German Chancellor Angela Merkel Took Selfie With Brussels Terrorist

Angela Merkel took selfie with Brussels terrorist months before attacks

A photo showing Angela Merkel taking a selfie with Brussels bomber Najim Laachraoui has gone viral. 

The photo appears to show the German Chancellor with the Paris Bomb-Maker and Brussels attacker – who posed as a refugee at the time of the photograph.

Merkel and refugee selfie

The resemblance to the bomber is striking. He was filmed by surveillance cameras at Brussels Airport “Zaventem” shortly before the terrorist attack on Tuesday.

24-year-old Najim Laachraoui was the bomber pictured on the left of a surveillance camera image captured before the twin blasts rocked the departures area on Tuesday.

He was pushing a luggage trolley that contained a bomb hidden in a suitcase.

Laachraoui is suspected of being the bomb-maker who supplied devices for the Paris attacks on Nov 13.


The prosecutor has confirmed that Laachraoui’s DNA was found on a suicide belt at the Bataclan music venue that was targeted by ISIS along with an explosive device at the Stade du France.

  • HappyGilbert

    not the same person imo

  • ColoursFed

    A year ago, Europe was gradually accelerating toward full Islamization. At that time it was generally estimated that the process would take decades or even most of the century to reach completion. But the sudden influx of Muslim migrants and refugees in 2015 pushed the throttle forward to full speed. Germany alone took in more than one million migrants in 2015. And since so many of the migrants were young men, it’s estimated that in less than a year there will be as many Muslim men of fighting age in Germany as there are native Germans of the same age group.
    Largely because of its meager welfare benefits, migrants tends not to stay in Italy, so it may be a while for the full effect of Islamization to be felt in Rome. Still, it seems none too early to contemplate the possibility that Pope Francis may be forced out of Rome. Ever since the fall of Constantinople, conquering Rome has been a major goal of Islamists. In July of 2014 Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, the leader of ISIS renewed the hope by promising his troops “you will conquer Rome and own the world.” Now that ISIS has embedded itself in Libya, the route to Rome is relatively short and direct.

    Merkel know!

    • Monica Savant

      saw an article about the Pope allowing the quran to be read in a service and hosting some imams or something. Isn’t that bizarre seeing how they have openly threatened to take over rome?

      • ColoursFed

        This Pope is a disgrace.

    • Esther Schmeer

      You mean Abu Bakr al-Baghadi, who trained with Mossad for a year (and a half?) ?

      • ColoursFed


  • PAUL H

    Merkel Kaput!

    • MattBracken

      Mutti Merkel will be wearing a hijab in 10 years, after she announces that she had already “reverted” to Islam. It’s nothing but a power trip for these Quisling traitors. If saying the Shahada oath is the way to keep power, so what? From Communist to Muslim, do you think she cares what uniform she wears?

  • corey2444

    She just needs to die for killing the country that has given her so much.

  • european

    not the same guy. different eyebrows, hairline, shape of the ears. You are trying to instigate hate towards a very capable politician and you definitely do not want stability for the EU. As an editor, you SUCK!

  • Justme

    This is ridiculous, get some glasses, this isn’t the same guy! They probably think all black people look alike too!

    • Lisette Muntslag

      I know but it shows you the desperation of people and this is where things get dangerous, when people stop thinking clearly they do stupid things…I saw this crap coming they assassinated Pim Fortuyn for breaking the conspiracy of silence and challenging this multicultural crap in the Netherlands…he was called a Dutch Hitler by the Jews who stood first in line to demonize him…..

      • Monica Savant

        you made me go read about this guy. It’s shocking that he was killed by someone who wanted to silence him yet he was called hitler. The real oppression and silencing of dissent is coming from the leftist, fascist who have no clue what Islam really is. They think these people are being misrepresented, ostracized. That is, until they are attacked and the light pops on.

        • Lisette Muntslag

          He was defending the human dignity of all, including me. The media propaganda machine play the game to assassinate his character which led to the assassination, and I will keep talking about until justice is done…he was the messenger of the bad news….but the criminals who are wreaking havoc on society and people’s lives didn’t want to hear about their crimes against humanity……

        • Lisette Muntslag

          The leftist fascist are sanctioned by the government and other special interest who benefit from the divide and multicultural apartheid and ultimate #whitegenocide. Those who oppose the onslaught are called racist, right-wing extremist and white nationalist….and people swallow the propaganda without question.

