Is Greece About To Enter Into A Civil War?

ATM withdrawals in Greece are seeing many machines completely emptied of cash, sparking clashes on the streets.

With the public opinion divided on the bailout deal, could the referendum vote become the catalyst that sees Greek people enter into a civil war? reports:

[Note: This was translated from its original German]

Alexis Tsipras has put his country in turmoil.

In Kolonaki Square there were long queues at the ATMs of the National Bank of Greece. The people tried to stock up on cash before it ran out.  The bank run, which had begun in the form of transfers to foreign accounts long ago, is now visible in the streets.

From Athens and other parts of Greece there are reports that there are already empty ATMs. The two ATMs in the Greek Parliament were completely emptied, as multiple news agencies reported. There were even long queues at gas stations.

Many Greeks fear that their country is on the way out of the euro and that their money will be converted into the largely worthless drachma.

This fear is not unfounded. The Greek Government have unilaterally terminated Euro negotiations, now must be face the consequences, Federal Finance Minister Wolfgang Schäuble said.

“We fear unrest,” says one Athenian. “At the latest on Monday, there are clashes in the streets.”

Observers report that there are queues at ATMs not only in the affluent areas of Athens but more prominently in the poorer suburbs, where anger at the austerity program is greatest.  No one wants to lose their savings.

Even people who consider themselves a leftist, feel Tsipras’ approach isimpossible. “He is a coward,” complains a journalist of an influential Greek newspaper. “Tsipras has can be talked into this strategy by Finance Janis Varoufakis.”

On social networks there have been vocal cotrasts between the euro opponents and Euro-supporters. Dimitris Kammenos of the Anel Party posted on his Facebook page an image of the storage passage of Auschwitz. Above the gate were the words: “We remain in Europe”. His party distanced itself from it.

Frightening was the rather fierce support for Kammenos on Twitter. Radical Euro-opponents compared the austerity program of the Euro-partners with the slavery by the Nazis.

One thing is clear: Greece’s society is deeply divided. And Tsipras’ approach deepened this division yet.

  • Stefanos Lyk

    Right … Im very sorry to comment on that kind of articles but that kind of’journalism’ (if i can call you a journalist at all) is the definition of misinformation and spread of false news. Civil war in Greece? HA! Why even should there be a civil war in Greece? Because of the referendum which took place during Sunday? Dear Sir i would like to inform You that referendums are the ultimate proof that the nation which gave birth to democracy still keep and work in democratic conditions. If its not about the people given the choice to accept or decline the austerity and unfair measures the global bankers require (and no a referendum about staying or leaving the Eurozone or E.U ) then what democracy are the people looking for? Now I would like to inform You also about the ATM’s. You don’t need to have major economical knowledge to understand that if people will take out ALL the money from their bank accounts the nation will bankrupt. ANY nation in which that action will take place.So the measure taken was a max daily withdrawal of 60 euro (which is a lot to spend by the way) . A measure which does not affect foreign visitors. Now You will ask why to fall in panic and withdraw them? An easy answer : Cause of false news media are spreading. Now the clash issue. Please give at least one link of clashes between the supporters of YES & NO . Both rallies were attended by hundreds of thousands of people , the distance between the two rallies was less than 800m. and nothing happened. Tsipras , comparing to All the previous goverments were corrupted and rotten to the bone and the only responsible for the problems Greece is facing today,is the only politician which seems to care about the citizens of Greece up to now and the only one who refuse to agree to sign measures which will only bring the complete disaster of Greece economy.But why analyze the measures more when the IMF itself agreed that all the previous measures taken, havent helped Greece but enlarged the problem. That’s all i had to say , will be very happy if You as a editor in chief would be more careful in which reports You choose to keep as false or true (Welt has already misinformed people regarding Greek Crisis , if im not mistaken 2 days ago they even published an interview with Greek politicians , an interview which never took place). Wish You all the best .