Hillary Clinton Supporters Must Have Their Heads Buried In The Sand

Hillary Clinton

If you are a Hillary Clinton supporter then you have either your head buried in the sand or are ignorant of Karma (the laws of cause and effect).

Democratic presidential hopeful Hillary Clinton dominated the last CNN presidential debate by being allowed, with the help of the presstitute media, to gain the upper hand. The debate was orchestrated by so called neutral moderators in favor of Clinton rather than her only rival, Sen. Bernie Sanders, who was shut out, tripped and drowned by a torrent of craftily orchestrated questions.

There is a reason for the obvious biased reporting. The former Secretary of State has done a lot of damage to America and countries in South America and elsewhere in the world. Her past needs to be kept under wraps for the establishment to get her to become president. The presstitute media do the establishment’s work.

Rinf reports: Why Anyone Who Votes For Hillary Is Ignorant, Stupid, And/Or Psychopathic

By Eric Zuesse

This is the result of her action: https://theintercept.com/2016/03/11/drugs-dams-and-power-the-murder-of-honduran-activist-berta-caceres/

This is how she did it: http://www.globalresearch.ca/hillary-clintons-six-foreign-policy-catastrophes/5509543?print=1

And this is what she says about it, in retrospect: http://www.salon.com/2016/04/15/hillary_clinton_is_lying_about_the_criminal_u_s_backed_coup_in_honduras_it_should_be_as_scan

If the Democratic Party, for which I have voted throughout my life, nominates Hillary Clinton for President, then I (being neither ignorant, nor stupid, nor psychopathic) will consider the Democratic Party, and the people who vote for it, as being now run by psychopaths, and as relying upon votes from individuals who are ignoramuses and/or idiots — I’ll never again support the national Democratic Party. I haven’t been, and will not be, a Republican (and anyone who is, after Bush’s 2003 invasion of Iraq, is beneath even basic decency), but if Hillary becomes the Party’s nominee, then the Democratic Party is just as rotten, from its top on down, as the Republican Party is — and, with Hillary as its Presidential nominee, anyone who would be denying the fact of its rottenness, under such a circumstance, would necessarily be either ignorant, stupid, or psychopathic. That’s an undeniable scientific fact about the Party, if it runs a person such as that, as its Presidential nominee.

After the Nazi Party ran Adolf Hitler as its nominee in Germany’s 1933 election, is there anyone today who would vote Nazi who isn’t ignorant, stupid, and/or psychopathic? Of course not. For the masses of people in Honduras — the murder capital of the world after Hillary stanched up and defended and kept in power its fascist coup-regime in 2009 — their country is approximately as terrifying as Hitler’s Germany was terrifying to Jews. All decent people will feel repugnance at the very thought of Hillary Clinton becoming the Democratic Party’s nominee, and no intelligent person will trust anything she says, because her record shows her true character, which is plain repulsive.

For example, she recently said “The Legislature—or the national Legislature in Honduras and the national judiciary actually followed the law in removing President Zelaya”, but even her own U.S. Ambassador in Honduras, Hugo Llorens, right after the coup, wrote to her the contrary (and she ignored what he and all decent persons were saying — and her refusal to call it a “coup” enabled U.S. government funds to be released to prop up the dictators, despite the universal condemnation of them by other countries):

The actions of June 28 can only be considered a coup d’etat by the legislative branch, with the support of the judicial branch and the military, against the executive branch. It bears mentioning that, whereas the resolution adopted June 28 refers only to Zelaya, its effect was to remove the entire executive branch. Both of these actions clearly exceeded Congress’s authority. … No matter what the merits of the case against Zelaya, his forced removal by the military was clearly illegal, and  [puppett-leader Roberto] Micheletti’s ascendance as ‘interim president’ was totally illegitimate.

She still brazenly lies through her teeth. And ‘Democratic’ suckers and psychopaths still take seriously what she says, and vote for her. If that’s not repulsive, what is?

As Jonathan Watts recently noted, in Britain’s Guardian:

Environmental activists are more likely to be killed in Honduras than any other country, according to a study by the NGO Global Witness. More than 80% of murders go unpunished. Part of the problem, according to the InterIACHR, is that the military has taken on roles that should be left to a civilian police. They tend to work in conjunction with powerful interests, while human rights activists are criminalised.

Due to the widespread condemnation of the Honduran Government for the murder of Berta Cáceres, the Honduran Government is allegedly now trying to build a case against someone else within her own environmental organization to prosecute for it.

Without the Obama Administration’s support, the coup-regime wouldn’t have lasted out the year. Hillary even tried to block the democratically elected President, Manuel Zelaya, from being returned to the country. It’s clear where her heart is: it’s with the money, not with the people.

She should be in prison, not in the White House.Hillary Clinton

Edmondo Burr

BA Economics/Statistics
Assistant Editor
  • Roxanne GoldieRocks Toussaint

    Why would you use a photo of an Australian protest held in response to Australia’s stance on climate change?
    This photo has nothing to do with Hillary Clinton.
    (and I am not a Clinton supporter, I’m actually Canadian, but followed this Australian protest.)

    • Roxanne GoldieRocks Toussaint

      Do you even have permission to use this pic?

  • http://jamessssmith.com/2015/04/04/john-woodman-an-epilogue/ James Smith

    One of must have our heads in the sand or up a De Rothschild U.N. communist something or other for the paycheck… https://jamessssmith.com/2015/04/04/john-woodman-an-epilogue/

    Hillary Clinton is a blatant prima facie proven war criminal, a Christian genocidal enemy combatant sociopath communist maniac.

  • thestash565

    The invasion of Iraq was totally justified. DO you know anything of Saddam Hussein warcrimes and his regime? He was the hitler of the middle east. Plus you must consider he was in control of 25% of the world’s oil supply, potentially enough for US economic collapse if he pulled the oil reigns out from our fingers. To say the Iraq War was unquestionably a mistake displays willful ignorance (chief tenet of the Dem party) at best, and downright traitorous/inhuman at worst. The biggest mistake the Bush admin made in the Iraq invasion was Cheney’s push for fewer ground troops. An invasion and occupation needed around a million to be effective, his absurd estimates called for about 150,000 (not a capable force against half a million insurgents). Further, your life long support for the democratic party implies that you trust some level of socialist force, which to a ration erudite, translates to a base misunderstanding of funcitonal economic theory. No one studied political thinker, perhaps outside of Karl Marx (who is not credible despite what liberal campuses across the country may assert) grants the modern democratic party any merit whatsoever on their tax codes, macro economic theory, or capital gains legislation. Democrats are the emotional, uninformed masses, and republicans are common sense, tough on the issues, and led by erudite political theorists.

    • Mar

      Just so you know…the people of Iraq are begging for his return and wish he’d never been killed. They are suffering more now than ever before. He was a madman, to be sure and I believe his sons were much worse, but he also allowed Jews to worship in their Temples, as well as Christians and in fact told all of his guards to leave them in peace. These Jews were free to leave, yet wished to stay in their homeland. He did not force Sharia Law and allowed children, both girls and boys to attend school. As a matter of fact, school was enforced and they had to attend. This is coming from the citizens giving interviews for news outlets after his death. They don’t have to say this, as they have nothing to fear now. They long for his return. It was not a good life, but it was life. Now, they have nothing.