Marine Le Pen: The French Election Was Rigged

The rigged French election was stolen from Le Pen by the establishment who were determined to install Macron by hook or by crook.

It’s not some grand conspiracy, but it’s grand theft all the same. Le Pen voters lost their ballots, their rights, by the millions on Sunday.

In France, if a ballot is damaged, it cannot be cast. So the political establishment, who are desperate to prevent Le Pen from taking office, arranged for the destruction of millions of Le Pen ballots.

Up to one third of all ballots sent out to voters, an estimated 60% of Le Pen ballots, were destroyed at the time of mailing.

Only Le Pen ballots arrived destroyed, there is not one report of a single ballot for Macron arriving destroyed.

These ballots arrived at a household that had five eligible voters. 100% destruction rate.

In the week leading up to the election reports began pouring in that an enormous number of ballots for Le Pen were destroyed at the time of mailing. They were torn badly, rendering them void, before they were mailed out.

The randomness of the tears proves they were torn by hand – with intent. This was a major, co-ordinated effort, orchestrated by the establishment.


The Le Pen campaign complained to the election watchdog, claiming ballots had been “systematically torn up” – but the watchdog merely gave a Gallic shrug, and banned the media from reporting on it.

But it gets even worse.

Voters in districts which heavily favored Macon also received multiple ballots, enabling them to vote twice. The French election commission even confirmed that multiple votes would count, and wouldn’t be investigated until after the election.

The French election was, in this method, stolen. Macron is not the legitimate president of France.

How did this happen?

The French media, forever in the pocket of the elite, refused to report on the issue, allowing the establishment to stifle the will of the people.

However, after the election, mainstream outlets did publish some interesting data. Agence France Press, for instance, admitted that a staggering number of French voters cast ballots which didn’t count.

Nearly one in three French citizens who voted on Sunday did not cast a valid ballot for Macron or Le Pen.

There is always a number of blank or spoiled protest votes in any election. But the number of spoiled ballots in this election was quadruple the usual number in France.

Suspicious much?

Agence France Press tried to cover up the fact that many people had their votes destroyed by claiming that these people “declined to choose” between Macron and Le Pen, and reported that many of them had spoiled their ballots.

Spoiled how? Rips and tears? How convenient.

According to Agence France Press:

A third of French voters declined to choose between centrist Emmanuel Macron and far-right leader Marine Le Pen in Sunday’s presidential election, either abstaining or spoiling their ballots — a record rate in nearly half a century.

According to official results with more than 80 percent of votes counted, the abstention rate stood at 24.52 percent — the highest since the presidential election in 1969.

That would make a total of one French person out of three who decided not to choose between the two candidates. It’s really a lot for a presidential election,” Anne Jadot, political science professor at the University of Lorraine, told AFP.

The steal is in. The French establishment successfully silenced the voice of the people. Now the media is attempting to cover it up.

Macron is a usurper and not a legitimate president. He was selected by the elite, and placed into power via a rigged election that silenced millions of French patriots. What millions of French people suspected has now been visibly and obviously proven to them – will they now join Le Pen’s call for revolution against the establishment?

Baxter Dmitry

Baxter Dmitry

Baxter Dmitry is a writer at Your News Wire. He covers politics, business and entertainment. Speaking truth to power since he learned to talk, Baxter has travelled in over 80 countries and won arguments in every single one. Live without fear.
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Baxter Dmitry
  • Eileen

    Puts the DNC to shame!

  • mary

    are we really surprised this Macron works for rothchld

    • paavo

      I’m surprised it was widely known. That to me means they were openly flaunting it knowing the result beforehand.

  • Black Swan

    The Anglo Zionist Propaganda Machine and their useful Idiot’s are experts for the Establishment of Fake Rigged Polls, Fake Decetful News and Fake Rigged Elections.
    ” In eclections the voters are unimportant, its who counts the votes that matters.” Joseph Stalin

    • Lani Greene

      And Obama is a Professional at Rigging and he endorced Macron

    • yael58

      Congratulations, Black Swan. You’ve made the stupidest, most ignorant, and most bigoted comment today on social media.
      Does it ever occur to you idiots if Jews were that powerful, hatred like yours wouldn’t exist? I didn’t think so. Rational thought has never been the strong suit of Jew haters or Israel haters.
      PS: It’s “elections” not “eclections”; obviously spelling isn’t your strong suit either.

      • Black Swan

        You sound like one of the useful idiots who does their troll bidding.

        • yael58

          Swannie, maybe you’re just having a bad hair day. That must also be a Zionist conspiracy.

          • MarcusW

            Ha ha that was funny

          • Fish Deep

            Maybe you should try an anti-lice shampoo. It’s more becoming than a head shave.

      • Gabriel Agustin Mayor

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        • yael58

          Sorry, cupcake, but I’ve an appointment with Mossad for training dolphins, sharks, ravens, boars, etc.
          Besides, I’d hate for you and Swannie to be late to your jihad rally, KKK meeting, or Hitler Youth Group.

          • Fish Deep

            Probably even easier than one of those Prussian Blue chambers.

          • Glenn Wolfsheimer

            Bigot much….

          • yael58

            No, toots. That would be you.

          • Glenn Wolfsheimer

            All you got cupcake

      • johnson johns

        then there’s that ‘apostrophe’ thing . . .

        • yael58

          Swannie obviously doesn’t know how to use apostrophes.

          • Rascalndear

            I wouldn’t mind apostrophes much if any of these turkeys actually had a thinking brain among the lot of them… 😀 )))

      • Fish Deep

        “They (the jews) please not God and they are enemies of the whole human race.”
        The apostle Paul; II Thessalonians 2:15 English Standard Version
        “See, I have made thee small among the nations, thou art greatly despised by men.”
        The prophet Jeremiah

        • yael58

          A fake “Christian” justifying hatred by twisting and perverting Scripture.
          You’re the type who will one day have Jewish blood on your hands.
          But don’t let me make you late to your Hitler Youth group meeting, Nazi filth.

        • Rascalndear

          Pathetic fake quotes from a fake bible. Shame on you. Christians who pretend to be Christians and forget that Jesus and the apostles were all born Jews.

      • Johann V

        Very interesting reading about what is happening in Europe/USA. Whether you are a believer or not, start praying that things don’t go the way it is going in South Africa. 22 years of so called democracy and freedom and things are still going from bad to worse. It is “freedom for all” and now we probably have the highest murder rate, lowest quality education, worst hospital service and least respected president in the world!! 25% unemployment rate, money that has no value and black economic empowerment. I Have no problem with BEE but after 22 years of democracy do the 50 million black people still need BEE when we are only 4 million whites? You should think a little more on your situation before complaining more than you already do. But you should also allay your grievances now before (5 years down the line) there is no fixing it anymore. God bless the USA and Europe.

    • Rascalndear

      Stalin was the leader of Russia, not Zion, and he wasn’t Jewish. Take your racist baloney and get a life.

  • SpidermanVitamin

    These supposed ballots look like an 8.5×11″ piece of printer paper. Do they not have scanners and copy machines in France?

    Could it really be that simple?

    • Mary Elizabeth Paddock

      Yes.. It is that simple. They still live in the Dark Ages here.

    • Rascalndear

      They know their readers will buy this BS lock, stock and garbage can. So easy to fool those who want to be fooled… or are paid to act stupid. (trolls)

  • TxPatriot53

    So why did they even have an election, should have just coronated the bastard.

    • Angela Davys

      sure you do not mean castrated !

      • Marta J

        Oh, wish I could give you many more up votes for that one! 🙂

  • The Deplorable Joe H.

    Le Pen will be back. Macron will be a disaster for France.

    • Reace Munds

      And the UK. LOL.

      • jan wilson

        Doubt that very much Merkels lapdog!!

    • TK

      She will be back if there is anything left of France,Macron will destroy France…

  • Aemon Regas

    This is totally Disgusting there now needs to be a revolution against the establishment in France ! they call that fair !!! They are doing the same to UKIP in the U.K , makes me ashamed to be British !!! how dare this go on happening ! We must all put a stop to this and bring the perpetrators to justice ( that is if there is any in France of England against these low life scum establishment !!! l support Marine Le Pen in all her efforts to uncover the truth .
    As i am sure Nigel Farage will !!!!

    • F@ckface

      Considering that you are a Brit, you grammar, punctuation and vocabulary really sucks. Ever tried to get an education, perhaps outside of the UK?

    • Marta J

      The Democrats/Left/Liberals (whatever they are called in each country) are doing this same kind of corrupt election stealing in just about every major country it seems. Rigging and committing vote fraud every way possible to win. They have the full backing of the NWO/globalist elite. It’s worse than shameful and no country should put up with it!

  • vvbb78

    This article is pure conspiracy 🙂 all the voters have access to mint condition “bulletins” in every voting office – so if the ones they received aren’t valid, the ones they can pick at the voting office – where they have to go anyway – were 100% valid 🙂
    Yes, it’s a shame for democracy that they received these bulletins, but no, it hasn’t changed a single thing to this vote.

  • sherdian0

    Seems to me just a case of sour grapes, looking for excuses. She lost fair and square accept it and move on.

    • Jim Taylor

      like the Dems and Liberals have in the US?

  • John Russelman

    I can’t start the next French Revolution, it’s up to the French and seeing how they have no weapons it looks like pitchforks and baseball bats will have to do. Good luck! Bon Jour!

    • MarcusW

      Yeah she now has a strong following. Hope she can keep them fired up

  • LynneAnn Wagner

    Typical corruption of the NWO, I hope the French Citizens will revolt!!!

  • Mike sha


    • MarcusW

      One good thing though. We wont hear for months that the Russians interfered with the election.

      • Marta J

        Oh, they were trying the Le Pen/Russia shoe on before Macron “won” though, just in case Le Pen did manage to make it past all their rigging and fraud. And Mike, a re-vote wouldn’t likely be any different as long as they could do the same things again.

  • luistp

    Of course it was…. you can see videos of all the muslims flying islamic flags all over France after her defeat. They have boasted about it….

    • MarcusW

      Stinking bastards

  • ridewithstyle

    Le Pen was the clear winner.

    Whenever there is Taqiyya involved, there is nothing but cheating, dishonesty and deceit. MOSLEMS!!!!!

    • MarcusW

      Moslems rape with looove

  • Peter Hosek

    Why I am not surprised. Not to mention the simple fact that former US president was endorsing Macron day before election.

    • Ezra Tank

      But but the Russians interfered with our election. I guess a former President endorsing a French candidate isn’t interference.

      • Essen

        You’ll believe any bullsh*t you’re fed !

        • Jerry Coley

          Do you,to make that commit ,maybe you do also!

        • jan whalan

          There is no way of fixing stupid..

