Medical Doctor Apologizes For Vaccine Ignorance

A brave physician has spoken out factually about vaccines.

Dr.Daniel Neides was neither anti-vaccine nor 100% pro-vaccine, but simply wanted an honest discussion about vaccines.

He was fired after writing an article which questioned vaccine safety.

It all started in 2016 when the former healthcare physician at the Cleveland Clinic was working for a medical facility where it was mandatory for all employees to receive the annual flu vaccine.

He, along with four other employees received the “preservative-free” flu jabs and immediately all five of them contracted the flu!

Natural Blaze reports:

That “aha” event made Dr. Neides check into the flu vaccine ingredients and realize even though the label stated it contained “no preservative,” it contained formaldehyde. Formaldehyde! That fact was shocking to him, so he decided to research further into vaccine ingredients. The further he investigated, the more he became incensed, it seems.

Dr. Neides realized after reading Dr. Paul Thomas’s book, Vaccine Friendly Plan there are some super serious questions to be asked regarding the Hepatitis B vaccines given to infants within 24 hours of birth whereby 250 nanograms of ALUMINUM are injected into newborns whose immune systems are not fully developed! At that point of his research he realized, “What have I done to my own family?”

As a result of his investigations, Dr. Neides has become a “pro patient” physician who believes in and practices fully-informed consent on the part of the patient. He believes patients should know the risks versus the benefits. He further believes in the Geneva Convention’s dictate “no medical intervention without patients’ consent”—something that does not happen regarding the administration of vaccines/vaccinations in the United States. Parents and healthcare consumers are told vaccines are safe and effective, but not given the information in vaccines package inserts explaining Contraindications, Adverse Reactions, and Ingredients!

Vaccines are in direct violation of the medical oath doctors take: First, do no harm!

Dr. N found there was ethylmercury and aluminum in many vaccines, especially those given to infants, toddlers, and teens, which potentially can and do lead to acute and chronic diseases.

Doctor further relates how he cautioned pregnant females about not eating tuna fish while pregnant due to its mercury content, but he became horror-struck at the fact when he realized he was mandated to give pregnant mothers a flu vaccine containing mercury! That made no scientific sense to him.

He shares that in medical school there was no education around vaccines; no discussion of the 1986 vaccine law, which exonerates vaccine makers from vaccine damage liabilities; he was taught to memorize the vaccine schedules; there was no discussion of the HRSA vaccine claimants’ damage payouts, which now are close to $4 Billion for vaccine damages to vaccinees!

Furthermore, he’s quick to point out the conflicts of interest regarding physicians and vaccines. See my August 2017 article “The Unknown Reasons Doctors Push Vaccines.

However, the most humbling of personality traits Dr. Neides possesses is his genuine remorse for not knowing about vaccines and the harms he inadvertently may have caused patients. He apologizes profusely in the video below, which is very humbling to see and hear—a medical doctor remorseful for not knowing what he should have known to be able to prevent health harms to patients.

David Neides, MD
32-minute talk before Ohio Advocates for Medical Freedom

Dr. Neides says, “We are a very sick population.” We are spending $3.5 Trillion or 18 percent of GDP on healthcare! By 2040, we will be spending 33 percent of GDP on healthcare!

  • Bob D Remington

    This is a russian propaganda website.

    • ILUVUSA2

      It is the kind of website that you must corroborate the stories with others you can find. And you need to do some thinking. If you’re a physician, you had better do some investigations on your own. The feds (USDA) have been lying to Americans for a long time. Infants don’t need hepatitis B shots. And I can point you to several parents whose children have been affected by autism because of the forced inoculations they have received.

      Thank you, Dr. Neides.

      • IronV

        BS. Where are the statistically significant studies to back your ridiculous claims?

        • ILUVUSA2

          Or yours?

          • IronV

            Good lord. Are you serious? HUNDREDS over decades.

          • Emmett Grogan

            And who put up the money for the research? It matters greatly, always follow the money. But, never mind, you will think whatever you want to; which as I suspect, makes you possibly a shill.

