fascism survived until the current era, the civil liberties issue would still be the same, perhaps even better since “cultural marxism”, or heck any marxism, was regarded as pure evil and brutally put down. The Western nations would not be facing forced genocide, via ethnic cleansing and compelled race mixing.

            The Western nations would not be facing bankruptcy from debt currency systems, and globalist robbing of national wealth.
            I dare say, the world would of been a better place, if the Nazi’s had won WW2.

          • Craig

            You do not know your communist/marxist history of Russia and “innocent” people as you site a better world under them? You are a pure evil propagandist. . Understand History and teh decisions. Who was in Hospitals? Who was using human shields and operating out of schools? Knock of your stupid talk.

          • THEFred

            Proof that, although Hitler is long dead, insane nazi idiots still infest the planet. This fascist neanderthal moron can’t even grasp how global genocide might be a bad thing! He has just enough brain cells to type complete sentences, but not enough to make coherent sense or convince anybody of anything but his own insanity. Pathetic. Note the official sign of the clueless moron: “…would of…”

        • Slinky

          Just how many people did the British empire kill, enslave and exploit?

          The evil want to be German empire attacked the evil British empire to decide who was going to exploit all the brown and black people of the world. Democracy total bad joke since we the people still do not have it.

          • Trumpet Call

            German’s didn’t exploit “brown people”. That is what freaked out the French, British, American, Russian, and other imperialistic powers. Sure, there was the incident caused by colonial mismanagement( because Bismark himself, tried to give away Germany’s African possessions, free of charge to the british. Since no one of worth took colonialism seriously in Germany, and psychopaths and incompetents gained control[lesser men]made a sport of the locals. The locals responded by killing German women and children, like cowards, which is a big no-no. After the matter was found to be the fault of the colonial government, they where yanked out, and replaced by more competent managers, and security forces.

            Germany, unlike the other imperial powers, offered no illusions of German’s being a “Master Race”, like the White, Anglo-Saxons long called themselves. Nor did German’s believe in a fake “universal brotherhood” that the French propagated. They where honest with their subjects how things where, and afforded them real economic opportunities to advance themselves.

            At this time, the British maintained control by saying “if we leave, the French will take over”, and the French and other imperial powers did likewise to prevent revolt. Germany broke the mold, because the German’s, SUBSIDIZED their colonial empire. Their pieces of Africa and Asia, became show pieces for German industrialism, science, art’s and ingenuity.

            That caused their colonial subjects to be insanely loyal to them. From this time period before WW1, does the notion of “Germany trying to conquer the world”, comes into play. That is how America, the British and French Empires, viewed the situation. They where scared to death, that “Germany would conquer the world with their ultra loyal brown army, without having to fire a single shot”.

            That is why, the British instigated WW1, and only began to instigate WW2, when the Nazi’s asked for some territory in Africa. That is also why the british, using the occupation Government in Germany(Germany does not have a constitution, is operating still under occupation basic law, and will not become a free nation until 2099, long after Germans are scheduled to “become extinct”, due to demographic pressures.) to inflict upon german’s, hundreds of housands of blacks and muslims, to cause permenant enemity between German’s and bornw people. As Germans rightfully view the brown invasion as a deliberate attempt of genocide. It matters not that the British through their American puppet Obama are instigating it. It doesn’t change the fact that brown skinned people are trying to ethnically cleanse, and eradicate German’s.

            The coming war, and eradication of blacks in Germany, will forever divide the two, and guarantee the British will have no opposition when they rebuild their empire.

          • Slinky

            Fascinating viewpoint the only big problem that I have is if the Germans are as you portray them….they are not humans and it ignores the recorded history of the Tectonic knights eastward expansion and Hitlers “growing room” from Mein Kampf.

            Problem two? The British will never rebuild their empire because the 3rd world invasion going on in Europe right now will bury those completely ignorant a$$h0les with the rest of the stupid Europeans.

          • Craig

            Sorry, This is the Worst post ever,

          • Blob Blobb

            I can’t be alone to think this guy really needs help..my god man… who washes your brain…

          • joe foley

            well I agree with you but as an old guy I worked with used to say “even a stopped clock is right twice a day

        • Trumpet Call

          Not to state reality, but the British began the targeting of civilian targets during WW2 in Europe, when they intentionally attacked childrens schools, and hospitals in Berlin, to provoke Hitler into ordering retaliatory strikes against English civilians, to give the RAF time to recover.

          It is no different then what you murderous British did to every country across the globe. Also continue the lie how the British “gracefully walked away from Empire”. I know full well what the British did, to try and maintain control of their empire in it’s last day’s. I also know full well, Hitler would of been a lunatic on a street corner if not for British money financing his rise to power. And WW2 never would of started, if the British and French, did not give Poland a blank check to harass and provoke Germany into war.

          That is why it became a crime after WW2 to question things about the world war’s, because the British are pathological psychopaths and liars. The world would of been better off, if the NAZI’s had thoroughly gassed England.

          I hope the day comes, when your own people become “incidental”, to some other power, and used for target practice when your begging for mercy and trying to surrender.

          After all, the british, in their quest for global conquest, are pushing compelled race mixing, forced integration and multiculturalistic genocide onto the world. It is plainly admitted to, in the early documents leading up to Agenda 21, how the british are 110% responsible for all this current maddens.

          • Paul LJ Catlow

            “Not to state reality” – well, that bit’s right! Jesus wept… it wasn’t the RAF who bombed Warsaw into rubble in September 1939. It wasn’t the RAF who bombed Rotterdam in May 1940. The first raids on Berlin in September 1940 were in retaliation for the first Luftwaffe attacks on London. I’d say more, but you really need a few history lessons.

          • Paddy

            I agree with the point u made about the british pushing globel intergration and multiculturalism.. they also murdered millions of there irish neibours leading up to 1916 and enslaved over 3million irish children and women to be shipped off to colonies to be worked as house slaves and for other uses for the british gentlemen foke. Another fact lost to the compartmentalised western history books. How could such a small depressing concrete jungle that is england cause so much global pain…

          • Craig

            You win. This is the worst post ever.

          • Blob Blobb

            I presume your complete lack of understanding on this topic is oblivious to you, this has to be the case, as reading that back to yourself you did not stop to think for one moment, what a complete delusional ,uneducated, biased, immature, creature you are.! one tip educate yourself it really is an eye opener…

          • Steven E Rea

            Its a very well known fact that the US financed the Germans, Prescott Bush being the main instigator, war is a means of making LOTS of money

          • Chris

            Long time since I’ve read such convoluted nonsense!

        • Hon

          Would you be happier if u.s. cities were bombed like britain? Misery loves company.

      • Peter Ozanne

        I’m not sure who killed those Chinese: maybe you are talking about the opium wars, or the Boxer revolt: I agree with you that we should not see the holocaust as a unique event, and we should not believe that “our” side is incapable of war-crimes.
        However, the people in the Nazi camps – young or old – who died of typhus, surely did so because they were horribly weakened by being deliberately starved and overworked, and living in freezing or unhygienic conditions.
        As for depopulation – those you think are doing it must be pretty useless – I see no sign of numbers ever going down – not since the Black Death in 1347 or whenever.
        There is one sure-fired way to reduce population growth, which is well-researched and known to the rich and powerful: give poor people, in places like Africa, education – especially liberating for the women, plus better health and living conditions, and better contraception.
        The trouble is, those nasty Illuminati seem too tight-fisted to spend the money on something as beneficial as keeping population at a sustainable level! Hmm.

        • Greg Skomaroske

          The Japanese were fighting the Chinese before we ever got into the war. 20 mil were suppose to have died is what i read. If this is true and i do believe it was, that means that the largest country suffered the largest loss and that is a good indicator of Genocide, especially in light of what we know now about what the real agenda was…setting up Israel with the UN, fooling the world about 6 million Jews being killed and building up Israel militarily in an area rich in oil. We all have to be blind to not see what the leaders of the largest countries are doing.

        • Slinky

          The Japanese killed the Chinese during ww2 the boxer revolt and the opium wars was the British empire murdering people for corporate profit. Just like Americas middle east mass murders.

        • Trumpet Call

          Your mentally ill. There was massive food shortages in Nazi controlled territory, due to allied bombing campaigns. German soldiers barely had enough to eat, let alone a population of people who bragged, that not only would they sabotage the German war effort, but the final straw was when they bragged about eradicating the German people in literature propaganda. See the Jewish American book, published before the first Jew in Europe was required to wear an arm band, “Germany Must Perish!”. Then, or combined with that, and America’s mass internment of Japanese, the mass internment of Jewish people, was a predictable “tit for tat”.

