NBC Confirm Another Holistic Doctor Murdered

NBC confirm holistic doctor was murdered

The death of a New York holistic doctor  last July has been confirmed as a murder, according to an NBC report. 

Dr. Mary Yoder, an holistic doctor who believed in natural remedies to cure illnesses over Big Pharma, was actually poisoned to death during a time when multiple holistic doctors were being found dead under suspicious circumstances.

Healthnutnews.com reports:

We had so many doctors dying back in July. In fact, some days we had more than one found dead in mysterious manners (see the full timeline of over 40 doctors with pictures here)

I read about Dr Yoder back then, but they said it was natural causes. So, despite the fact that she was “holistic” I opted not to include her in the series.

Now today, nearly one year later, breaking news is developing that her close employee (who was even listed as a daughter on her obituary) allegedly poisoned her with a drug commonly used to treat gout.

Please see the video for more details and we will keep you updated as this story unfolds.

My heart goes out to her friends family and husband, who reports say was a holistic doctor himself.

  • Robin

    They say we are nothing but conspiracy theorists but when this many good holistic Dr’s die within a year of each other, something isn’t right. I would love to see, if it were possible, the stats on any group of Dr’s who have all died untimely and suspicious deaths. This would tell me if I’m on the wrong track or if this is a normal occurrence to have one group such as cardiologists or gynecologists, any group that has had 50 unusual deaths in a year.

  • gordonmartines

    To my fellow bloggers,

    This situation is not a conspiracy theory. I am a conspiracy realist, and I see an obvious pattern here that should be immediately impartially investigated by the FBI or Justice Department, but then again who has the guts to go after the real bad guy (probably big Pharma) ?

    Just an old veteran cop reflecting,

    Gordon Martines