          • IronV

            No. That’s completely bonkers. The Scientific Method by its design, prevents that kind of crass manipulation. You have NO CLUE what the Scientific Method is. That’s why you support this anti vax idiocy

          • Andy C

            You have hundreds over decades of studies that it is safe to inject small children with mercury, aluminium or formaldehyde? By all means point to a few of these.

        • Emmett Grogan

          Read my post above. It explains what immunologists have known for at least decades; NO amount of mercury is safe and kids should NEVER be vaccinated before age 5 or 6, their immune systems aren’t developed enough to handle the onslaught of mercury, formaldehyde, etc. that is in vaccines – it’s listed on the package insert.

          • IronV


            Now answer my question.

          • Emmett Grogan

            One of the big reasons why science has been corrupted, especially medical science research, is that well over half (at minimum) of research is done by those who sell or otherwise push vaccines. This was established by a medical doctor who did a huge study and determined these results. Many others have done their research since and said the same thing and they are scientists who do research. This is why I dont cite studies, because most folks dont know how to tell real from false. I read “science” research to my scientist husband who is amazed at how many outright lies are told. But what I gave you should satisfy your curiosity, this is very basic immunology science. Believe me or not, doesn’t matter to me. But I am giving you a gift, if you vaccinate your kids or grandkids and they get autoimmune disease, brain damage, autism, etc. it’s on you. I tell folks the truth so they can protect their kids. Do your own research if you dont believe me. You want studies? Look them up yourself and prove your claims.

    • Lauren Gordon

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    • Eric Gruarin

      Yes ou probably true… and i’m very very happy to have another bell sound especialy when it’s coming from the last resistant big country against USionist shit. They just put the light on scams zionists serials killers … and we just have to check them informations (and them most importants news are correct)
      US + UK + EU are legitimizing israêl planet mess… so long life Mr. Putin and his dignity !

      But i won’t never understand why “yournewswire” still posting huge bulshits as “true” mairmaid” :))) extraterrestre aliens :)))) …etc (against employment but thank you for your jokes it’s “funny”)

      Thank you “yournewswire” ! never stop to show us where we are.

      • tedlv

        You need to go back to elementary school and study English. Your comment is incomprehensible.

  • IronV

    Where’s the double-blind study to confirm his propositeions? Where’s the peer reviewed scientific report published in a reputable journal?

    Answer: NOWHERE. This guy’s a fruitcake.

    • tedlv

      He presents total BS! You get it.

  • Black Swan

    The New England Journal of Medicine is perhaps the most prestigious Medical Journal in the World, but this does not make it immune to influence from commercial interests, of 73 so called original studies on new drugs published since 2000, 60 were funded by Pharmaceutical Companies, 50 were co-written by drug company employee’s, and 37 had a lead author that had accepted compensation from a related drug company in the form of consultant pay, grants or speaking fee’s, the Washington Post reported in 2012.

    • Emmett Grogan

      married to an immunologist (one who studies vaccines) before science was hijacked by criminals. NEVER VACCINATE ANY CHILD UNDER 5 OR 6, THEIR IMMUNE SYSTEMS AREN’T DEVELOPD YET. Also, read package insert, get one from your doctor. It says right there that mercury, formaldehyde etc. are in them. NO amount of mercury is safe to ingest. Call me a fruitcake but this was established science before the criminals showed up.
      P.S. I had to type this twice, the first time right after I finished and before I hit reply, I watched as my writing vanished and an ad to work for Google went up. The bots are out in full force trying to destroy the truth. That should tell us all something.

  • Kane

    They’re all brainwashed and programmed to comply and obey with the true religion .The worship of wealth.Materialism first ,mankind last.

  • tedlv

    I’m pretty sure this is mostly, if not totally BS! Sounds like fraudulent conspiracy theories, based on fake “evidence”. BS!!

  • Fingal Carson

    People of all kinds of libtard faiths, like allopathy, apologize every day. It doesn’t mean anything. Marxists have proven that words are weapons and tone/rhythm are bullets.