      • Mitchell Brown

        You’re beyond help.

        • Greg Skomaroske

          Micheal Brown…i see you try and keep your comments real short because at the end of the daay you can’t explain your own damn thinking…sad really, but hey, obviously your parents are to blame for what happened to you right? Thought so.

          • Mitchell Brown

            Tighten that tin foil.

          • Trumpet Call

            Your an typical Anglo supremacist. The truth of things will be reveled, when you Anglo filth, throw Jew’s under the bus, and scapegoat them for your multicultural, forced race mixing program of conquest. You always make sure to have the most evil looking, or stereotypical looking Jewish person on TV, to agree that “multiculturalism”, is a “good thing”, so your boy David Duke can then use it to advance Anglo Saxon supremacy, by making the Jew’s out to be the bad guy’s for your evil deeds.

        • Greg Skomaroske
        • Greg Skomaroske


    • Jason

      I don’t think brave soilders is the right word. Men were called up for the Army to be sent and to fight to the death. Not because they wanted to do it. most didn’t. They were forced to. They were shot or placed in prison branded cowards or deserters if they didn’t. So unless they were crippled or retarded they had to join. Is that brave too?.

    • Iam noone

      his cowardly action of committing suicide um to do understand now he did not right? if you think he did may i ask you what are your skills and expertise?

    • Perseus Smith

      Nazi Party was founded in Manhattan. Let that sink in 😉

  • ukenagash56

    Yop , and the next piece of crape news is that he met with Elvis and Saddam Hussain for lunch over there.

    • al10380

      You seen that one too ya was c razy as hell

  • Gene Leonhardt

    come on people, it has evidence from the FBI website, not some shady liberal propaganda “news” site like most of these potential conspiracy theory posts. The FBI docs straight up say Hitler escaped to Argentina and people are still saying fake. smh

    • ArthurFrayne

      So if it was from a shady right-wing propaganda “news” site, it would be just as believable?

      • tohmm

        liberal is socialist, or left wing. not right wing you fool haha

        • ArthurFrayne

          Ready comprehension isn’t your strong suit, is it?

    • Kamine Kush Sugie

      I don’t think that the FBI would just give that kind of information out. Plus the evidence is horse shit. Hitler is dead.

      • poiuytreqw

        Well obviously he’s dead now, he was born in 1889. He’d be 126 years old if he were alive

    • Tecumseh

      No, the FBI docs say that one informant CLAIMED Hitler was in South America. That’s all it says. Please learn to read.

    • Jess Mee

      The FBI doc’s were a collection of rumors and stories reported to them and which were duly investigated as they should have been. Nothing more. NONE of them bore any fruit.

  • Kelsey Jackson

    And Michael Jackson is still alive, he just lives in Neverland now…..*rolls eyes*

    • al10380

      As the Phantom of the Neverland.. Now whose got a billion dollor idea.??. That has 1millionth a % of being true so we can say based on a true story!!! We are awsome sause..good Idea. This is awsome I love collaborations with strangers ..Of course I will submit this if you send me my 2 billion first in all ones I dont know math so get a computer to see how many that is
      ..ohh can you hurry plz cause I really and trully beileve in all this project and Im a profestionalez so nvm just dont think just do it ohh btw Nike as a potential sponser lol funny stuff

  • Frank Monsalve

    Just wondering, to what purpose would it have served for the US to help hide him there?

    • Julio

      Maybe the same purpose they gave to Wernher von Braunand and many other war criminals they helped to get US citizenship instead of making a trial about their criminal actions… It´s very well knows US helped many Nazi criminals to scape to America, to work on their scientific/warfare programs…

      • Joshua Walls

        oh you mean the purpose to help build rockets???

      • Knowles2

        That had a clear strategic purpose to help the US build new rockets and to deny Soviets the prize of capturing German scientists, what was the purpose of keeping Hitler alive?

      • Jess Mee

        Hitler had no technical knowhow to share with anyone. All of the scientists and techs who did the actual R&D work in the various weapons programs were there for the taking and we helped ourselves, as did the Russians & Brits.

  • Aimee Exorcist

    So correct me if I’m wrong, but the “evidence” here is that the FBI were told by someone unnamed that they’d heard from someone also unnamed that Hitler had escaped to Argentina? And that person had given a physical description of Hitler, one of the most recognisable faces in the world? And also that the FBI had found no evidence to corroborate this? Yeah, great detective work..

    • john

      Yes, the proof is the generation of the same form/report that would be generated if you walked into an FBI office and told them leprechauns were stealing children to feed to their pet unicorn. Very high standards here

      • Mida5tar

        they tracked his submarine, the informant I think they’re referring to is the person who notified them of the submarine, I had read the report myself and its on the fbi website.

      • Jason

        Unicorns don’t eat children. They eat Haggis and grass.

        • Colt Peacemaker

          Unicorns eat neither haggis nor grass; they eat rainbows and moonbeams.

    • Maddoxxx

      i saw bob baer documentary and it’s stated that the u.s. president in 2014 declassified those top secret documents 700pages of hitler escaped and stayed in argentina.

    • Iam noone

      and what are your skills and expertise may i ask??

      • THEFred

        Apparently they include critical thinking. Look into it.

    • Dan Sheppard

      They had names, but these details had been redacted from the FBI investigation pages in preparation for the FOI request by journalist and citizen investigators. The names at this stage are irrelevant because the story can be cross checked a confirmed by statements of authoritarian officials and the DNA analysis conducted by the Russians

      • cme

        They did not have DNA testing in 1945

        • Shannon

          DNA was taken from the piece of skull bone that was given to both the US & the Brits by Russia once DNA science was available. The Russians had it because it was always the a Russians that claimed they had Hitler’s burned remains. The DNA analysis done on the bone fragment provided by the Russians was FEMALE

    • Shannon

      It was more than ONE informant , more than one country’s intelligence agencies were getting reports that Hitler had escaped, it was CONFIRMED that the day before Hitler supposedly killed himself 10 planes flew out of Berlin, one filled with his personal belongings, FIVE tunnels have been located that lead from Hitler’s bunker to escape routes (one leads directly to the airport, one led to a makeshift airstrip, ) a software program designed by a man who builds cases against war criminals allowed for thousands of documents from at least 3 countries intel databases shows that when “Hitler escaped” over 214 documents had a lot of information that was able to be confirmed. This wasn’t a man really “on the run” because the US knew he had really fled to Argentina but due to all the things the Nazi scientists had to offer us he was permitted to remain free. They were WAY ahead of us in developing a nuclear bomb and some other type of missile ..it’s a well known, confirmed fact that the men who sent astronauts to the moon for the first time contained former nazi scientists. The US government gave them citizenship & didn’t prosecute them in return for their knowledge and expertise.

      • Luke High

        It’s also a fact that rocket scientists are not all that interested in political and racist ideology.. hence why they had no issue swapping sides.. It is probably unfair to call such scientists Nazis.. I very much doubt any of them were card carrying members..

        • Shannon

          They went ALONG with it, did EXPERIMENTS on the Jewish in the concentration camps. Anyone willing to do such a thing IS a Nazi .

          • Daniel K

            Yeah sure, rocket scientists did experiments on people. What for, as alternate fuel sources? You should think about things before parroting them.
            These guys were engineers, physicists, they dealt with machines, fuels, aerodynamics.
            Even if experiments like human endurance with g-forces or different mixes of air were carried out it would have been the bio-medical community, not engineers.

          • Shannon

            Just because some may have not been doing the torture for themselves they were BENEFITING from it. Just as bad IMO & makes them Nazis

          • Daniel K

            How does a rocket scientist benefit from a medical experiment they know nothing about? These guys were designing the propulsion system. They didn’t even have a manned rocket back then so making rockets capable of transporting people wasn’t something they were doing.

          • dm0

            Nazi means National Socialist. It is a party, an objective property a person chooses to follow, not a subjective thing. It isn’t something you can have an opinion on any more than you can have an opinion that your neighbor is actually a republican when he says he is a democrat.