          • Boris Orlic

            I see you don’t understand english,read the text once more.

          • the one

            They are no longer trained in school to read or write properly. Critical thinking is no longer allowed. Only drones chanting slogans from the right or left. Mindless minions marching to their doom. Oblivious to the dialectic that controls their every thought and action. They will attack you en mass if you point it out to them. Stop wasting your time trying to convince them. They are meat for the table of the Power Elites…

      • MarcusW

        Buhhuuu russians under your bed Beware they will eat you

        • Angela Davys

          they can not be less honest than this

      • ndelco

        So Ezra, how long did it take you to become an imbecile?

      • mark2win

        Yes, even tho they have admitted that they have no evidence of Russian collusion, the libbys are going to continue on with pushing the lie of Russian involvement. Its all they have. And it didnt bother them at all when obummer tried to interfere in the israeli election when he was still president…. because he was pushing for the liberal candidate- the one that would bend over backwards for the enemies of Israel. The normal, rational citizens are against this invasion of “refugees”. They know they are losing their country, their culture, their language- but the governments, run by liberals, insist that they need these “refugees” because of labor shortages. But when the “refugees” arrive, they are signed up for welfare, given a free ride, and they never go to work!

        • Rascalndear

          No evidence? None so blind as those who will not see. Chump is doing everything he can to block the Russia investigation, just like Nixon did with Watergate. Hopefully, the end will be the same, too. Couldn’t happen to a nicer, more competent and caring guy.

          • CenaFoura

            If there was anything, the Dems would have brought it out before the elections not after, now it is just a desperate ploy to divert from the fact that the Muslim Marxist Broterhood, now evicted from the White House, festers in the Demoncrat Party of the USA and obviously breeds and feeds the DISGUSTING RACIST RUSSIAPHOBIA of the truly bigoted americans. While the muslims are invading and attacking Americans anywhere, including in America, Americans think it more important to focus on a fabricated CNN globalist propaganda hit peace.

        • Marta J

          mark2win, you are so right. That’s right, NO evidence at all, yet the libs just continue with their BS trying to find something that isn’t there. Now the idiots are even trying to liken it to Watergate. They are so desperate to have another Obummer back in the WH to finish the country off.

      • Sick of the fighting

        I’m sorry Ezra, that these people couldn’t see the sarcasm in your post. I’m sorry that people who do appear the think the same way you do, are attacking you. As for those attacking, please read more carefully, and take a moment to step back. We don’t need to be as nasty and vicious as the left. When we do, we only hurt ourselves and allow them to feel vindicated. Call out truth, but do it with out the nastiness. As my father always said, “you catch more flies with honey, than vinegar.” God Bless

    • MarcusW

      Yeah several leaders in Europe too. Oh yeah there must be looove and with sweet macrons we can continue spreading musliiim looove

  • Patricia Bw

    How sad

    • MarcusW

      Yeah depressing

  • David Naetzel

    It’s time for people of the world to rise up and fight this corruption worldwide

  • Dario R Melkuhn

    I give it 3 months max before the farmers and workers start their revolt, beginning with blockades. And just watch the refugees up their riots and terror attacks. But really did anyone expect them to allow Le Pen to win. The fix was in months and months ago

    • Riccardo Zanetti

      I’ve been saying this for months. They tried and failed in the US elections in November 2016, then learned their lessons and stole Austria December 2016, Holland March 2017, and now France May 2017.

      • Jerry Coley

        Soros at work. With his lap boy Obama!

        • shaka1000


          • Eileen Kuch

            Actually, Soros is wanted in a lot of countries, Russia being first in line. Therefore, let’s extradite him to Russia for Vladimir Putin to deal with.
            Soros has done more damage than Khordukovsky had ever done. All Khordukovsky had done was bleed Russia dry, after having installed Boris Yeltsin as President. When Putin succeeded that incompetent drunkard, he sent Khordukovsky to Siberia for a decade and kicked out the other Oligarchs.
            Soros, on the other hand, continues his financial/political atrocities around the world, as well as within the US itself. He’s failed to derail Trump’s election win, and also that of South Korea’s new President, but he succeeded in derailing Marine Le Pen.
            I’m afraid Rodrigo Duterte will have to wait in line .. oh, wait .. Putin may just send him to the Philippines.

          • B.A. Grissom

            Putin did not succeed Boris Yeltsin. LMAO

          • Dennis Fitzgerald

            On 31 December 1999, under enormous internal pressure, Yeltsin announced his resignation, leaving the presidency in the hands of his chosen successor, then-Prime Minister Vladimir Putin. Yeltsin left office widely unpopular with the Russian population…

          • Paolo

            Yes he did. LMFAO

          • Joan Nelson

            will this Soros ever die?? Are there snipers out there that perhaps hate him enough.

          • Thomas Lakutis

            Yes but he will keep getting uglier.

          • Lisa Askwit ✓ᵀᴿᵁᴹᴾ

            The Dark Side of The Force is what is keeping Darth Soros Alive.

          • brian krajci

            A Man like Soros should pray to God that a love beam hits him; so he can be alright with God, all of us,

          • Gorni

            His reputation will never die because Soros has two adult sons that are worse than he is. They all need to be eradicated like a virus.

          • Joan Nelson

            Devils incarnate. They need their one tentacle chopped off before they reproduce – probably too late for that. .

          • Angela Davys

            I read today he is threatening to bring trump down

          • Dominic Blais

            cheetolini will protect soros

          • 4liberty&freedom

            If you think about Obama as cheetolini, perhaps so. If you are referring to Trump -ROFL! What ignorance.

          • Dominic Blais

            ignorance is your neoliberal saudi sand nigger cuckservatism, lepenn never suggested sending all refugees to saudi arabia like a true liberal would

          • John Giuliano

            Lol Duterte does enjoy personally killing people alright

        • Bob Whbr


        • 4liberty&freedom

          Obama was manipulating the French elections. Where you see a rat, you smell a rat.

          • Dominic Blais

            wrong that was rothschild you fucking neoliberal saudi house nigger

          • Martha

            How old are you 12? Your message is overpowered by your vulgarness.

          • Dominic Blais

            if you cared about liberty why dont you fight rothschilds instead of being a neoliberal house nigger for them

          • Nick

            If it looks like a rat and smells like a rat, Obama must be close by!

        • Sabatina Massion

          This is Merkles doing…she needs to be eradicated off the face of the earth.

        • dale ruff

          Wow, 57 saps think Soros fixed elections in 4 nations. Can you say bogeyman?

      • Art

        Trump was chosen by the elites, he was winning from the beginning plus he got most electoral votes which put him in the WH. Trump is elite and only foolish person things that trump stands behind middle class.

        • AmerizonWarrior

          you are an idiot…the people voted for trump…do you even know what the electoral college is? doubtful

          • Angel

            Why don’t you go and look for your brain before you comment?

          • MarcusW


          • Marta J

            AmerizonWarrior is right, it was WE, THE AMERICAN PEOPLE who voted Trump in. Not Russia, nor did WE have to rig, hire ho’s to lie, commit scores of vote fraud as in vote dead people, do multiple ballots, vote illegals, and all the rest that Dem/Libs depend on to win!!!

          • Marta J

            Btw, I see that some mistakenly up-voted you, Angel, so don’t get too smug!

          • Art
          • B.r. Lee

            We don’t choose by popular vote. Get it through your skull already. He won through more states it different regions. He focused all across the country which is what a candidate is forced to do with the Electoral College. If we went by pew and your view California, New York and Florida would pick the President. No one need vote. And with her 2.9 million more votes she still only gets the electorates that star holds. So she could have won 4 million more votes in Cali and she still would have only got 56 electoral votes. I know that’s hard to understand but try

          • Rascalndear

            Just another Drumpfkopf who wasn’t really paying attention to the election and can’t do the math. Chump visited only 25 states and skipped ALL BUT ONE of the “flyover” states altogether! He focused on the swing states most of all because he didn’t care about the popular vote (which he lost by over 3 million votes) but about the EC. The EC is an anachronism that is effectively disenfranchising millions of Americans. Taking out the vote of any state of the Union is to disenfranchise your fellow Americans, in case you didn’t think that far. Now, as Chump takes away what little healthcare ordinary Americans had (while the Republican Congress exempts itself from the new provisions), takes away everything from the elderly, and the mentally and physically handicapped, gives big (not small) business all kinds of breaks, deregulates Wall Street, let’s see just how well you all will do. With all the cuts in state employees, expect unemployment to go up bigly..

          • brian

            Winning is winning. And wining is wining

          • dale ruff

            We are not a democracy but a tyranny, rule by the minority. Get that thru your head. The Electoral College was devised by the slave owners who wrote the Constitution (95
            %) as a way for themselves, a minority in the South, to rule: the first 7 Presidents were all Southern slaves owners. When slavery was abolished, the banks and corporations used the Electoral College as a protection against majority rule.

            The founding document states that only those who rule with consent of the majority can rule justly, and unjust rule (Bush and Trump both lost the public vote) invokes the right of armed revolution to overthrow the unjust rulers. Just sayin…that’s our founding document.

          • Ken

            what the fuck are you spouting lies and bullshit? get a clue….

          • dale ruff

            I am stating facts. Clealy,you have no rational response.

          • Ken

            Ok. what facts?

          • dale ruff

            Did you read my previous posts? Everything I said is based on solid evidence. For references, you might read Jensen’s classic New Nation,. You clearly have lost your cool, but I urge you to educate yourself to the facts. The fact that the US is not a democracy is based on 1) the fact that in the Senate, a minority from small conservative states representing 15% of the people can, due to malrepresetion, block the will of a majority representing 85%, that 2 of the last 3 Presidents were not elected by the public, and the Northwestern/Princeton study that showed that legislation and policy is the US is totally dominated by a tiny wealthy elite with we the people having little or no impact.

            Maybe you can’t handle the truth, Ken, and so you go ballistic. It’s never to late to learn.

          • Ken

            Um, we are a republic, and that’s the facts.
            Sorry your one of the folks pissed Trump won, Obama used the same tactics, so don’t tell me your right, your equally wrong if you think government is supposed to be ruled by cali.

          • dale ruff

            So was the Soviet Union and North Korea. Are we an oligarchic Republic (the rich make the rules) or a democratic Republic? I opposed both pathological liars. Your post is incoherent. I seek intelligent discussion.

          • Ken

            your wrong. your facts are spun. so are you. I don’t care if you hate your own country, your not a patriot, I love my country, but not this government. I do support my constitution, in the way it was intended to be…. not your idiot spew ideal of what you think it means….its for the people by the people, and insulting me or any other patriot actually reflects on you. Grow up little communist traitor. Real americans will take this country back. Now you have a nice day and…get a clue little boy.

