Fire Engulfs Chinese High-Rise For 24-hours, Yet Remains Standing

A high-rise building in China erupted in flames on 3rd June, and remained ablaze for over 24-hours a frightening video reveals.

The strong fire overwhelmed the entire building in seconds.

In the video below black smoke can be seen billowing from the building, as flames almost completely engulf the structure, and passers-by look on in horror.

A high-rise in an unnamed Chinese city has erupted in flames midday, a terrifying video has revealed. It captured the blaze overwhelming the entire building in a matter of seconds.

Black smoke can be seen billowing out of the building before it is entirely eaten up by the flames, while stunned passers-by can be heard discussing the fire just out of shot.

  • Ideas time

    The only time in history that a modern if ever high rise building fell in their own foot prints due to fire and were vaporized into fine particles ever happened was on 911 and it happened three times in a couple of hours with the media reporting the fall of building 7, 20 minutes before it happened.

    Is anyone still alive with an IQ above 50 that still believes the MSM and corporate gv lies? What are the odds? Close to zero. Nope 0 is the answer if you don’t get it.

    If these buildings can fall because of a little fire then we need to take them all down due to safety hazards they present. Yea we all know better!

    Paid trolls need not reply.

  • Lie_Buster

    No No No. There must be some mistake. According to what the government told us, steel structures melt after just an hour or two of burning and fall down to the ground. Even buildings nearby that didn’t burn fall down to the ground. I mean would the government of the prestigious US of A lie to you?

  • Chuck Thom

    “unnamed Chinese city”

  • HeHateMe

    this fire did not happen on june 3rd, this is a video of a fire that occurred on April 28th. this fire started on the bottom floor of a 16 story office building and was extingushed within 2 hours. To all you 9/11 conspiracy theorists , ….I guarantee you , had a fully fueled 767 jet plane traveling at near top speed hit this building …. it would have fell, and yes prolly would have vaporized the whole thing.

    Scientific and forensic engineering and , chemical , and fire related tests and metalurgist experts.have disproven/debunked every structual related conspiracy with facts and undisputeable evidence and test data time and time again.

    Here is my conspiracy theory, it is you that is the paid troll , or should i say pre-troll, trolling the comments ahead of the actual posts that will inevitably be made with with sensical verified content, and not some wacky conspiratory jargon