Harvard Analyst Accuses Clintons Of Monumental Charity Fraud

Charles Ortel accuses the Clinton's of criminal charity fraud

A financial analyst from Harvard University says he has evidence that the Clinton’s have committed the largest charity fraud in American history. 

Charles Ortel has investigated the Clinton Foundation, and his findings threaten to destroy Hillary’s bid in the Democratic nomination for President.

Wallstreetonparade.com reports:

In a 9-page letter dated yesterday and posted to his blog, Ortel calls the Clintons’ charity the “largest unprosecuted charity fraud ever attempted,” adding for good measure that the Clinton Foundation is part of an “international charity fraud network whose entire cumulative scale (counting inflows and outflows) approaches and may even exceed $100 billion, measured from 1997 forward.” Ortel lists 40 potential areas of fraud or wrongdoing that he plans to expose over the coming days.

Like Markopolos, Ortel has an impressive resume. Ortel’s LinkedIn profile shows that he received his B.A. from Yale and an MBA from Harvard Business School.  He previously worked as a Managing Director at investment bank Dillon Read and later as a Managing Director at the financial research firm, Newport Value Partners. In more recent years, Ortel has been a contributor to a number of news outlets including the Washington Times and TheStreet.com.

The charges being made by Ortel are difficult to dismiss as a flight of fancy because mainstream media has tinkered around the edges of precisely what Ortel is now calling out in copious detail.

In a 2013 New York Times article, “Unease at Clinton Foundation Over Finances and Ambitions,” reporters Nicholas Confessore and Amy Chozick hint that Hillary Clinton’s political operatives are occupying offices at the Clinton Foundation headquarters, writing that they “will work on organizing Mrs. Clinton’s packed schedule of paid speeches to trade groups and awards ceremonies and assist in the research and writing of Mrs. Clinton’s memoir about her time at the State Department, to be published by Simon & Schuster next summer.”

A June 2015 article in the Wall Street Journal by Kimberley Strassel stopped hinting and spelled it out boldly, calling the Clinton Foundation a “Hillary superPac that throws in the occasional good deed.” Strassel explained:

“The media’s focus is on Hillary Clinton’s time as secretary of state, and whether she took official actions to benefit her family’s global charity. But the mistake is starting from the premise that the Clinton Foundation is a ‘charity.’ What’s clear by now is that this family enterprise was set up as a global shakedown operation, designed to finance and nurture the Clintons’ continued political ambitions. It’s a Hillary super PAC that throws in the occasional good deed.”

Strassel goes on to provide the specific names of staffers who are deeply conflicted in their political work for Hillary Clinton’s presidential ambitions and  their ties to the charity.

An article by James Grimaldi in the Wall Street Journal as recently as May 12 of this year charges that a “$2 million commitment arranged by the nonprofit Clinton Global Initiative in 2010 went to a for-profit company part-owned by friends of the Clintons.” The Clinton Global Initiative is a program associated with the Clinton Foundation.

One notable thing that Charles Ortel is pounding away at is, why, with all of these media red flags for years, the Clintons have been allowed by state charity regulators in multiple states in which they solicit donations as well as their Federal regulator, the IRS, to continue business as usual. Are we looking at the Madoff-effect where regulators are afraid to take on powerful figures?

We think that’s a very good question to which the American public deserves a credible answer.

  • Fran Miller

    So Charles Oertel; when are you going to bring this to the attention of the Department of Justice?

  • http://niot.org JIMSIT01

    Yes indeed! Quilt as usual, by innuendo.,

  • Ben Berry

    hang crooked $hillary!

    • http://www.flowerfairies.com/ Whirled Peas



      We aren’t ISIS.

      We are a civilized nation of laws, not a mob.

      • laughatbabyboomers

        Eh; maybe if they knew Death serves as justice; perhaps they would not act like such swine.

      • Phuck Ewe

        Hanging is too good for her!

      • Ami Spears

        We are not a civilized nation, at least not in the wars we wage.

  • SayHi2YourMom4Me

    This is probably gonna end up like Benghazi, Whitewater, the murder thing, the rape allegation, or the emails after investigation … at this point it’s like the scandal machine that cried “wolf”

    • Ami Spears

      Benghazi scandal had not gone completely away yet. And we need to keep pressing.. I think the explanation should come from them, but basically the establishment has fine everything in its power to keep this information quiet because she was to be their candidate. But there is too much awareness now and people are realizing the power that they have right now to jump on the scandalwagon. That wagon has a lot of momentum right now. But we need to keep up with these stories and make sure they don’t disappear cause they have been known to do that as well.

      • SayHi2YourMom4Me

        How many more years of hearings do you want on Benghazi? How much microscopic scrutiny – with no wrongdoing found – is enough?

