Hillary Accused Of Defrauding Arizona Voters, Investigation Ordered

Hillary defrauds voters in Arizona

Hillary Clinton has been accused of orchestrating voter fraud during Arizona’s Democratic primary vote on Tuesday, as thousands of voters have complained that their votes were unknowingly changed to independent – preventing them from voting for Democratic rival Bernie Sanders. 

Authorities have announced an official investigation into claims that the Clinton campaign were part of a vote rigging scandal to prevent Bernie Sanders from winning the State.

Thehornnews.com reports:

One voter posted a picture with the following explanation, “Fraud in AZ? I am a long time registered Dem. I was when I voted in Nov. and when I checked Feb. 15th. Today, Nada. Given a provisional ballot, and yes, I reported it.”


The larger concern is with previously independent voters who had registered as Democrats specifically to vote in Arizona’s primary. These voters are considered a major threat to Clinton, as they are believed to overwhelmingly support Sanders.

Some of those voters were turned away, and others were given provisional ballots that may not be counted at all. Those decisions are made independently by the local Recorder’s Office.

Sanders supporters went to social media in force to cry foul, many believing that the Clinton campaign had a hand in the alleged election fraud.

According to the local news station 12News, “The party had said earlier in the day it was investigating why the voters, who said they were registered Democrats, were misidentified.”

A visibly upset Arizona voter created a video of her frustrating Tuesday experience. In the her explanation she says:

“OUTRIGHT VOTER FRAUD!! Okay Everyone! I posted earlier about my being denied my legal right to vote this morning. I went to the Pima County Recorders office and video taped the whole thing. Here’s what they are doing. They are copying voter registration cards changing the date and the party preference. They can’t change the original because that goes out to the party. At first she tried to say I sent in a second voter registration card (of course I didn’t not) then she changes her story to its a computer glitch then states it’s an error.”

  • Amy

    I would just like to point out this is election fraud and voter suppression. Voter fraud refers to someone trying to vote multiple times which almost never happens and has huge consequences. Some use the threat of voter fraud to commit voter suppression by making tougher ID laws, which is why the terminology matters. Voter suppression is a major problem and voter fraud is not. Thanks!

  • Sherrie Dee Augusta

    They have to make clear that this is not the first state this has happened in. What are the chances that every state she has won has the same problem?

  • A&E

    AP called the AZ primary for Clinton with only 1% of the vote in and while thousands still waited in line to vote. Hillary HAD the election on the basis of early voting, so that’s what they went with and curtailed participatory voting at the polls to the largest extent possible.

    • gr8fuldaniel

      By “curtailed” you mean they suppressed the election by committing FRAUD?

      • kwkr

        Lol yes tell it like it is, no “curtailing” about it!

    • Tad Dunlap

      Do you understand basic math? There weren’t enough votes outstanding even if every registered Dem voted to have made a diff. Arizona doesn’t allow same day registration so it was a known quantity that morning and the early vote in Arizona was massive. When that count came in, they called it as there was no mathematical possibility anyone but Trump and Clinton could win. Period.

      • kwkr

        You dont KNOW that! You dont know how many voters were turned away! You dont know how many Independents had switched! And if they did know, its worse than ever! There is no damn way anyone knew how many more would have voted. Your saying she had more votes than the whole rest of registered Dem and Ind voters in all of ARIZONA!! Lol thats really a joke and it WASNT a known quantity of how many voters were left because their affiliated parties were CHANGED, the only way they could have known is if THEY had changed them!

        • Tad Dunlap

          You don’t think they know how many were registered ? seriously? And they do have to pick a party in Ariz. so what diff does it make how many were formerly whatever. Just do the math.

      • RockheadedMama

        Not at all true. There were 300,000+ early votes cast. There were 800,000+ votes cast the day of the election. Not nearly enough early votes to pre-determine the results.

        • Tad Dunlap

          No. You’re counting the entire turnout for both R and D to get the 800 K. To predict the winner on either side , you only need the number voting for that party. The early vote was heavily in favor of Trump and Clinton so the pct voting in person at the time the networks made their call is not determinative.