          • dale ruff

            What am I wrong about? What facts are spun? I am a true patriot in that I am speaking up for our founding values of equality and consent of the governed. My view of the Constitution is based on a careful study of history. I urge you to read the class New Nation by Jensen.

            Name callling is juvenile, Ken.

            When you stoop to personal insults as a counter to factual information you admit defeat.

          • Ken

            You can spin all you like, but its still wrong. I am a patriot, I follow the constitution and the founding fathers view of our nation is not what this literature says it is. I don’t attribute historical facts after listening to traitors spin. We were never intended to be what we have become, and the patriot act has completely destroyed what was once a great republic now we are a democracy by decree. I agree that there is a problem in Washington, called lobbist over lawmaker, and its not right. I truly believe that we only have maybe 10 or 15 real men and women in congress that are not traitors to the people and that’s pretty sad. IF you take money from foreign actors, treason. if you support materially or even morally your in contempt of the constitution another nation state, and the president-Obama-colluded with brennan to use foreign intelligence agencies to bear against a presidential elect before he was even president, that’s treason from on high, and then there is the cover up, Obama is not a US citizen….his birth certificate is falseified. Treason by which agency? CIA. Ok. believe what you want, but this is not a true republic anymore.

            I pray that Trump will clean out the swamp, but time will tell.

          • dale ruff

            Ken, hey Obama is not President; he left one of our most popular Presidents with 60% approval.. Trump, who lost the public vote, has gained power. ” IF you take money from foreign actors, treason.”

            Trump then is a traitor.


            “Ivanka Trump wants foreign leaders to give money to her foundation
            It’s like the Clinton Foundation all over again. But this time it’s a White House staffer with the president’s ear ”

            The Constitution clearly states taking money from foreign governments is a violation.

            “During his 2016 campaign, Trump frequently ripped into Hillary Clinton’s ties to the Clinton Foundation, which received millions in donations from Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates, Qatar and several other Mideast nations. In a June 2016 posting on Facebook, Trump said, “Saudi Arabia and many of the countries that gave vast amounts of money to the Clinton Foundation want women as slaves and to kill gays. Hillary must return all money from such countries!” During an October debate in Las Vegas, Trump called the Clinton Foundation “a criminal enterprise.” ”Saudi Arabia giving $25 million, Qatar, all of these countries. You talk about women and women’s rights? So these are people that push gays off business — off buildings. These are people that kill women and treat women horribly. And yet you take their money.”

            NOW: The World Bank announced Sunday at an event with Ivanka Trump, the president’s daughter and White House adviser, that Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates had pledged a combined $100 million for the bank’s proposed Women Entrepreneurs Fund, which was first proposed by Ivanka Trump.


            I agree, Trump must go and that is why the Republican Party is plotting to oust him in order not to lose the 2018 election and to get rid of the man they see as a usurper and who humiliated all 16 of the other Republican candidates and lied up a storm about being self-funding (90% of his general election funds were from outside, including pay to play billionaires, deporting 11 million Mexicans, ending crime, bring the jobs homes, etc.

            Here is Trump: “I love the CIA. I am 110% behind the CIA.”

          • Ken

            Really thro the media hacks at me are not going to change my mind. Look in to collusion with Russia on Hillarys part, sold 20% of our uranium and now they have like 3 new missiles all capable of piercing our defenses, that is directly assisting our enemies….and you call yourself intelligent. it took me one paragraph to show your hypocracy.

          • dale ruff

            You got it wrong, friend. Politifact reports: “The fact-checking website PolitiFact has determined that statement, which Trump first made on the campaign trail, is mostly false.

            “We had Hillary Clinton give Russia 20 percent of the uranium in our country. You know what uranium is, right? It’s a thing called nuclear weapons and other things. Like lots of things are done with uranium, including some bad things,” Trump said during a press conference.

            The claim isn’t true. Between 2009 and 2013, Russia’s atomic energy agency, Rosatom, purchased a majority stake in a Canadian company called Uranium One, The New York Times reported in 2015. The Toronto-based firm’s mining assets in Wyoming, Utah and elsewhere in the United States account for about 20 percent of U.S. uranium production capacity, according to the Times.

            PolitiFact pointed out that 20 percent of uranium capacity is different from 20 percent of existing uranium. Moreover, the State Department was one of nine government agencies that had to sign off on the deals. Other federal and state regulators also had to approve them.

            Clinton was the nation’s top diplomat when the sales took place, and the Obama administration was still trying to reset relations with Moscow at the time, PolitiFact noted.

            However, Clinton did not represent the State Department on the panel of agency officials who approve deals such as the Uranium One transaction. The representative at the time, former Assistant Secretary Jose Fernandez, told the Times, “Mrs. Clinton never intervened with me on any C.F.I.U.S. matter,” referring to the Committee on Foreign Investment in the United States.”

            This urnanium, in fact, cannot leave the US so
            Trump’s inflammatory comment was ruled mostly false.

            When you talk of intelligence and refer to hypocrisy, it would be smart to spell it correctly.

            Unless Russia is able to build missiles in the US, they cannot use the uranium of the Canadian company for anything but domestic US use. In addition, the US and Russia have exchange uranium for years.

            WND, a right wing media reports that Russia has been buying into US uranium since Bush’s Presidency.
            In addition, Russian uranium has been coming to the US for years: “A 20-year program to convert highly enriched uranium from dismantled Russian nuclear weapons into fuel for U.S. power plants has ended, with the final shipment loaded onto a vessel in St. Petersburg’s port on Thursday. The U.S. Energy Department described the program, commonly known as Megatons to Megawatts, as one of the most successful nuclear nonproliferation partnerships ever undertaken” Nov/2013

            In addition, Russia does not have a license to export uranium so it is for domestic use and the investment in the Canadian company was a for profit investment in assets with nothing to do with nuclear weapons. You have been brainwashed by people lying to you: if I were you, I would denounce them for lying to you.

            You clearly don’t know what you are talking about but I have tried to help you get the story straight.

          • Ken

            I do not pretend to know what they do or will do with this, but it doesn’t need to leave or go to Russia to be an asset. Correct? If so, its still strategically an issue, also, yes they did. Clinton was president and she was governor also, that puts them in powerful circles. I bet we find out that they had a lot more to do with it than you know or can just find in the public record. You keep on with the facts, I do find some of them interesting, but you have to admit, they are the best liars in history, and they push division.

            And since when does Russia give a shit about a license…really. wow that’s the most ignorant statement of all. I bet they have been sending the Iranians all kinds of gifts we don’t know about.. Keep drinking the cool aid, its bound to work eventually.

          • Ken

            Excuse, Bill was President and Hillary was a governor. Do you deny they took money from foreign governments and allowed them to influence the state department for money? Do you say they didn’t get millions in donations for the nice things they did for donors, fuck the Uranium or where it went. its the definition of treason to support a foreign government or agent while a representative and an oath taker in our U.S. Government. How you going to tell me its ok? HOW CAN YOU DEFEND TREASON.

          • Ken

            Dinesh D’Souza says it all. Watch Hillarys America. IF your still thinking that its great to support that. I will allow you to talk all the shit you want, I will not be listening.

          • Ken

            She signed off on the acquisition of the uranium, yes, its not shipped torussia, but its in their control….so your sounding pretty stupid right now. Keep it up. wow.

          • Ken

            Its about control of the money bud, and they have plenty of weapons grade Uranium in stock so its just a way for them to stay financially viable, by controlling the flow of uranium in the united states they could also cause damage to our market, so your being narrow minded to say they don’t have an ability to harm the USA with such holdings, and I bet with all the collusion with Hillary and Russia they have a nice plan to get it to Russia if they want it…..really.

          • dale ruff

            Thro ………….throw?

            I don’t call myself intelligent; I do my homework and report on what I have learned. Intelligent is as intelligent does. You didn’t show my “hypocracy (sic)” but rather your semi-literate condition. Come back when you want an intelligent conversation.

          • Ken

            You never watched the video outlining the method they used to vet the documents, and your saying I don’t do my homework, I read the federalist papers, the life and history of our founding fathers, and the constitution and the guide to constitutional truth, you can spin it any way you want but until you look in to Thomas Payne and our other very intelligent founding fathers you are doomed to run in circles and never truly understand the incredible thought that went in to our founding. I pray for you son. You need some more education, and your insulting attitude…isn’t fazing me a bit, have dealt with you children for some time.

          • Ken

            your only as good as the information you choose to accept don’t you agree. I think your trying but you have the blinders on…keep on going the walls are getting closer and closer…..

          • Ken

            Let me put it to you this way. In your wisdom have you ever read the manchuran canidate? Or seen the movie? Obama is a fraud. I know, you libtards think hes legit, but hes not. Sherif Joe sent the documentation to 3 different places that specialize in police vetting documentation, they all said it was inconsistent with a legal document showing it had been lifted from several documents and shown as false. Did you watch the presentation or like your libertardian friends d you just discount PROOF you disagree with? Hmmmm? Perhaps you need to look in to what you have to produce to be president and a birth certificate of live birth in the United States is required for obvious reasons. You people. really dense.

          • dale ruff

            Trump fits much better………..

            I discount assertions made without evidence. Obama was born in Hawaii and his birth was announced at the time in 2 Honululu newspapers. Wake up! They are using you. I am not “You people” but one well-informed, well-educated individuals: you can see my articles at opednews and quora.

            The Obama is not an American is a racist pissant conspiracy theory for idiots. Trump’s mother was born in Kansas, and Trump’s mother was born in Scotland.

          • Ken

            Announced it two papers, oh shut up, are they scietists or just media outlets, Joe is a professional lawman, and he did what you would do with any document you might want a professional opinion on, he sent it to the document folks, who do all the vetting of legal documents, and they found it a fraud. I know you don’t want to hear it, but its damn true.

          • Ken

            wow. name calling. ok. If you don’t watch the video your a lemming…there were even except you said two insults so I owe you one. Typical answer…I am not going to watch the proof, cause I said so, I just know in my heart…you know, the Kathy Gifford supporting death demanding far left and far right…Perhaps we can make a deal, I will read your stupid book, if you will watch the VIDEO they made to prove the fact that hes an imposter. all else after that doesn’t matter…if I am right, and that’s why you wont watch it, really, you don’t want to be wrong…think I wanted to believe the guy I voted for the first time was a liar and our worst nightmare? grow up already. I didn’t want to believe it either, but watching the video tells a different story. OPEN YOUR EYES.

            The entire Maricopa County police force is not the enemy of America, look at what your saying…..really.

