Hitler’s death – 5 facts about his final hours

Adolf HItler takes a nap watched by wife Eva Braun

Today is the 70th anniversary of the day Adolph Hitler committed suicide in his bunker. Here are 5 facts about the final hours of his despicable life.

The Chancellor of Germany and leader of the Third Reich liked to eat spaghetti with a salad every day and the last day of his life was no exception. He married his long-term mistress Eva Braun the day before he committed suicide. Braun refused to be shot in case it destroyed her face so she insisted on taking a cyanide capsule at the precise time Hitler pulled the trigger and bit down on a cyanide pill simultaneously. The Fuhrer was nothing if not coordinated. He shot himself at 3.30 pm. When the son of his PR mastermind Goebbels heard the sound from an adjoining room he shouted “Bullseye!” without realising the significance of what he’d heard as there was constant gunfire nearby from the approaching Russians.

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