Lawsuit Filed: Court To Count Real Bernie Sanders Vote Tally

Bernie Sanders earned more pledged delegates than Hillary Clinton in the Democratic primaries and now a long awaited lawsuit has finally been filed in Ohio alleging that systematic and coordinated election fraud stole the presidential nomination from Sanders.

Bernie Sanders earned more pledged delegates than Hillary Clinton in the Democratic primaries and now a long awaited lawsuit has finally been filed in Ohio alleging that systematic and coordinated election fraud stole the presidential nomination from Sanders.

Filed by the Institute for American Democracy and Election Integrity, the lawsuit presents evidence of statistically impossible differences between exit polls and electronic vote totals.

The first stage of the legal action will involve obtaining raw exit poll data from a media consortium. The second stage will seek access to actual ballots for recounts and verification of machine totals.

Cliff Arnebeck, a prominent election integrity attorney leading the case, states:

Bob Fitrakis the lawyer and board member and writer of the Columbus Institute of Contemporary Journalism, has filed the first Ohio Election Integrity Lawsuit against Edison Media Research to release the raw data which shows such dramatic differences on exit polls and electronic vote totals in eleven states in the presidential primaries throughout the US.

Our examining the ballots will show us who really won the Democratic presidential primary. Although Bernie may have already conceded by that time or before then, at least he will know what the truth was about how many votes he really garnered. He can do with that what he wants.” reports:

In 2004 Arnebeck filed a lawsuit against Ohio Secretary of State Kenneth Blackwell and Bush administration operative Karl Rove over election fraud in the 2004 Ohio presidential primary. A string of lawsuits continued until a key witness, Republican IT guru Mike Connell, was killed in a small plane crash weeks after he was deposed in the case.

The current lawsuit requests that media organizations release the raw data for 2016 exit polls, stored at the University of Connecticut, for the first time.

The Institute statement reads:

The exit polls have been adjusted to fit electronic vote totals since 2004 when they appeared to show Kerry winning against Bush. Explanations were developed at that time to explain the differences between the exit polls and the vote totals which was that exit polls are generally unreliable. This assessment of exit poll reliability was developed by Karl Rove who was an assistant to George Bush.

Exit polls and electronic vote totals differed greatly in eleven states. After citizens on the Internet began to notice the wide discrepancies, the exit poll sponsors, The Media Consortium and Edison Media Research, canceled exit polls for all remaining states in the primary season.

The Institute is asking the public’s help in spreading word of the lawsuit. The full release can read at The Institute for American Democracy and Election Integrity website.

Baxter Dmitry

Baxter Dmitry

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Baxter Dmitry
  • Quest

    The court being used for this case is just as rigged as the “Election Tabulations Committee” who perpetrated the counting fraud. The saddest part of this effort though,
    is that Sanders, Clinton, or any of the rest of the candidates for either party, all represent the power system in place who want to destroy our sovereignty. Ask yourself if any of the real issues that are destroying our democracy and constitutional society are ever addressed? The answer is no. The UN, NATO and Rome Statute of the International Criminal Court are all powerless due to this ongoing power structure some call the [New World Order], [Agenda2030] or [PNAC]. Research these issues and demand answers from any choice for president you would support. You will find out none will even touch any of these issues as it is deemed political suicide.

    Take the time needed everyday to teach your children about the principles and rights that are at risk if let gone un-addressed. Education and Organization is of the upmost importance to effect positive changes. Government is suppose to belong to you the people. Right now it is completely in the hands of a dangerous few who represent an evil master.

    • mike schwarzer

      That was the great hope, Bernie would bring community back, jobs, factories. Has Hillary said anything about continuing Obama’s sell out. Bernie is no favorite of the 62 who own 1/2 the planet. Look at Dupont the nutbar, just because your ultra rich doesn’t mean you earned it. Inheritance should have the shit taxed out of it. Of course the crowd could always get ugly and do the french revolution thing. Could you image these people being hunted by the CIA, Interpol, UN, etc. No place to hide. So with great power comes great responsiblity. But this shadow bank cabal, either becomes increasingly benevolent or there is fertile ground for insurrection and anarchy. Is that what Fema is preparing for?

      • Kevin Schmidt

        Quick! Go hide under your bed!