      • Justme

        The problem is some guy somewhere is going to want to one up some other guy somewhere, and this one upping always includes wiping out the competition..just think of gangs and their turf war, same thing, just on a larger world wide scale…this greed and testosterone bravado is why we have wars…..I don’t see this ending anytime in my lifetime….the world is spinning out of control, hang on!

    • Anthony falzon

      not the same guy….but same illegal immigrant….same muslim……full of same hatred towards the western society.

      • Justme

        More than like a true statement…

  • JodyLynn Harris

    I dont see them being the same… sure they have some similarities but the ears, eyebrows and eyes do not match up at all. Also one has a longer face than the other. Granted she knew what she did for money (letting barbarians in and then doing nothing about it) but to try to pin this on her list of crimes against the people is tabloid-quality at best.

  • Ian harvey

    What a down and out traitor…..she opened the door and provided the welcome mat to the barbarians and disease that is Islam…..she needs to be held in a Hague court to answer for her crazy blind policy….Great Britain getting to fuck out of Europe is the biggest slap in the face for that bitch

  • Bruce

    He is the same person. May look a liitle different because of the angle of the shot. Well done Merkel, now see you have openly welcomed to Germany and Europe, If the Germans and Europeans still do not see the folly of her open policy towards the murdereous muslim fromAfrica and the middle east good luck to the, Remember also this, the terrorists caught may be muslim Geramsn or Europeans, but their parents or grand parenst were once upon a time peaceful immigrants.Now, the one million who forced their way to Germany are least than peaceful and law abidding. Wait till their children who will be citizens of Germany grows up. You wilkl have mnore than 1 million rapist and terrorists,

  • Bruce

    He is the same person. May look a liitle different because of the angle of the shot. Well done Merkel, now see who you have openly welcomed to Germany and Europe, If the Germans and Europeans still do not see the folly of her open door policy towards the murderous muslim from Africa and the Middle East, good luck to them, Remember this, the terrorists caught may be muslim Germans or Europeans, but their parents or grand parenst were once upon a time peaceful immigrants.See what their children have grown up to be. Now, the one million refugees and fake refugees who forced their way into Germany are far from being peaceful and law abidding. Wait till their children who will be citizens of Germany grows up. You will have more than 1 million rapist and terroristsn in Ger,many. LMFAO

  • Bruce

    the foolish kind hearted Eurpoeans who welcome the Muslim refugees (many who are criminals and terrorists or potential terrorists, failed to be kind tontheir own kind, Christians and free thinkers by allowing them to be raped and murdered !!!!

  • ɹǝzıuɐƃɹo ʎʇıunɯɯoɔ

    Nonsense, isn’t the same guy. That’s why the grainy-shot to hide the mole that isn’t there ..clearly the ears are different too.

    If its on the internet it must be true ..not.

  • Lisette Muntslag

    People are getting desperate their leadership is failing them and their nations, refugees get everything for free at their expense and this is what you get…..

  • Mike Pope

    I think it is time for that Hog to go

  • NickBlack

    Honestly, who cares if it’s the same guy or not?

    Does it really matter? Merkel could have taken a picture with Saddam Hussein himself! My first reaction WOULD NOT be “oh, their eyebrows don’t match! That could have been anyone!”

    My first reaction WOULD be to ask the question: why can everyone add “2+2” and get it to equal “4” without a problem, but no one can add “open borders + socialist chancellor” and not get it to equal “immigration and terrorism problems” without some major issue (like whether or not some guy in a photo shaved a unibrow, because clearly this is the pressing issue at hand)?

    The German people will not stand for this bullshit much longer. I’ve said this before, and I’ll say it again: Merkel has let snakes into the land of sleeping mongooses. It isn’t long before they wake the hell up.

    And Merkel will be gone just as quick as the migrants, you can count on that.