          • dale ruff

            haha “On March 1, 2012, Arpaio and members of his Cold Case Posse held a news conference announcing their contention that President Barack Obama’s long-form birth certificate, released by the White House on April 27, 2011,[200] is a computer-generated forgery. Additionally, the Posse’s six-month-long review included an examination of President Obama’s Selective Service card and contended that it, also, is a forgery. Their claims were presented at that press conference, and at a second press conference held on March 31, 2012.[201][202] The allegations regarding the birth certificate were repeated at a July 17, 2012, news conference, where Arpaio stated that his investigators are certain that Obama’s long-form birth certificate is fraudulent.[203]
            Some of the major claims presented by Arpaio at the July 17 news conference were subsequently shown to be false; specifically, the 1961 Vital Statistics Instruction Manual that Arpaio and his team claimed to possess contradicted what they claimed it said, and images shown by them, purportedly from that manual, were instead from computer specifications dated 1968 and 1969.[204]
            In response to Arpaio’s claims, Joshua A. Wisch, a special assistant to Hawaii’s attorney general, said in a statement, “President Obama was born in Honolulu, and his birth certificate is valid. Regarding the latest allegations from a sheriff in Arizona, they are untrue, misinformed and misconstrue Hawaii law.”[205] Arizona state officials, including Governor Jan Brewer and Secretary of State Ken Bennett, have also dismissed Arpaio’s objections and accepted the validity of Obama’s birth certificate.[206] Brewer also claimed that Obama’s mother’s U.S. citizenship made him a citizen, regardless of where he was born.” Wiipedia

            The people finally kicked him out in the 2016 election and he is facing criminal charges.

          • Ken

            I think your not reading the information properly, like why is he under investigation, is a forgery, or is it a witch hunt because he refused to change the way he inducted illegal migrants? Also, why did Obama lie? And another thing-they do not address the fact that 2 other vetting agencies found Obamas certificate to be fake. More questions than answers in your explanation son. Now quit laughing it makes you seem like horseshack.
            You still haven’t seen the video. there are many reasons they found it was a fake.
            Keep typing it might help just blah blah blah.

          • dale ruff

            I see you cannot even write standard Engish, Ken.

            Calling a 76 year old “son” is pretty funny, my friend.

            Your views of Obama, one of our most popular Presidents, are actually humorous. I am guessing you are doing a satirical take on a braindead rightwinger. Fess up!

          • Ken

            Back at ya old fart…anyway, no I am not whatever an old coot wants to lable me with, your just as set in your ways, so being an ass about it will not change a thing. Your not watching the video, or looking to the 300+ points of contention in the video showing the reason its fake, and your also still quoting everything but the video….so I don’t just take your facts as they are too limited, and only cover a small part of the issue. Lets agree to disagree, I figure our lives will go on. Time will tell the truth, and at your age you should know that-the truth will come out. Vindication is only for those without a life in the first place and in the long run it will not matter to us as we will be dead. Our kids on the other hand, well, I am tired of the left making them wonder who or what they are, convincing them that if they think they are they can be a monkey….or a omnisexual predator, or a chicken… opinion in every direction is the same as none at all. Nielsons the Point-1969

          • Ken

            Brain dead? now who is insulting and ignorant. 75 years and that’s the best you can do? I wont miss you when you die old man, neither will anyone else. AS far as Obozo, you will eat your words soon enough. He is an illegal whether you want to admit it or not, as he is not honest, and they have found he used the illegal vote to get elected as well as the muslim brotherhood for a cash cow. Your an idiot if you think hes that popular as that’s part of the established media diatribe. Total bullshit. No one I know likes him period. NO ONE> So unless your someone, that’s one. one person I know that said Obama wasn’t the divider in chief. ONE person arguing this point, and its an ignorant old man who thinks hes smart, read one book….so far that’s what you are espouting. You cannot say you read the federalist papers, life and times of any of our founding fathers, or any real history other than public education…..or are you a professor now? Get a clue.

          • Ken

            WikiLeaks shows that Hillary spent a week in Britain to find his provincial certificate from Kenya, and now there is no copy so they covered their tracks pretty well, except the trip to Britain and the search for particular documents which is recorded in the log.

          • Ken

            60% approval by the same media that said Trump was going to lose….yeah. go on drink up buddy, the cool aid is only spiked with Dumocratic news…..yeah….WRONG AGAIN>

          • Ken

            Perhaps you should read the federalist papers and anti federalist papers, the bibliography of our founding fathers and more. One stupid book isn’t going to make you a genius over nite.

          • Ken

            YOU started with the name calling if you read the posts. I for one just stated some facts and you tried to diffuse them with on line fact checking that is owned by the mainstream media….like asking a politician to tell the truth, its always spun to fit their agenda.

          • Ken

            Your making assumptions about me you know nothing about. I don’t agree with all you say, you don’t agree with all I say. You claim that the news is honest, I claim they lie for their agenda…one world domination. You know its true, they admit its their plan at the UN 2021 agenda meeting….that they want total control over the world, and want America to pay the majority of the climate change cost at next to no benefit in 50 years…the math is ridiculous to spend 100 trillion dollars on. Isnt it? >.3degrees difference….after 50 years….not cost effective. And you don’t know how I know Sherrif Joe either. I know him personally….and your mistaken in questioning my friends integrity as he has never done anything to you personally but you attack him over a report by a biased source…I know his reasoning for the investigation and how he went about his decision…he didn’t want to do it and denied it for a year, then he does it and he gets his career shoved down his neck for it…not fair or dignified way to go. How you feel about someone doing that to you for doing your job? hmmm? He wanted to prove Obama was good..that his papers were proper and that’s what he stated…….and shut the tea party up……so it didn’t come out that way…and he made sure to get plenty of second opinions….as it states in the evidence video….there are so many points to prove its fake that he had to say….its fake. I wonder why? its possible Obama lost his original and cant get a replacement so they manufactured one….or its fake and hes fake…but they never said oops, no they denied release till the last minute, then they went after joe to discredit him…..and that’s obvious. Anyway, like you said, your a smart guy, figure it out. just don’t waste my time or JOES Hes busy fighting for the right to be free, as they are targeting him….like as if hes a criminal…just fucking pisses me off to think, our real law enforcement being wasted while illegal supporting scumbags are pushing cartels across the border…and catch and release, in joes old stomping grounds is already increasing crime in the area…so you get what you ask for…

          • Ken

            and they act like republicans, but they are obstructionists…most need to be hanged for perverting the constitution and that’s a fact. Taking money from foreign actors is treason. last I checked anyway.

          • Ken

            If what you just said was true, Hillary would now be president. WE the PEOPLE voted for Trump. We changed that for the better, Hillary has killed americans, allowed the degradation of the constitution through executive order with Obama, and destroyed Libya over the golden Dinar. Sorry, but your little book is just a small glimpse of the truth, there are many truths out there, which would you rather be allied with.

          • Ken

            You need to read the damn documents again, as your getting a different set of rules and a seriously socialist attitude. I can tell. They are about empowering the people and protecting against what you just spouted off about, yes, a hundred years ago some eliteist assholes took over the banking system, but we still hold the election of our president, and we did vote for him, so RESPECT our vote. ASSHOLE-

          • Erik Richards

            The Adams’s were Southern and slaveowners? WTF are you smoking? Then your second paragraph contradicts your first paragraph in that Jefferson, a slaveowner, wrote the f’n thing about “consent of the governed”, and not majority, by the way. Jefferson, too, blames England for the slave trade and had harsher statements about slavery that Franklin though would be too inflamatory in Congress to get passage of the D of I. The Electoral College was created by 55 men, 25 of whom were slaveowners (and a few of those actually voiced their objections to the continuation of the slave trade, on moral grounds). Don’t know how you can possibly prove your statement about banks and corporations and the EC. What a shittee argument you put together.

          • dale ruff

            I didn’t say that: Adams was one of 3 who were not slave owners, but 95% were, nearly all from the South. I did not contradict myself in saying what is stated in the Declaration of Independence. Jefferson was one of the first 7 Presidents who was a large slave owner.

            His principles are universal and noble; his conduct, hypocritical. And BTY, the minority can never confer consent. Only the majority can confer consent, except when there is no majority in which case, the person with the most consent is conferred legitimacy, such as Lincoln when he got 38% or Clinton when he got 49%. Those who do not get the majority of votes by the governed rule without consent.

            A basic principle of democratic philosophy is that consent cannot be given to the loser in an election. Otherwise, democracy would be the same as tyranny, rule of the minority.

            Of those who actually signed the Constitution, the majority were slave owners and the first 7 Presidents were slave owners, Jefferson, Washington, and Jackson among the largest in the south. All the slave owning Presidents came from the South.

            As for banks and corporation being an oligarchy that runs the government, note that Clinton, Bush, and Trump all have appointed Wall St. CEOs in key position like Secy of he Treasury. Trump has appointed 6 Goldman-Sachs alumni, billionaires, hedge fund managers, etc.

            It is indisputable that the US was run by slave owners for the first 7 Presidents, an oligarchy of slave owners and traders. A Princeton/Northwestern study has found that of US legislation, ordinary Americans and their organizations have no influence while the wealthy have the influence as well as occupying the seats of power.

            businessinsider reports: “The U.S. government does not represent the interests of the majority of the country’s citizens, but is instead ruled by those of the rich and powerful, a new study from Princeton and Northwestern universities has concluded.

            The report, “Testing Theories of American Politics: Elites, Interest Groups, and Average Citizens” (PDF), used extensive policy data collected between 1981 and 2002 to empirically determine the state of the U.S. political system.

            After sifting through nearly 1,800 U.S. policies enacted in that period and comparing them to the expressed preferences of average Americans (50th percentile of income), affluent Americans (90th percentile), and large special interests groups, researchers concluded that the U.S. is dominated by its economic elite.

            The peer-reviewed study, which will be taught at these universities in September, says: “The central point that emerges from our research is that economic elites and organized groups representing business interests have substantial independent impacts on US government policy, while mass-based interest groups and average citizens have little or no independent influence.”

            Researchers concluded that U.S. government policies rarely align with the preferences of the majority of Americans, but do favour special interests and lobbying organizations: “When a majority of citizens disagrees with economic elites and/or with organized interests, they generally lose.”

            In US elections, those with the most money win 97% of the time. We have never been a democracy. That is the Big Lie that keeps us from revolting against the tyranny of the plutocrats.

            I am sorry to see you descend into obscenity. I am really sad to see you argue that a minority can confer consent for the majority. That is clearly a contradiction in terms.

            “, Governments are
            instituted among Men, deriving their just Powers from the Consent of the Governed . . .”

