Insider Reveals The Shocking Person Who Is Trump’s VP Choice

Trump and Vice Presidential nominee John Kasich

One of the biggest things on people’s minds who are following the current 2016 US Presidential Election is “who will Donald Trump choose to be his running mate for Vice President?”

Well now, has exclusively learned from sources connected to the Trump campaign that Trump and his advisors allegedly have been having meetings as early as October, 2015 with one of his opponents – a person that Donald Trump feels will be the best bet for a running mate in what is sure to be a tight election.

The Trump Card?

“Trump and [John] Kasich had a meeting in October [2015] where they discussed the election moving forward.

The source continues: “[Donald] Trump straight-out asked Kasich if he would consider being his running mate. Trump felt at the time that if Kasich won Ohio – a state Trump desperately needs to win the Presidential election – then Kasich would be the absolute smartest pick for a running mate.”

Our source tells us that in that meeting, Kasich and Trump committed to nothing official, but agreed that if Trump took the lead, Kasich would jump on board.

While both men have had their differences, it is interesting that someone like Kasich – who, until Super Tuesday 3 had won no primaries or caucuses, stayed in the race while people like Rubio, who have won states – drop out.

“Trump has Kasich on standby – they will discuss when to announce their joint ticket very soon – and then everyone will know that this has been the plan all along.”

So, YNW readers: what do you think about a potential Trump/Kasich ticket? Does that change anything for you as a voter? Let us know in the comments below!

  • diane

    Ridiculous. Kasuck stands for everything The Donald is against.. Kasuck is a piece of garbage. This article is an attempt to smear Trump.

    • wayne schaffer

      Kasich took four hundred thousand dollars from geo soros
      i dont trust his liberal attitude nor shoul want a winning tkt? Trump cruz 16

      • Betty Anderson

        I was hoping you would choose Dr. Ben Carson. I think you two would make a much better team. Regardless of who you choose, you still have my vote.

  • bobinthebox

    If he picks Kasich, that is Trump’s admittance to being a Zionist. Kasich is a Wall Street favorite. With this combo the Republicans will lose again. I expect a soft coup, soon. Then we will have a real Constitutional election with candidates who will be Constitutionally minded. The Corporate U.S., will rise again.

  • I Am Who I Am

    Check Mate!

  • serious woman

    I don’t trust Kasich. He is for common core, cutting SS benefits, AMNESTY and he was investigated by the FBI in 2012 for bribery charges..check it out. I would not be surprised if he caused himself to win Ohio. And he is hard core establishment.

  • Lindamae1

    Uh, no. Kasich was funded by George Soros..big money.
    Trump gave contributions to N.Y. candidates who were to win the elections, hence so many Democrats. Trump also sponsored two Romney fundraisers.
    Select a woman gov or Congressional star.

    • CW

      Which define,deeper,the Soros Trump connection. More so then a business partnership or any other relationship they may have? Hmmm.

  • BlueRegent

    he has twitchy mouth muscles. But he might not be a bad choice, due to his previous experience in government.

  • Barb

    no, no, no – not Kasick. he’s gotta go with Herman Cain or maybe Ben Carson.

  • Vickie Wright

    I am from Ohio & was sick when Kasich won. If that is what Mr Trump feels is the best pick, I will support (who ever) he chooses!!
    GO TRUMP 2016!!!!???

    • Vickie Wright

      Just NOT lieing Crus!!!

  • Robert Wright

    I doubt that Kasich will be his choice … Kasich is a jerk off POS not at all trustworthy …

    I would find it hard to support a ticket with Kasich or Cruz on it …

  • Marilyn Wilkins

    It is quickly appearing that if John Kasich is chosen as a VP to Trump, that Trump owes us a full explanation of his & Soros’ relationship. The sooner the better.