Lawyer Says Sanders Will Be POTUS As Lawsuit Ready To File

A meticulous, detailed lawsuit exposing electoral fraud in eleven states promises to "save democracy" and offer Bernie Sanders the chance to become President.

A meticulous, detailed lawsuit exposing alleged electoral fraud in eleven states and promising to “save democracy” could still alter the landscape of the presidential race.  Cliff Arnebeck has written an open letter to Bernie Sanders – who endorsed Hillary Clinton, but did not concede his presidential candidacy – infoming him that the Justice Served team will be “filing suit later this week to prove in court the extent of Karl Rove’s skilful manipulation of our votes.”

Slated to be filed by the Institute for American Democracy and Election Integrity, the lawsuit presents evidence of statistically impossible differences between exit polls and electronic vote totals.

Bernie Sanders Cliff Arnebeck

We are going to be filing a racketeering lawsuit under the Ohio racketeering law, the strongest in the country and we can bring in every state, our RICO statute is coextensive with the federal RICO statute … So they’re nailed,” explained Cliff Arnebeck, an election attorney who chairs the Legal Affairs Committee of Common Cause Ohio and is national co-chair for the Alliance of Democracy.

The lawsuit website reports:

Lawyers Cliff Arnebeck and Bob Fitrakis, involved with the case, will prove Bernie’s WIN is irrefutable. To win, takes precise strategy, diligence, and patience.

Just like Clinton’s email investigation has been a lengthly process, what we are doing at is MASSIVE and as such, takes time. Most of the evidence must also be withheld or we would not win the case. Thank you for your understanding and your patience in this matter.

Cliff’s experience with cases like this is that they have been filed and completed within a (few) days when time is of the essence, which we all know it is.

OUR PLAN – we are currently compiling the evidence in an easy to understand format, so that we can make copies of the evidence and give that evidence to every Bernie delegate who is going to the Democratic National Convention. We will distribute this information immediately following the filing of our lawsuit and compiling of the information in a clear and concise way. Connecting and unifying all the delegates nationwide and getting them this information needs to be a speedy process. Your help in this effort would be greatly appreciated!

The passion and dedication of our campaign is unlike any other our country has ever come close to exhibiting. We are making history! Bernie WILL BE our next POTUS!

Baxter Dmitry

Baxter Dmitry

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Baxter Dmitry
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  • Ben Berry

    I love it!

  • Cedar Cat

    So you think it was Karl Rove and not HRC and the DNC?

    • RandyLeanear

      It was the DNC…….These people are still screwed up in their pipe-dreams!

  • AlCummings

    Oh for crying out loud, give it up.

    • soulglow999

      So democracy doesnt matter ? Just a victory? You sound so patriotic!…a true champion of democracy

      Let me guess…..just forget and stop looking into her criminal email/server activity because she wasnt charged and was found too unsophisticated to know what she was doing?….sounds like a great competent leader! Most qualified ever!…she was a lawyer, First Lady, Secretary of State but is too dumb(unsophisticated) to decipher what is and what is not classified info! We definitely need someone like that in the White HOuse…someone too dumb to do their job properly and responsibly, or too criminal to care.

      This is what happens when you just give up and let the government roll over you via election fraud and voter suppression. You get a candidate nobody likes or trusts.

      • AlCummings

        I think you might be a tad confused but my precise point is exactly that democracy does matter. Hillary won. There was no fraud or suppression, she won the majority of the votes and the majority of the pledged delegates. How ironic that while Bernie fans slam the whole super delegate concept. it it weren’t for the super delegates, Bernie would be voted out of the race already. His last hope was that super delegates would overrule the will of the people and switch to support him even though he had less support.

        And puh-lease stop trying to feed me the nonsense about the email server. Listen to your own guy who said we’re sick and tired of hearing about it. You might have luck with that nontroversy feeding it to Republicans, but not to us.

        I like her, I support her and I find her to easily be the most qualified candidate who ran this cycle from any political party.

        • Bhantol Lya

          She did not win. Period. DNC conspired from the get go.

          The so called win ain’t legit.

          Just because the corrupt corporate media declares does not erase the real truth.

          You are the one who wearing Hillary coronation blinders from the beginning let it rig. Go ignore the wikileaks DNC emails.