            Declaration of Independence, United States of America, 1776

            Here are examples of regimes that did not have the legitimacy that only consent of (the greater part of) the governed can confer: ” regimes take various forms, including autocracy (such as Azerbaijan and Uzbekistan), monarchy (such as Morocco and Saudi Arabia), theocracy (such as the Islamic Republic of Iran), military rule (common to Latin American dictatorships of the 1970s and ‘80s, as in Bolivia, Chile and Guatemala), and apartheid (or rule by a racial minority as occurred in South Africa). ”

            And here is why ruling with minority consent is illegitimate and dangerous: historically, those who lose elections but gain power (Hitler, Mussolini, Bush II, Trump), lacking the tail wind of popular support, are compelled to rule by lies, threats, and violence Those with consent of the majority can rule based on popular approval and support.

            “Implied in the principle of consent of the governed is the right to withdraw that consent — to overthrow a regime that abuses the people through tyrannical, arbitrary, incompetent, or unrepresentative rule.” When the leader has not won the popular vote, that is unrepresentative rule, for he represents the minority, and that invokes the right of armed revolution. Those are our founding principles, long betrayed by the authors of the Constitution when they rejected equality and consent of the governed and by the oligarchs, first slave owners, today banks and corporations who, in effect, control the government in what can only be called corporate fascism, the merger of state power with corporate wealth with the people themselves ignored or defied (as when the misrepresentative Senate, House, and Electoral College overturn the vote or will of the people.).

            You may believe the lies of the state and the tyrants who rule us; I do not.

          • dale ruff

            Let me correct myself and I thank you ignoring your ugly rudeness, for the correction.

            Of the first 7 Presidents, only 5 were slave owners. Adams who was not “As a member of the Massachusetts State Legislature…. openly opposed legislation on the abolition of slavery.” Only John Q Adams opposed slavery but he lost to Jackson, one of the largest slave owners and genocidal maniac, in his re-run bid.

            Despite my error, the point remains loud and clear: The Constitution created a system whereby slave owners and those who supported slavery ruled.

            Of the first 12 Presidents, only the Adams did not own slaves. Van Buren owned a slave who escaped. Harrison who unlike the others did not own slaves while in office “….inherited several slaves. As the first governor of the Indiana Territory, he unsuccessfully lobbied Congress to legalize slavery in Indiana.

            So of the first 12, 10 owned slaves and one who opposed freeing the slaves, one supported ending slavery, but he was defeated by a large slave owner. When slavery was abolished, the oligarchic rule replaced slave owners with those serving the banks and corporations.

            Of the first 12 Presidents, 8 were from the South, and 3 of the 4 not from the South had owned slaves, with the only non-slaver owners

            Thank you for helping me correct my errors: the point remains: the Constitution enabled the slave owning class to dominate American politics for the first 60 years and established a precedent for rule by the minority which continues to this day.

          • Marta J

            Did you ever see the crowds at Trump’s rallies, Art? No, we the American people elected Trump, not any Elite. We got fed up to our eyeballs with the corruption in our White House and WE were determined to get it out and do our best to keep it out! No more Muslim terrorist lovers and no baby killers!

          • Trudi

            That’s why we are Patriots who vote. We know more about politics than the stupid libs who didn’t think or know that Hilly was under FBI investigation while running for office. That is how ignorant Hilly voters were an still are. They voted for a vagina and that is another reason not to vote for a female. You obviously did not read the emails from Podesta how Hilly hates the people.

          • Julie

            So TRUE. . .the libs won’t read the emails. They also keep chanting Russia. . . but I still haven’t heard what exactly it is that the Russians are accused of. ????

          • brian krajci

            Russia is guilty of not kissing the city of London’s ass.

            Russia is guilty of not kissing the city of London’s ass. That is all. It might make the free people of the world, the ones that do worship the city of London nervous. Russia is not buying Rothschild total control. China shouldn’t either. China owns a lot of Rothschild treasury debt notes, amen, but the people have the power always. Why are we buying into the city of London bullshit? Check silver. Buy it.

          • dale ruff

            Intervening in the election process; meeting with Trump staff and then providing hacked emails thru Wikleaks; doing exactly what Trump publicly asked them to do. The FBI disclosed that Clinton was under investigation 10 days before the election, causing 1 in 3 voters, per the ABC poll, to “be less likely to vote or her” (that’s 40 million) with no evidence of wrong doing since Comey had not read the emails, which turn out to be irrelevant copies. NOw Trump has fired the man who got him elected. Shades of Nixon.

            Today, Putin rushed to say he had nothing to do with firing Comey, tho no one had asked him.

            Now that relations with Russia are at “an all time low,” Putin must be having buyer’s remorse.

            Triump is always angry, reminding us o Hitler and Mussolini, who also governed without consent of the majority; both lost elections but came to power and had to use lies, threats, and violence to rule…………………..that is why those who rule without majority consent rule unjustly (
            Thomas Jefferson: D of I).

          • Martha

            How many times do they have to investigate something before they can finally admit that it never happened? They have investigated this idiot lie to death and never once found any collusion between the Russians and our elections. WE the people chose Trump, if you don’t like it, find another country to live in for the next 8 years.

          • dale ruff

            5 Trump proxies met with Russian officials during the campaign; several lied about it to Congress and to the VP. Several laid about not being paid. Trump asked Russia to intervene. After Trump was briefed by intelligence and shown the evidence, he came out and said “I think Russia did it.”

            How much more do YOU need to realize this is just the tip of the icebert. When people lie, they are covering something up. When a President fires someone investigating, he does it not because there is no evidence but because he wants to stop the investigation and because he is afraid of being exposed.

            The people did NOT choose Trump; 2.8 million more voted for Clinton; 538 party hacks selected Truimp, overturning the actual public vote. If you want to live in a country where the losers of elections gain power, study Hitler, Mussolini, and Bush II, all of whom lost the popular vote, gained power, and how did that turn out?

          • Ken

            there is no real proof of trump collaborating with them over the election, there is proof of Obama promising the Russians cooperation after the election…his. Always flaky and soft in the middle. aren’t you.

          • dale ruff

            I am neither flakey nor soft in the middle. As for proof of collaboration, we already have circumstantial evidence and of course the investigation just started….so if you want to rush to a conclusion before the investigation, that is your privilege. I urge you to keep an open mind.

          • Chrissy Anne

            There is absolutely nothing illegal about meeting with Russian officials – if there was they could have made arrests already.
            Also Hilary’s cronies spent plenty of time meeting with Russian officials.
            lol. And you’re right. 2.8 million, (that’s a VERY SMALL PART OF THE AMERICAN POPULATION), voted for Clinton. Over 1 million of those where illegal votes.
            What do you have against Trump anyway?
            What did he do to you?
            Why don’t you like him?
            Why would you want Hilary – who was followed around by a growing number of dead bodies, betrayed her people in Benghazi and tried to sell the decisions of her nation, (if she won), to the highest donators to her ‘charity’ fund, to win.
            Even those who hated Trump didn’t want her to win. They knew she would destroy America – so why would you want her to.
            And you obviously don’t understand the American voting system.
            Do some research.

          • Marta J

            It’s pure lunacy to keep insisting that there is/was a Trump/Russia connection after all this time and still absolutely NO, I REAPEAT, NOOO evidence at all! I’m so sick of these idiots refusing to accept this OR the election of OUR PRESIDENT TRUMP! dale ruff, your comment is nothing but pure BS! I wish you Dim*libs would get a brain so you’d know what the heII you are talking about and stop repeating all the MSM nonsense.

          • dale ruff

            Why then did Matafort and Flynn lie about their connections and payments; why did Trump ,affter meeting with intelligence come out and say “I think it was the Russians who did it?”

            Why did he fire the man investigating the connections (5 of his team met with Russian officials, several lied about it) if he has nothing to fear?

          • combdyn

            You do so lack the intelligence you try to portray. Every day there are attempted hacks to email accounts. MILLIONS of them.
            That Podesta stupidly fell into a phish is NOT the fault of Trump or Repubs. And stop STOP hating a messenger for the message. The corruption of the Democrat Party from top to bottom was the ’16 problem. AND the many that HATE Hillary,
            AND estranged Sanders voters. There are many other areas you can look to place the blame for Hill’s magnificent loss.
            Just ask Hillary. She has a milliont of them.

          • dale ruff

            When you start with insults, you have lost the debate since you have forfeited the abiity to persuade. There is no such entity as the Democrat Party. I did not vote for Clinton but she won the public vote by nearly 3 million and the public vote was then reversed by the slave-era Electoral College,declaring the loser the winner.
            That’s fraud, legal or not. Slavery was once legal. Rule by the minority, according to our founding document, the D of i, is not legitimate or just and leads, as Jefferson wrote, to military despotism.

          • combdyn

            Not intended as an insult at all. Merely observation. You are wrong on sooo many levels there can be no cogent “debate” with you. You will never see anything but your opinion as factual or important.
            Every comment you make is pontification. Simply seeing your opinion written does not make you correct on any level.
            And, congratulations for getting tangential to the issue. You lose.

          • dale ruff

            “You so lack the intelligence you try to portray” is clearly an insult. To your rudeness and lack of persuasive savvy, let us add hypocrisy for claiming insulting my intelligence is an observation. When you insult, and the pretend your insult is ‘an observation” (ie a fact), you have opted out of rational and civil discourse and are, by all means, trolling.

          • combdyn

            All of your posts are so unimaginative and dogmatic. You regurgitate dogma. Nothing more. Instead of replying to my point of improper voting, you sidestep and concentrate on verbiage. You flit over subjects pontificating on each one. Stop and think about some of these issues instead of simply enjoying seeing your name in print. You MIGHT learn something new.
            I am 70. Viet vet. Still working. Keeping an open mind in spite if your ilk.

          • dale ruff

            My posts report facts, not imagination. There is no dogma in facts. All studies of voting fraud have found it virtually non-existent, including the 5 yr Bush study. I report the truth not for the publicity but because I hate lies. I am a free and independent thinker with no loyalty to either Party. My Party is the truth, by which I mean statements backed up by evidence and facts. I challenge you to find one instance of dogma in my factual posts. You are merely throwing mud, the last refuge of those incapable of rational discourse. I find you very sad, my friend. BTW, my ilk are the well-educated and compassionate free thinkers who reject herd thinking on all sides. Your posts contain not one fact but consist of a string of insults………….which is trolling.

          • dale ruff

            So was Trump but Come disclosed it about Clinton but kept the Trump investigation, much more serious verging on treason, secret until 2 months after Trump was in office. Now Trump looks like he is trying to derail the investigaiton into his Russian connections (Montaort, Page, Carter, Flynn, et al all had contacts or got paid).just as Nixon did.

