Retired MI5 Agent Confesses On Deathbed: ‘I Killed Princess Diana’

An 80-year-old retired MI5 agent, John Hopkins, has made a series of astonishing confessions since he was released from hospital, including claims he assassinated Princess Diana on Royal orders.

An 80-year-old retired MI5 agent, John Hopkins, has made a series of astonishing confessions since he was released from hospital in London on Wednesday and told he has weeks to live. Hopkins claims to have been involved in 23 assassinations for the British intelligence agency between 1973 and 1999, including Princess Diana. 

Mr. Hopkins, who worked for M15 for 38 years as an operative, claims he was often used as an hitman by the agency, to discreetly assassinate individuals considered a threat to the domestic security of the United Kingdom.

Trained as both a mechanical engineer and munitions expert, Mr. Hopkins claims he also has extensive experience of less conventional methods of inflicting death and destruction, including chemicals and poisons.

The 80-year-old British man claims he was involved with MI5 assassinations between June 1973 and December 1999, during a period he says “the MI5 operated with less external oversight.” Hopkins says he was part of a cell of seven operatives who were trusted to carry out political assassinations across the UK. Most victims were politicians, activists, journalists and union leaders.

Mr. Hopkins says Princess Diana is unique among his victims, as she is the only female he ever assassinated, as well as the only Royal. She is also the only victim that the Royal Family themselves ordered to be taken out.

[Banned Worldwide: Princess Diana Documentary ‘Unlawful Killing’. Must See.]

He claims to feel “ambivalent” about Princess Diana’s death. On the one hand, Diana was “a beautiful, kind-hearted woman” who did not deserve to have her life cut short. But according to Mr. Hopkins, she was also placing the British Crown at risk:

She knew too many Royal secrets. She had a huge grudge and she was going to go public with all sorts of wild claims. My boss told me she had to die – he’d received orders directly from Prince Philip – and we had to make it look like an accident. I’d never killed a woman before, much less a princess, but I obeyed orders. I did it for Queen and country.”

The next stage of the high-level conspiracy involved the media, under tight Palace control, talking to each other to “square their stories, make sure everybody was on the same page. It was a well run operation.”

British journalists all answer to editors who answer to oligarchs who all want knighthoods from the crime family at Buckingham Palace. There is no free press in Britain,” said Mr. Hopkins.

“We got away with murder.”

The 80-year-old, spending his final weeks at home, said he expects to be taken into custody following his admissions, but says “I can’t say that I care an awful lot.” Hopkins explained that any investigation into the affair would “take forever” and be “very complicated” because there are few written records around secret MI5 activities and “most of my colleagues are already dead“.

The most important witness in the case, Mr. Hopkin’s boss, died of a heart attack in “the early 2000s” and the alleged ringleader, Prince Philip, “will never be charged with anything, of course

[Queen Elizabeth Ordered Princess Diana Murder Says Diana’s Best Friend]

If Prince Philip ever let himself be analyzed by a psychiatrist I’m sure he’d be diagnosed a psychopath. He has all the dark triad traits.”

Asked why he didn’t refuse the job, or expose the plot at the time, he explained “MI5 agents swear allegiance to the Crown, we can’t be impartial when it comes to the Royal family. At best I would have been done for treason, at worst Philip would have designed a grisly fate for me.

Baxter Dmitry

Baxter Dmitry

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Baxter Dmitry
  • Ron Wheeler

    I did it for queen and country – oh, sounds like James Bond. Well your queen is a real satanist among other things.

    • Ghulam Shabir

      that is true the royals pure evil satanic you can see it in their faces they are Satan’s

    • Ghulam Shabir

      puppets they do all kinds of disgusting things to please Satan their master

  • daznez

    what is the source? is it from the unlawful killing documentary?

  • Geoffrey Crumbliss

    yea, how did he do it?

    • RedDevil9

      Well if I was going to do it, I’d make sure the driver ingested large amounts of alcohol somehow just before they left, without knowing it. If he was drinking a bitter orange juice etc., it would easy enough to put pure alcohol in that without them noticing, maybe even in the ice. It would take about half an hour or so to hit the system properly, but it would then do so almost all at once. Another way would be to put something similar or more potent on the steering wheel, something transdermal and fast acting, or something in the air of the car itself, without an odour, to do the same. Then let the paparazzi do their thing – some not being real paparazzi – a car chase, a blinding light and a crash. If the target wasn’t dead after the crash, then pretend to check on them and cause further wounds to set off irreparable internal bleeding.

      • Simon

        But that still needs to have a driver willing to have a crash and risk his own life. Plus have many members of the press chasing as hard as they did. The to have an accident at the right place. A car crash is not a certain way to kill anyone either. There are just too many ways this can go wrong for it to be a real assassination. Much was done wrong yes. But far to much randomness for a certain kill.

        • Boobaloo

          The driver was a victim too, everyone in that car was a victim

        • RedDevil9

          The driver would be totally unaware. The actual driver was well over the limit anyway. I doubt he knowingly consumed that alcohol.

      • thisisgoodnews

        yeah like tony soprano when he smothered Christopher when they had that crash….. its easy to do… hey this stuff has to happen..cos satan says so…. but his time is at hand and soon he will be in hell….

        Revelation 20;10
        10 The devil, who deceived them, was cast into the lake of fire and brimstone where the beast and the false prophet are. And they will be tormented day and night forever and ever.

      • Boobaloo

        would you not just mess with the brakes and steering then let the press know she was there so they’d follow to get a pic of the couple? They took her in the ambulance alive and she died in there

        • RedDevil9

          That’s another way or do that as well. A chain of events.

    • Kev Anderson

      easy but did he i think not.lie on a bed ? if passed all like some do he would take it with him

    • Le Ruse

      Never mind ! Read all the inconsistency in that affair ?? From the pre accident scenario, then the accident, then the transport by ambulance to the hospital at 10 km/h speed ?? Then the autopsy analysis of the driver ?? It’s all stink to high heaven ??

    • Oscar

      the photo is a bought photo from a website that sells pictures for advertising.

  • Nick Coulthurst

    Just another story, like Jack the Ripper being a royal – might be true might be a lie, but impossible to prove if Mi5 do nothing it just gets put down to sensationalism from a soon to be dead man.

    • Le Ruse

      Jack the Ripper ?? ‘The Juwes are the men that will not be blamed for nothing’. ???

  • anoif

    Funny how it is easy to tell the truth but people see it as fake while lies come off as real……Many such confessions are made on peoples death beds, it does not mean it is fake you don’t tell things like that to your family for fun you say it so you die having let it go. I do not think there are many the see Dianne death as an accident only royalists who live in denial. The queen is a war criminal and they think nothing of assignation like the others in similar positions. Sort of part of their history royals were always killing each other to stay in power.

    • Simon

      The Queen can not be a war criminal as she has never sent the country to war. Blair and Brown can for sure. As for confessions. many people make wild claims when they become very old as they start to mix up real memories with thoughts they had and have. They can also make up stories that they believe are true but have no evidence so they confess to try to let others used their confession as evidence as they will be dead long before they can really be questioned. The 2 main issues here are the fact the drivers was drunk and the press were chasing them. Thats a massive gamble to get so many people in the right place doing the right things. it also means an assassin ( the driver) who will likely be killed too in the crash. This is not the work of a hit man. Far too many things can go wrong. What if the press did not chase so hard, what if the driver was not drunk and did not crash. For it to work you needed all the press and freelance press, a driver willing to risk his life on a suicide mission, then for the accident to be perfect and done by a man who had been drinking?? Far to many things can go wrong for a real “hit” May be he was aware of other plans too assassinate her at a later date and then when this happened just thought that it was an assassination. Who knows

      • John Brindle

        Blair and Brown? No, it was parliament that sent this country to war in 2003, fully supported by every single Tory MP. One of a tiny handful of people who opposed the war and voted against was Jeremy Corbyn. Remember him?

        • Simon Falla


        • corbynisatool

          oh you mean the guy that trying to win points over from the fire at the flats in London. yeah top guy he is isn’t he hahahahaha what a tool you and he is

          • Nick Telfer

            You are a worthless knpw nojhing jumped up never come down piece of dung. You typify the stupid ignorant brainwashed Sun reader

          • Franky Wray

            Get a life , Corbyn is a walking disaster …almost as bad as May ….but although I think there are suspicions about Princess Diana’s death , I’m sure this raving looney had feck all to do with it .