        • ranterator

          Werner Von Braun knowingly knew about the slave labor used to make rockets. Was also a major in the SS…

      • Jess Mee

        He died in Berlin. Hitler’s dentist was captured after the war by the Americans. Two of his dental techs were captured by the Russians. Each independently reconstructed the details of Hitler’s dental work from memory. Their reconstructions meshed completely, and they fit with the details of the dental work on the jaw fragments attributed to Hitler AND to the skull X-rays taken of him by his doctor after the July 20 bomb attempt. Bottom line, there is solid forensic proof beyond a reasonable doubt that Hitler died in Berlin. For a detailed account of the forensic exam go to http://www.nl-aid.org/wp-content/uploads/2012/09/Sognnaes.pdf

        • Bob Watson

          There was NEVER any part of Hitler left in any place. He escaped.

          • Jess Mee

            The actual evidence says otherwise. Show evidence of his escape which outweighs the science.

    • Shannon

      There was also a high ranking nazi ..his name is in the records I just can’t recall it..that had been in the bunker , escaped, & then captured. At first he managed to hide his true identity from the Allies while being held but then his identity was found out..when he finally was brought before a judge he told them that Hitler had escaped..with very detailed , documented information. The judge thought he may be suffering a breakdown so he sent him to a psychiatrist. He told the doctor the same things. The doctor said it was his opinion that the man was not only sane but all signs said he was telling the truth. But again, the US government already knew this and none of his information was investigated at the time. Also consider this..if Hitler died in that bunker then no one would have had any reason to stay loyal to him or his surviving family correct? His sister was financially provided for by Hitler’s “friends”..until she died & even the ancestors that are alive today live under false names & the only way to get any kind of official comment from the “family” is through an attorney that represents them. But the last name they use hasn’t been exposed that I know of..there’s 3 distant cousins that live in NY

  • Jon Spar
  • RedSpartan

    Is there a link to this document? I’m sorry I question everything I read on the internet

    • Dallas Lantz

      Click the pic of the document. Ita a direct link to fbi.gov

      • Jess Mee

        Sit down and actually read them, and you’ll find that they contain no real proof of Hitler’s alleged escape, just a collection of stories and rumors which were investigated and dismissed.

  • abcdefg

    the whole world is a stage

    • VoiceintheWoods

      Yes that it is.glad to see someone else see what i see.as we are meant to see.

  • xbj

    So ludicrous. The Israelis would have had him chopped into tiny pieces, alive.

    As if. People are nuts.

    • Jas

      No way, they need him as a myth

      • xbj

        Ridiculous. They need the myth of their invincibility far much more.

        And they have modern mythical enemies… Iran, Russia, Obama, Hillary.

        And they have the Holocaust. They don’t need Hitler alive, they need him deader than dead.

  • Teressa

    We naturally don’t believe that he committed suicide, but why would we believe that he has a woman of color on his side?

    • MEMe

      interesting point..

  • Сергей

    The article’s English is strange. Look at this: “Even with evidence placing the German sub U-530 on the Argentinian coast shortly before finally surrounding…” – “surrounding” instead of “surrendering”…

    • Dallas Lantz

      Look at the authors name Sean Adl-Tabatabai. Of course the english is wonky

  • Next News Network

    This new film PROVES Hitler escaped https://youtu.be/krRsXG-EbgI

    • davide

      But his dog?

    • Peter Ozanne

      5.00 – 5.10 The interviewer asks how Hitler could have escaped from a bunker surrounded by Russians: Noam Shalev answers: ” In a light aircraft from the improvised landing strip”. You cannot get out of a bunker by climbing into a light aircraft. Conclusion: he cannot answer the question.
      Also, this is the first I ever heard of physical remains. I thought the Russians said they dumped the bodies under a lot of rubble in Berlin – pretty easy to make them disappear like that; so the “DNA evidence” sounds like a red herring.
      All the so-called “evidence” seems to rest on hearsay and opinion. There is no conclusive proof: you may even disbelieve the evidence of Hitler’s secretary, who was in the bunker.
      Very often we have an unconscious agenda, which means we believe what we WANT to believe. This can often be true of the established version, but is, I think, more widespread among conspiracy believers, partly because it’s more exciting to subscribe unquestioningly to that club, rather than the club of the rich, powerful, and/or corrupt.

      • Jess Mee

        He died in Berlin. Hitler’s dentist was captured after the war by the Americans. Two of his dental techs were captured by the Russians. Each independently reconstructed the details of Hitler’s dental work from memory. Their reconstructions meshed completely, and they fit with the details of the dental work on the jaw fragments attributed to Hitler AND to the skull X-rays taken of him by his doctor after the July 20 bomb attempt. Bottom line, there is solid forensic proof beyond a reasonable doubt that Hitler died in Berlin. For a detailed account of the forensic exam go to http://www.nl-aid.org/wp-content/uploads/2012/09/Sognnaes.pdf

        • MEMe

          but how would you know if Hitler’s dentist didnt have a motive to help him escape? The guy’s dentist

          • Jess Mee

            Look at the whole picture. It wasn’t just the testimony of Blaschke, it was also the independent testimony and reconstructions of the techs who were captured by the Russians and interrogated intensely, along with the examination of the jaw remnants and the X-rays of Hitler’s skull. It’s the TOTALITY of the evidence, and how it all fits together in a way that would be almost impossible if it were faked. Review the forensic dental report and point out where Sognnaes was mistaken, IF you can.

          • Jess Mee

            Blaschke never had access to the skull X-rays of Hitler, these were taken by his physician Dr. Theodor Morell. Blaschke wouldn’t have known how to fake his records to match a document he didn’t have and likely never even knew existed.

      • Jess Mee

        Again, it wasn’t just Blaschke. The reconstructions produced by the techs were separate from Blaschke’s he had nothing to do with them. If there were any fakery involved they would never have matched so completely. And he had nothing to do with the skull X-rays which provided a verified template for comparison. Those were taken by Hitler’s physician Dr. Theodor Morell and were recovered by US authorities, Blaschke had nothing to do with those. NO ONE PERSON could have put everything together like this.

  • jenniferashley99

    The most interesting thing is how easily you can spoon feed people and they believe it. It was widely known Nazi’s were losing the war (including Hitler) so seeing that he escaped doesn’t shock me at all. Do people realize who helped many of the Nazi’s escape-look that up and that will shock you.

    • Knowles2

      Except many of the statements from people surrounding Hitler have stated he never accepted the Nazi’s were losing the war and I’m sure the soviets questioning involve a bit of torture as well.

  • Thomas Pyke

    He had a son named Barrack!

  • Erin Anderson

    Why doesn’t the media ever write an article about Operation Paperclip.

  • Lee

    This would be world news/scandal and it isn’t – fake

  • Knowles2

    I don’t think Hitler had the personality to live peacefully in the Argentina.

    • Jay Dee

      He was a very peaceful man. Churchill and Roosevelt are the warmongers. hitler tried to avoid war many times !!!

      • Knowles2

        Yeah he tried very invading Austria, Norway, Poland and well I’m sure I miss a country or two out.

      • andy

        jay wakeup

      • MEMe

        Sure… very peaceful. The man who in prison came up with the entire ideology of nazism is a very peaceful man… especially since one of the great nazi values was war. I honestly do not believe that this is your opinion because I believe in the goodness in everyone. Maybe whoever explained this to you got the names mixed up.

        • Jay Dee

          Hitler didnt want war, he was trying to hold off for as long as he could, but they were torturing and killing germans in Poland (a territory the allies had just stolen) so he had no choice but to invade. See l can’t believe people like you exist, how do you stay so brainwashed with all the information that’s available out there?

          • AyO

            he was responsible for the murder of millions of people. How is that avoiding war? I suppose you’re right in the sense that it’s not war when the other side is defenseless. I dont get why you’re defending the creator of nazism. what’s the deal with that

          • Jay Dee

            No he wasnt, those were lies. Gulags were created by the russians, the poles, the bolcheviks, they imprisoned and murdered millions of germans before the 40’s…

          • AyO

            dude why are you defending him?

          • Jay Dee

            Lol that’s not a serious way of talking to me.

          • Jay Dee

            When your question can be answered by the previous comment, you have yourself a moron on your hands.

          • Abba Scodilli

            Loony-toon! Hah! Wow!!!!

          • Jay Dee

            Lol butthurt much?

          • Abba Scodilli

            Nope. I know how to relax it good lol!

          • Abba Scodilli

            Does yours?

      • Abba Scodilli

        OMG, you defend Hitler?!?! WTF LOL! Wait till Billings, Kaydee, Blanche, and Silicon hear this! Now whos the f#$ktard?!?!

        • Jay Dee

          Read about it. History is written by the victors lol

          • Abba Scodilli

            I think you should be the the one doing the reading. Did you ever listen to anything in history class?