            Fact: Nixon was forced to resign not because of Watergate but because of his cover up. Trump asked Russia to intervene, 5 of his closest advisors talked with Russian officials, he dropped the platform item about arming Ukraine, and yet he claims it is a hoax. If Comey had not disclosed the new Clinton investigation, which was based on no evidence since he had not examined the emails, which were irrelevant copies, Clinton who was far ahead would have won. If he had announced that Trump was under investigaiton since July, Trump would have lost.

            As it was, he got 3 milllion fewer votes but the Electoral College, designed by slave owners as a firewall against majority rule (the basis of legitimate rule) oveturned the public vote…and now 5 wars have been escalated, Trump has threatened North Korea with nukes, millions will lose healthcare coverage, those with pre-existing conditoins will be offered plans they cannot afford, and Trump has fired the man investigating him. Shades of Tricky Dick. I welcome only factual and civil discussion. I you want to call names, that is for the impotent who have no rational response.

            BTW, are the discussions always this full of racist remarks?

          • Ken

            Comey just DENIED the memo. Time to shut the fuck up and get your new facts…oh, insinuations ready.

          • dale ruff

            What memo? I am saying Comey revealed that the Clinton investigation had been reopened (and I agree for no valid reason…..see my opednews article “Comey Lies and Lies” )and that collapsed the large Clinton lead, as an ABC poll showed 1/3 of voters (that would be 40 million) were “less likely to vote for Clinton” as a result of the Comey intervention.

            It’s time for you to learn to read and if you can’t, to shut the fuck up, Ken. I have my facts straight, but you dispute facts that even you embrace.

            Comey re-opened the case before examining the emails from the Wiener file (which turned out to be copies) and based on a fake document); at the same time, he did not reveal that the Trump team was under investigation since July 2016. So, despite the fact that his intervention was improper, it swung the election to Trump, based on the results of the ABC (a top rated poling firm with virtually no bias according to 538) poll.

            What part of that is not factual? Telling people to shut up is not only rude and unAmerican but very stupid.

          • combdyn

            If you remove the votes of the dead, multiple votes, and the rest of the Dem Party voting habits, you’d find Trump won popular by a landslide. Notice how a lot of the IL/Chicago Dems go to jail? Corruption in Chicago politics is and has been rampant.
            Obama’s legend will be the nationalization of Chicago-style corruption. Everything about Obama was corrupt and phony.
            If you are in need of finding corrupt transactions, why look any farther than Hillary? You can’t stand it, can you?
            With the Trump push on corrupt voting, you may be surprised by the next election. It may actually be; 1 person, 1 VOTE !

          • Marta J

            Libs don’t know a lot of what goes one because as we know, the MSM refuses to air anything that doesn’t suit the liberals. If it isn’t something to make them look good, you can forget it, so those watching are kept in the dark about a lot. CNN is the worst. They either just tell half the story, which makes it entirely different than it really is, or they just plain lie at times.

          • dale ruff

            Mainstream media includes AM radio, which is dominated by far right and Fox News, the leading cable news channel.
            It is as absurd to claim that a network always lies as that it never lies. EAch story must be judged on its own merits and the reliability of source is based on the totality of its good, bad, and ugly reporting.

            Fox, for instance, lies far more often than CNN, which does not excuse CNN but puts it in context.

          • junktex

            So naïve.

          • Dominic Blais

            you are a bigger idiot 25% of the vote is not a win for cheetolini or hitlery rotten clinton and the dam neoliberal zionazis faggots like you need to kys

        • Trudi

          Your as dumb as a bag of rocks just like all liberals are.

        • bodica

          Obama and Hillary are the ‘chosen’ traitors, but even with a rigged election, Obama soiled any chance Hillary might have of ever being elected. Trump stood alone and above the political melee. He won on the votes and prayers of the people of America who suffered eight years of Obamabuse.

          • Rascalndear

            you should consider a comedy show of your own, you are so incredibly funny! 😀 )))))

          • Dominic Blais

            cheetolini and hitlery are neoliberal saudi loving sand niggers just like you and obummber the right wing house nigger

          • Julie

            Good word: obamabuse.

        • chrissypoo6

          “We The People” voted for Trump, it is the elitists who wanted Hillary. You obviously weren’t paying attention, and must have been getting your info from the liberal fake news media!

        • Jamie Payne

          Hey next time use the toilet sit on it with your head that where the shit is comming from !!!!!

        • Ben

          Art – I’m sorry – but I truly believe you are an idiot if you believe what you say………

        • SuperFly

          Art you’re an idiot! Trump is the fear of the elite. How do you threaten a. Man who is already an elitist but has different views and is smarter than you. Nothing but try to ruin reputation and integrity. Trump has both in Spade’s. The world elites are scared and should be America is going to be great again. It must. The world currency depends. On it.

          • Marta J

            Right on SuperFly. Why do these liberal idiots think the Elite have been on Trump like a dog on a bone trying to de-legitimize him or has that escaped their notice too?! Yes, those elites have tried every way possible to get rid of Trump because many of them are scared sh*tless that he will expose and prosecute them and the rest are having their big NWO/globalist plans messed up!

        • Julie

          The ‘elite’ didn’t get tens of thousands to all of those rallies. Maybe you’re right about him not being behind the middle class. We’ll see. BUT he is finding out that the opposition from Congress is like never before. How will we know WHO is against the middle class?

        • 4liberty&freedom

          Trump may not be perfect, but he is far better than what the far left had to offer.

        • Chrissy Anne

          Rubbish. The elites DIDN’T WANT TRUMP IN. He doesn’t play ball with them and that is why they are working so hard to get rid of him.
          Are you really that ignorant.
          Just because someone is rich – doesn’t make them a part of the elite – do you even know what that means.

      • junktex

        No,they got their man.

      • flintlock1949

        They might not have failed here if the Dem’ party and their Media lap-dogs/masters(?) hadn’t been so overconfident of a Hillary victory! Next time they may be more prepared! We had better be, too!

        • Mr Ed

          Yes Brexit was the same. They thought they had rigged the election and even said a prominent Labour MP was killed because she wanted to remain. It was a false flag.
          They simply didn’t rig the referendum enough because they thought they had it in their bloodstained hands.
          They have been well prepared for the election of their spawn of Satan candidates ever since.

        • Marta J

          Exactly, flintlock1949. I agree… they all thought Hillary had it in the bag, (thanks to the lying MSM polls) but they’ll be cheating and rigging like crazy next time, if they can! I’m so glad Trump signed that Executive Order on election integrity the other day. Now lets just hope the main ways of democrat vote fraud will be fixed before the next one! Oh, they’ll scream and cry like no tomorrow, but if these things aren’t fixed, we can kiss goodbye to ever winning another election.

      • Tammy Kalasz

        Nope.. that’s what they want you to think. He was selected not elected.. it’s all a show.

        • Marta J

          Wrong. Despite doing their best to rig it and tons of vote fraud every way imaginable, Trump was elected by the American people! We were determined to not have continued corruption in our White House and through much prayer and work, WE elected him. Did you see the crowds at all of his rallies? Every dirty trick Hillary tried just took her down more and won more to Trump, because it was the very thing we were all sick to death of.



    • shaka1000


      • mark2win

        They can easily build a new one.. they know how!

        • garwain

          They’d have it made in China.

      • Angela Davys

        the way things are going i would not be too sure about that

      • Dominic Blais

        same with lepenn they both should be executed for the same reason with one

    • dale ruff

      Her replacement she apponted to lead the National Front had to quit a week before the election because it was exposed he was a Nazi sympathizer and Holocaust denier. Le Pen lost by 50%. IN Paris she got less than 5% of the vote. Her party celebrated the alliance of the traitorous Vichy government during WWII with the Nazis. Her father, a Nazi, started the party.

      The French remember fascism and decided they could do without.

    • dale ruff

      Well less than a month to go and the revolt begins!

  • Mara Lowe

    There was lots of cheating going on for Macron but spoiling ballots and abstaining made the situation worse. I think the French ppl have to own this one even if Macron’s win should be contested. The French surrender easily so I doubt anyone will put up any real fight to demand another election. Austria did an an election re-do recently because of similar issues and it should be the law with this kind of tampering. Must say it’s a stupid system if you get one piece of paper and one shot. Why the hell not a ballot with 2 names on it and a place to mark your choice IN PEN!

    • Riccardo Zanetti

      Austria only cancelled the election and ran it again because the right won. Had the Greens won first time, any electoral abnormality would have been overlooked.

      • Mara Lowe

        Not. R lost. L won again 2nd round.

      • Mara Lowe

        Did not the incumbent win in the first election? And in the second?

        • Riccardo Zanetti

          No. The incumbent had served two terms and was not eligible for a third successive term. However, the candidates of the two governing parties, the Social Democratic and Austrian People’s parties, placed fourth and fifth respectively, behind independent Irmgard Griss in third place, and thus dropped out of the running. That left Norbert Hofer of the Freedom Party of Austria (FPO) – the right, who won the first round of voting – and Alexander Van der Bellen, a member of the Austrian Greens to go head-to-head in the second round in May, which was ultimately overturned due to perceived voting irregularities, for a new vote in December.

    • MarcusW

      Lets see if he makes true of his election promises. Lower income taxes and stronger Europe borders (?!) That sounds good to me

    • Rascalndear

      Maybe if people really believed the election was stolen, they would. Clearly they don’t. How about that possibility? Fakery by an alt-right US site isn’t going to make a dent in the correct perceptions of the French, who aren’t prepared to go that way.

  • Royalsfan67

    This is the goal of the left in this country. At some point it matters nothing who is voting. It only matters who is counting the votes.

    • MarcusW

      Yeah Stalins thinking

  • Ezra Tank

    Wait they mail in their election? There are no voting machines/booths?

  • Fuhrerious
    • Lani Greene

      God Bless Ireland keep it out of the Muslim Hands fight for your Country

    • Angela Davys

      since when enlighten me

  • Kevin B. Randolph

    We need a Revolution against the Globalists, Kill Em all, just as they wish us all dead that don’t follow their agenda!

  • Kevin B. Randolph

    Take out the Rothschilds, Soros and a few other families and you will soon see a much more functional, more peaceful World!

    • Rascalndear

      If you think it’s all a Jewish conspiracy, why do you support Chump and his circle? Clearly, somebody’s got it all wrong here…

  • Lani Greene

    Yes the election went exactly how Soros and Obama and even Killary tried their best to do same with our American election so don’t give up Le Pen your Citizens need you like we needed and wanted President Trump

    • Rascalndear

      Tell us again when you run out of healthcare coverage, medicare, a school system, and state jobs as everything is slashed. And as you watch all this cut to give the richest and big business massive tax breaks. Tell us again… if you still can. Just hope you don’t develop diabetes, cancer or some other “preexisting condition.” Or get old for that matter…

    • Angela Davys

      yes the world is watching not just france

  • Mick Ellis

    No politician, French, EU, German, UK or elsewhere can be trusted these days. There was never a chance of Macron losing. What really sickens me is the collaboration of the French media.