          • mobsie666

            I doubt you did have anything to do with it too.

          • Ray Williams

            What a tool you and he are. Just saying.

          • Ray Williams

            Looks like those Grammar Schools are required after all.

          • mobsie666

            Except he isn’t, you sad waste of space. Why do you pretend to care anyway. i bet you celebrated as it was full of brown people.

        • Ronnie Dunnett

          And all of SNP

          • Mark Richards

            What the fu##s the snp got to do with it! Stick to the theme or do one.

        • John

          Donald trump also opposed the war but they are worlds apart politically!Doesnt make him a saint does it?

        • Karen Willet

          They voted that way because they were lied to by Blair.

          • mobsie666

            yeah right. They knew all along.

      • zyklzy

        The driver was not drunk. He had 2 “Ricards” and was not visibly intoxicated. He was not on a suicide mission. His car swerved to avoid a white Fiat Uno and he lost control.Diana’s seat-belt was faulty, possibly tampered with? She survived with non-life threatening injuries and is believed to have been murdered during the 1 hour 43 min journey to a nearby hospital going not much faster than walking speed.The Fiat was never seen again after the crash (like i’m sure they went looking for it). I recommend ALL readers watch “Unlawful Killing” if you still are too thick to be able to put the dots together.

        • Tricia

          Why did Dodi not just say ‘Slow Down’ it was hardly new for the Paparazzi to be chasing her. And they could never outrun a motorbike. And yes why did they not take her to the nearest hospital just minutes away? I predicted her death years before, and sadly it came true.

          • Kev

            Apparently not as fast as people were first told.they said speed cameras we’re not working but they were.i tend to think blinded the driver with intense beam of light.look it up

        • Franky Wray

          Dots ???? you are dotty lol

        • John Carter

          The Fiat showed up burned out -with the driver inside.

          • zyklzy

            Correct. And they called it “suicide”! Who locks themself in the boot then sets the car on fire? Really!

        • Boobaloo

          All they had to do was tamper with the steering and brakes, they knew the car would be chased and they knew Diana wouldn’t want to be caught up with. Everyone seems to forget that Diana told people that Charles was going to tamper with the brakes on her car, she said it on TV not long before this happened

          • PC ASSASSIN

            I watch a bit of that documentary a few months ago that showed the Mercedes Diana died in was written off and had been fixed and put back on the road not long before her “accident”!

        • mobsie666

          Calling people thick just switches people off even if you have a point. Consider me switched off to you as a person. I might have listened if you weren’t such a jerk.

          • zyklzy

            If you’re so sensitive you’d best avoid public forums. Anyone who can’t see she was murdered isn’t just “thick” they’re a fucking idiot! Personally, I couldn’t give a shit what people choose to believe, they generally end up believing what they like regardless of the facts!

          • mobsie666

            Nothing to do with me being sensitive. No-one likes a dickhead. i was just saying it politely. If you want to act like a cunt that’s your choice. But no-one will listen to the shit you’re spouting.

            Sounds to me like you are the sensitive one if you can’t take a little observation.

            Seems to me public forums are the kind of place someone with your serious mental issues should avoid to be fair.

            I’m here to mock clowns like you.

          • zyklzy

            mobsie666 said;

            …………….”I’m here to mock clowns like you.”

            Based on your former posts on other sites that’s clearly what you do best: mock . Why not debate the issues I raised on my other posts rather than engaging in ad hominem attacks?

            Some of your former pearls of wisdom include:

            “Wow aren’t you a loathsome creature”…..(Another Angry Voice)
            ……”You’re the worst kind of scum” (Factorio PC Free Download)
            “Perhaps you should just f*ck off you waste of oxygen.” (Auto Express, 1 year ago)
            “What are you answering too? Your English is pretty bad I hope it’s not your first language.” (Babbel)
            “Why don’t you do some of your own research you cretin. You’ll die leaning on your keyboard…”(Truthdig)

            Yeah, you seem like a really nice guy….and you think I have serious mental issues!

            Reply if that’s what gets you off, however I through wasting time on trash like you!!

        • Lisa Gilbride

          i was awake on the night of her death,, when i went to bed the news, was dodi had died and she had a broken leg but ok,, so when i woke next morning was so shocked with the news,, all so sad

        • fempatriot

          I have that biography of Princess Diana (somewhere) — the one that named all her lovers….and he says she was murdered. He explained how the car could be cotrolled and made to go 90 mph, how the seat belt could break, and the fact that they kept stopping before getting her to hospital is very suspicious. I believe the Fiat was found burned, but can’t remember where I read that. Diana wanted to help the Palestinian refugees — and anything smacking of helping out Palestinians would have gotten her killed. Plus, they could not allow her to marry and have children with a Muslim–because she was mother to the British heirs. It was unthinkable. The royals (especially that old vulture, Phillip–he looks like a “reptilian” now) probably danced for joy when they heard the poor girl was dead. I’m an American, and I think the entire royal “clan” should be made to live like rich but non-royal people. They are not needed any more, Buckingham Palace is rotting and too expensive to maintain, and no amount of tourism is worth what those people leech from the British taxpayers. Royalty needs to be abolished all over the world. They are just people with a lot of ego and money…not special. Diana was special because she cared about the sick and the poor.

        • Aline Travers

          Correct, not drunk, had some alcool in his body. also there were 2 mercedes and the one which were in the tunnel was not the car where diana and Dodi were.

          The queen and her husband ,Charles , first minister, secretes services etc…it was a plot! Again you will see: Diana never died , she lived all those years in Florida with Dodi with a new face, her sons know. She was present during the mariage of William and Kate with her new face…but you cannot never change eyes!! Check the Dutch book: “koninklijk complot” soon will come out a film from her book.(17 years of investigation before she wrote her book!!) Diana was agreed with a complete new life: she wanted to have finally peace, no Royal family behind her back, no paparazzi and be happy with Dodi. So she knows that she is a grand mum !!

          And now , wait and see.

        • Alison Knapman

          Read the asassination of princess diana by paul boatham

      • TheTrueforeigner

        stupid comment in the age of information and consciousness – go back to bed

      • Jay

        Your talking out your arse….
        She was murdered you dick.. all because she was pregnant with a … simple….
        Get your head out your arse

        • yarco boy

          Agree,,The Crown would never allow this .A Muslim member half brother to William,and Harry..And theres doubt about who Harrys father is.The man in question died the other week..

        • eva

          Aren’t u all forgetting Diana loved Dr Hasnat Khan whose family was threatened by the royal goons to the point that the Dr had to break off his r/ship and thn Dodi later came in and we all have known since then that she was murdered by royals themselves!!!

      • Rawiri

        You ask a lot of “what ifs” here but what you fail to realise is that there ARE feasible answers to all of them.

      • geoff holloway

        hooray, some one who thinks as I do….car crash…too much risk of people walking away, aircraft. Maybe, very inept attempt to kill I would say, surely not the work of a professional!

        • Ronnie Dunnett

          Well if it wasn’t proffesional thry did a good job. Both targets dead. I spoke to the CP operator while in Iraq and very drunk. Pushed for info .. only said if he was to remember he would be killed.

      • Anna Carrington

        I agree Simon. A problem I have with conspiracy theories is that there would be too many people involved in the coverup and how would they keep quiet for so long when the information they are privi to is dynamite? I cannot envisage Diana’s death as being a tragic accident but Mohammed Al Fayhed certainly believed one hundred percent that they were murdered. For me there were too many unstable variables. However, the whole idea of ranting on your deathbed is interesting within itself. Why do we assume they are talkikng nonsense? How many real confessions have been confined to the bin? But then we hold our own bias so for example, I like the Royals. I really like Charles. I cannot imagine he would be involved in such a thing considering this woman was the mother of his sons? But, most of us can conceed that she made the Royal’s feel very uneasy. Of course, there will be no evidence too to back this claim.

        • Imogen Spedding

          Hi Anna.
          I noticed an interesting line in your comment regarding ‘conspiracy theories’, and how ‘there would be too
          many people involved in the coverup’ which would have these people keeping quiet ‘for so
          long when the information they are privi to is dynamite.’Logic tells us this is correct, but not always so.

          Take for example the secrecy implicated in the Manhattan Project. It was so complete that thousand of workers at the organization did not know what they were working on
          until they heard about the bombing of Hiroshima on the radio. It’s estimated over 600,000 workers were hired for the project.