    • ColoursFed

      Anti migrant defense spray, Canister of pork fat!
      On FaceBook we wrote that Churchill, saved the world, but not so Obama could destroy the USA and UK. These people did not like what we wrote, and got us banned for 90 days. FB is a Muslim. Nazi, EU supporting scum, who do not want democracy.

    • Naval Maerlin

      Where do you see a socialist leader?
      Merkel has been the leader of the Christian Democratic Union (CDU), a liberal-conservativ political party! in Germany, since 2000.
      It is the major catch-all party of the centre-right in German politics.

      Contact them if you prefer them more NEO-NAZI-right 🙂

      • NickBlack

        Sorry, you’re right.
        There is no socialism in the country that has an opened-armed immigration policy (to integrate two polar-opposite cultures) while forcing a code of ethics that is built around “cultural equality,” under a leader who is loyal to the falling European Union and who fears nationalism to the point of convincing other countries to not let nationalism get in the way of their “progress.”
        My mistake.

  • Bill Sanders

    They all look alike…

  • ColoursFed

    General Frank Kitson counter-insurgency theorist, and terrorist hunter. Stated that our political structure will become that corrupt the government will have to wage EW on their own people, to keep control, by going into ever one’s life, and monitoring their life styles. The police now have the right to go into medical records, bank accounts, and telecommunications without a court order. The SS Dept. in your local Council are also doing it. UK Police Forces have set up monitoring groups within their Force, Tory business people are also doing it as a business, and selling the information to the government, and paid for it from your tax.
    The concept of EW; Monitoring, Intrusion, Direction Finding, and Jamming, should this fail, then a bullet in the head. Cameron is using the excuse to do all of this, because of terrorist activity in the UK by Labour party Muslim MP’s, that are in control of the ‘Muslim Brotherhood of UK’, AKA Muslim government of Great Britain.

  • Space_Cowboy_1952

    The German lady with a head from the planet Uranus

  • ColoursFed

    Veterans are so concerned about these German migrants, that we sent a recce to Germany, to see what is going on with them. What we found is that Cameron, Blair, Corbyn, Benn, Kinnock, Brown, and the supports of EU will be tried for treason. These migrants have been armed by the EU and getting trained in Lower Saxony. Obama has armed them through the EU, for is Christian Cleaning, has the Germans said the ‘final solution’ Would you trust a Muslim to be PM of UK? UK OUT!

  • Pete009
  • CrossWare

    Incorrect observation. It was 2 terrorist taking a selfie!

    • Romi Abhimanyu

      You said it!

  • Brandon Boggs

    Same person and she knew what he was going to do!! She is a terrorist NWO stooge

  • Brandon Boggs

    This is Cloudenhove-Kalergi plan in full effect. It’s the NWO strategy of mixing everyone and creating a race of retards.

  • Scott Kay

    Hopefully the German voters will wake up and vote for someone who will protect their wonderful country from terrorism.

  • Bruce

    The poop. Ops i mean the pope is a disgrace to Christianity. Hell us awaiting him when he dies. He forgot that GOD has said that there is only one GOD. As such he should only acknowledged one GOD and not give the impression thru his action that GOD allows for the worship of other gods

  • xdrfox
  • xdrfox
  • xdrfox

  • Swanie Simon

    Definitely not the same person. Junk journalism!

    Thank God some leaders like Merkel “do the right thing” and offer humanitarian aid to refugees who are fleeing these terrorists. These people come here with nothing but the clothes on their back – they are ordinary people who have lost family, pets, homes, all possessions – they are farmers, workers, doctors, engineeers, nurses, artists, gay, straight etc.

    Take the time to get to know some of these refugees – it is so easy to just spew hatred.

    It takes a bit more effort to help, listen, comfort and understand what is happening to them. 99.9 % are ordinary people, severely traumatised with little hope.
    Shame on all the hateful rhetoric! Hate breeds more hate and solves NOTHING!

  • William Patrick Bower

    Maybe when Merkel’s clitorus is in a bucket she will get it..

  • iOwnLegions

    looks like that wannbe nig fagget Zayne this spam this trash to our tweens

  • GetRhonda

    Incredible. Lesson to everyone. Be smart when you vote here in the USA. Vote for Trump.