          • AlCummings

            You’re quite incorrect. She did win, by a substantial majority. If the party did away with Super Delegates, Hillary would have had it locked up a long time before Bernie conceded. It is “legit” I voted, and all who voted got to weigh in on who would be the Democratic candidate.

            There was no “coronation.” She was a candidate for a long time and in that environment she did what anyone running would do, she gathered supporters and worked to gain their support. The fact that many people were supporting Hillary before Bernie announced is not a “conspiracy.” It’s how life works. You’re quite obviously the one with the blinders.

          • Bhantol Lya

            Wikileaks just showed hi ow pathetic your comment above looks now.

          • AlCummings

            Maybe you could explain that idiotic statement. What is it in the Wikileaks releases that accomplishes this imaginary result of yours? Betcha can’t!

          • Bhantol Lya

            Not to you who has the head buried in the sand. Never.

            The emails prooves HRC and DNC colluded and that Hillary is a illegitimate nominee.

            Let that sink that in for some time. Because you need it.

            Podesta email further confirms how Donna Brazile passed her the questions.

            The emails exposed Clintons private and public policy positions. Typical establishment politics.

            The emails showed she is no progressive.

            Tim Kaine was selected as VP way early in 2015.

            TPP and GMo positions were also exposed.

            All this confirms why people didn’t trust her.

            FBI, DOJ and Hillary Nexus was exposed. All this in the 16 email dumps and today Oct 20 2016 was the 16th email dump BTW and more coming.

            Keep your coronation blinders on and you won’t see anything. Stay in your echo chamber and you will do will bring America down.

          • AlCummings

            LOL!! What an impotent reply. I love the part where you keep pretending that you have something interesting.

            “The emails prooves HRC and DNC colluded and that Hillary is a illegitimate nominee.”

            Sorry but the emails prove no such thing. Hillary is in no way “illegitimate.” You don’t even know what that word means. What on earth makes you say such a silly thing, what makes her “illegitimate?” Please explain this.

            “Podesta email further confirms how Donna Brazile passed her the questions.”

            It does no such thing. That’s the lying spin.

            “The emails exposed Clintons private and public policy positions. Typical establishment politics.”

            That’s how things get done.

            “The emails showed she is no progressive.”

            So what? She’s a Democrat, and we have a big tent. She legitimately won.

            “Tim Kaine was selected as VP way early in 2015.”

            LOL!! Not even possible, but so what if he was on her list? Why do you think that’s even mildly interesting?

            “TPP and GMo positions were also exposed.”


            “All this confirms why people didn’t trust her.”

            Only you. Otherwise, she is your next president.

            DOJ and Hillary Nexus was exposed. All this in the 16 email dumps and
            today Oct 20 2016 was the 16th email dump BTW and more coming.”

            And not a single one of them has anything even mildly controversial. Only the extremist Amrica-haters’ twisted spin makes it sound that way.

            “Keep your coronation blinders on and you won’t see anything. Stay in your echo chamber and you will do will bring America down.”

            Sorry but we’re too busy saving America to care about your clueless blather.

          • Bhantol Lya

            Hillary got us Trump.
            Hillary and DNC both undermined and conspired against Sanders campaign….chairs thrown at NV…now the private servant of corporate masters that is DNC is saying it is ok to rig.

          • AlCummings

            Seven months later and you’re still terribly incorrect. You believe and spread lies. Putin got us Trump.

            There was no “rigging” and you have zero evidence of “conspiring and undermining.” People like you who wallow in lies simply because they support your beliefs are what is wrong with America.

          • Bhantol Lya

            And you still have closed coronation blinders on. Not only DNC conspired they just admitted in front of a judge.

            Wiki Leaks exposed the entire DNC.

            DWS, Donna Brazille and many DNC staffers were completely biased.

            The Democratic Primary was fraud and nothing Democratic about it.

            No chairs were thrown at Nevada conventions.

            Bernie would have won the primary and election had it not the corrupt Clinton News Network (CNN) and likes MSNBC but mainly the DNC stabbing on Bernie Sander’s back. Noam Chmosky is right in saying all this.

            And the DNC has still not learnt any lesson. We wanted Keith Elisson but the nasty corporate party produced Tom Parez out of nowhere to keep the corporate shill.

            Its the people like you who are what is wrong with America and sad story is that you can’t see it.