          • Jay Dee

            You didn’t process the information l gave you.

          • Abba Scodilli

            What that bunch of supremacist clap-trap? Better check those ‘facts’ of yours. Your version could get you f^&*%d up.

          • Abba Scodilli

            Explain yer ‘history’ to the descendants and survivors of the concentration camps… I’m sure they would love to hear it!

  • Matt Crouch

    Already proved that Russian bones were not that of Hitler

  • al10380

    What more evidence do you need ? Solid facts? Now whos asking alot just look like a dummy wanting those.. We stoped using common sense and logic when we got smart phones and the internet to think for us.

  • Markopolo

    All evidence aside, I got to ask what incentive would America have to give ole Hitler a pass? I have heard that some former Nazi scientists were used in the fight against the Soviet Union, but Hitler?

  • Mark Raymond

    Lordy lordy. Some of these commentors and their blindness. The troops in ww2 as is and always will be the case in any war before it and since then. Casualties of the Elite world dominators. The bankers the financiers Who are the real criminals. Men like hitler,stalin mussolini, tojo yes even modern day isis. Are all funded by these rich elite bastards who no value of human life. Whether its a soldier or civilian doesnt matter. Even our presidents have all been the product of rothschild money or any of the other rich elitist. for that matter. Yet people still want to think men like hitler alone was the master minds of evil and murder. When you start opening your eyes to the real corruption, youll see that these men had no money no backing came from poor families and ran into the right person at the right time and they became overnight monsters. Ever wonder how that could happen? Why is it that the bolshivech revolution (spelling may be wrong) was mainly peasants revolting against the ruling class? where did they obtain money to be able to overthrow the entire russian govt? How is it that tiny countries like iraq iran saudi arabia and others all of a sudden have military superiority when just a few years ago thet couldnt buy their way out of their countries.Now theyre threatening the world How is it the a tiny country like afganistan. Could fight off and run the entire soviet union armies out of their country taking 10 plus years? All that cost money. Where did they get it because oil wasnt getting them anywhere. Wake up folks were being lied to and been lied to all our lives. I believe hitlers alive or at least was alive (hed be like a hundred now) in argentina but the elite dont want you to know this. Because once your eyes have been opened to the lies you see where they supported both sides of the war to further their world conquest. And it takes depopulation to accomplish that. The bible speaks of it. And many other books talk of it. Timeto wake up folks your bought and payed for by a elitists group that could give 2 shits whether your alive or dead.

  • Alex1968

    Isn’t it documented that Hitler was in the latter stages of Parkinson’s? He would have been in no state to travel so far, let alone survive for long. Also the article does say “unverified”…

  • Paul LJ Catlow

    Well, yes. But quite a few German submarines made it to South America – and Japan – in the closing months of WW2. This is well documented. Maybe they did carry lower-level Nazis to a safe haven – so many of the bastards showed up in South America in later years. We know Hitler was in the bunker as late as the last week of April 1945. He died there. all the well-documented evidence tells us this. By then anyone contemplating escape would have had to get through several miles of land occupied by vengeful and very angry Russian soldiers. Martin Bormann tried to get away in this last week and disappeared for years, thought to have escaped, until his remains were found. Other would-be escapees from the bunker were, without exception, picked up by the Russians and given variations on the usual treatment. Nobody could get out. It’s that simple.

  • Miss.Anne Thropee

    Well…This isn’t anything new…Anyone whom has any knowledge, or even studied many aspects of Hitler’s regime–from the Rise and Fall–(a great beginners guide, btw) would know with absolute instinct that he did not die in a depleted bunker, cyanide cap in his mouth, Luger in his hand…If you don’t realize just how important many aspects of the Medical and Scientific advances made were imperative to keep alive by continuing any work that may have been lost when the ‘allies’ came in, then you need to read up.
    Look at the picture of him and his gal-pal in 1984…Take a DaVinci template to it (you know…the biometric face, the lines which converge according to certain degrees which makes everyone’s face recognizable by application of, yes…a pentacle like star which fits–with variances–to ID any one face, just like a fingerprint). The results are in accordance…meaning? That even though he has aged, quite well, probably due to anti-aging technology that, again, was a major project with great interest from the US, is absolutely identical to that of a comparable photo of his face back in 1945. I don’t expect anyone with anything but a vested interest would, but there obviously is, or this article would not have any merit, or individuals whom have been sitting on the fence, unsure, albeit aware of just how proficient SS Propaganda machine was.
    Gee, I do wonder how anyone still gets away with it…I’ll give you a hint: Good enough to merit the US being in on making sure that he, and his finest, were secretly stolen away to a wonderful, warm and utterly safe wee village in Argentina. Evita Peron would have, and obviously did approve.

    Of course, I am not going to get into the morals of this saga, as even though we are supposedly able to state free expression, but again, we all know that there are those, especially the Main Stream Media, again, ask yourselves who runs it. All of that said and done, I will just end on this note: Even IF this is not the case, and yes…he died just like all the History books attest…then I ask, Is it also unbelievable that this is the reality? A man who couldn’t even eat animals because of his love for them, a soldier whom simply didn’t like seeing his country going to pot, used whatever methods, as severe as they were, to ensure that Germany would never, ever be put into financial ruin, and that when the day came, they would be a safe and profitable country, never to be under communist rule whilst maintaining a stronghold in EU economy for decades to come.
    But that is just a theory….right?

  • cetude

    that burred out face can by anybody’s.

  • Fernando

    ?, !, and maybe your conclusion about some points. Let’s go to research and compare some quotes: “Lord God, give us the strength that we may retain our liberty for our children and our children’s children, not only for ourselves but also for the other peoples of Europe, for this is a war which we all wage this time, not for our German people alone, it is a war for all of Europe and with it in the long run, for all of mankind.” — Adolf Hitler
    And David Rockefeller said: “In our dreams, people yield themselves with perfect docility to our molding hands. The present education conventions of intellectual and character education fade from their minds, and, unhampered by tradition we work our own good will upon a grateful and responsive folk. We shall not try to make these people, or any of their children, into philosophers, or men of science. We have not to raise up from them authors, educators, poets or men of letters. We shall not search for great artists, painters, musicians nor lawyers, doctors, preachers, politicians, statesmen — of whom we have an ample supply. — The task is simple. We will organize children and teach them in a perfect way the things their fathers and mothers are doing in an imperfect way.”
    Conclusion: Hitler, let say, escaped; and about D. Rockefeller with many idiot thinks.

  • Fernando

    Another quotes comparisons: “The new Man is living among us!… He is intrepid and cruel! I was afraid in his presence!” — A. Hitler. “Demoralize the enemy from within (it means citizens) by surprise, terror, sabotage, assassination. That is the war of the future.”
    Baron Nathan Mayer Rothschild said: “I care not what puppet is placed on the throne of England to rule the Empire,… The man that controls Britain’s money supply controles the British Empire. And I control the money supply.”
    “Give me control of a nation’s money and I care not who makes the laws.” — Mayer Amschel Rothschild.
    Thank you for your interest in try to find more people guilty.

  • Kis Pisti



  • Kis Pisti

    (Google translator)

    Adolf Hitler was born on April 20, 1889 the Austro-Hungarian Empire. His father, Alois Hitler

    As a child born out of wedlock Schicklgrubertől Maria Anna, who became pregnant when

    In Vienna, he worked as a maid in the Rothschild household.


    When the mistress found out what had happened, immediately he dismissed Adolf grandmother from the house. So Hitler

    ¼ part of himself was of Jewish descent. Great Mother of humiliation, his father’s illegitimate birth

    Adolf was very influenced by the emergence of the spiritual world. This can be traced back to power

    contact, ordered German woman does not work in Jewish households. His father and his native village in Austria

    After incorporation of the exercise of used-target shooting. Hitler hated the Jews in it flowing

    Jewish blood because he hated himself, so he wanted to destroy their own genetic bloodline. This man

    They singled out the implementation plan by the Rothschilds and their money helped to power – he was

    Chancellor of Germany.

    Adolf Hitler, on the right side of Baron Rothschild

    They sparked II. World War I, which was basically nothing more than repeated attempts Rothschild

    Illuminati for families to break above the Romanov Russian influence and to take over

    management. Further aim was to eliminate the 14 Illuminati dynasties in Asia, the Yamato

    family rule. The 13 Illuminati families had never admitted that Yamato is a pure-blooded

    Lemurian reptile species of interest. The US-European Illuminati believes that the Yamato in the Drako rankings

    from the bottom, working in the reptile class are from, so I do not have anything in your authority

    in their eyes, they do not give them respect.

