Germanwings Co-Pilot Lubitz Heard ‘Calmly Breathing’ On Black Box As Passengers Scream


According to a horrific report – out today – co-pilot Andreas Lubitz, who allegedly deliberately crashed Flight 4U 9525 into the Alps, can be heard breathing calmly as the plane plummeted on the recording found on the aircraft’s recovered black box.

According to US news website

“Lubitz can be heard calmly breathing on the black box recording as flight 9525 descended and crashed into the French Alps while the pilot pounded on the door and passengers screamed.

One hundred fifty people were killed in the crash, including three Americans. Two of the Americans have been named, Yvonne and Emily Selke, a mother and daughter from Nokesville, Virginia. The third American has yet to be named.

The nationalities of the other victims have ranged from primarily German and Spanish, to English, Australians, and Colombians.”