Mutiny: FBI Turn On ‘Traitor’ James Comey After Hillary Fiasco

FBI turn on their director James Comey after his 'shambolic' handling of the Hillary Clinton investigation

FBI Director James Comey has written a grovelling letter to fellow FBI employees imploring them to stop criticizing his decision to not prosecute Hillary Clinton.

In the wake of mounting criticism over the way Comey whitewashed the results of the investigation of Hillary Clinton’s use of a private email server, the FBI Director has written a memo to FBI staff defending his decision not to indict her, insisting “despite all the chest-beating by people no longer in government, there really wasn’t a prosecutable case.” reports:

Comey defended the bureau’s release on Friday of documents from the Clinton server investigation, writing “we don’t play games.”

“I almost ordered the material held until Tuesday because I knew we would take all kinds of grief for releasing it before a holiday weekend, but my judgment was that we had promised transparency and it would be game-playing to withhold it from the public just to avoid folks saying stuff about us,” Comey wrote.

He added the FBI is continuing to process additional material, and will release documents as they are ready, “no matter the day of the week.”

Comey also described Clinton’s case as “not a cliff-hanger.”

“At the end of the day, the case itself was not a cliff-hanger; despite all the chest-beating by people no longer in government, there really wasn’t a prosecutable case,” Comey wrote. “The hard part was whether to offer unprecedented transparency about our thinking. I explain to our alumni that I struggled with that part, but decided the best way to protect the FBI, the Department of Justice, and the American people’s sense of justice was to announce it in the way we did – with extraordinary transparency and without any kind of coordination.”

The FBI director said he will be testifying at the House Judiciary Committee during the last week of September as part of the regular annual oversight hearing.

“This is our regular annual oversight hearing, so I’m hoping to cover many aspects of the Bureau’s great work,” he wrote. “Of course, I’m guessing folks will want to ask about the email investigation.”

He also took time to hit back at those critical of the bureau’s investigation into Clinton.

“I explain to our alums that I’m okay if folks have a different view of the investigation (although I struggle to see how they actually could, especially when they didn’t do the investigation), or about the wisdom of announcing it as we did (although even with hindsight I think that was the best course), but I have no patience for suggestions that we conducted ourselves as anything but what we are – honest, competent, and independent. Those suggesting that we are “political” or part of some “fix” either don’t know us, or they are full of baloney (and maybe some of both),” he wrote.

He concluded the memo with writing, “I will try not to bother you with this any longer.”

14 Comments on Mutiny: FBI Turn On ‘Traitor’ James Comey After Hillary Fiasco

  1. How About You Not Swearing Her In? Or Being Under Oath? Oh And Maybe She Doesn’t Recall  36+ Times Or Lying To The Public, Using Bleachbit After Getting Subpoenaed? She Was A Lawyer And Didn’t Know What A C Meant? Get Real!! Your A Fucking Liar!! Your Just As Corrupted As The Rest Of Our Government! I Hope The House And Congress Charge You And Hillary GOES DOWN!!!!!!!! 

  2. This letter just sounded like “You don’t know what your talking about,  You plebs just go on doing your job as I see fit.  
    oh as an after though nope I didn’t do anything wrong!”

  3. Another CUNT that needs lead in his diet…. What a fucking dildo this TOOL is…..

  4. He’s a TRAITOR.  He’s as bad as the Clinton’s, Obama’s, Bush’s and anyone else who backs her..

  5. anyone else would have had do you explain that?

  6. Hillary have you and the justice department in her pocket. Elementary children can see you work for her. When we help Hillary loose than all of you guys will be out of a job and the republicans can come after all of you full force. 

  7. Ya know…something stinks here. I think he is trying to save his own ass. Since he has such close ties to the ‘Clinton Foundation’, I think he would do anything to save himself. This isn’t about the emails…

  8. How about not bothering the American people any longer by staying in office. You are compromised. Time to go. We see the handwriting.. and it is for Hillary.. not justice.

  9. Two words: Clinton Foundation.   Wait.  One more:HSBC 

  10. Director Comey, You should have recused yourself from this decision because your brother works with the Clinton Foundation! Your cover story is not working on the citizens of the USA! Play fairly or resign and let someone do the job you’re paid to do!

  11. Mr. Comey, you placed her above the law.  No one is above the law, our entire civilization and legal system came from that truth, cannon-balled into our culture by Samuel Rutherford’s “Lex Rex,” Law is king.  This will not go away- unless the Islamic Caliphate for which Hillary advocates, overcomes our constitution.  History will record that at a critical juncture, Director Comey failed his country.

  12. Comey is desperate.. his blatant disregard for the facts that Clinton broke the law and that people are becoming more and more aware of his failure to indict Clinton is shameful.. He should be prosecuted for failure to uphold his oath of office and resign without further delays .

  13. hope comey is assassinated on tv. death to all foreign owned traitors.

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