    The war once again provided an opportunity to techniques, try out experiments on living

    in humans, which could not be safely carried out in peacetime without consequences.

    Such were the execution, liquidation projects to test various technologies brainwashing,

    application. The central camps gathered experiments were carried out on humans are not human

    limits of tolerance. During this process, carried out a living human interventions that

    often they resulted in the death of the subject. War time it did not matter. Hit death, such

    news events, if widespread, it is not caused astonishment or outrage. The war was possible to

    to give way to the New World Hit the spread and establishment of the State of Israel.

    In Germany, the Nazis came to power in primarily two companies and banks helped. One of

    I.G. Farben company name, which was Germany’s largest defense industry companies. You are using the

    80% of the explosives was produced there, as well as significant amounts of poison gas is transported to the war

    In. In the background can be found secret relationships merger indicates that the IG Farben company has close business

    maintained a relationship with the US Rockefeller owned Standard Oil now US soon. the German

    Air Force could not operate without the help of the Rockefeller oil company, as the aircraft

    a special operation was necessary additive that is produced only in Standard Oil, and has defended it. This

    special fuel from the I.G. Farben took $ 20 million out of the US company, which is then

    They are used inter alia in London bombardment.

    The Nazis came to power another organization delivers the Union Banking Corp. – was a New York-based bank,

    which functioned as a Nazi money laundry. As a director and vice president of the bank was Prescott Bush.

    George Prescott Bush’s father was Herbert Walker Bush, grandfather of George W. Bush, the 43rd US


    Nazi Germany’s army technology development level was much higher than for the

    the world was shown. You could hear the secret weapons that were not created until the last minute.


    There are many legends surrounding this story. The truth is, however, that the German army during the war

    already had a nuclear bomb, which is deployed in theater. In 1942, a German bomber long-term,

    He converted 177 of Czechoslovakia (A-5) V 38 types of aircraft in East Germany, Türingiából

    felszállva flying over Siberia, and then dropped the first atomic bomb German. Because it was the military

    target insignificant aspect selected to first test the long-term ability to fly machine

    capabilities, and secondly, if anything technical problems occur, and the bomb did not explode, the

    endless, uninhabited Siberian taiga no one secret to emerge onto the structure. The following German nuclear

    deployed in June 1943, the city of Kursk took place 150 km away. As they were victims,

    Hundreds of people were burned out, the Russian 19th Infantry Regiment’s soldiers perished to the last man of the Russians

    They tried to huge devastating explosion of unknown origin to cover up that poison gas attack

    They have been selected. However, this fictional story, the site of the present day radiation can be measured. THE

    German atomic bomb to blow up a third of the island of Rügen was held in October 1944 12.-én.

    At the end of the war by the Americans dropped on Hiroshima and Nagasaki atomic bomb two is of German origin

    It was adapted by the Americans. The US is a huge country, but it is necessary to atomic bomb

    only a small amount of uranium mining in the country nowadays, and even in times of war

    It did not start the production.

    The Germans in the production of the atomic bomb Pleiadian (Pleiades) system came extraterrestrial beings

    received technological support. The help he designed and built a special interplanetary travel

    suitable for aircraft structures, which can be divided into four classes:

    1. Haunebu I, II, III

    2. RFZ 1,2,3,4,5,6,7

    3. Vril (or RFC) 1,2,3,4,5,6,7

    4. Andromeda structure

    The Haunebu III. Flying discs with a diameter of 70 m, 24 km altitude was 40,000 km / hr

    able. 32 passengers on board could deal space.

    The type RFZ speed of 15,000 km / h and was equipped with a laser weapon as a gun.

    The Vril 7 120 m in diameter, disc-shaped flying machine, which was piloted in late 1944 in the Baltic Sea


    The Vril 7 indication:

    (If someone similar to us discover the symbols from the Opel brand for cars and, well,

    not coincidental.)

    The Andromeda 139 m long, cigar-shaped flying machine, which Haunebut hold of one, two and Vril

    disc could carry.



    The new type of flying machine must not only shape was special, but the technique is applied.

    Power unit electromagnetic means. The vacuum is generated in the direction of progress, and then it is vacuum

    He sucked toward the plane itself. Vril for the advanced class of a company – Vril Society – received the

    the name, which originated gladly attended by leaders of the Nazi Thule Republic. They were members of his

    Adolf Hitler.

    The whole Nazi ideology and empire built upon the occult, ideological dating back to ancient times

    They were groundless. These occult roots thoroughly dealt with the aforementioned two companies

    members. Their main goal is to genetically pure Aryan race, origin, was learning about the past. The race again

    the establishment and maintenance of the supply of power in the German Empire inferior to other nations

    kizsákmányolójává wanted to do.

    The most formidable corps of the Nazi German army, the SS is not the only defense squadron

    (Schutzstaffel) said. The elite fighters in your organization is actually a black day (Schwartze

    Sonne) named after him, which is nothing but the Tibetan religious symbol of the sun gear. As the ancient sun gear

    iconic representation of one form of the swastika, which is used by the Nazis, the right rotary version

    It symbolizes the evil force.

    A special SS unit was in constant contact through the Tibetan monk on pleiadianekkel who

    They served as a medium. Monks regularly traveled between Berlin and Tibet. The Germans more

    also organized an expedition to Tibet, which are detailed reports útifilmeket made. these

    Reports, however, mysteriously disappeared films at the end of the war.

    Aldebaran, and Pleiadian help the Germans in 1937, they reached the moon, where a small base

    They formed. They continued their space program, as a result, in April 1945 –

    immediately before the end of the war – a volunteer in German, and Japanese multinational crew

    They set off to Mars. We had to ask for volunteers to travel, because they knew in advance that it does not

    They will be able to return to Earth. The road to Mars was the Andromeda structure in 8 months

    names, cigar-shaped spacecraft. The landing damaged the Haunebu III. Type lander. Staff

    He had sent a message to the tragedy at the South Pole, as well as in the German base on the moon and then

    the connection is lost with them.

    The German space program had actually started in the 1920s Peenemünde and the Thuringian Nordhausen

    its surroundings. Initially, the program was called “Ring” (Die Glocke) projects. The secret experiments

    Research was needed to perform a base, which is inhabited by people from resorts.

    Therefore, in 1938 the Germans began to build a secret military base at the South Pole, called New Swabia,

    that was Neuschwabenland.

    This base, moreover, has to this day, and it works.

    II. World War II ended in Europe, but Japan has not managed to force his knees.

    Particularly cruel method of choice for breaking America.

    The deployment of the atomic bomb was not necessary. The Romanovs Wind mill, and overseas Illuminati

    Rothschild had repelled the help of intervention attempts, but a ritual, a bloody

    sacrificed was still needed. Also had to send a message to the Yamato Illumination not to try again

    extending its sphere of influence. So he set off the airplane, and the two Japanese cities

    atomic pile was sacrificed.

    Of course, the profits going-out war should not be forgotten. The formula here is old. Money given to

    should both parties so sure of victory, and many times return on invested capital. The war bearing

    countries will lie in ruins. The losing years and decades will pay the reparations, and

    build the country must borrow. He then pushes the country for decades clutches of the Illuminati,

    all resources generated by the tax credit for the benefit wander into his pocket. The winner will go just a little bit

    better. Their country is in ruins, for the erection will need credit. Naturally

    Illuminati from the same bank can only get money, which is funded by the loser. The money will

    pay back with interest.

    And whom rests the burden of all? Of course he bled in the war, ruined, extreme

    depleted population. It is not enough to kill millions of people pile, destroy their homes,

    immense suffering to the people – while the Illuminati weapon in his hand, and military equipment


    manufacturing companies gain a huge fortune – but the fighting is over for decades by a tribute

    hapless population. The government is playing a pioneering role in the implementation of this task, since this

    their business, so they were placed in this position. No other people in this, as in an invisible prison,

    which you do not even notice, and from which there is no salvation. Man is destined to suffer, work,

    provide and pay.

    The borrowed money will never be repaid because of the huge interest. Not to the goal! The goal is

    maintaining that serious debt – despite the ongoing amortization – countries

    keep debt trap, because this removes their own will, have the right to dispose over their resources.

    They lose their independence, are permanently vulture clutches of the Illuminati.

