Israeli Forces Pound Gaza Strip After False Iron Dome Alert

The IDF pounded a Palestinian town on Sunday evening after Israel’s Iron Dome defense system activated during a Hamas military drill in Gaza.

It had confused machine gun fire with incoming projectiles.

The Iron Dome missile system was activated several times late on Sunday as a result of artillery fire from the Hamas drill.

There were no immediate reports on possible casualties from the attack.

RT reports: Late-night sirens across several Israeli communities on Sunday prompted the Israeli Defense Forces (IDF) to activate the country’s Iron Dome anti-missile shield. While many ran for cover in the cities of Sderot and Ashkelon, some residents of the Southern District of Israel instead recorded the fireworks display, as the Iron Dome fired about ten Tamir missiles, valued at around $50,000 each, against imaginary targets in the night sky.

The sudden explosive spectacle was triggered by a live fire military exercise being held by Gaza’s Hamas on Sunday, the IDF soon realized. While detonating bombs and firing machine guns during the drill, Hamas forces also reportedly launched a couple of missiles, but in the opposite direction of Israel, towards the Mediterranean Sea.

“All of the alarms were triggered by machine gun fire in Gaza. There were no rockets which fell inside Israeli territory,” IDF Spokesman Brig.-Gen. Ronen Manelis told reporters, adding that the Iron Dome was also “used against machine gun fire.”

While the Israeli military is looking into the circumstances behind the Iron Dome system’s premature response, Abu Ubaida, spokesman of Hamas’ armed wing, firmly stated that no rockets were fired towards Israel.

Furthermore, despite the fact that Hamas had warned Israeli residents ahead of the drill, telling them that the exercise would be “defensive,” Israel retaliated against “unusual machine gun fire towards Israel” by targeting two observation posts in the northern Gaza Strip. Israel “takes seriously all types of fire aimed at Israeli territory,” the IDF said, reiterating Israel’s long-standing position that Hamas bears responsibility “for any terror emanating from the Gaza Strip”.

Hamas lashed out against the Israeli response, claiming that Tel Aviv is aggravating tensions in the already unstable enclave. “The enemy (Israel) bears responsibility for any escalation and we will not stand handcuffed against any aggression,” Abu Ubaida was quoted as saying by Reuters.

  • Steve S

    Killing innocent civilians sounds like a war crime to me.

    • Alexis Poncheto

      People die in wars….. that’s why they are called wars…. when people get together and nobody dies it is then called a picnic… so yeah … wake up and smell the coffee dreamboat…lol.. People die in wars… hold onto your seat diknose…you haven’t seen nothing yet….

      • noscams

        So you’re saying Israel has declared war in this attack?
        Unprecedented! Israel has always played the role of victim.

        • Guest

          moosliums have attacked Israel many many times and Israel has protected themselves always and they have that right to ,,,

          • noscams

            The only purpose of input from the people of the lie is your own self-debasement.

          • Guest

            Lie ? you likely believe there is a Palestine ?

    • Guest

      Steve S

      moosliums have been killing innocent people for over 1400 years now , is it wrong for the innocent to protect themselves ? Nope

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  • Guest

    machine gun fire ?? looks to be triple AAA to me and its very dangerous coming back to earth …

    Anti-aircraft warfare h ttps://en.wikipedia. org/wiki/Anti-aircraft_warfare