          So, it’s not difficult to have hundreds and even thousands of individuals working on an operation, as long as they are not working on the secret part.

          • Anna Carrington

            Yes, I take your point. But it is so difficult to imagine. It would take a group of people to creatively ‘map’ how the thing would pan out. Money for resources and so on – as per a project. The idea that Prince Phillip would be behind it and all the constituent parts were so unstable – if one tiny cog in the wheel would derail the whole project. The whole thing sounds like an episode from a crime novel as opposed to a real life event.

          • PC ASSASSIN

            Agreed, when Israel attacked Navy warship the USS Liberty it was covered up and no one knew that anything had happened until over 2 years after the incident, despite the fact that 34 sailors were killed and another 171 were critically injured!

        • Alison Knapman

          She was just a way of getting a heir he never loved her and camilla choose her for him and even on their honeymoon he was caught speaking to the dreadful woman who he really loved not diana.

      • Mark Stevenson New

        depends what story the press were plied with, its not hard to give someone a sedative, and cover it up as being drunk, and if the press were primed with specific details about some kind of “front page” newsrelating to the relationship of a princess and dodi al fyed, course theyre gona push hard. When I initially heard the news on that day that she had died, it seemed all to convenient. whether it was a british assassination or a foreign one, there was much at stake on both sides. Its not always the highest leaders of the land that make these decisions, but those who allow them to be there. Advisors etc all make decisions so they don’t have to. Its something like plausible deniability.
        Assasination !!! For sure it was, but will we ever know the truth? maybe not

      • John Carter

        The Monarch is the only person who can send troops into battle.

        • John Lavery

          The monarch is an ceremonial ornament, the PM is the one in charge

      • Sarah Atkinson

        Exactly right and the biggest what if is what if she had been sensi and wore her seatbelt

      • Ed

        Simon, the driver was not drunk. There have been many books, and investigations into this matter and certain things don’t add up. There are still many questions unanswered, but it wouldn’t surprise me if there is some truth in this man’s confession. Let’s just wait and see what happens next!

      • Lisa

        Princess Diana survived the crash so it did go wrong.
        But they gave her a lethal injection on the way to the hospital.

      • Alan

        How do you know driver was drunk o yes because the press told you? just saying

      • Chris

        The driver wasn’t drunk… If he was then princess di’s bodyguard wouldn’t have allowed him to drive….. Here’s a question though, why is it that the only one with their seatbelt on was the SAS train bodyguard? If anything he was the only one who shouldn’t of had his belt on as it would of slowed him down if he had to protect Diana….

      • Barry Lyons

        where do you think liz gets her money..where did the land come from ,dont give me this figurehead lark

      • anoif

        You greatly underestimate their skills of MI6, CIA etc this is right up their ally. Killing a few extra is nothing. The driver was known to be a drinker and drugged as one story went all very easy, They do these type of hits all the time…. media easy to fake the whole thing since she was alive then dead sorry but seems rather cut and dry.

        If he was the killer who knows but it is also known that many who lived their lives either hiding things or in hiding may well want to let it out before they die.

        Such accidents don’t happen (when) since when royals or even government drive around cities, traffic is stopped and they drive freely…if that was not the case one would wonder why. I am sure they would have taken care of the queen and not raced into a tunnel EG no accident.

        As far as the Queen not being a war criminal….I am sorry but to me she is no different than any other and should be tried for her crimes along with the disgusting ones people are in denial about….such people should never be above their own laws…….Murder war…she never sent her country to war…..funny she has gone through 3……please do you really think she was innocent through it all.


        How do you know that those that were chasing her weren’t part of the plan? Funny how they never found that’s Fiat.

    • June

      This is because ppl can not handle the truth. And the government have done an excellent job at fixing things to how they want it. I mean even when elected they can’t do everything they want to as they get told no u can’t do that u have to do it this way etc etc.

      I have found that lies spread faster than the truth because it is easier for us to digest. If we knew everything that went on we wud b so scared to leave the house.

  • Destined To Win

    It is better to hear the truth straight from the horse’s mouth than lies from a jackass.

  • Ralf Yuri

    Do not forget that we are talking about Satanists, they do not necessarily need a plan to kill someone.
    They only need permission, so the demons make the plans, the victim gives the permission by being far from the path of God.

    • Lee Harris


    • James Bond

      That’s it my boy. The demons make the plans, the pommies carry them out and the limeys lick their lips and say you’re crazy.

  • Parker TV

    Another distraction.

    Dianna and Dodi were killed in a totally preventable traffic accident… a combination of excessive speed, poor roadway design and poor vehicle handling and… greed. Why ‘they’ keep putting out more and more conspiracy plots is beyond comprehension.

    The first character to consider is Henri Paul, the driver of the Mercedes. In the lobby, just before the party assembles, he bends down and reties his shoelaces! Could this be ‘code’ for what tunnel in Paris (or bridge) that will be traveled. The photographer’s assistant delivers the tip and the photographer races ahead and parks his vehicle at the appropriate location and awaits the couple.

    “It’s white Henri, it’s easier to spot. If I get a good pic, you’ll get a good kickback.”

    Henri Paul drives the Mercedes at high speed through the streets of Paris and down the ramp of the tunnel as close to the photographer’s car as possible—but he errs—he slightly grazes the photographer’s car—and at high speed and on a decline—his vehicle looses grip and oversteers (you’ll see this type of accident in NASCAR just about every week) directly and squarely into a concrete reinforced support pillar that is unprotected (no guardrail). In fact, there is no guardrail on either side of the complete row of pillars from end to end of the tunnel.

    Coming to an abrupt stop at approx 80mph/130kph is no match for the human body especially if it is unrestrained (no seat belts). Broken neck, crushed vertebrae/rib cage, skull fractures, broken limbs and legs, and massive internal hemorrhaging are some if not all and more of the injuries that will result.

    I’ve never heard or read it explained like this… it’s just Occam’s Razor.

    Why all the conspiracies?

    • zyklzy

      Conspiracies take root where glaring inconsistencies abound (take 9/11 for example). You need to watch the documentary “Unlawful Killing” and stop relying on mainstream media for your “information”. Why have you not addressed the extremely slow trip to a hospital (2 hours I believe, stopping for half an hour and bypassing a hospital that was closer). The CTV cameras that were switched off in the tunnel. Henri Paul who did not appear drunk according to witnesses. Diana’s seat belt was not worn because it had been tampered with etc etc. Meanwhile i’ll cherish the thought that this man’s testimony could spell the end of the Royal Family and that we could all live happily ever after (but I know it’s not going to happen).

      • Gaye Murray

        Why would you cherish the end of the Royal family, you traitor? You may live happily ever after, but most British people wouldn’t & I’m as sure as hell that her two sons wouldn’t either. You’re a nasty piece of work. Crawl back under your rock.

        • zyklzy

          Your stupid ad hominem attack fails to address the issue. The Royal family are the traitors you moron! I’m simply wanting to see justice for the murder of a much admired woman. Does that make me a “nasty piece of work”? Let’s see how many up-votes you get.

    • CheshireRed

      Occam’s Razor is a fine non-scientific based method for ordinary Joe’s to assess the likely accuracy of conflicting theories. A top level assassination involving MI5, the Royal family, unknown assassins and a series of unlikely events that beggar belief…versus a road accident.
      On balance a road accident is by far the most realistic verdict. But……..

  • Mr_B

    So, if true…after a lifetime of protecting the ‘status-quo’ of a corrupted pederast system, he’s what???

    some kind of freakin hero now??! for admitting he killed an innocent women? if he did at all?!

    get real!

    If he is who he said he is and did what he said he did, than the sooner this cowardly pedophile protecting PoS are gone from this world, the better off our children will be; once and for all.

    • sandy030359

      Probably to die with a clean conscience? At least he had to balls to do it on his death bad, look how many took theirs to the grave!

  • R hartson

    It’s total bullshit, from a guy who could never prove one of the allegations he makes, much less the death of Diana.
    She died in a car crash, with a driver that was trying to get away from the paparazzi, was drunk, and crashed
    This guy just needs to go away and die, we all do, he just wants to go out feeling like he’s something, and here we are reading this nonsense and commenting on it.