    II. At the end of World War II, Adolf Hitler either, nor his wife, Eva Braun did not commit suicide. Legend has it that

    On May 30, according to head count was shot themselves only fictional story, like so much else in history

    process. The reality is that Hitler and his wife boarded a secret German base at the South Pole

    (Neuschwabenland) holding one of submarines, which are the results of secret experiments, as well as

    important persons were transported. But Hitler was not the South Pole, but got out of Argentina, the

    the fleet sailed on.

    No one would think that in the theater of war against each other in cutthroat parties along in the background

    Secret perpetuate cooperation. Yet it happened. The Germans and Americans in the secret war projects

    They collaborated throughout. One such place was the joint operational Montauk Point (Long Island), which is

    sunken continent of Atlantis had once belonged. The base is next to the South Pole in Montauk

    base of Area 51 (Nevada) and Los Alamos (New Mexico) was transferred to a secret

    attempts prokektek documents the results. Paperclip in the framework of the project participants

    scientists and experts have been passed in the United States, where – whatever they did during the war – their hair

    no bent strand. Thus, the two merged cooperative partner, and so could continue further strengthened

    the secret workings of their projects.

    NASA was created in 1958. Its main task is to disguise the real activity, which the

    the largest conducted in secret. Civilian space travel, as well as the published data, images only

    Humanity deceive serve. In essence, the real projects hidden from public view out of reach

    taking place. Exactly how it works in the Russian space research. Illuminati closely with the management of both organizations

    He worked under and work. During the entire Cold War, and was a close cooperation of the two

    Between Space Agency. This process can be observed also in the Illuminati tactics. On the surface,

    division, according to intimidation going to fight a variety of ideologies infected countries

    between, while in the background a secret controllers continually cooperate. While the people

    various wars are killing each other in the background of the Illuminati chair leaning back good fun with the


    Because what is really happening? The creatures, the servants killing each other, destroy, destroy each other

    possessions. Then they all turn again to produce the illumination loan, which is then usury

    in return they will receive. Therefore, the fundamental interests of the illumitáninak the fear of the creatures – the

    People – the tension between the continuous incitement. This will assist them with the whole world

    encompassing the influence at the highest political, industrial and military circles, under the direction of holding international

    Freemasonry. The pot inlet immense amounts of money and secured huge

    consuming amounts of military spending, financing of aerospace projects.

    II. After the Second World War, the United States, the Soviet government, as well as some of the gray race traitor

    Pleiadian group has set up bases using, and managed on the moon, and Mars. To 50

    the early years – yet extraterrestrial vehicles – reached the moon, where the Germans had been operated

    a small base. Base during the Soviet-American cooperation built an enormous surface of the 60s

    Moon, where today approx. 50,000 people live.

    The life of the moon would not otherwise have to wear a space suit. Quite an oxygen tank as the one

    Divers wear. The Moon’s surface is not inanimate, is located a few sparse vegetation. The moon base

    In 1969, conflict broke out between the Russian and American sides. The Soviets wanted to take over full

    control of the base. The Americans were taken into captivity staying there. It later settled the case,

    but the Soviets because of this incident banned from the program for 2 years.


    The moon base is more closely linked, in the Earth, Russian, American, saurian grays and traitor

    directed by pleiadiaiak, the US base is located. They are: Dulce Archuleta base

    Dreamland base Area 51. On these bases work with people on the ground and gray Nord

    species. As a result, sometimes tense, often conflicts break out, and even clashes also

    occur. In all, the two sides had lost lives.

    The Mars in 1952 launched a US-Soviet spacecraft, which had reached his goal during the two days. Somewhat

    seems strange, but in 1956, the Vatican sent a spacecraft to Mars under the Marconi project,

    Argentina made up. Russian-American cooperation in the framework of the Mars base has been established,

    which the hardware is transferred from the moon. Then Russia and the US Diego Garcia

    shipments Force Base launched to Mars. The base was given the name Adam, Hellas Planitia on Mars and

    crater situated.

    Part of the Martian surface over the base consists of three huge dome-shaped superstructure as dome type. the whole

    facility has been installed on a mountain side. The largest domed structure diameter of approx. Four kilometers,

    the other two are nearly 2 kilometers in diameter. The three dome-like building is another tunnel system

    connected. During the largest dome 300 meters in depth with a whopping 11 square kilometers in size

    base is located, owned by Orion and reptile groups. Members of the Confederation of Orion Rigel

    Alien species belong to and work with the reptiles from the Draco star system. People on Earth

    they do not know what’s going on at the base, because it is surrounded by a so-called power grid on which any

    technology can not see through.

    The Orion Confederation is also another base on Mars, about a million years old. this

    base switched to full capacity in 1994, is still unknown purpose. Unlike the others, this base

    completely beneath the Martian surface. The size of 105 square kilometers and a depth of 5 floors. The base is about.

    Flying machine in 2200, and nearly 100,000 Orion and reptilian warriors stationed.

    It is worth noting that earlier original home of the human race, the star system Lyric refugees –

    including proserpineieknek – they had their base on Mars, but that erupted 317,000 years ago Orion Draco

    It destroyed during the war. This base was located in the Cydonia area of ​​Mars.

    In addition to the earthly Adam also they built another base on Mars, which was given the name Eve (Eve). This

    a large, approx. 190 square kilometers of buildings. Three stories deep, and

    suitable for approximately 400,000 people. The outside world can get through four entrances, of which

    2 lift and 2 at the lock chamber has a pressure control system. The spacecraft through these

    They arrive at the base, dock and parked in a hangar at the right.

    The first ground blue-blooded reptilian hybrid landing one of the most secret American organization, the NSA (American

    National Security Agency) in March 1959, using the gray alien species carried out the

    Cydonia region of Mars, where a 29-person group of scientists and soldiers arrived at the

    base. From then on, the operating Eve base until 1989.

    Who were those people, organizations and companies that are on the moon and on Mars built

    bases created? First of all people have participated in these projects who have some

    personal reasons, or for adventure wished to secede from Earth. Among them were the JPL (Jet

    Propulsion Laboratory) scientists, engineers. The projects involved major companies: Army Corps of

    Engineers, A. A. Matthews, Bechtel, Robbins Corporation, Psi Corporation. The total funding for the earth

    Illuminati was carried out using the NSA, which is a source of land encompassing black economy proceeds,

    huge amounts of money served. Complete construction and installation of the bases was completed in 1968.

    Bases on Mars, the work did not last long, since March 1989, Draka and reptiles from Orion

    ground troops occupied the bases. The communication ceased with these slots. The lived close

    300,000 people’s fate is unknown, since information has been received from them.

    The Illuminati tried to find out what happened to the Martian bases. By American and Russian space agencies

    He tried to send satellites of Mars near, but they are all shot down. It was not, however, completely

    Unsuccessful attempts to obtain information, as later two rover managed to reach the ground. These

    the information is sent to Mars, but their content from people on earth is full


    The successes of the American and Russian space industry not only scientific work of the people of the earth

    Results. Both of these techniques in developing countries in space alien, extraterrestrial beings were involved,

    or by transferring technology.


    In such event was the lunar landing, which of them took place not in 1969, as the

    They taught in history books. The moon landing is actually much earlier, completely in secret

    It happened. It was the “landing” pageant presented in 1969, in fact the whole Hollywood scenery

    It was recorded in between. However, not all happened in the studio, they were slamming original recordings. Have

    man on the moon several times, the first American in the ’50s, the’ 60s and also had a lunar base

    It was built. The Apollo program was real, it was just a different purpose than what you have revealed to the world.

    It’s still going on. The US and Russian RKA, NASA has been sending a spacecraft into space,

    real tasks, goals are secret, they are familiar with the Illuminati. There are secret military flight into terrain

    personnel, but military unmanned space shuttle launches are also whose existence is barely

    know something about, let alone the tasks.

    The moon is high in relation to the silence. Media in the hands of the Illuminati trying to dispel

    Hold suspicions about the real role. The question arises that if 1969 is simply

    They could get to the moon, then why not try to do it since it is no power on earth? The

    US long-term space exploration programs of the new moon landing project was canceled, reportedly for financial reasons

    Because. but this is not true! The real reason is that in 1989 the Mars, and the Moon fully lost in the

    for Earthlings since then under the control of the pure-blooded reptiles.

