MP’s Reject New Tony Blair Iraq Investigation

MP's voted against new Iraq inquiry into Blair 'misleading' Parliament

MP's Reject New Tony Blair Iraq Investigation

Labour MP’s signaled their opposition to Jeremy Corbyn by voting against a motion accusing Tony Blair of misleading parliament in the lead-up to the Iraq War and calling for a fresh investigation.

158 MPs voted down a motion which proposed a committee examine the difference in Mr Blair’s evidence to the Chilcot Inquiry and the private assurances he gave to George W Bush. bush-and-blair

Mr Corbyn who called for Blair to stand trial for war crimes if he was found to have broken the law over the 2003 conflict, failed to turn up at today’s debate and only five Labour MPs voted in favour of the motion.

RT reports:

The motion was led by Scottish National Party (SNP) foreign affairs spokesman Alex Salmond and a range of other MPs from the Green Party, Liberal Democrats and Plaid Cymru – as well as some from the Labour and Conservative camps.

Some 439 MPs voted in defense of Blair while only 70 voted he should be held to account.

The motion said the Chilcot report, published in July, “provided substantial evidence of misleading information being presented by the then prime minister and others on the development of the then government’s policy towards the invasion of Iraq.”

It was opposed by the section of right-wing Labour MPs who subscribe to Blair’s ideas, several of whom argued that the debate was an SNP ploy to split Labour.

Labour Party leader Jeremy Corbyn, who was elected partly on the basis of his opposition to Blair-era misadventures, and his Shadow Chancellor John McDonnell have also attracted criticism for their decision not to attend the debate.

Green co-leader Caroline Lucas said it was a mistake not to attend.

“Top figures in the Labour Party like Jeremy Corbyn and John McDonnell fought long and hard against the Iraq War, and have called for those who led us into the disastrous conflict to be held to account,” she told the Guardian.

“To now back away from taking the action to match their words would be deeply disappointing and would damage the prospects of learning serious lessons from what went wrong in the run-up to war in Iraq,” Lucas added.

The Stop the War Coalition, of which Corbyn was once president, also released a statement saying justice is well overdue.


“Stop the War fully supports the motion put forward by Alex Salmond in Parliament today calling for a further examination of Tony Blair’s conduct in the run-up to the Iraq War,” the Coalition said.

“There remains much unfinished business after the Chilcot report. Despite the spin surrounding it, the report showed that Tony Blair knowingly tried to deceive Parliament when he said no early decision had been made to attack Iraq and that regime change was not the goal of the invasion.”


  • Kieron

    Most of UK’s politicians are non representative of their electorate. Not possible I know, however if there were a nation wide vote on whether Blare should be investigated for misleading the country on issues leading up to the war, and consequently responsible for terrible atrocities, there would be an overwhelming vote in favour. The man is a war criminal. Chilcot was afraid to go that far,but we all know that there is ample evidence to show this.

  • Ralf Yuri

    By 2003 some said Blair should refer the matter to a referendum, but he does not want to. He claims that the issue is too complicated to be judged by the people. This is how the coups are today: through magical passes incomprehensible to the crowd. A
    poll by The Sun newspaper showed that in fact 84 percent of British
    voters were unaware of the imminent transfer of sovereignty. This is how the coups are today: through magical passes incomprehensible to the crowd.

    ( Use google translate)

    • Kieron

      Ralf, if you knew anything about the Sun newspaper you would understand most of the readers understand more about women’s breasts and who is having sexual relationships with famous footballers than they do regarding what politician are up to.
      However I do agree with your principle. Yes of course, Blare never wanted the British people anywhere near the decision making. He had already done the deal with Bush

      • Ralf Yuri

        Mankind learned to idolize and obey the most rotten people in the world, keith o’brien, jimmy savile, cyril smith, hillary,
        Henry kissinger, bill gates, etc.
        Satan does not sleep, mankind needs to wake up.

        • Kieron

          That’s what you get with the MSM the Sun is a very good example of a newspaper that totally manipulates the sheeple