    • Veri1138

      Actually, The Republicans quietly released a report that basically absolved Hillary. Quietly. Now, they just keep it alive for political purposes, knowing that underneath there is nothing.

      Quite amusing actually. Especially since Hillary supporters help keep it alive by bringing it up so much. Despite the fact that the issue is rather settled, by The Republicans.

      Makes for great headlines though.

      Now, I do like the fact that Hillary spent $630,000 while Sec. of State, to buy fake FB and Twitter likes.

  • dyannne

    He’s affiliated with the Washington Times? That right-wing crazy rag? Yeah, it’s so legit. NOT.

    • peter griffin

      Hmm golden girl who’s voting along the genital line without examining facts, unbiased.. NOT!!

    • Shane Mueller

      Ugh. PLEASE DO YOUR OWN RESEARCH. I’m so tired of the almost exclusively older white women who cant take the idea that she is corrupt. She WILL NOT DO YOU ANY FAVORS. Please DO YOUR OWN RESEARCH if you don’t like where this article came from.

      • Sherrie Moore

        Hey, so tired of hearing that shit. I’m a 73 year old white woman and someone would have to put a gun to my head to get me to vote for Hillary. I know MANY people my age and somewhat younger (‘boomers’) who are for Bernie all the way. #NeverHillary #NoMoreCorruptClintons #BernieOrBust #BernirGoGreen

    • Starlifter2

      The gynecarky is strong in this one.

  • Mervin

    Yeh, yeh, yeh. You got “evidence.” Well, I have evidence the earth is flat. Release the evidence. Publish it. Turn it over to the Justice Department, you chickenshit. I’d love to see the Clintons go down.

    • Ted Seay

      Hardly chickenshit:

      “Expect an increased flow of detailed disclosures centering upon Exhibits 1
      through 40 through this website, and continued reaction to breaking
      developments via my twitter account (@CharlesOrtel).


    • Christopher Porozny

      lmao. Mervin, you don’t have evidence the earth is flat, because it isn’t … and insulting the writer is simply childish …

  • Rixar13

    Huck Fillary & Donald T Drumpf, Senior Veteran for #Bernie2016 or Bust.

    • Arne Yoga

      GO BERNIE!!!!

      • Jack The⚡︎Ripper

        Yup! Run, Bernie, Run! Fuck it & rum green!!

  • sosorryononame

    I guess Jesse Jackson’s “charity” is also untouchable. I’ve had clients who had to pay extra taxes because their home phone line can’t be deducted for business purposes.

  • Phuck Ewe

    Hillary Clinton for prison stickers! http://superstore.wnd.com/product/9496?custcol3=2

  • Bothell Jewelers

    If Hillary is the nominee Trump is likely to become president. She has too many flaws that he can use against her and they are both equally unpopular. Bernie is the only real chance we have to keep Trump out of the White House! We have to convince the super delegates that he is the only option to prevent a Trump presidency. Hillary cannot do it! If she somehow does become the nominee the only way to stop Trump will be a third party with Bernie at the top of the ticket. Independent voters outnumber Democrats or Republicans so it is a possible alternative. Super delegates have a serious decision to make. Vote for Hillary with the liklihood of a Trump presidency and a drastically shrinking party or vote for Bernie and open the doors to millions of new voters and a revilalized Democratic party!

  • Olivia Matus

    Hurry, hurry and demand this information be covered by the media, there is enough hard evidence on the money laundering that took place to shed light on this bogus foundation.

  • DeShaunSanders

    Just imagine how much they’ll rake in if Hillary gets elected.
    Every country in the world who wants something from the United States…and that’s most of them, isn’t it?…will be hiring Bill to come give some lame “wash behind your ears” speech for two or three million dollars a pop.
    And it’ll be a good investment for them, because they’ll get whatever it is they want…whether it’s foreign aid, trade concessions, high tech weaponry, etc.
    One thing you have to admit about Hillary Clinton. In the words of Don Corleone, you can “do business” with the lying scum.

  • alrotundo

    What a crock of shit. This is what losers and petty political operatives do to successful people.

  • Christopher Porozny

    You better go into hiding first, dude … these people have a reputation for ‘removing’ anyone they perceive as a threat …

  • Arne Yoga

    The choice is very clear this election:
    There is one candidate everyone hates
    And the other candidate nobody likes.

  • Seabreezes1

    This is Bernie Madoff scam all over again. A financial analyst blew the whistle on Madoff in 1999 to the SEC, but because of Madoff’s aura, wasn’t taken seriously even though he kept at them. It took until 2008 for the Ponzi scheme to unravel. People often rather believe a lie than admit they were fooled.

    Fingers crossed the Clinton Con unravels before the DNC election.

  • David

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