        • mike schwarzer

          Already there. You have to be an old fart like me to see what you have lost. You’ve lost allot. Huge as Bernie would say. You’ve lost your democracy, the real question is can you get it back?

          • Kevin Schmidt

            Can you vote for Bernie? He will help the people finally gain control of their government.

            By the way, we never really had Democracy in America. Right from the start, America was ruled by wealthy, land owning white guys. Nothing has changed since then, except that now America is ruled by wealthy guys who don’t even have to be American or men. They just have to be billionaires.

          • mike schwarzer

            Yes JDR was a wealthy white guy. But non the less a man of the people. So rich or poor, it is always the quality of the person.

            Hillary, Trump – NO QUALITY. After decades of rulers with no quality. They have forgotten the people and sold out the nation. Obama included because of no jail time for wall street’s and despot bills like the TPP. He’s looking after his patrons so they will look after him after he’s president. Obama is a sell out to big money which is why his second term has been so disappointing. Hillary needs to break with Obama and not be his protege. If undermines her along with BJ Clinton’s active association. Also with the election fraud,there is no way Bernie people will accept her. She would need to be as convincing as Bernie on Bernie’s or more honestly the nation’s problems. Dump BJ Clinton, and distance herself from Obama the disappointment. I just don’t see that happening. But at least if its in the platform he can scream renege and activate his followers when they try and go back to the old scams and ways of doing business.

            As for trump, child molesting, rape, sound very believable. These rich guys don’t understand no or shame – too much – I’m rich and can do whatever I want.

            He is the worse of all choices, no skill, bad social attitude, embracing republican demagoguery a sick-o-fascist concatenation of backward believe like some kind of Jones town religion. These despots drink the own kool aid. More in common with neonazi’s. So these are guys who will be pulling clueless trumps strings. He’ll make G.Bush look good in comparison. Another republican fiasco and the country will fall apart and things could get very ugly. The police state will be installed under Trump. Just look what is going on in Turkey. They are growing a new saddam there. Look at Nitwityahoo in Israel. Right wingers are the illness/disease of the world. Does the US really need to do the same.

    • mike schwarzer

      You know what worked. See Poland. National strikes are effective. Effectively the nation on strike.

  • mike schwarzer

    Let’s leave it until after Hillary loses the election. The salt in the DNC wound will force change as we toss the despots and republican like actors.

    Too bad for Bernie, but it’s a difficult path, split the DNC and Trump is the next president guaranteed. Otherwise I’m sure Bernie would be on a tear. This thing can take years. You know that’s the game they play. But for now he’s hemmed in. You must know this. Sorry Jill. If Bernie is frightened of Trump we should all be very afraid and stop worrying about Princess Hillary. A word to the wise.

    The election can be stolen and the Media is very very quiet why – because they are co-conspirators. Also their would be blowback and Trump wins. I’ve never seen such a twisted dilemma. This kind of thing can be dragged out for years so Bernie isn’t going to see any justice this term. What this will however do is force a cleanup of the dismal electoral system. The US is not some banana republic or are we?

    • Janice Jopin

      Princess shillary had perjured herself with the Benghazi hearings and if you think we’d get behind shillary and the dnc after what has happened? You really have another thing coming. The Democratics created this mess and we aren’t going to run and save them . The massive amount of election fraud throughout the primaries proved only that democratics use Republican ways to win is not what the party represent. #seeyouinphiily

      • mike schwarzer

        Reagan made the mess, each have continued to add. G.Bush was the worse. It will take another 30 years to recover from him. Republicans are dogs.

        Election fraud is a big deal. It’s real, the benghazi thing has been investigated 9 times. This makes the republicans a joke. Benghazi is a joke. Election fraud is real – not just another Bull Shit republican investigation that adds up to nothing. What a waste of the tax payers money.

      • wlawlor

        it’s another ‘think’ coming….but your sentiments are spot on……massive protests in Philly !!!

    • Kathleen Crandall-Masiuk

      We pretty much r now. I won’t be frightened in voting for her. The Party caused this. Sometimes things have to get real bad before they get better. If they have not voting base they will have to change.