  • Liv Heffernan

    Happening in other places too… see posts here: https://www.facebook.com/groups/reportvotetampering/

  • PolyEsta Wyldesage

    This entire affair is upsetting… but the part that is the MOST upsetting to me is that there were terror threats involved and nobody but Arizona local press and RT covered it. There were FOUR phoned in bomb threats AND a suspicious package that interfered with ballot processing AND shut down the voter suppression hotline. Even in hoax bomb threats, a terrorist threat is a serious crime ESPECIALLY if it interferes with a free and fair election. It legally IS full on terrorism, and it threatens to undermine the fabric of our democracy. I started a petition demanding the FBI launch a full terror investigation. Please consider signing and sharing it wherever you can.


    • gr8fuldaniel

      I signed it.
      “There are currently 864 signatures. NEW goal – We need 1,000 signatures!”

  • gr8fuldaniel

    It is “Voter Fraud” when the voters commit fraud, It is “Election Fraud” when the election is hacked, suppressed or otherwise defrauded from within the election system.

    “Voter Fraud” and “Election Fraud” are opposites.

  • not telling

    I find this hard to believe. How in the hell would Hillary know who is voting for bernie and who would be voting for her. How would she know who’s registration to have changed. That is why I call bull shit on this story. I am thinking Sanders is just a poor loser and I am guessing if he loses at Monopoly someone had to of cheated. as he can’t lose right? I call bull shit.

    • Mike Fry

      No one can know specifically who an individual is going to vote for. However, we do know, via polling, how certain categories of people are likely to vote. People who were registered Independents and then registered Democrat have a very high likelihood of voting Sanders.

      Beyond that, as many have pointed out elsewhere, because Sanders was a relative unknown to many people not that long ago, Clinton had a strong advantage in early voting. But, Sanders was picking up steam in AZ very quickly, and according to many sources was winning same-day voters. Therefore, suppressing the vote on voting day, after all of the early votes were in, would strongly benefit Clinton.

    • kwkr

      How come it was ONLY those that had been independant and changed or peole voting for Bernie. If it was an honest mistake why were there not a bunch of Hs supporters done the same?. We are NOT sore losers i guarendam tee if it was happening to thousands of H voters they would be screaming to the rafters, as well they should. How come no H supporters after standing in line for 4 hours were turned away? How many H voters were given provisional ballots that may not even count? A blind person could see this blatant attempt to suppress Bernie voters. As a smart rational person im sure you can see a pattern? I would never follow someone so blindly with the amount of
      evidence in Arizona, Illinois and NOW found in New York. If this was happening to H voters and Sanders seemed to be the source i would jump ship in a minute. Integity is a must of our President and i just dont think H has a lot.

      • not telling

        My aunt was registered as a Democratic and she was planning on voting for Hillary and somehow Hers was changed to Republican. So it isn’t only Bernie supporters who had issues.

  • Otowner5

    I personally know life long Democrats in their 40s and 50s who were told that they were registered as “Independents” or even Republicans when they got to the polls, and this is happening in EVERY OTHER closed primary State too! it happened in FL and MA, and it’s taking place in CA, NY, PA, MD and KY. And what about the multiple bomb threats in AZ on election day? And the fact that the AP called the election with only 1% of the votes tallied, while people were still in line waiting to vote?! Hillary declared herself the victor seconds later, as if she expected it, and Bernie had been way ahead in the exit polls (Cruz was ahead of Trump too, btw). They waited until EIGHTY-EIGHT percent of the ballots were tallied to call it for Bernie, and Clinton didn’t win a SINGLE County in HI, WA, and AK. Bernie won those States by 71%-82%!! Yet the media is largely silent, and the DNC and Hillary have no comments. DESPICABLE!!

    • not telling

      it’s not only Bernie supporters having issues. My aunt was registered as a Democratic and she was planning on voting
      for Hillary and somehow Hers was changed to Republican. So it isn’t only
      Bernie supporters who had issues.

  • Terry Edwards

    WOW.. I’ve heard it all she was declared winner of AZ. when people were still in line, waiting to vote…. and your not calling this voter FRAUD, THEN WHAT IS…. Her husband less then 150 feet in the election post for over 2 hr. What the hell was that…. Clintion Fraud all over it…