    • zyklzy

      So why did it take 2 hours for the ambulance to reach a hospital, stopping for half an hour and bypassing one on the way. BTW Henri Paul was NOT drunk, he had 2 drinks (you can see his receipt in the documentary “Unlawful Killing”). And then we have the 16 CTV cameras that were switched off in the tunnel, and many more inconsistencies that all add up to a cover-up. You’re right about one thing: “Stupid” – I couldn’t have come up with a better description for your comment either!

      • Simon Falla

        Simple…they’re bloody French!..useless cheese eating twats

        • Nick Telfer

          You’re a racist cunt. I lost all respect for you long ago

          • Simon Falla

            Cry me a river!…I poked up with you for far longer than I should have!…I’m not’s just you I cannot stomach

          • Simon Falla

            Nah..I like most people, whatever their’s just you I fucking hate

    • Anna Carrington

      So, is the guy in the photo for real? I mean did he really work for Mi5 ? Or, did the team who run this grab a random old guy, pay him a tenner for his photo and post this story to get all of us talking about conspiracy theories. Well that’s not going to work. Ermmmm

  • Jake Benjamin

    Diana was threatening the crown. Alot of us fought and died for that crown. I guess she was just that naive.

  • Taher

    It was always suspect that she died in such mysterious circumstances. It seems that the truth is now out. The British monarchy was never a holy breed. Now they are exposed to the world as criminals of the highest order. William and Harry must confront their grandmother with the news. Let the truth come out.

  • John Brindle

    The sudden death of John Smith the left-wing Labour leader in 1994 just 3 years before he would have most likely won the 1997 election was very suspicious. He was replaced by corporation-friendly Tony Blair. Don’t be surprised if Jeremy Corbyn has a sudden and unexpected heart attack if another election is called. The establishment/business class will not give up the power and control they have enjoyed since 1979.

    • TheTrueforeigner

      I too was shocked at his death- I liked him and immediately knew like many others he was taken out the picture

    • BrianK

      68 years old though

    • Stuart

      Also check the Paris Concorde plain crash the day before a huge major decision that was worth billions. Also the supposed death of the Dr that was involved on weapons of mass destruction. Forget his name too!

      • Joy Meah

        Dr David Kelly, (arms expert) murdered.

        • Cydee

          I get so angry at this poor man’s death. And anyone with a brain cell knows it wasn’t suicide. Disgusting cover-up.

          • oliver coates

            yeah cos people that commit suicide always make sure they hide their own body ….

          • PC ASSASSIN

            Yeah a lot seem to commit “suicide” by shooting themselves in the back of the head, TWICE!

          • Sandinista

            probably one of the only genuine ‘conspiracy’ cover-ups on this entire thread

            Dr David Kelly and those murdered around him linked to the same events are undoubted

          • Anna Carrington

            Anyone know what David Kelly’ family think and have said publically?

          • TheHolyCrow

            Ronald Bernard, The “Elite Dutch Banker Whistleblower”, says there are 8,000+ Luciferians who run the world, all in top positions of “The Network of Global Corporate Control”. As Karen Hudes, “The World Bank Whistleblower” says, this network has “captured” many governments, corporations, MEDIA, Education, Religions, …, everything. They maintain control over their minions by bribery & blackmail. Many of them are compromised when they do the child sacrifice murder, with a hidden camera in use. Listen to Ronald Bernard, he tells how it all works, and how this has been going on for thousands of years. Just google what I put in quotes and do your homework.

        • gary mascall

          and ROBIN COOK
          Google his Video when he tells the truth about Al Qaeda
          “The Robin Cook Conspiracy”


        Watch the documentary called
        “Isn’t it time we talked about Sandy Hook”
        It’s a fantastic in depth investigation into the Sandy Hook shooting. You can watch it on YouTube and it’s proof that 20 children and 6 staff were not killed at the Sandy Hook elementary school. Governments and their spy agencies can fake anything, any time and kill anyone they want!

    • alexandre1

      John Smith had a heart attack in 1988 and died of a second heart attack in 1994 at the age of 55. Since when is the death of a 55-year old man from a second heart attack suspicious?

      • Joy Meah

        with the technology that our military have got, they can cause aneurysm’s, so if they can do that, causing a heart attack would be even easier.

        • John Lavery

          Why would they want to kill him. The only reason labour won that election was because of Blairs leadership.(three years after smith died!) And heart attacks can result in the death of heart tissue, which permanently messed up the victims heart. That usually results in another heart attack that’s worsened than the first, a friend of mines father died because of this exact situation under similar circumstances. Smiths death isn’t suspicious, just sad

          • gary mascall

            Jonh Smith was taking medication for his heart.
            Now what if a poison that interacts with that medication were given to the whole family ?
            Only 1 person is going to be affected eh ?

        • DJ Blue Ballz

          According to a video I’ve seen from an ex-member of an elite secret society, ‘they’ are at least 25 years ahead of us as far as technology goes, so yeah that’s very, very possible.

          • TheSmokingMan

            3G technology was pioneered in the Vietnam war as a US army communications system

          • Daniel Tyson

            No It wasn’t!

          • Steve Higgins

            They barely had 1G technology in those days!

          • DJ Blue Ballz

            Yep, the Internet was born at that moment…

          • Sandinista

            don’t tell me….this elite ex-secret society agent chose to release this ground breaking and massively exclusive snippet on…( fanfare please ) ” YouTube ”


          • gary mascall

            But what will actually come out of it ?
            Nobody will be charged ,
            he doesnt quite have enough Courage to Name any dangerous criminal elite that are still active,
            so really the People who see this are supposed to just shut up and continue to see these people get away with it.

          • TheHolyCrow

            Oedipus will take care of everything. Mark my words.

          • SpidermanVitamin

            Yeah, because if I’m releasing a video I want people to hear and in my own words, I’m going to CNN or Infowars…

          • DJ Blue Ballz

            Well she may as well have, since dipshits like you are too narrow minded to believe…

          • Dickie

            And Elvis is alive and well working in a Tesco in Cardiff.

        • Deborah Dodson

          An evil man can only wish to have control………Too bad ‘evil they’ lack control of some things..

        • alexandre1

          OK, so why would they have caused his first heart attack in 1988, years before he was even a leadership candidate? And by the way, Smith was no Corbyn, he was a right winger, to the right of the previous leader, Neil Kinnock, and in no way would the establishment regard him as a a threat.

          • Claire

            The first could be been natural the second which killed him not but they chose a heart attack so people say exactly what you are…who knows

          • yo drops


          • Lord-Pi-314

            Claire…Exactly. Or, the first dose they gave him wasn’t strong enough, but weakened his heart enough that he needed medicine, and then they contaminated one of his pills with the undetectable stuff. Yes, there are bribable and/or blackmailable pharmacists out there, you know.

          • Anna Carrington

            Oh come on people. Get real. It was a heart attack. simple. No conspiracy theories. People do have them from time to time.

          • ICFubar

            Question: It seems to me (CDN) that Corbyn is pro EU with his Brexit lite stance while maintaining the usual leftist political platform while the Tories seem anti EU but maintain the usual right wing political agenda. So what is the choice for a Brit to vote against globalism? Canadians get the same type of dilemma only we have two right wing political parties and a third right of centre ‘New Labour’ style party masquerading as being on the left.

          • Susan Sita Van Aken

            He was in the way, that’s all

        • Dickie

          Do you actually know what an aneurysm is?

      • John Lavery

        You can’t predict the results of an election three years in advance. We can’t even predict them the day they happen.

        • Anti

          LOL dont be so naeve

          • Chris Booth

            Naïve is the correct spelling and John Lavery is correct – how many of the elections have the “polls” got wrong recently?

          • Marufu Chihwandire

            It’s actually naive, not naïve.

          • Andy Tilley

            Both spelling of naive are correct.
            The diacritical version, is derived from the French / Latin versions, but most people don’t bother with that as it’s too difficult to type.
            Now, back to the origins of the post eh?

          • Allan Sutherland

            Brilliant example of the naivety of the British ….we don’t event know the derivation of the word naive. How can we be trusted in the world?

          • Chris Booth

            Hello – you corrected me by correcting the correct spelling? What planet are you from?????

          • Empayippayi

            Thank God, it’s not Mars!

          • Rocky Reed

            Chris Booth, so what? Lol, Why can’t you take the correction gracefully, especially since Marufu was right? You kicked it off by being the Spelling Nazi to begin with. Fair is fair. If you can’t accept it, don’t dish it out. What planet are YOU from? Cheers!

          • Chris Booth

            Planet Earth! Obviously you’re from Planet Imbecile!