    • MarcusW

      Yeah you could see how they all teamed up against Le Pen A patriot

      • Marta J

        Yes, I saw a video of Muslims laughing about how they got rid of a lot of Le Pen ballots. Scum.

    • Angela Davys

      a report on here saturday before the vote said that they had all been threatened and stopped from reporting also other things that had come to light which were not to be reported until after the election votes.

    • Marta J

      The media is the same everywhere. It’s all part of the Left… Soros/NWO/Globalist agenda.

  • Johan Wirén

    Source? lol

  • Harold Janson

    It’s better this way to be honest. Even if she did win, she would never be allowed to carry out her agenda. It’s just proof that the time for elections is over and us whites need to retake our homelands once again.

    • Angela Davys

      she will come back stronger as will the people now the other side can see what kind of people they are up against

      • Marta J

        I sincerely hope so, Angela.

  • R Stone

    Many Americans will help the French to overthrow the usurpers

    • MarcusW

      Yeah it may come to that. Who knows

    • Earth’sEnd

      I lost my grandfather that way. He died in France in WWI.
      I almost lost my father that way. He almost died in WWII in Germany and spent years in rehab. So, in a way, I lost him, too.

  • David Daisy May Boldock

    The pen is mightier than the Macaroni!

    • MarcusW

      Ha ha

  • Tom

    And guess the percentage Macron ‘won’ by, well that would be 66.06% just to rub it in people’s faces in plain sight.

    • MarcusW

      Really. That was a funny fact. Decided beforehand ?

    • Earth’sEnd

      Well Tom, that 66.06 damn well confirms it for me. Remember, they must announce BEFORE they attack.

      I’d like to see someone work those odds of that “number” being random.

  • SuperFly

    Mark these words
    France is headed into revolution
    The streets of France will flow a river of Muslim blood

    • MarcusW

      Thank you for sharing of a beautiful poem. Made me feel better

    • Angela Davys

      think they know that partly the reason for wanting a eu army to get the people under control

      • SuperFly

        sad but true — too bad it the Europeans they will be controlling and not the goat fuckers…but we will have to see how this hand is played out — its a shitty hand at that but flop does not look too bad on the table. Keep a straight face we’ll catch their bluff and force them to Ante up all their winnings……Good luck to ya

  • Gary Wendell Stanfield


    • MarcusW


  • Askalian

    Stop these bullshit fake news. In France, most voters receive their
    ballots by post. But of course, you have hundred of ballots available in
    the voting hall, so if your ballot at home is damaged, it is so easy to
    take one in the voting hall. As a matter of facts, 99% of voters do not
    use the ballot they receive at home but those available in the voting
    hall. I have done that at each vote since I can vote.

    Also, it is obviously very easy to destroy a correct ballot received by post, just
    to make a suspicious photo and create a scandal : See the attached photo
    that I have made 1 minute ago.

    End of demonstration.

    • MarcusW

      Well good share if that’s true

  • Peter Toth

    What kind of idiot sets up a voting system where ballots are separate for each candidate, and then declares that any damage to a ballot nullifies it?! If all names were on one ballot, and a simple X beside the name were used, this kind of fraud and vote sealing could not happen! What morons!

  • Flick Yoli

    Macron will be assassinated.

  • Ryan

    How? French pussies gave up their guns…

    • Marta J

      Sigh… therein lies the folly of allowing yourselves to be disarmed, whatever country any of you be in or of! It seems people never learn, or if they do, they allow it to be forgotten way too soon. This is WHY they want citizens disarmed! If they are disarmed, they can’t very well rebel effectively. Pay attention, Americans and remember this!

  • gary

    Expecting the same thing to happen in Canada next election , Liberals cheat ant lie .

    • Marta J

      Then Canadians had better get it together starting ASAP and working to make sure it doesn’t come out like France!

  • Dave DeMontfort

    Disgraceful . Dirty tricks from the Bankers, we all know whats happened ex Rothschild bankers leave Dead or never leave. Macron is financed by Banks . Can he even form a government in 5 days .? There was only him he has got no MP’s lmao…….


  • Matthew Chen

    France’s clarion call for ‘Liberty, Fraternity and Equality’ is a fraud. Only in France can a 39 year old candidate with a 64 year old wife, a candidate out of nowhere, with no experience or MPs or Mayors from his one-year old Party can win the Presidential Election, through massive fraud by sending spoiled votes to voters. This is called French DemoCraZy. Vive La France Non.

  • justin stark

    Of course it was Rigged; the ‘EEE-YEW’ is Desperate.

  • shaka1000


    • Angela Davys

      seems he crossed swords with merkyl already he wanted to sign all the countries into sharing the eu countries debts she was certainly having none of that .

  • Jimmy Yost

    It’s just like Stalin jokingly said: “It’s not who votes that counts, it’s who counts the votes that counts,”

  • Anne Felippe

    It was obvious way before the election that macron would win solely by voter fraud

  • Brian Niziol

    If the bankers cannot beat you they will steal it.

  • Muhammad Abbass

    What are you going to do abou it? it just gets more blatant but nothing gets done.

    • Angela Davys

      they can not say on here for sure else they will be just as wise

  • Ron Hussey

    I have no doubt that it was rigged, the globalists that wanted to keep the EU together knew she could win, and definitely rigged the election. Even here our last globalist moron in chief and his puppet master, George Soros thigh to they had our election rigged, they were wrong, real Americans went out and voted for Trump and kicked their corrupted candidates @ss. Even now the corrupted democrat party is still in denial, whining, protesting, and committing violence, like the degenerate sore sport losers they are.

  • sniper1080

    Q: Why do French tanks have rearview mirrors.
    A: So they can keep an eye on the battle!

  • Steve Brown

    France must have a re-election with the French military conducting the security for the election.

  • yep

    damn right this election was rigged…le pen fight it …you need too…..

  • QueenStreetSystems

    Just minutes after the “outcome” was called I posted that I didn’t believe the result. For weeks I’ve been monitoring the state of play on social media – the support was overwhelmingly for Marine Le Pen. I had prepared two sets of releases for the outcome; I report the news – I don’t make it.

    Analysing the near two-to-one pro Le Pen tweets and nearly three-to-one facebook positives for her also, I was just waiting to get the poll numbers in the Le Pen post and was ready to celebrate a small but significant victory for mankind.

    Something had to have gone wrong to get the Macron result.

    I am a realist but was more than happy “my side was going to win” and my favoured candidate was going to get the chance to at least right some of the wrongs and remove a great many corruptions from France – then ultimately the EU (which would in effect alter the world in terms of politics for the people).

    It’s always been a dream of mine that populism (which despite what the press would have you believe, isn’t a dirty word) would overtake parliamentary democracy. Parliamentary democracy is no democracy at all and it was clear that the people in France had woken up to that fact and were doing something about it.

    I eagerly await more information about what is going to be done about the findings in this post.

  • Robert Leffler

    Marcon may not survive long as President of France. A stolen election and vial Islamist running rampant… it sure does look like Merkel will step in and be the real President of France.

  • John Carrero

    What would you expect. Anything to keep the treason of France alive. Started by Hollande and now to be continued by Manuel Cabron. Europe is doomed by being totally under the control of the UN and it’s representation of the middle east refugee intake.

  • pt020

    They did it also in the Netherlands

  • bodica

    Le Pen will rest, recover and come back FIGHTING!

  • Derek Wilkes

    HOLLANDE had his dirty hands in this election, HE receives excess amounts of money fro the corrupt EU, he is one who thinks he can talk down to the BRITISH PEOPLE as if we were dogs. The CORRUPT NAZI ASSHOLES in Brussels also were involvesd because they know that the end of the CORRUPT EU was inevitable shoud Marine Le Pen win the election and they were not prepared to allow that to happen, they are afraid of losing their extorionate salaries qhenthe EU finally collapses. ALL FRENCH PEOPLE should protest and demand another election because it is blatantly obvious that this one was rigged. Marvellous when Marine Le Pen wa hot favourite accoirding to the polls and yet she lost by 63%n to 34% whilst this corrupt asshole MACRON was nowhere yet wins easily.

  • The Rothschild Globalist

    How to manipulate fools

    Steps to follow:

    1.Open a word document.
    2.Type “Marine LE PEN” with big characters.
    3. Print it on a paper.
    4.Tear the paper’s corner.
    5.Take a picture.
    6.Post it on the internet and write a fake article about the French Elections being rigged.

    • Kurozoku 卐

      bait alert

  • Quantum Paradox

    This is sabotage of the first order.

  • Medina-Merino

    When the Eiffel Tower comes crashing to the ground, more tourists are stabbed at the Louvre, innocent children are machine-gunned waiting on a bus-stop, dozens of Tour-de-France cyclists are shot dead…THEN France will realize what a disastrous, colossal mistake you have made.

  • junktex

    Banksters always have it their way.They did with Trump as well.

  • Pat Woodcock

    here is some proof…

  • L Garou

    “And if my thought-dreams could be seen: They’d probably put my head in a guillotine”

  • Rascalndear

    what a load of bunk! Fakery by another Russian troll. But since this site published it, it’s probably a Russian-funded site. 😀 ))))))

    PS It’s rather time-consumingn to tear millions of ballots by hand (1) and (2) how do you know for sure who is voting for whom, especially in a single household with multiple voters. The fact that no Macron ballots were spoiled only confirms this. People really need to start using their brains and not buying into the lies intended to destroy faith in democratic elections because they risk the day coming when there won’t be any elecitons at all. Russia’s already headed there a long time go.

  • mauser 98

    ……….. France has surrendered for the last time

    “Almost 1,000 cars torched around France on New Year’s Eve but government insists it ‘went particularly well’

  • Malcolm Scott

    The major bastions of Liberty are the US, Britain and about half of France. The rest are looking to us for leadership.

  • Brian

    C’est ridicule! Do you think Macron would make a better “Damien” than Jared Kushner? There’s nothing left to discuss really.

  • Noel

    So what. I hope the Muslims kill every last French idiot that allowed them into their country. France has no real men. Just sissy boys and ugly women.

  • the one

    Pas mon président!

  • Larrie Cole








  • Larrie Cole


  • Askalixa

    En Marche = = A Soros organisation.

  • Askalixa
  • Angela Davys

    also no way could the votes for a country the size of france be counted in the length of time between stations closing and announcement and no way would a genuine person standing for france not have had the french national anthem played .i saw on here saturday before the vote that all the media had been banned from reporting which included serious things they had found out on macron.until after the vote.