    Reptile inflows into the solar system, however, did not end there, as the Hale Bopp arrived in 1997

    comet was closely followed by two huge objects. They are close to the size of the Moon Draka mother spacecraft on the Moon

    are parked in the shade, it will not be visible from Earth. Millions of reptiles are on board

    placed. They arrived because the earth – they want to take possession of – according to the original plans. The

    millions of years before the moon arrived reptiles have been unable or unwilling to implement the Earth

    issued orders to occupy. Contrary to the original plans failed belakniuk the Earth’s surface,

    leszorultak inside the ground, the surface is dominated by a mixture of hybrid human-reptile species. The reptile species will

    unacceptable, because their conscious superiority of domination of the Earth is demanding for themselves.

    Even dominate the Earth from 50-50%, shapeshifting hybrid consisting Illuminati families, purebred reptiles

    this is unacceptable.

    The Earth is in trouble managing Illuminati feel they do not know what’s going to happen. own

    their plans for world domination could not yet fully implemented. Initial 2000 should have the complete

    Acquire control of Earth, but it is not met, the new date until 2015. That is what will happen,

    itself the Illuminati knows.

    However, the Galactic Federation of Lights ships Draka learned of the arrival of the occupation of Earth

    plan. As a member of the alliance, the Ashtar Galactic Command, the representative of the world as well. THE

    Galactic Alliance fleets assigned in the solar system to address the threat, which today

    constantly coming days. Gathering place of the Kuiper belt.

    Smaller and larger clashes are ongoing between the lyrical species of reptiles and species that are well-Earth

    observed. The same can not be seen with the naked eye, however, the third-generation night vision device

    sooner or later the sky, watching the viewer can witness a conflict nation. The bad news is that such

    Hungary night vision device category, not many people have, since military technology

    vehicle and may therefore not be permitted possession, ownership, or to attempt

    a criminal offense. I wonder why?

    There is some good news, too! The fight to date the Alliance forces are winning, but the battle was not yet decided.

    The Illuminati is managing us just wait, because they do not know what fate awaits him and on us, ground




  • davide

    Those two photos aren’t the same man. The elder’s nose is askew. That doesn’t occur with aging.

  • kevin72132003

    If this is true the crew of a submarine would have been aware of who was on board. There is no way to hide on a submarine. That means the entire crew kept the secret for their entire lives.

  • denxerw2000

    This piece of bullshit again?
    Can’t you even see that the 2 old people that you show in photos CANNOT EVEN BE THE SAME PERSON?


  • Hiba

    How many “not onlys” can you use in an article! Am I the only person who found this annoying?

  • Arguendo Gladys Gadflye

    It’s about time someone discussed the truth about Hitler’s death. There
    is a reason Hitler’s body was never paraded around by Soviet Soldiers,
    as would have been expected. There is a reason there are no photos or
    DNA test results on Hitler’s body. In fact, the only DNA tests show the body fragments are not Hitler. There is a reason Stalin spent years trying to locate Hitler’s body. There is a reason newly uncovered evidence suggests Hitler did not die in Berlin in 1945.

    Insuring Hitler’s safety and continued functioning of the German
    government in exile was a primary reason for creation of the ODESSA and
    Werwolf organizations. Long before Berlin was invaded, plans to move
    Hitler to safety were executed. Over 100,000 Nazis were moved to cities
    around the world, along with hundreds of millions in gold and
    securities. The plan to move Hitler was considered of the highest
    security. No one person, except Hitler, knew all the parts of the plan.
    The plan involved Hitler’s eventual return to Germany, which was never
    feasible. Thus, Hitler’s final whereabouts may never be known, but it is
    highly like Hitler did not die in Berlin in 1945.





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    • Jess Mee

      He died in Berlin. Hitler’s dentist was captured after the war by the Americans. Two of his dental techs were captured by the Russians. Each independently reconstructed the details of Hitler’s dental work from memory. Their reconstructions meshed completely, and they fit with the details of the dental work on the jaw fragments attributed to Hitler AND to the skull X-rays taken of him by his doctor after the July 20 bomb attempt. Bottom line, there is solid forensic proof beyond a reasonable doubt that Hitler died in Berlin. For a detailed account of the forensic exam go to http://www.nl-aid.org/wp-content/uploads/2012/09/Sognnaes.pdf

  • anakin456

    If you go to the FBI site you will see the “argentina” document is just 1 of over 200 other similar documents – some claiming to see Hitler in casinos and some claiming that he was living in Washington DC.. The point? The FBI was just collecting any rumors by anyone that Hitler could still be alive and they very likely didn’t believe any of them. Certainly no solid evidence.

  • Maddoxxx

    i believe so that hitler was alive and well in argentina but it’s impossible of how mossad not try to kill or kidnap him…

  • Another Fad

    Well it would seem highly plausible that Hitler had a back up plan to escape Berlin, I mean, so many Nazi
    officials escaped to Argentina…when not his ugly ass? Hoping he had severe painful gas and rots in hell for eternity!

    • Jess Mee

      The ones who escaped were able to do so because they were middle to lower lever people, Eichmann, Mengele, Barbie, Alois Brunner, all were mid-level types. The big fish either were killed or caught.

  • ok18879

    And Elvis was the 2nd shooter on the grassy knoll. A man who said he was the brother-in-law of Jimmy Hoffa told me that. Just sayin.

  • Jess Mee

    The FBI files are nothing more than a collection of rumors and stories which were duly investigated and led nowhere. He died in Berlin. Hitler’s dentist was captured after the war by the Americans. Two of his dental techs were captured by the Russians. Each independently reconstructed the details of Hitler’s dental work from memory. Their reconstructions meshed completely, and they fit with the details of the dental work on the jaw fragments attributed to Hitler AND to the skull X-rays taken of him by his doctor after the July 20 bomb attempt. Bottom line, there is solid forensic proof beyond a reasonable doubt that Hitler died in Berlin. For a detailed account of the forensic exam go to http://www.nl-aid.org/wp-content/uploads/2012/09/Sognnaes.pdf

  • pixelzombie

    The Allies had the Enigma machine long before the end of WWII. That’s how they were able to defeat the german U-Boats. Do you really think no one would picked up radio chatter about Hitler escaping to Argetina?

  • c_chandler

    i was told he was housed in the underground where sirios satellite is housed in new york city!

  • Michael Shields

    It would not surprise me in the least toknow that the FBI did everything the article states. The only real problem I have in believing the story is the fact that Adolph Hitler hated Jews, blacks and any opther race he felt was inferior. Then, a photo shows up with a man claimed as Hitler, with his arm around a Black woman tht was supposedly a lover? Here’s a so called leader that refused to even shake Jesse Owens’ (the black olympic runner) hand in the 1936 Summer Olympics in Berlin.

  • Edward l avila

    Oh by the way JFK is also still alive! Lol. Why do people believe this shit!

  • http://rickahyatt.blogspot.com rickahyatt

    Don’t forget former SS Concentration Camp Dr. “Death” Aribert Heim. Here’s a link to a group photo that includes him in Munich in 1977. http://rickahyatt.blogspot.com/2016/04/a-collection-of-guitar-songs-by-former.html

  • Maxx Headroom

    Just look up Operation Paperclip as well.

  • Anna

    If it were true, the why wouldn’t someone put effort in tracking him down? There would surely be a lot of money in it for the people who find him..

  • Really Serious

    So many Americans have conspiracy theories regarding the USA gov, disbelieve them, dont trust them and yet cant believe the FBI knew Hitler was alive and didnt tell anyone? Really?

  • http://magnoliasouthc.blogspot.com/ MagnoliaSouth

    Wait, beep-beep back up the truck.

    “With the release of these official FBI documents it is now confirmed that the world’s most notorious leader actually escaped Germany”

    Exactly where do you get “confirmed”? There is no confirmation here. There is only supposition by unknown people. I’m with Aimee Exorcist.

  • Andrew Vos

    This is just so unbelievable.
    Hitler’s own butler and secretary both described in detail how he and Eva Braun died in the bunker.

    Disprove that.

  • WhiteEagle

    So Hilter escaped? Meanwhile Ike carried out a genocidal campaign against the German people in general and the POWs in American custody in particular.

  • BrianLandon

    bunch of loonies on this page. The FBI report has long ago been established as a hoax

    • Jess Mee

      The FBI documents are genuine, however they contain nothing but stories, rumors and gossip which were reported to their agency. There is no evidence in the docs remotely confirming his alleged escape.

  • Tex Boone

    Given that he was a major drug addict who also had Parkinsons it is highly unlikely he lived to 95. Or was able to pose for the picture. Or took up with a black woman.

    But if you want to belive B.S. this article should feed you well.

