Gates Foundation Confirm Hillary Clinton’s Support For GMOs

Gates Foundation Confirm Hillary Clinton's Support For GMOs

The ‘bride of frankenfood’ has just got an endorsement from the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation for supporting genetically modified food.

Hillary Clinton is coming under increasing pressure following a series of revelations regarding her ties to the Biotech industry and Monsanto.


Natural Society reports:

Clinton’s unyielding support was once again revealed recently when she was quoted on the Cornell Alliance for Science (funded by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation) website saying:

“I stand in favor of using seeds and products that have a proven track record. There is a big gap between what the facts are and what the perceptions are.”
She was referring to GMOs.

With speaking fees coming from biotech-supported institutions starting at $350,000, most people with eyes to see already knew Clinton was supporting companies like Monsanto, Dow, and Syngenta. As more people follow this money trail, she is under increasing pressure as revelations regarding her ties to Monsanto and the Biotech Industry become more popularly-understood.

Dave Murphy, Founder of Food Democracy Now, reportedly stated:

“This is an outrage! $21 Million for speeches to the big banks etc., revealed on CNN today, of which at least $335,000 from Monsanto and friends?”

According to an Organic Consumers Association report on the keynote address, Hillary Clinton received a “standing ovation” for her encouraging advice on how to get more people to like GMOs.

Here is a short bout of Hillary talking GMOs in the past:

The Gates’ Foundation has a history of propping up ‘powerful people’ like Hillary.

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  • Ann Marshall

    Oh hell, let’s just give her the presidency. She has all the support of the oligarchs and she certainly knows what she’s doing. She’s clever and she will give us the crumbs we need to exist. While she lives in the lap of luxury, we will have our role in society…taking care of one another, volunteering for every community service program, defunded from former regimes, and working into our retirement years. If they keep us busy, we will have no time to complain. After all they have what they deserve because they are privileged. We also deserve what we get. Stay home and don’t vote. Lets just be reasonable and realistic. We must continue to be in our place, expecting nothing more.

    • Keith Lefrancois

      It is probably already fixed. It does not matter how the people vote. The election is already fixed. You thought voter fraud was bad in the past? We just touched on the tip of the iceberg. Even if the Republican nomination wins, they won’t. Hillary and the rest of the liberals already have it fixed…just like Obama did.

  • Rosemary Martin

    The Bible tells us we get the leaders we deserve, and also how like children the leaders in the last days will be. Her fruits are evil.