  • ItsJim

    I wish we had a REAL President like Canada, Germany and France do instead of this fake time wasting POS. Soon enough we (USA) will take the social trash out, the noose is tightening everyday.

  • Ben

    I don’t see France as being a very reliable ally in the future. Too bad, really. If it hadn’t been for the US and the UK, they’d all be speaking German today.

  • Terrence tran

    Le Pen needs to protest the cheating and request to vote again.

  • Jim

    This is about the ttrillions being made out of EU out of Brussels.

  • JanPB

    I thought vote by mail was banned in France. This was done in the 1970s in order to prevent fraud. What am I missing?

  • Dave Mason

    Globalist a-holes! Democracy is a joke these days. I am sure as a |Canadian, that Justanass Turdhole did not win legitimately either! Muslims are snakes,and it is time to cut of their head!

  • glenys malone

    The french need to revolt and get their country back, it is obvious that the election was rigged. The elite were too afraid of the outcome if Le Pen won (which she did), because they have a big stake in this.

  • Richard Wahd

    Make France great again!! Call those Freedom Fries “French Fries” again… Buy that French salad dressing again. Call making out “French kissing” again!

  • leon reaper

    Prince of Saudi manipulated it,bribing the elite of France….Not for long

  • Dominic Blais

    no shit they didnt have a left wing candidate just 2 rothschild loving zionazi fucks

  • Dominic Blais

    when france only gets to vote for 2 neoliberal rothschild zionazis of course its rigged they didnt even get a liberal left wing candidate who wants to send the refugees to saudi arabia sense they didnt take any, or a liberal like me who wants a bacon test for entry

  • Dianna9490

    LePen i hope ur people stand up 4 whats right!!!! America knows EXACTLY what ur country is going thru

  • Barry Morris

    …and you still lost…crazy!!!

  • philstrawman

    FAKE democracy practiced by descendants of motherfucking colonialists who claim their mass-murdering / oppression / plundering / looting to be “SPREADING CIVILIZATION”.

  • Tim Gileo

    Get out the guillotine seens the elite need to remember a old lesson.

  • D.A

    Its time for the re-run of French Revolution. Remind them what happened to the last Head of State.

  • Matt

    The whole ‘election’ was a set-up! There is no way a Rothschild banker NWO millionaire piece of shit could have won by that margin. You see, the NWO didn’t cook the Brexit referendum enough and made a miscalculation, and that wasn’t a mistake it was going to repeat. The is no democracy – it is a sad LIE!

  • Rustyangel

    When Obama endorses someone you know something is afoot.

  • conservative

    I expect French Revolution Deux to commence shortly. Oh–and France–we’re not coming this time. Twice we defended you against Germany in 2 World Wars, but you’re on your own this time. If you want to hand your country over to Moslem terrorists, be my guest. I always wanted to go to Paris before I died–it was something I’d been planning to do since I was a little girl but now you couldn’t PAY me a million dollars to go to France.

  • Bill Scherk

    This article fails to provide support for its claims.

  • 4liberty&freedom

    The French people should demand that the deliberately torn ballots be counted!!!

  • Optinetgroup

    I see Obama team finger prints all over this. By running the video where he champions Macron he could claim it was his support that caused the results. At the same time his support could be used to attempt to justify the results.

  • Anastasia Beavenhouser


  • F@ckface

    What a waste of space – a copy-and-paste from Breitbart? You write like a 12 years old. You Nazis lost. Get over it.

  • Dr. RightWing

    When the Islamic uprising begins, no one who voted for Macron will be spared.


    Great reporting. The elite are so desperate to maintain control that they are getting desperate and sloppy, of course the rat is most dangerous when trapped.

  • Brian Concannon

    The Anglo/Zionist elites are terrified that their one world gov’t NWO agenda is falling apart and they are prepared to do almost anything to protect their satanic plans for our futures

  • Mustafa Curtess

    So USAmerican Conservatives can be just as butt-hurt when they don’t get their way – as Liberals are. The FRENCH public made its choice – live with it. France has bigger problems than just Muslims – and Le Pen didn’t offer a solution for any of them. Nobody should elect a candidate just because they share a popular hate – and the French people did not.

  • Donna E Turner

    Ther should be a revolution. The french people should rise up and fight for their country.

  • we’re always being snowed

    The world economy, and the massive black hole under the US economy in particular, must be much worse than can already be observed. The oligarchy dictatorships of the world have shown an unprecedented lack of sophistication, as they flagrantly try to control elections to hang onto authority. The desperation is palpable. The uncovering of the trade in, and ritual sacrifice of children also seriously spooked the power structures that depend upon blackmail. The American neocons, in particular, continuously double-down and even think they can win a thermonuclear war. It may come to that. The ultimate reset in human affairs.

  • Lisa Askwit ✓ᵀᴿᵁᴹᴾ

    I KNEW IT!!! I was So SHOCKED when Macaroni won, and the first thing I thought of was that it was Rigged….But How To Prove It. Now, What Can Be Done?!

  • Roland Gilmore

    An earlier report I read quoted 11.5% blank or spoilt ballot papers. The %age in this report is significantly higher. Who to believe? Do the French not use an X in the box against their chosen candidate’s name?

  • dale ruff

    PCR has once again gone off the rails. When Trump, whom he called Trump the Great and now calls a “sell-out” lost by nearly 3 million votes in the NOv. 8 election, he asserted Trump had won because he won 2/3 of the counties. Of course, LA County has 8 million while couinties in Trump territory like Wyoming or Montana has tens of thousands.

    Then, when millions protested the Trump seizure of power through the slave era Electoral College, which overturned the popular vote (“No government is legitimate without consent of the governed….” Declaration of Independence), Trump claimed they were paid actors funded by Soros. And when Jill Stein sought recounts after evidence of mishandled votes and tampering, Roberts said it was an attempted coup. Veifying that the vote count was accurate is a coup?

    Now, since his fascist favorite in France has lost by 50% (20 million to 10 million), he is claiming that over ten million votes were torn up…..that is as absurd as that millions or protesters, including yours truly, were paid to protest. He has lost touch with reality.

    Now that PCR has declared that Trump has been “castrated” by the establishment, his latest cause is to denounce the winner by 10 million votes of the French election illegitimate. Paul Craig Roberts sometimes hits the nail on the head, but just as often, he raves like a lunatic. The Revolution he so desires is much like the Nazi revolution that led to the 3d Reich. Right wing revolutions lead to disaster and mass slaughter.

  • Ken

    This will seal the fate of France if they don’t fight back, this is treason. You are in dire straits over there.

  • Ike

    Just look at the facts. How could the leader of a political party, unknown 12 months ago, become the french president? If that question doesn’t alert your “corruption radar” you might as well be asleep and you deserve what is coming to you.

  • Danièle S.

    Why the uproar. The incriminated ballots are useless, purely informative. Fresh ones are available at the poll station and each voter is required to take one of each before placing his choice in the enveloppe. Ballots sent by mail, with the corresponding literature are simply a costly extravaganza destine at best for the recycling bin.

  • anglicus

    See accusations of Russian interference disappeared.

  • Brenda

    Get out the pitchforks shovels get the gallows ready and lets get back to the olden days, like they want to with us, we are legion.

  • Jennyjuniper

    It’s not just France that will revolt. Governments in many European countries have ignored the wishes of their people for far too long. Innundating their countries with unwanted migrants and appearing to allow muslims to commit crimes against non muslims without any punishment. You can only push people so far and then they push back. HARD.

  • dale ruff

    You have not seen the evidence. 17 intelligence agencies, the Secy of Defense, the Secy of State the CIA chief, and the UN Ambassardor to the UN have and they all say that “without a doubt” Russia intervened, as Trump had requested. When Trump was briefed and shown the evidence, he emerged and said “I think Russia did it.”

    So everyone who has seen the evidence is convinced. You are not but then you have’t seen the evidence, have you?

    Are you claiming that Trump and his foreign policy appointees are all lying? Can you say blind faith?

  • Campbell

    I thought it was blatantly obvious it was fixed, never heard of Macron prior to the election campaign. The elite didn’t want Marine Le Pen in, and the French know it was fixed. I’m just waiting for a revolt.

  • Chrissy Anne

    Not at all surprising. The elite want world domination and on-going immigration of those that are out to destroy the West will bring the world to a place of needing a peace maker.
    Marcon will do nothing about the islamic problems in France. Le Penn would have.
    Shame that France has gone from being a beautiful country of ‘Love’, to a nation that is almost bordering on being a Middle Eastern Nation where destruction and violence is almost the norm.
    Happens in every nation where islam is welcomed without prejudice.

  • Sølvi Johansen

    I just say one thing…….Its happen so so much things in the politic now, so every country will get BIG PEOBLEM….People is so angry and tired now, because of all thing happen. I think its maybe will take 5 years and it will start a sort of WAR in EUROPA. people is so tired og HEADLESS AND SUPIED POLITICIANS……

  • Derek Wilkes

    I have been saying it since before the election, no one knew anything about MACRON, he came from nowhere, HE was a plant by HOLLANDE and the CORRUPT EU ASSHOLES to stop Marine Le Pen from winning, the election like in America was definitely rigged but sadly in FRANCE the wrong person won and now he is now a PUPPET dictator being worked by HOLLANDE and the BRUSSELS BULLSHITTERS.


    rigged elections are in AMERICA ALSO!!

  • Peter Toth

    The left tried that in America too, but they failed. They over did it in many jurisdictions, and had an embarrassing 110% turnout or more in some places. The voter rigging, and the illegal multiple votes, coupled with the votes cast by illegal aliens, all for Hillary, should have put her over the top easily. But it didn’t, and to this day they are trying to figure out how, after all that work on rigging the election, they could possibly fail. But fail they did, and so they turned to plan B. Riots in the streets, constant lies about fictitious collusion with Russia,increase funding and efforts with their thugs, BLM, Antifa, Occupy, Black Panthers, and don’t forget the KKK! All Democrat creations, and all focused on the treasonous act of overthrowing the duly elected President. They had the election bought and paid for, yet Trump still won, and that is exactly why all this unrest.

  • Angela Davys

    they should get voting cards sent out and forms to choose issued at the voting station like here and every box must be followed on route any one not recing the card take proof of id and still vote as they will be on electoral list check this before vote .no point in having elections else .it was obvious that number of people would not vote for someone that was not even heard of .

  • Wendy Kenny

    I told my husband the day Macron won the election it was a fix, not many people new anything about Macron, too much of a pretty boy very smarmy it stood out a mile what was going to happen, now there will definitely be trouble when the French people realise they have been cheated , I cannot see Le Pen allowing them to get away with it.