  • Abba Scodilli

    Thx, Buddy! I’m sure you know all about relaxing the ol’ O-ring homophobe…

  • Mark Moore

    Hitler escaped. BIG WOW! What else to complain about? Well the very comfortable residence on the RIO PARANNA might be a start. Tiled floors a nice veranda glass tiles for the bath tub running water electricity a nice toilet, no out house for this man. OH DANG IT OLD HIT ESCAPED UNDER OUR VERY CROSS NOSE JOE BLOW? any ideas where we go from here MR JOHN BROWN? I did not think so. My hat is off to the men who built these three buildings on the RIO PARRANNA 70+ years ago in the middle of nowhere a wilderness land scape that stretched far and wide. Some special forces personal these men are or were to complete these structures and make good use of them in the time given to complete this very important mission.

  • Bruce Grubb

    As History Channel’s “Hunting Hitler” shows this idea will not die.

  • FangUSMC


  • dadzilla

    So, Hitler surrived because the Soviets and OSS wanted to pull what, a prank?

  • Richard Fuller

    I personally think there is something to it. My father was in the military, stationed in Fort Bliss, El Paso. This is were post war German scientist were brought, including Wernher Von Braun. Before my mother met my father, she was living across the border in Juarez Mexico. She told me stories of her working in shops owned by Germans and how they were visited by Navy officers from Argentina. She fell in love with one but she refused to move back to Argentina with him. I never thought much about it, and maybe it doesn’t mean anything, but it’s still strange that German shop keeps in Juarez, a close proximity the German Scientists in El Paso, were visited by navy officers from Argentina. Just seems odd.

  • sarah palin

    ALL BS. Stalin made up the story. many Nazis did flee to Arg. & Uruguay

  • Tony Latimer

    That picture is no way Hitler. He wouldn’t have anything to do with a “brown” person. I believe he committed suicide like some other high ranking Nazis. They identified him by his teeth work. The Russians kept what bones were left and buried them in Russia. Over the years they moved them 3 times until they finally dumped them in a river.

  • 333

    What complete and utter bullshit – if Hitler were anywhere in the world the rabid Zionist Nazi hunters would have chased him down and paraded him for all to see. Is there no end to the falsehoods aimed at Adolf Hitler’s life? Rhetorical question – no need to answer.

  • Kristian Sibarani


  • flow ir in
  • Ungawa

    He supp died in 62

  • Ungawa

    A deal was made, rocket scientists for Hitler by Bormann

    • Jess Mee

      The scientists, engineers and techs who developed the rockets were there for the taking. We helped ourselves, as did the Soviets. Hitler wasn’t needed for any of it.

  • John Purvis Kenneth Miller

    Ask yourself if you think the government has never lied to you or covered something up hummmm all the time. They gave the rocket man and 200 of his Nazi buddies a free home and jobs so they could have a rocket, why not the h ass.

    • Jess Mee

      Because von Braun and the others had something of value to offer which for the PTB outweighed whatever involvement they had in the Nazi regime. What did Hitler have to offer, other than bad artwork and treatises on the virtues of vegetarianism? What did he have that outweighed the toxic baggage he carried?

  • Johannes du Preez

    This is very compelling. There really is an enormous amount of evidence to back this up too! Well done!

  • Veroniqua

    So does this mean that Freur Merkell actually could be his daughter.

  • James Guthrie

    The fbi is just a criminal arm of the NWO.

  • James Guthrie

    The end of the nazis is not all the government is lying about.

  • Tor Larsen

    Evidence (or lack of it) combined with logic creates a strange, new creature. Incredibility when overwhelmed by reason and logic is only traces of accustomed patterns of thought. The newly discovered tunnels of Berlin must have been prepared a long time in advance of the allied invasions. Meaning that the Führer knew, was planning or was fearing something nobody at that time seemed even to have thought of. It points in a most logical direction at foreknowledge and planning, together with the fact that any flights by a number of slow-moving transport planes in April 1945 must have been cleared by top brass on the side of the allies. The Germans had lost any control of their airspace and allied aircraft was everywhere eager to bag anything flying from the German side. This again points backwards to Hitlers many and strange military decisions like going to bed with a “Do not disturb” sign when first told of the beginning allied invasion of Normandy. Decisions only made reasonable if their consequences were willed to be as they turned out. Many historians have already pointed out Hitler as the allies best general.

    And then; who in the beginning financed Hitlers way to power, if not the same bankers and financial circles who greatly profited from the war and its aftermath? Professor Antony Sutton is only one who has described this part of the game in his “Wall Street and the Rise of Hitler”. Finally the remains of Hitler and his wife supposedly collected by the Russians were not of any of them, and genetic evidence collected from his living relatives in Austria and the USA shows his genes to have been mostly of Jewish and North-African descent. And the Holocaust? Like so many of the Zionists of those days pointed out, “a cow in Palestine is more worth than a Jew in Poland”, and all in all I personally have convinced myself that the second world war was and remains the greatest mother ever of all false-flag operations.

    • Jess Mee

      He died in Berlin. His dentist was captured after the war by the Americans. Two of his dental techs were captured by the Russians. Each independently reconstructed the details of Hitler’s dental work from memory. Their reconstructions meshed completely, and they fit with the details of the dental work on the jaw fragments attributed to Hitler AND to the skull X-rays taken of him by his doctor after the July 20 bomb attempt. Bottom line, there is solid forensic proof beyond a reasonable doubt that Hitler died in Berlin. For a detailed account of the forensic exam go to http://www.nl-aid.org/wp-content/uploads/2012/09/Sognnaes.pdf .

  • magilla gorilla

    the first pic of old man hitler and 40 year old hitler looks legit. we all know he did not die at the bunker, but where did he go?

    • Jess Mee

      He died in Berlin. Hitler’s dentist was captured after the war by the Americans. Two of his dental techs were captured by the Russians. Each independently reconstructed the details of Hitler’s dental work from memory. Their reconstructions meshed completely, and they fit with the details of the dental work on the jaw fragments attributed to Hitler AND to the skull X-rays taken of him by his doctor after the July 20 bomb attempt. Bottom line, there is solid forensic proof beyond a reasonable doubt that Hitler died in Berlin. For a detailed account of the forensic exam go to http://www.nl-aid.org/wp-content/uploads/2012/09/Sognnaes.pdf .

      • magilla gorilla

        oh. i heard the skull fragments were from a woman. you dont live in uraguay, paraguay or argentina do you?

        • Jess Mee

          A skull fragment was DNA tested in 2009 by Dr. Nicholas Bellantoni who found female DNA. The fragment was recovered from the burial pit about a year after the war’s end. It was not attached to a body, nobody involved in the recovery ever claimed it was his. The dental remains were entirely separate, no connection to the skull fragment. Read the report to which I’ve linked and argue with the science IF you can.

          • magilla gorilla

            i read the dental report, clearly the way to argue is to contest the dental tech that recalled the dental structure and hardware in the mouth of the burned body. no official dental records or xrays or dentist.
            then there is the fbi’s continuous search in s america from 1945 onward by j edgar hoover.
            if hoover did not accept the dental tech testimony there must have been a reason.
            so do you live in a s american country? plenty of ww2 nazis fled there, im certain you know that.

          • Jess Mee

            There were two separate independent reconstructions of Hitler’s dental features. One came from his dentist Dr. Hugo Blaschke who was captured by the Americans. The other was produced by dental techs Kathe Heusemann and Fritz Echtmann who were captured by the Russians. These were separate testimonies, the Americans did not share what they had with the Soviets and vice versa, yet they matched completely. This would be virtually impossible if there were any error or falsehood in their testimonies. These matched with the records of the dental features found on the corpse attributed to Hitler. All of this matched with verified archived X-rays of Hitler’s skull taken by his physician Dr. Theodor Morell in 1944. It’s the totality of the evidence and how it all fits together in a way which would be impossible if it were falsified which makes it compelling. Furthermore a forensic biologist named Mark Benecke went to Moscow in 2003 to examine the remains. He held them in his hands and compared them to the skull X-rays and reaffirmed the conclusion that they were from Hitler. As for the FBI search for him, they investigated a collection of stories, rumors and gossip reported to their office in the postwar years. These were duly investigated as they should have been and were subsequently put in the crank files when nothing was ever confirmed. Look through the documents online, you will not find one page in which anyone from the Bureau ever said that there was any truth to any of it. Hoover himself never personally believed that Hitler was alive. In the interest of full disclosure I reside in the United States.

  • Cas

    Your only source is another article posted by yourself on this same website… and it has no sources. Handy.