    • Kevin Schmidt

      It’s idiotic comments like yours that prove you are actually a Hillary supporter.
      We have to do everything we can to prevent Hillary from being elected. We should not wait until after the fact when she will gain the power to hide election fraud.

      • mike schwarzer

        Wishful thinking. Nothing will happen before November so no matter how guilty the DNC is and no matter how strong the evidence, it won’t come to court in time. And once in power, I doubt anything will happen except perhaps some improvements to the process. So you bet she’s getting away with it and there isn’t a damn thing anyone can do. Bernie knows this so do allot of other people. We let Bernie down, we didn’t give him the landslides he needed that would be impossible to steel. Bernie is a loser, we have to find whatever wins in the party policies. Small consolation prize. But Jill can exactly take over where Bernie left off. Pass the baton and the race continues. With the DNC shakeup coming from within and competitively with the Green Party. Even trump wants to be a bit Bernie. For a loser, he sure changed everybody in this election. Why? He had the balls to speak the ugly truth and offer real solutions.

        • Kevin Schmidt

          You’re letting Bernie down by not supporting him for the nomination, which he can still win since he has not conceded.
          The Super Delegates are mandated to nominate the candidate with the best chances of winning the White House. Right now, the polls show that candidate is Bernie Sanders. But if they want to let Hillary drive the Democratic Party over the cliff behind the GOP, then Bernie will just have to win as a Green.

          • mike schwarzer

            Not so my friend. I support Bernie, he’s no actor. I also trust him and if he’s very worried about trump we should all be very worried. Republicans and right wingers in general menace the world where ever it is found. And the Democrats have there version of the republican’s. The head of the DNC is a Zionist. Bernie though a jew is not a zionist. The media and the machine took him out. Sorry not approved by Israel. Head office.

            Trumps got a price, Hillary has a price. Bernie has not price. He’s too old to be hungry for fame, power or wealth. He’s fighting for his family and grand kids, but the nation and for us. He is a patriot trying to free us from the lies and strangle hold on us. Bernie is honest, he committed to not run an independent. He won’t break his word. Also it’s not just his fight, it’s ours.

            If trump gets in he feathers his nest. If Hillary gets in all will have to be constantly on guard for sell outs.

            The green party could split the democrats, then we get another nixon type. With rape charges and fraud charges running the nation. Also what appears to be large scale election fraud in the DNC is beyond belief a hollywood screen play. No wonder the long history of terrible presidents. Sell outs who have sold the nation out like they were some kind of mafia.

            Trump will be president. I’m sorry to say you have a minimum of 4 years of misery coming at you. The US will continue to be the #1 terrorist country of the world.

            Frankly it’s allot to expect the return of your government to the citizens, what’s given away is not so easy to take back. It will be a long and difficult fight. Americans are too stupid, too lazy and manipulated and unformed by the media to rise above the current woes and unwelcome choices. We don’t know how to demand better. As long as your votes are soap opera pony races you will never ever have a decent president. Obama never got the support he needed as the republicans stifled the government for 8 years. In the end why fight for voters that don’t care. Any wonder why he’s a sell out. He’s a young man, why would he burn he currency with wall street the backs or any group. He promised change but we didn’t support him. We got nothing but disappointment, but easy to blame the man instead of yourself. My prediction is Trump will win, Bernie will be ground into the ground, Hillary will fade and we will end up with more irreversible sellouts as we endure the new world order which is basicly the shadow banks running the world. No more important the cattle in the field. A crop to be harvested. Lot’s of warnings but what can you do when people are so clueless and aimless and perhaps brainwashed to abandon ones own self interest.

    • Loralie Mcgill-Ardolino

      bah bah bah said the sheep- funny how the Clintons use even their rumored fraud to snap people in line- “look folks it’s all rigged, so just except your fate and vote for the crooked bastards!” I’ve heard this line the entire election- even when Bernie was beating Trump in the polls during the primary- they sang the same old tune- well- we’ve proven we won’t follow Bernie to Hillary- You can’t blame Bernie and you can’t blame us, all we’re doing is exercising our right to vote as citizens. If you don’t want Trump- go talk to the DNC.