          • AlCummings

            LOL!! Overplay your hand much? No, BL, Bernie would not have won anything, the DNC didn’t do anything and if you’d actually read the Wikileaks leaks from the DNC emails, you would see they amount to nothing.

            Here’s your challenge: Link to what you consider to be the most damaging DNC email, and we ewill examine it.

            No, it’s people like you who get all hot and bothered over meaningless trivial nonsense, and are fooled by the bread and circuses tactics of the America haters, that are wrong with America. I see fine, and I see you and your blindness clearly.

          • Bhantol Lya

            Bernie would have won landslide !!!

          • AlCummings

            No, he would have lost in a landslide. This country will not elect a commie, and Republicans were licking their chops at a chance to go against Bernie with hammer-and-sickle ads that probably already were in the can in case he pulled off the nomination.

          • Bhantol Lya

            Podesta email leaks prooves you wrong and your statements look ridiculous.

          • AlCummings

            LOL!! Explain that ludicrous claim of yours, please. And it’s spelled “proves,” not “prooves.”

            Everything I said is 100 percent correct — Hillary won by a substantial majority and the superdelegates are the only thing that even kept Bernie alive until the convention. If the Dems did away with superdelegates, Bernie would have been eliminated before the NJ and CA primaries.

            THAT is a simple mathematical fact.

          • Bhantol Lya

            DNC rigged against Bernie. No amount of slime dirt spewing people can erase that from history.

          • AlCummings

            I wouldn’t even try to erase something that doesn’t exist. I directed you two weeks ago to try at last to come up with even one proof of this alleged “rigging” you claim the DNC did, and all you can do after two weeks is come back here, break wind with a nonsensical slogan, and run away? Two weeks and you couldn’t come up with any evidence of rigging? I win again.

  • julie

    It is ridiculous that Bernie did not win the primaries, with the massive in-person support he’s always had. Election fraud explains the disparity and why Hillary got the coveted spot – for a short time – as the Democratic nominee for president. There will be no contest when Bernie runs as the rightful candidate against Trump. Trump will soon be free to go to jail for his ‘university’ scams. Oh happy day!!

    • theraini1

      I suggest Redacted Tonight, and go back a ways, to their earliest election fraud videos. They have the videos of poll watchers one after another telling the election boards in Chicago, in Arizona the fraud and voter suppresion they saw. They have videos about how New York lost hundreds of thousands of votes from Bernie’s childhood home of Brookland, and the election board saying oops! They have videos of how poll workers in Cali were told to give Independents ( hugely pro Bernie ), the wrong ballots. ….

  • Grimcrotch

    you need to check your sources before you write stories. any legitimate news source would know this is fake.

    1) no lawyer would make a legitimate investigation like this an ‘open letter’ to the guy

    2) a real lawyer wouldnt use a gmail acct on a letterhead lulz. they would have their own website and use such & such name .com

    3) no lawyer would put ‘president-elect’ on the intro. this is just ridiculous.

    4) the rest of this letter, in a general summary, comes from a video i saw on youtube about an actual lawyer investigating california voter fraud. he spoke of the comparisons from 2000-04 to now, and how karl rove was deeply involved in ohio and florida vote rigging/voter purges, how voter machines were rigged with programs that easily deleted votes (thats why people complained of electronic voting w/ no paper trail, remember? they use them now, nobody is complaining & this happens). karl rove had absolutely nothing to do with this 2016 primary election, and i know everyone here knows that.
    the lawyer doing the investigating in california would not do this as he’s an actual lawyer. he would simply file the papers & let the system run its course, we may or may not hear of it depending on the outcome. this fake letter is based on some video by a girl named Summer Rose that made the rounds on twitter a month or so ago claiming Bernie won by 15% w absolutely no facts to base that on. (keep in mind i support Bernie 90%. dont agree on everything but i voted for the 1st time in 27yrs for the guy). and on top of that, most of this letter doesnt even make any sense.

    5) this person isnt even a lawyer. as i said, a genuine lawyer such as the one involved in california voter fraud would not have posted an open letter, he’d simply do what needed to be done, and if the court case was a positive outcome he’d inform Bernie by some official means, not this way.

    so if wants to be known as a legitimate news source, get your sh*t together. the person who wrote this story should be fired. im just a schlub off the net and even i can see this came from a person who is dumb as a box of rocks.