          • hotchocolatejunkie

            evian is naive spelt backwards… now theres a conspiracy i can get behind… this just seems like a load of tosh

          • Paul Reimer

            Ha! Needed a laugh!

          • Dickie

            Polls are 90% wrong because they are primed with loaded questions and taken of too small a group to be truly representative, plus the statistical results can be manipulated. Polls of any kind are inherently inaccurate & unreliable and that’s why intelligent people ignore them.

          • paxter

            really? in many countries you can fix the elections in their favour. Strongly doubt the UK is any different… come to think of it your colonial vassals learn a few things in that department and are doing very well for themselves

          • Asfan Alam

            Indian last election confirmed your doubt. The BJP government had electronically managed EVM, to win the the election.

          • Modi’s Swag

            Just speak any crap just because BJP started killing muslim terrorists in India. I can see why you hate BJP.

          • Shayak Ghosh

            I am a Hindu and I still say our gov rigged the polls in Uttar Pradesh.

          • Sunil

            The election commission has proved beyond doubt that the evms cannot be tampered with. Those who accused BJP of rigging are silent now.
            Now what makes you say that? How are you qualified to make that statement?

          • Riski

            Truck drivers bringing in cows are terrorists?

          • Happy pig

            Shit headed moron

          • Paul Reimer


          • Zubin

            Absolute nonsense

          • Sunil

            Absolute pigpoop Asfan Aslam.

          • Josie

            The US elections have been fixed for decades. I don’t know what to think about Trump’s yet and some of the decisions he is making lately are not In our best interest…

          • Dickie

            Actually they are. If you actually thought about their long term implications.

          • Matthew Blott

            Says the person who can’t even spell naive.

        • Vesna

          Boy are you naive’s no wonder the establishment gets away with MURDER!!!

          • TheHolyCrow

            I predict that Oedipus will show up soon. Sons hate fathers who kill their mothers. Wait and see, this could get VERY INTERESTING !

        • Mitch

          Tony Blair did ‘predict’ – before John Smith’s death, that he’d be leader and Labour would win.

          That’s from James Naughtie (Radio 4 Today Programme)’s book The Rivals (about Blair and Brown).

      • Vesna

        OH wake up Alexandre!!!!

      • Steve Higgins

        Ever since he started wearing a TIN FOIL hat!

      • gary mascall

        since it is Beyond a Lucky Coincidence for a snake like Blair.

      • Lord-Pi-314

        Well Alexandre, heart attacks have been suspicious for quite some time now. For many decades since the intelligence agencies have what are known as “heart attack inducing agents”, drugs that don’t show up in any post mortems . And does the name Lucretia Borgia ring a bell.? Duhhh !

    • Jackie Morrison

      Oh please let that be true and the old tramp snuffs it.

    • grizzly

      O ach sure ye mean America’s puppet that murdering bastard should be in jail

    • yarco boy

      Hope Corbyn has the heart attack, terrorist sympathising twa*

      • Judith Gilbert

        Theresa May was selling arms to Saudi Arabia just 51 days before the Manchester Arena attack. Now who is the terrorist?

      • DWS

        Ah, I see you still think the TV and newspapers are real.
        If you had a brain, you would realise that many politicians in the 70s were talking to both sides in the Northern Ireland troubles in an attempt to bring about peace.
        But no. You read the Sun, with brain switched off, and believe Corbyn is a “terrorist sympathiser” because Murdoch told you so.
        I bet you also believe Corbyn ate your hamster too.


        • yarco boy

          You know F all mate.. There is plenty of documented proof that he is an IRA sympathiser..I don’t read the Sun or any of them rags.. I have seen documented proof of his dealings with the IRA.Yes, many politicians were talking to the terrorists in the 70s and 80s,to bring peace to NI.But this prick as that is what he is,[ in my opinion] praised the IRA in what they were doing.Nobody should praise terrorism wether they be Catholic, Protestant,Arian,Muslim etc. Did you ever serve this once great country?Did you ever serve in “the troubles”?Have you ever seen a dossier on Corbyn?Have you ever worked for the intelligence services? I can say no more DWS ,, And no he didn’t eat my hamster,, Freddy fukin Starr did.. ok.. And i also expect you to think that fat boy Robert Maxwell slipped overboard and drowned with no helping hand from a foreign agencies security services?? Have you ever signed the official secrets act?? If not, shut up. And you probably think also that the half wit, Barry George shot Jill Dando,, he didn’t ok.

          • DWS

            “There is plenty of documented proof that he is an IRA sympathiser” – Show me one thing that Corbyn did, that other politicians were not also doing at the same time.

            Do you think Theresa May is now a “terrorist sympathiser” for trying to form an alliance with the DUP and risking the Good Friday Agreement, just to cling on to power for a little bit longer so all her rich friends can keep the trillions they have stashed away in offshore tax havens?

          • hotchocolatejunkie

            you dont have to sign it to be bound by it…. and if you have signed it surely you shouldnt be talking about it??! :p

          • yarco boy

            Talking about what??

          • susan parkinson

            @ho@hotchocolatejunkie:disqus actually yes you ARE bound by the official secrets act,and he wasn’t talking about what is already out in the public domain,Corbyn is not just an IRA sympathiser,but he also disagrees with the policy on the shoot to kill policy on terrorists,what about the fact that he was seen around Abu Hamnser shaking hands with him and other radical speakers,so tell me that you have seen other politicians do that,@disqus_OSvA9U23iM:disqus she is not doing anything about clinging to power for her rich friends as you have said,at least she wont run this country into the ground like Corbyn would,

          • captain hook

            Good luck shaking hands with Abu Hamza

          • Ron Burgundy

            Haha brilliant! A guy called Captain Hook picks up on the comment about “shaking hands” with Abu Hamza…ladies and gentlemen welcome to the internet.

          • TheHolyCrow

            Old joke…Question:Wwhat’s worse than being fuck”d by a pirate ? Answer:Being fingered by Captain Hook. Sorry, couldn’t resist ! LOL

          • ICFubar

            What? Not shoot to kill so that there is an actual suspect to question after a ‘terrorist’ event? That will never do.

    • Asfan Alam

      I agree with you. His death in 1994 was a shocking new to all of us and we suspected a murder conspiracy. We never had any news about his serious heart problem and saw him so well and sudden death was truly suspicious.

      • ICFubar

        From the thread here it seems the previous heart attack and recovery would make for the ideal cover for a second fatal induced heart attack. Usually though a political assassination is reserved for only the most dangerous and recalcitrant reformers who threaten the ‘system’ and those operating the system by having an unusually large and dedicated populous following. Not being up to speed on Smith you can draw your own conclusions according to this axiom.


      what does that have to do with this article???

    • gary mascall

      and ROBIN COOK
      Google his Video when he tells the truth about Al Qaeda..
      “The Robin Cook Conspiracy”

  • zyklzy


  • Andrew Marais

    Thank you for revealing the facts.

  • Lin MarMar Phillips

    Why has the car Diana was travelling in been kept in a container since the ‘accident’? Why have Mercedes never examined the car?
    The only royals I like is William Kate and Harry the rest are evil murderers. And Charles and the Rottweiler well there are no words in this world to describe them.

  • Oscar

    allegedly some old man makes a claim and you people soak it up? You people are beyond thick -you don;t even know if this man exists let alone his idiot claims. This website is a Russian backed fake bot and the deluded just love it. Morons.

  • Steve Rudd

    If you were going to pursue catch and kill someone being driven off in a powerful high spec Mercedes limo, would your automatic go-to pursuit vehicle of choice be a Fiat Uno? Hmmm. Tough one that.

  • Steve Rudd

    Also, isn’t MI5 concerned only with domestic matters? MI6 is the secret intelligence service overseas doing the James Bond stuff. Or am I wrong

  • Kulvanth Kaur

    Wasnt the death of the expert professor who wrote the report.. or something WMDs.. prior to invading Iraq found in a field.. shortly after… the whole WMD statement fell to bits, and nothing was found..???

  • Saif Shahid

    Nothing new for British Royals…

  • Jacob Idris

    A lot of truth is often unfolded on deathbeds.

  • Coffindodger

    How was the bodyguard able to survive the crash,when he was sat in the front passenger seat?Simple,he was wearing his seat belt.

    • Anna Carrington

      Why on earth wasn’t Diana wearing a seat belt? And, although people mention she was pregnant – how do we know?

