Has Alex Jones Fled U.S. Due To Working With Gov. To Start Civil War?

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Has Alex Jones fled the United States after accusations came to light he may have been working with the Obama administration and U.S. government to start a civil war in Texas as a part of Operation Jade Helm 15?

TrutherNews.com reports:

As depicted in the Truther.org expose on JADE HELM 15, Jones’ role in the unprecedented military exercise was to bait Americans into a violent revolution against their own police and military in the aftermath of staged confrontations between U.S. Special Forces and members of Operation Counter Jade Helm. Said confrontations were slated to transpire in Bastrop, Texas, Jones’ hometown.

However, since the aforementioned JADE HELM 15 expose has gone viral in Texas and across America, Jones was forced to flee the Lone Star state of Texas which is now swarming with hundreds of well-armed militiamen and patriots who are hell-bent on eliminating the traitorous cancer that is Alex Jones.

In short, the CIA in Switzerland could not risk having their prime Judas goat assassinated prior to baiting Americans into a bloody civil war against their own police and military. Consequently, Jones has been ordered to take an extended vacation in Europe, out of reach from Texans who have made Jones as a traitor.

Alex Jones Cover Story?

The official cover story for Jones’ sudden departure from Texas is that he has gone to Europe to report on how “Spain has fallen to EU tyranny”. Needless to say, Jones vacation is highly suspect for it comes during JADE HELM 15 when Texas is suffering the largest and most intrusive military exercise in U.S. history.

Back on March 19, 2015, Jones screamed on his radio program that Obama was preparing to invade Texas: “This is going to be hellish…Now this is just a cover for deploying the military on the streets…This is an invasion…in preparation for the financial collapse and maybe even Obama not leaving office”.

Nevertheless, Jones has abandoned Texas in her darkest hour and isn’t planning on returning anytime soon. According to Jones, he will visit Barcelona and Madrid in Spain before traveling to Greece and Italy (see video below). Therefore, it’s highly likely that Jones will stay in Europe or elsewhere until JADE HELM 15 concludes on September 15, 2015.

As originally depicted in the March 3, 2012, Truther.org report entitled “Is the Assassination of Alex Jones Next?”, the staged assassination of Jones is a final card that will be played by the CIA once Jones’ cover as a so-called patriot is blown and beyond repair, something Jones’ European vacation will likely bring about.

Consequently, the staged assassination of Jones may now be in order once he finally returns to the United States. In order to sell the authenticity of Jones’ impending assassination, one or more Infowars employees will likely be killed during the made-for-TV terror attack on Jones’ studio in Austin, Texas.

By staging what appears to be an Obama-ordered assassination, Jones will become an instant martyr and a legend in the minds of many ignorant Americans who are unaware of Jones’ treasonous and treacherous behavior. In other words, Jones will become the poster boy for an armed revolution against the Obama administration in Texas.

Since most of the Infowars audience won’t listen to anybody but Alex Jones, a videotape of Jones foretelling his assassination will predictably surface in the aftermath of his alleged death. Jones will predictably call on his audience to avenge his death by executing attacks against the police and military.

Although alternative and mainstream media reports will state that Jones was killed during the staged attack, he will be on a permanent vacation in Israel where he has attained citizenship through his wife Violet Jones under the Right of Return, Israel’s unique nationality law.


  • marc

    i dont understand.
    Alex Jones knew it was gonna be dangerous in Texas… so obviously he knows its better to be in Europe.
    if you knew of an impending dangerous situation in your town/city, then i am sure you would also leave (until its safe again to return).
    anyone that stays on board a sinking ship is full of pride and stupid.

    • Jeanene Wilson


  • Jeanene Wilson

    BS I’ve never heard him one time promote violence. He simply passes on the info on to the people. Who ever wrote and carried this story is the one who is pushing the admin agenda. Don’t fall for it. Eyes wide open

  • Hosanna Sookra

    People wanna say this because they are scared and not sure who to Trust. My Friends I tell you Trust God. Trust you bible, because everything God told us would come to pass is happening…These things are gonna happen with or without Alex Jones, it’s good at least he has been warning most sheeple.

