Mystifying Footage Of A UFO Crossing A ‘Chemtrail’

UFO Crossing UFO Crossing


Whilst filming a plane apparently spraying, Margaret Pfeiffer caught sight – and filmed – something rather odd… a UFO crossing the white stream of whatever!

It seems it’s not that uncommon to spot a UFO accompanying these planes – just search ‘chemtrail and UFO’ on Google Images and you’ll find a whole selection of photos.

But what’s it all about? Check out Margaret’s video and see if you can come up with an answer.

  • Mike Man

    They are CHEMORBS NOT UFO’S. Only solution is immediate eradication of the mutherfukkers spraying the skies. They need to be tracked and eliminated before you’re eliminated

  • John Vorel

    Too bad they didn’t use their weapons to shoot the mother fucker down

  • LoWang

    OMG you morons! THIS IS NO CHEMTRAIL! With this video you just provided another great ammunition to the critics who just make fun of it and want to discredit those serious researchers and keep lowering the chances of anything happening in this field! I don’t know if Jacqui Deevoy is blinded by his need of some sensational video or why the heck doesn’t he notice that the trail not only starts after a big gap after the plane but also dissipates again quite quickly. OK there may be UFO, but for god’s sake don’t see chemtrails everywhere!!