  • Simon Falla

    I’m very much in two minds about this. Firstly, my father also worked (actually, MI6…so spycatcher rather than assasin)…but yes, some very ‘dodgy’ things went on…not that he told me very much at all.
    People have definately been taken out by MI5…of that i have no doubt whatsoever…but Princess Di?…. just don’t know

  • Andy Wolf Mott

    I can’t believe you lot are arguing over a story on a fake news site. Get a fuckin’ grip, people …

  • Ced GlobalChange

    Where is the original source of this, please ?

  • Michael Cox

    In my own honest opinion ,this has to be taken with a pinch of salt.Yes was say so on deathbed.But everyone can say what people wants then to say.Personally i dont think this ever happened ,.this is something said at the moment.So NO I DONT BELIEVE THIS EVER HAPPENED IN ANYWAY.Buts its my opinion so you are welcome to insult me at will.

  • Stephen Hedger

    Haha what a load of rubbish.

    Hel be saying the moon landings were fake next and 911 was tony Blair and the teletubbies.

    Assasins don’t “confess” on their deathbeds, it’s just a slow click bait news day on yournewswire or whatever that site is called.

    • Jermaine Defonebox

      If you believe men went to the moon in 1969 you are beyond pathetic.
      Do some research and wake up.

      • Stephen Hedger

        I did and after googling Jermaine defoneb it kept saying gullible moron who believes in stupid conspiracy stories and likely to accept magic beans on his doorstep for money.

  • denise fry

    pair of daft arses piss off back to your own country gulam if you think our queen is that evil dickhead

    • Peter Smith

      brit first trolls

      • Gaye Murray

        Well don’t you think it ironic that the person on here calling our Queen Satan, just happens to be someone called Ghulam Shabir? Shame there arent more people like Denise Fry, you’re just a traitor Smith!

        • Alison Knapman

          Im white and british and she and the rest of the british so called royal family are satanist the queen mother was very cruel and evil and that man caught naked climbing down from buckingham palace was escaping not trying to break in and Diana annouced to the press that she was going to tell what went on behind closed doors she caught phillip fucking a male servent she said this herself to andrew morton.
          She also tried to throw herself down the stairs when pregnant with william charles said dont be so silly left her at the bottom of the stairs she was just a brooding mare nothing else.

  • Karl

    Why doesn’t this surprise me.
    That’s if it’s true of course.
    He may have been paid a fair whack to leave to his family when he pops off.
    Whilst taking the can with him.

  • Jo Ralston

    Dreadful to be her two sons reading this

    • Muky Hun

      perharps they know it already but have no power to change nothing..

  • Bekana Obse

    Simon is trying to cover up that the confession as not true. It is true.The Spy has some weeks still to live. So, he has tell the truth.Because he is old, that does not mean what he is telling us is wrong. The Queen and Prince Philip are criminals who has to face a criminal charge.

    • Gaye Murray

      It doesn’t mean what he is telling us is right either Obse. You’re just choosing to believe bad press about our Queen.

  • Mark Golding

    I trust yournewswire as much as I trust Inland Revenue. Its a fishing blog.

  • MissB

    I’d like to know what Mr Hopkins is dying of…because if he’s dying of cancer then I’d be dubious of any claims he’s made. If you’ve ever watched anyone pass away from cancer then you’d know that they get delirious and talk all sorts of shite.

    • Lord-Pi-314

      MissB, oh horse manure. My mother died of cancer and so did my father. They were both lucid till the very end. They didn’t make up any stories or confuse reality with fiction. Don’t worry, Oedipus will even the score here for Diana. Mark my words. But you may never know. And you will believe whatever the Zio-News tells you.

  • alexandre1

    Baxter Dmitry – or whoever wrote this BS – if you’re going to make a conspiracy theory, at least try to make it plausible. In a constitutional monarchy, the spouse of the monarch has no authority to order anyone to do anything (nor has the monarch, in practice). No real MI5 operative would refer to an ‘order’ from Prince Philip because there is no such thing. Are you under the impression that the British state works like in the days of Henry VIII or Elizabeth I in the XVIth century? And even then the role of the monarch would be more indirect than the ridiculous image here of Prince Philip ‘ordering’ a murder. I don’t know what the arguments you won were about, Baxter Dmitry, but I have a feeling they were not about history or comparative government

    • carole mclean

      HenryV111 and Elizabeth 1st were in the SIXTEENTH century.

  • alexandre1

    Prince Philip could not ‘order’ the secret services to do anything, he has never had any executive power. Read up on constitutional monarchy.

  • Laura

    This does not surprise me one little bit the whole country is corrupt!! And we only know half the story about mist things!!

  • palcau ioan

    the point is,crystal clear,SHE WAS MURDERED! the english ,,royal family,, is only a bs masonic family,like all the ,,royal families,,around the world…n what comments we have here!

  • Anna Carrington

    This will be dismissed as BS but the reason we are discussing it are because there are lose ends and motives. AND, there are many many people who do not believe the official line. A lot of these people are intelligent and thoughtful; many not prone to conspiracy theories. There have been official enquiries and discussions and there is also your own gut instinct to contend with. Mine is that, despite there being motives it would have been too complicated to execute. It was certainly convenient to the establishment but my gut is due to a series of circumstances Diana met with her death on that day. If she had lived however, we can but ponder on the embarrassments she possibly would have inflicted. She was powerful in her own way but also perhaps unstable. I also consider that if her sons thought there was an iota of truth that she was ‘taken out,’ they would leave no stone unturned in their quest to discover the truth.

    • zyklzy

      Most “conspiracy theorists” (AKA critical thinkers) are intelligent and thoughtful. I always try and read/watch as much information on a “conspiracy theory” before making my mind up as I have done on the death of Diana. The best source of information on the subject is the documentary “Unlawful Killing” (just 1hr 18mins, downloadable on Youtube last time I looked), there are also a number of good books though some difficult to come by. The bottom line is that the Inquiry’s verdict was “unlawful killing” i.e HOMICIDE. Despite this the media unanimously reported her death was found to be “accidental’ cause by the pursuing paparazzi, which was complete BS!. It was obviously covered up to protect the obvious perpetrators, it doesn’t take much intelligence to work out who. Just ask Dodi’s father. She even predicted IN WRITING before her death that her husband wanted to kill her and described exactly the means by which it would be carried out! Just ask Dodi’s father. She had many powerful friends. I just wish they would come forward to back up the confession of this dying MI5 agent who it seems wants to clear his conscience before he departs from what was obviously a wicked life.

      • Anna Carrington

        Diana’s brother seemed to place the full blame on the paparazzi. I wonder, what he thinks now and whether his feelings towards the Royal family have altered throughout these years.

        • carole mclean

          I can’t help feeling Diana’s brother is a NUMPTY.

          • Anna Carrington

            Ha ha. Yes I know what you mean. An aristocratic pompous so and so.. The drama surrounding her death was extraordinary. So, to was the Queen’s lack of response. Why did the Queen dislike her so much?

  • Surreal Beetch

    Funny so many idiots believe this hoax.

  • Jenny

    Always suspected the royal family had something to do with it. He says she knew too many secrets….wonder if that included prince philip and prince charles being peadophiles?

  • Mark Richards

    Willie McRae,snp activist also murdered by MI5 for trying to bring parliament peadophiles to justice.

  • Nellie
  • Xino

    i think they will make a movie about this:/

  • Faisal Baloch

    In today’s world order there are few things which cannot be challenged like few ethnic or religious believes, Monarchs and large corporations. They can only be challenged by the world wars but now a days are not that easy. This particular confession may or may not be true but the today’s status quo will label it yet another conspiracy theory and nothing happen.

  • Daniel Powell
  • Alex

    People believe anything they read on the internet. Disappointing.

  • Lorraine

    I can’t say this is News – we all knew that they (royal family) was involved!! Poor Diana.. a good person died so early at the hands of killers in plain sight!!

  • Pat Gowing

    so everyone was spot on then when we tought she was murdered by the royal family

  • SweetLove Smith

    Yes! I must say a lot of dead bodies around Blair, Robin “no such thing as Al Qaeda” and 40 minute dossier farce” Cook, Dr Nuclear Scientist Kelly, John “labour leader” Smith, yes yes many more I say…Good old stiff upper lift when it comes to the Truthers! That’s what it’s all about until you hit the grave!