  • batteur

    Oh my God, this is all TOTALLY HAPPENING. It is downright hilarious watching these fevered little brains at work. I can’t wait to see what they’ll come up with to explain away their embarrassing freakout over this Jade Helm thing, after the invasion/civil war/??? doesn’t happen, because it was NEVER going to happen, because they made it up, because they are hysterical, frightened little man-children. Don’t ever stop freaking the hell out over nothing, people.

    • ZephyrLux

      Come on, it was obvious from the beginning that the story would basically be ‘we prevented it by talking about it a lot.’ That’s the tried and true go to cover for crap like this.

  • Freedoomsday

    Totally ridiculous accusations Royce what ever the hell your name is. You sir are an idiot sir and probably hatin because you didnt break the story. For real news go to infowars.com….IDIOT!

    • Joseph Zerres

      william cooper , is all I got to say

      • James Grubbs

        Using one conspiracy nut to dispel another hardly qualifies as proof.

    • Herman Christ

      awww does the little girl not like it when her fat messiah gets called out for being a piece of garbage?

  • Roddy

    I’m sorry but you are as full of BS as Jones is. You both mix fact with fantasy. It might keep your viewers but it is mixed with far too much nonsense. Jones is just doing the old bait and switch again since Jade Helm isn’t turning out to be what he said it was. And as for you… I don’t see any civil war in Texas going on at the moment. And what are you going to say when Jones isn’t assassinated when he comes back? Just stop talking about it…. like Jones.

  • Duncan Collinsworth

    This is counterintelligence disinfo.

  • James Grubbs

    Wow, this article goes to great lengths to make AJ out to be some sort of monster LOL. Too bad one of the lengths didn’t involve any evidence, what so ever, to back up these ridiculous claims. Heck, I’m not even a fan of AJ but I know crap when I smell it.

    • ZephyrLux

      “Too bad one of the lengths didn’t involve any evidence”

      Too true. You know, I bet this author would get along great with Alex Jon….oh…wait….

  • Kevin Blankenship

    What actual evidence are you using or is this all just blatant innuendo based on theories of your mind there Royce? I can appreciate a logical thought process but exactly what information do you have that actually is solid on Jones being a government operative or agent? Your piece does come off as disinformation more than anything else. Are you associated in anyway with The Bush’s or Clintons? Are you a paid associate of Soros or any of his associates? Your accusations against Jones begs the questions of your motives and your associations until and when you actually provide evidence of Alex Jones complicity to subversion.

    • scorpiannes

      I like Alex and have learned a lot from him…but one thing he NEVER says anything bad about the Jews who are behind most of this…just like Michael Savage…like him alot too but he never has anything bad to say about the Jews…and the Jew bankers and Jew elite are the ones doing the mischief on the earth…

  • Mark Meyers

    There is no shortage of speculation here.

  • Bruce Montalvo

    I doubt that Israel will give asylum to a descendant of Ernst Kaltenbrunner plus he would have to convert to Judaism which he won’t this article is pure and total bullshit !

  • http://www.gvoo.com/ Bumsfeld

    This jerk is a disinfo plant or he is off his meds.

    • Herman Christ

      I’m president and CEO of the Illuminati, and we’re going to get you. Better pack your bags, cause you’re going straight to a FEMA camp to work in the underground salt mines forever, slave.

      • ZephyrLux

        Ummm…Mr CEO sir. I know this is quite the public place to do this..but I’m seriously getting no traction with HR. I was promised a bonus after my two hundredth sock puppet shill account and I’ve yet to see anything. Not even a crappy rough blood diamond. Any help you can give me would be very much appreciated. Sir.

      • Jason Wilson

        you’re the president of stupidity and the ceo of buffoons.

      • http://www.gvoo.com/ Bumsfeld

        GET THIS!!

  • ZephyrLux

    cool story bro..

  • Anti

    I suppose Alex Jones is getting too close to the truth then… the usual dis info to get people confused as to who is who once more, meanwhile the banksters get their way by hiding in the shadows…

    We need to throw these Banksters and their corrupt illegal banking system to the wall..HARD.

  • Duane Kosmicki

    Sounds like a Bogus story to me … a fortiori!

    • Duane Kosmicki

      Bogus News from Bogus Snowflake – I gather! Really?