Former Defence Minister Says Governments Are Hiding Aliens


Paul Hellyer, who was the Canadian defence minister from 1963 to 1967, accuses world leaders of concealing information about the presence of aliens on Earth.

During the recent Disclosure Canada Tour, he urged world powers to release classified documents containing information about UFOs.

Last year, Hellyer told Russian TV that aliens are walking among us. He said they are refusing to share their advanced technologies until we change our polluting and warring ways.

Though skeptics dismiss Hellyer’s claims, he is highly regarded among alien and UFO enthusiasts as a primary witness or “insider,” having been Member of Parliament for many years and a former defense minister.

The Mail Online reports: Much of the media won’t touch [the documents]’, he said during a keynote speech at the Disclosure Canada Tour at the University of Calgary.

‘You just have to keep working away and hope that someday you get a critical mass,’ he said, according to a report by CTV.

‘[The public] will say, in one way or another, “Mr President or Mr Prime Minister we want the truth and we want it now because it affects our lives.”‘

Hellyer, 91, first went public with his belief in aliens on Earth in 2005, becoming the first high ranking politician to do so.

He claims that the aliens have ‘been visiting our planet for thousands of years’ and are unimpressed with how we live.

‘We spend too much time fighting each other, we spend too much money on military expenditures and not enough on feeding the poor and looking after the homeless and sick,’ he said.

  • BankyMons

    UFO = demons = fallen angels end of. They have nothing good to offer humans as they were cast out of heaven to the earth. Read the book of Revelations chapters 11, 12, & 13. They just want to use this to confuse you into accepting the anti-christ who is just around the corner.

    • Kiera

      So true for the greys and some others, but certainly not for all.

    • Pombaii

      Actually they are not evil or fallen angels, as You describe it, they have the same souls as us humans, but are on a higher spiritual development. (means they are not here to conquer) But merly for observing or visiting.

      • BankyMons

        If they are of higher realm as you seem to suggest, what are they coming here to do? One would have thought that a mere observation or visitation would be a pure waste of their time and of us here on planet earth. The truth remains that they are intruders – who were cast out of the higher ‘heavens’ due to rebellion. They are wandering spirits, they have nowhere they can claim as their own. Shalom!

  • Andrew

    I hope that we are able to shed more light to more people so that the global population will see through the government propaganda and smear campaign against higher life forms. The beings have so much to share with us, to help Earth flourish again for ALL beings. We NEED to stop destroying this planet and we NEED to start looking outside of our current government/religion run outlets. BankyMons… you might try soaking your bible in chloroform before posting next time…

    • BankyMons

      When you want to reply to other’s comments, learn to address their comments directly and stop being abusive. It doesn’t help anyone.

  • BankyMons

    Thanks be to our God the father of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ who has exposed ALL the lies of the devil! The bible says that the satan is the father of ALL lies because he lied from the beginning and in him there is no truth!

  • hartmut flemming

    Only……..OO Partner

  • Stu MacKenzie

    These type of articles always bring out the tinfoil hat brigade. Conspiracy theorists love a good whistleblower, especially one that once worked in government…uh, yeah, even if that was only Canada, way back in the 1960’s.
    Instead of drawing attention to his diminishing mental state, he could just provide us with some evidence, rather than his own personal (and somewhat delusional) speculation. With only a few poorly produced Youtube videos to go by, I find it hard to believe that so many people in government are able to keep it a secret that aliens walk among us, when a U.S. President can’t even get a BJ without the whole world finding out.
    But of course, we ‘sheeples’ only believe what the government tell us, unlike conspiracy theorists, who readily believe any old crap they see on the internet.

    • Pombaii

      Indeed correct.. 🙂

  • Paul Shishis

    The truth out there for those that care to know better their world *

  • Kallol Paul

    Aliens raises our consciousness…! Nice movies all..!

  • Robert Myrland

    USA government started to work with extraterrestrial beings early of June, 1963 but has been offered cooperation by the “Nordics” in 1961 but Eisenhower denied to cooperate with them. What I know is that JFK get to know this and that’s why he was killed, he got to know this by his mafia infiltrated uncle, with btw they had a huge fight in JFKs office where JFK had is short puffed Colt revolver aimed at his Uncle to tell the truth. As well why Marilyn Monroe was food poisoned, she got to know the truth from JFK. JFK was to announce the day he was killed that we have contact with aliens. The Illuminati or whatever u like to call them did put a stop to that since their illegally sale large amounts of drugs since the Vietnam var for the purpose to get money for back-engineering of the 1947 crashed craft from Roswell. Furthermore the drugs was delivered out free on the Woodstock festival by CIA with was the organ who was responsible for the sale of the drugs from Vietnam and as well all otter wars made by USA. Later the people in the partly private owned “organization” of Area51 where the all the drug money ended up, become greedy and wanted more than they needed at Area 51. And even later they started to sale alien technology in the via the corrupt NATO system. Norway is one of the NATO members who have buy technology from Area 51 and even if media trying to twist the truth I understood that time when Norway media said they lost many Billions in shares outside Norway that this was corruption with a bad lie., the money did go to buy tech from Area 51 and the flying disk was transported to Christiansand, Norway in 2011 by the underground Illuminati railway network that has about 30 end-stops just in the states of America alone. One of those end-stops is very close to I lived before and in Cebu and my wife worked for the illuminati in Cebu as a food servant for 2 years. She worked underground somewhere in Cebu and she know where it is and at this underground illuminati club is one of the many end-stops around the globe. Most of the end-stops does not lead to top secret underground bases but there is some of these end-stops that lead to those top secret bases and some of them has aliens working there. The entrance to the end-stop in Cebu vas strictly guarded by heavy armed guards. Wife got to see the door many times and the guards but for the most time she was not allowed to the 9lvl where this was and served most of the time in lvl 5 to 8 where there was huge areas under ground with tennis court, football field, swimming pool and so on.

    Most of the illuminati network is at a dept of about 600 feet or so under the sea floor level. The one who goes from USA to Norway cross just at the south point of Island, meaning its just in the shore line of south of island at about 300 feet below the deepest seafloor. This is where most of the Oil money from Norway is used for and the oil money that people in Norway believe they have, they dont have, its well spent to top secret activity like this.