James Holmes ‘Real’ Mother: “Family Is Full Of FBI”

Deborah Cave alleges to be James Holmes’ real biological mother, and claims that her son was set-up by the FBI for the Colorado mass shooting that left 12 people dead. 


During the closing arguments for the trial, Deborah stood up and pleaded “don’t kill him”, before claiming that his current surrogate family are “full of FBI”.


In the clip below she also says her son is mentally ill, before being dragged out of the court room by security guards.

Holmes was found guilty of murder earlier in July, and awaits sentencing.

Could this outburst lend weight to the claim that James Holmes had an accomplice when he committed the murders? Could the ‘FBI’ claim mean that Holmes was under some kind of MKUltra program? 

  • Inshirah Mahal

    The problem I have with your theory is that I saw light dancing UFOs 20 years ago.It was not flares. I can’t say it was not advanced human technology, but if it was, it was seriously advanced. I think the deception is too complex to know the truth and actual alien presence cannot be so easily dismissed. It can be used though.