Have Questions On The Holocaust? Tony Blair Wants You Arrested

Former Prime Minister Tony Blair is taking on a new role in “combating anti-Semitism’, becoming chairman of the European Council on Tolerance and Reconciliation (ECTR). 

In his new role Mr. Blair will lobby to make it a criminal offence for anybody to question the Holocaust in Europe, including the UK. 

Yahoo News reports:

Writing in The Times, Mr Blair and Moshe Kantor, a Russian-­born Jewish businessman, warned that Europe is at a turning point.

“We live in dangerous times,” they wrote. “There have been three periods in the past hundred years when the annual GDP growth in Europe went below 1%: first in 1913, just before the First World War, second in 1938, just before the Second World War, and third in 2014.

“Economic decline fuels instability.”

Mr Blair and Mr Kantor pointed to a recent report on global anti-Semitic incidents by the Kantor Centre at Tel Aviv University, which found 2014 was one of the worst years in the past decade.

The ex-PM confirmed last month that he was to step down as the representative of the Quartet – US, European Union, United Nations and Russia – in the Middle East.

But he has insisted he will remain engaged with the peace process.

  • johnygo

    Tony Blair must be arrested along with G W Bush and Dick Cheeny for war crimes. the Holocaust did not happen ?? where is the freedom belief.?

  • RH156

    When Tony and Cherie Blair tried to have me jailed

    On 10 November 1999 Sir Richard Body MP put down this Early Day Motion (EDM) in the House of Commons :


    Sir Richard Body

    That this House regrets that the Right honourable Member for Sedgefield [Tony Blair] attempted to persuade the Metropolitan Police to bring criminal charges against Robert Henderson, concerning the Right honourable Member’s complaints to the police of an offence against the person, malicious letters and racial insult arising from letters Robert Henderson had written to the Right honourable Member complaining about various instances of publicly-reported racism involving the Labour Party; and that, after the Crown Prosecution Service rejected the complaints of the Right honourable Member and the Right honourable Member failed to take any civil action against Robert Henderson, Special Branch were employed to spy upon Robert Henderson, notwithstanding that Robert Henderson had been officially cleared of any illegal action.

    This motion is now part of the official House of Commons record.


    The EDM gives the bare bones of a truly bizarre story. On 13 March 1997, during the six most important weeks of Blair’s life – the 1997 General Election campaign – Tony and Cherie Blair tried to have me put in prison. Through Belgravia Police – Parliament’s local nick – they attempted but comprehensively failed to have me prosecuted for three separate and utterly disparate criminal offences, namely common assault and breaches of the Malicious Communications and Race Relations Acts. The attempt was immediately and unceremoniously rejected by the Crown Prosecution Service (CPS) who returned the papers within a few hours of them being submitted to them by the police.

    After the Blairs’ humiliating failure to have me prosecuted, I was quite illegally placed under surveillance by the state – I used the Data Protection Act to prove that Special Branch and MI5 had opened files on me and a Daily Mirror story of 25 3 1997 stated that Special Branch were involved (“ Special Branch, who organise protection for MPs, have been informed of the situation”). This surveillance was instigated despite the fact that the CPS had said no crime had been committed and I had never made anything which could have been construed as a threat against them. Tellingly, despite having taking the time to make a complaint against me alleging criminal activity, they refused to take civil action against me despite the much lower evidential test for civil actions (the balance of probabilities test rather than the criminal case standard of beyond a reasonable doubt).

    Read more at https://livinginamadhouse.wordpress.com/2010/10/26/when-tony-and-cherie-blair-tried-to-have-me-jailed/

  • Boris M Garsky

    Instead of engaging in fair debate and discussion, Blair wants you censored and imprisoned. What is he attempting to hide? Me thinks- the truth!

  • Robbin Banks

    That’s no problem Blair. I don’t question it.I can tell you for a fact, their were NO gas chambers in Germany and nowhere near 6 million Jews died. Auschwitz museum has altered its plaque down from 4 million to 1.5. Skin Lampshades and shrunken skulls at Nurenburg were lies. Prescot Bush and Rockefeller were helping Hitler but I don’t deny the Holocaust. I stand by official figures released by the red cross and all documentation found after ww2. If anybody on the face of the earth can produce official, genuine plans, documents and paperwork seized from Germany. Proving the construction of chambers and how they operated or where they were, I’ll turn Jewish myself. I don’t question Obama claiming his uncle helped liberate Auschwitz. I guess his uncle was Russian because Russians liberated it. The zio mafia are not very bright. Common sense tells most people that once evidence is common knowledge, their is NO need to jail people, ridicule them. label them. accuse them, stereotype them. You would simply point out how they were PROVEN wrong. Meanwhile all efforts to silence such questions and further the extent prepared to go in attempt to do so only strengthens the chance the majority of gullible believers to the official story will come to that conclusion themselves so CARRY ON DIGGING BLAIR, YOU MORON. Maybe people will start joining the dots and comparing similar pressure on questioning other historical events that are still of yet unproven. Like who attacked U.S.S Liberty. What happened to MS Media reports of the arrests made near GW bridge and the van of explosives seized on 9/11 and why was it NEVER mentioned after 9/11? Why did all MS Media report secondary explosives in the building blown up in Oklahoma on the first day and NEVER again? Who declared 27 people dead in 8 minutes at Sandy Hook and why were Paramedics and air ambulances topped from saving children lives or even trying? When are the majority going to wake up?

  • http://jamessssmith.com/2015/04/04/john-woodman-an-epilogue/ James Smith

    The truth is; it was a Christian Holocaust and the Jewish Jacob De Rothschild and his best band of Jewish war criminals perpetrated a well planned mass murder and for deep cover they then claim they were the one’s being persecuted… https://jamessssmith.com/