  • GediCreativeMinds
  • grizzly

    tell the world what they already new. I don’t know her kids can even stay in buckingham palace What a shower of bastards henry the 8th all over again hypocrites to walk in the funeral procession and pretend to care

  • Andy Heaton-Smith

    This may sound far fetched, but I too was ‘taken out’ in a previous life.

    • Anna Carrington


    • carole mclean

      Yes, explain please.

  • grizzly

    I remember the famous interview with Diana and her saying how she would die “car accident ordered by her ex” and no one believed her. Well now they do! and not reporting on this means the press have no freedom Well at least one kid doesn’t belong to charley, Hope she enjoyed that !!!

  • Lochie Smith

    You reckon a 60yo would be assigned to that sort of active duty? Get real.

  • keith maddern

    The saying: Power corrupts – total power corrupts totally.
    Is it so hard to believe, that with power ,position and wealth a person in this position could make anything they wanted happen?
    WHO in this world has all these things available?
    Numbers ,statistics and facts can all be manipulated but because they are. DO WE HAVE TO BELIEVE THEM?
    TO MANY people see something written down in black and white and believe it.I personally have an enquiring mind and search for reasons to believe or disbelieve things. I urge people to use the god given gifts of reason,logic and common sense with the most amazing computer we all posses OUR BRAIN.

  • TexMum

    Not sure about this. If Princess Diana had worn a seat belt, would she have survived like the bodyguard in the front, who bore the brunt of a far greater impact? A chilling quote, “British journalists all answer to editors who answer to oligarchs who all want knighthoods from the crime family at Buckingham Palace. There is no free press in Britain,” said Mr. Hopkins.”

  • Lawrence Bryan Ryder

    Irrelevant comments relating to the article in question!! Pathetic!

  • Richard Gray

    I’m trouble for them, I won’t go quietly – Diana Princess of Wales during her 1995 Panorama interview.

  • piltdownman

  • Gino Feliciello

    If it did turn out that Diana was murdrered and the guilty were brought to justice, it would still be no compensation for her family and all those who loved her.

  • Zubair

    British establishment is known for its deviousness. In India they killed hundreds of thousand at minutest pretext, at the time of partition of India, Cyril Radcliffe a little known and little knowing lawyer drew a line in the Punjab like a fatal stab in the heart that ended up in the murder, rape, looting and arson of millions of families, when confronted his excuse was that he had to do it for the king and the country. Murder of first Prime Minister Pakistan had all the signs of British Intelligence involvement.

  • nicu79

    Pretty much sums up what we already knew.
    You poor subjects still worship this medieval system and it’s rulers huh?

  • Mohammad A. Wahab

    The confessions made on deathbed should usually be considered real and not the fabricated ones. Alarming is the fact that everything is possible in the name of national security and agencies reign supreme whether its world’s oldest democracy or monarchy. Real secret power rests with the most powerful n the rest is eye-wash. Notions of principles, ethics, freedom and liberty are relative terms and allowed to operate in limited way only.

    • Tansy

      That is true.

  • Axiom Seer
    • Anna Carrington

      So a conspiracy theory with no back up. No dates or people involved. Fake news! But then, who are the people behind the decisions as to whether it is fake or not? They may have their own agenda. Just saying…..

  • Axiom Seer


  • Mark Addison-Nash

    Well if this is true and this gentleman is spilling his guts over his previous activities whilst under the employ of our internal security agency then SHAME ON YOU! I took the same oath he is talking about when I served in the military and it also contains a part about not blabbing your mouth off…regardless of your health or position. If this guy is looking to offload some guilt before he pops off he should have thought about that before he joined up and ultimately agreed to the assignments. You sir have dishonoured yourself in your final hours..

    • Tansy

      He has not been as successfully brainwashed, and I think it was a brave admission .He is not jeopardising lives by revealing that information. It would have been easier to be “honourable” but he has actually got some remnants of a conscience left.

  • John Guest

    That is about as credible as using a Fiat Uno as the getaway car!

  • Trevor croxon

    Sounds like Jeffrey Archers novel the 11th commandment. Though shan’t get caught

  • Hugo Rico

    This news is originally from a fake news site:

    • Tansy

      And why should we believe you?

      • Hugo Rico

        Go there and check all the news

        • Tansy

          I do not click on links from people .

          • Hugo Rico

            Good for you

  • Jodie

    Why now???

    • Tansy

      Because he’s very ill and not long to live.

  • Khalid

    Diana’s death was a shocking and extremely sad event. She had charisma and charm but was not intelligent enough to know what she was up against. This claim must be thoroughly investigated and this ex-agent must undergo a lie detector test. If found credible even in the least it merits worldwide attention. If her death was not accidental all those involved must be brought to justice. It is the least her eldest son and heir to the British throne owes to his mother!

  • Chris Hill

    What a pile of crap, from a sad old man. ‘All the triad traits’, desperate for attention with those words.

  • Emy

    Alexander 1, why r u so defensive since the guy admit he killed 23 human being??
    National security means killing Diana??? Where is the freedom of living …freedom of speech…freedom of beliefs….??!!!
    If this is the western civilization than …………….this is scary…..

  • Rory-Taylor Fütter

    I think that bastard had something to do with the ABBA break up

  • Sandinista

    Baxter….your bio? For the love of Jaybus its hilarious

  • Sandinista

    Slow news day click bait article….no facts, no details other than the ramblings of a not very talented -pseudo-journo

  • P

    Are this bunch of village idiots that believe any old inductive conspiracy cr*p, indulging themselves in other peoples misery like sipping sweetened tears, throwing enough social media rotten fruit. Splat! in the face of injustice, At who….The Justice system? And blaming a branch of criminal investigation MI5 for Murder for hire. It like the witch hunting of the 16th century has taken on a new mission in its modern equivalent, conspiracy theories, and the scientific paradoxes of truth, you can prove about as much of this blame as the proof of God, And you believe it! Believe this…… why dont you praise your own lies like emotional support from dung beetles for transsexuals cured of homosexuality, you pointless pussyh*les. Patrick JAMES Guilfoyle.

  • Harrisound

    I feel worse for the gullible mugs lapping this up than amything else…

    • Ben Franklin

      almost as bad as the idiots that know better, and read anyway! I feel bad for the gullible fools that don’t think the British inbreeds did assassinate Diana.

  • richp

    “Naive, tho spelled thus, is oftentimes mispronounced when read, as “nave”,
    that is why the dots are sometimes placed above the “a”, to make it sound like “aye” and the following “I” as “ee”.

  • Darkhorse22

    What a load of rubbish, he worked as a pen pusher

  • alexandre1

    No free press in Britain? Does anyone believe that the editors of the Guardian, New Statesman, Prospect. Morning Star, Socialist Worker would all be in on the conspiracy in the hope of getting a knighthood? Which they never received – but still never repeated what this man is saying they would have known? Readers might also note that in the UK the Royal Family are not allowed to sue for libel – which means that this gentleman can say whatever he likes about them, knowing he will not face a legal challenge.

  • susan parkinson

    I actually believe his story,stop and think what has he got to loose by telling this,NOTHING ,he is already on his death bed,and I can believe Prince Philip ordering this hit,as he never liked Diana ,the only reason Charles married her,was to give him heirs to the throne,he certainly never loved her,she was madly in love with him and thought he loved her,that was until the day before her wedding,when she found the cufflinks with her name engraved on them along with his,I mean come on,who does that?? ,the Queen knew this affair was still going on,so why on earth did she approve of this wedding,it also goes to show that Camilla also lacked morals,carrying on with a married man,why not just get divorced and marry Charles,just has she has done now,oh wait I know why,because she couldn’t give him heirs to the throne,because she was too old,I for one hope he never becomes King,and he abdicates in favour of William,at least he has all the integrity of his mother,along with all her kindness,along with Kate,I think they will make a great King and Queen for this country,rather than Charles and Camilla,if she had just stayed away and left him alone,to get on with there marriage,she may still have been alive today,another reason I believe she was murdered,was because they didn’t want her marrying a Muslim,nor did they want him being a step dad to the heirs of the throne,so yes sorry he is on his death bed,it’s not like he’s likely to make a story like this one up,never in a million years,as for the driver anr’e being drunk,that’s a pack of lies,if you watch the video of them leaving the back way,it shows him bending down to fasten his shoe laces,NOT once did he stumble,or stagger,even prop himself against the wall to help himself up,someone messed up with the blood samples,there is a site on Facebook about it,it shows the video of them all together,as for the accident,it was a white small car that caused it,the driver of the car was found dead,and his car was found at a scrap yard,so yes it’s all plausible,possible and it’s lots of other people’s mind as well as mine,that she was murdered ,and that the Royal family were behind it,no one can convince me of anything else.