    • Eh Jh

      Bernie is career politician who has zero accomplishments. He’s done nothing except live off the backs of tax payers for the last 30 years. Nothing he says matters. He pulled the biggest con job in political history this cycle by fleecing America’s youth for over $220M. He preyed on naïve kids. He had no intention of really trying to win because he was unwilling to force the most corrupt criminal politician in history to own her record. OR he was too weak and pathetic and unable to force her to own her record, in which case nothing he says matters. His entire campaign was built on the false narrative of being an outsider despite 30+ years as a politician which is the only job he’s ever held a steady paycheck from. Hillary is the epitome of everything Bernie was suppose to be against, yet he endorses her….biggest con job sell out in history!

      • mike schwarzer

        Well millions would disagree. Bernie’s record is outstanding. But what can an honest man do, when he’s one of less than a handful on the hill. Everyone else is up for sale. You know it. I know it. A chance to change that, gold. Instead we will settle for beads and mirrors. Which crook Hillary or Trump – tough decision.

        • Eh Jh

          honest? Endorsing the most corrupt criminal politician in history who was the epitome of everything he’s suppose to be against? Just another example of career politics at its best. The millions you mention either got con jobbed or sold out or both I guess.

  • Mikst Granny

    There’s a suit in FL against DWS/DNC for fraud that I’m joining & 2 in CA suing the SoS & Michael Vu the registrar who is the same guy from OH (2000 I believe) election fraud, one in AZ & OH is a national suit where 14 million+ voters were robbed. I think there may be others shortly in IL and elsewhere CUZ “WE’RE NOT GONNNA TAKE IT! YA KNOW? WE’RE NOT GONNA TAKE IT! OH WE’RE NOT GONNA TAKE IT ANYMORE!!!”

    • Cheryl Babineau

      There’s also one in Massachusetts for violations of election laws. Billy the rapist and the Mayor of Boston were campaigning on primary day and blocking the entrances to polling stations. There is also a case here where the caretakers if people with mental disorders instructed their charges on how to vote for Celery.

      • Linda

        Not just Bill Clinton’s violation of election laws but also there were discrepancies in the exit polls !

      • Jessy Scholl

        I hate Celery, but it is going to be a better President than Hillary.

      • Claire Schuler

        I just moved to Boston, will be in Philly on Thursday. Are there any protests going on, parades in Boston to show support? Can we write in sanders in November?

        • Astra

          There are rallys in Philly just before the DNC and during. Facebook has the event notices. Yes, you can write in Bernie on the ballot. I am! 😀

  • Bob

    You people are delusional. It’s over. Go support Jill Stein and all of her relevant experience.

    • Kevin Schmidt

      Says the delusional one.
      You must suck at playing sports. As soon as you get behind, you quit.

    • mike schwarzer

      If everyone at the convention understand that fraud maybe involved, then pledged delegates could cross the floor. There is nothing in the rules that says they can’t change their mind if they have cause.

      • mike schwarzer

        I give this option a 5% chance. Also Hillary’s delegates may not show. She is not exactly compelling so maybe they don’t vote or don’t even go.

    • Rahn Rolfe

      I’m not opposed to Jill but my priority list is as follows: 1-Bernie, 2-Jill, 3-Trump, 4-Not Hillary. We’ll see how it plays out from there. Hillarybots, feel free to comment. I’m more than happy to retort.

  • Doc Lemm

    It’s “black box” voting fraud. No paper trail, no questions. Digital results are prey to anyone who can hack them…

  • yep

    who gives a sh*t, this man is a traitor, just like his party, and america is finished, period

    • Kevin Schmidt

      Thanks for proving your ignorance about Bernie Sanders!

  • Linda

    What I don’t understand is why if the court sides in favor on this case it shouldn’t be a contested primary and Bernie given the nomination even after the convention even if she is given the nomination because she isn’t the rightful winner ? She should have to withdraw from the race !

    • mike schwarzer

      Nothing will happen in time to change the convention or November. If it was proved by the convention, Pledged Delegates could cross the floor. The rules are that it’s an honor system. If the results are in doubt, then I think the pledge is unsupportable and that’s justification for reneges.

  • desertspeaks

    uh huh, now that all the misplaced burnie sanders votes have been BURNED and otherwise destroyed,.. talk about closing the barn door after the horse has already bolted.. this is someone trying to justify remaining employed and PRETENDING to do their job now