  • James stanley

    LOL isn’t it suppose to be MI6? Hard to believe

  • Ctvrtek Dopoledne

    Its funny how ppl can be dumb if they see word Truth. So MI5 sent 60 years old agent to kill Diana? Wake up, dumb sheeps 😀

    • Tansy

      Being 60 years old does not make you incapable of doing a task, and if a 30 year old did it they would have 50 years of keeping it a secret as opposed to 20 years , assuming 80 year life span.
      Do you think main stream media are unbiased ? They lie by omission too ( eg. about pesticides , pharmaceuticals, GMO, abortion facts) because they do not want to expose anything detrimental to their vested interests and want to keep you in the dark. How ironic your comment is ! Truthwiki is a good site but I guess you may beg to differ!

  • godwin

    I am very sad to learn that the Royals of England had their hands in Princess Diana ‘s death. I have always held the Royal Family in high esteem. I think this destardly act can bring a curse on that Office.
    Too bad.!

  • Jacko

    Bullshit, this bloke is an absolute Wanker. first class.!!! So prove to the world, you were in the subway.!!!!! OR were you in the restaurant know as subway. You idiot. MI5, keep all records for every operative, that is a must. Sad, that such a person has to stoop this low.

  • Paul Starr

    there are after all endless ways to kill without leaving a trace. Garlic juice injected into the body kiills in less than 10 minutes and leaves absolutely no trace. The Roman soldiers knew this and that’s why they rubbed their blades with garlic so that even a cutting could kill.

  • Juma Khan Sufi

    I thin more secrets should be unearthed in order to stay clear of the perils in future

  • Shauki

    Confessions, in deathbed, due to guilt conscience?

  • Steve Higgins

    This article comes courtesy of a certain Neon Nettle website that is infamous for declaring that contrails are really chemtrails and are poisoning us and the water we drink. Tin Foil hat time if you believe this article.

  • Peter Taylor

    The latest revelation from a source that is already known for fake news.

  • Geoff Laidlaw

    Blithering idiot !!!

  • Murdered by OPP – Bob Srigley

    Lot of big nosed pedofags…. those royals.

    Jew World Order

  • Mrs. Fuxit

    With friends like Elizabeth Windsor, Donald J. Trump needs no other enemies.

  • Toby Hall

    This is a fake story – they lifted the photo from another article and spoofed the text.
    This is good though

  • momprayn

    I tend to think this is true. I found this article via exCIA Robert Steele’s site & I doubt he’d post something absurd:

    Contributing editor is Berto Jongman, who seems to be a highly credible person.

    This also sounds likely because it’s the way the world Elites handle things. Nothing new. In fact, my first thoughts were of our own corrupt Government using our corrupt CIA, FBI, DHS, NSA, etc. who are run by the same Globalist Elites.
    It reminds me of JFK and other “mysterious” deaths that are similar. We live in a very, very evil world with some of the top uber rich ones in charge and have been successful via their controlled media friends, politicians, etc. However, they’re now going berserk because too many are being enlightened via the internet. Hold on, it’s gonna be a very, very, very bumpy ride……….

  • Marco Saba

    At last, Richard Tomlinson was right…

  • a.c.hall

    when Diana was killed, her Mercedes Limo was said to be travelling at 30mph. The Photos revealed the Radiator vertically creased and pushed back to the Back Seat. The Car had obviously hit a Tunnel Pillar at 70mph+.Diana was said to be NOT wearing a Seat Belt and sitting in the Middle of the Back Seat. The Driver/ Chauffer was said to be Drunk and driving an Ex Member of the Royal Family in a Ritz Limo.

  • Empayippayi

    That Princess Diana was assassinated was obvious, we simply didn’t know who actually carried out the murder.

  • Arthur Gall

    If anyone on here thinks they know what goes on behind the political scenes then they are the ones who are being naive…even the vast majority of politicians don’t know the half of what goes on.
    “Hopkins ‘CLAIMS’ to have been involved ?”
    “Hopkins says he was part of a cell of seven operatives, (007)? who were trusted to carry out political assassinations across the UK” Erm….She died in FRANCE ? …”Trained as both a mechanical engineer and munitions expert” (Mr. Hopkins
    claims he also has extensive experience of less conventional methods of
    inflicting death and destruction, including chemicals and poisons. (and crashing cars apparently)? This seems to be a nice way of ‘closing the books’ on an infamous period in the long sad story of The British Monarchy sham. I’m sure John Hopkins will manage to write a book before he dies, or his ‘secret’ diaries will be discovered very soon. Maybe even a documentary ? A Holywood blockbuster ( loosely based on a true story) One way of ensuring ones legacy.

  • Stu

    There’s no accreditation for the original source. Did Baxter interview Hopkins himself?

    Seems like fake news.

  • Josh Penn wesbite exposes this hoax.

  • Ron Burgundy

    Where has this story come from? Who interviewed him, when, where? Basic information required to make this story credible.

    Why doesn’t he explain how he/they did it? If hes not bothered about the consequences now he might as well have provided full details!

  • kos g

    British civilization…..

  • crimson tide

    for Queen and Country; like a movie title…

  • Dickie

    Ho! This guy is away with the fairies — probably dementia and now he’s shaken loose all the conspiracy nut jobs.

  • RAW PASSION (Viola Woolcott)

    I totally believe all of this. It rings true with our bits and pieces you hear/research over the years. Sad that this has to be looked into again and that there will never be peace. Same goes for JF & Robert Kennedy and a few others. I do NOT trust any politician. Its a circus of ‘ugly’ people. And I do believe that the Royal fam is corrupt and into a lot of other disgusting things. Why can’t people just be nice. There is enough for everyone. And all this power game is sick sick sick!!

  • Daniel Obachike 7/7 survivor

    MUST WATCH. First hand witness and survivor of 7/7 in London:
    AT LAST THE FULL VERSION! Theo Chalmers interviews Daniel Obachike who was a passenger on the bus which suffered a massive bomb blast which apparently killed many others on 7/7 (7th July 2005) in Tavistock Square, London. His book, The 4th Bomb, which he discusses in this programme carries a very different version of events to the official version; a very worryingly different version indeed. Make your own mind up about the events of 7/7.

    “It’s possible that through a tyranny of small decisions, we could make a nightmare society”.

    “Privacy in an Age of Terror”, by Mike France and Heather Green, Business Week, November 5, 2001.


    Please share.

  • Daniel Obachike 7/7 suvivior

    MUST WATCH. First hand witness and survivor of 7/7 in London:
    AT LAST THE FULL VERSION! Theo Chalmers interviews Daniel Obachike who was a passenger on the bus which suffered a massive bomb blast which apparently killed many others on 7/7 (7th July 2005) in Tavistock Square, London. His book, The 4th Bomb, which he discusses in this programme carries a very different version of events to the official version; a very worryingly different version indeed. Make your own mind up about the events of 7/7.

    “It’s possible that through a tyranny of small decisions, we could make a nightmare society”.

    “Privacy in an Age of Terror”, by Mike France and Heather Green, Business Week, November 5, 2001.


    Please share. Thank you.

  • Mike Wilkinson

    More fake death bed confessionals by the same writer, yet again with no evidence or hint of where the hell this infomation supposedly comes from. I still bet these pictures of old men that top these stories are just randomly found stock photos of old men. Its sad. Get a life baxter. Is it believable that a MI5 agent assassinated diana? sure, why not. Do i believe any deathbed confessional on this site, written by the same author, pretty much using the same layout, always with no source or links or anything? Hell no. Its sad when “truth” outlets spew more bs at us than our governments

  • Mike Tragesser
  • anewera

    where are the details of how he did it?

  • Hopeless

    Why not have this cleared up properly in regular media?
    It may be BS but the way it’s being kept out of the papers and TV it’s alarming when you consider the possibility what if say John Smith was secretly killed to allow a Tory lite Labour Govt?
    The papers slagging off of Corbyn during the election how sure are we they didn’t go further and rig the vote?
    Maybe all alarmist nonsense but what if it isn’t?

  • Blues of Morderer

    Sounds like fake news to me!