NBC: Your Children Will Definitely Be Microchipped

“People should be aware that testing is being done right now. The military is not only testing this out, but already utilizes its properties. It’s not a matter of if it will happen, but when."

NBC say that microchipping children will definitely happen 'sooner rather than later'

NBC News has continued its attempt to normalize the idea of microchips for humans, airing a report that claims children will be microchipped ‘sooner rather than later’ and that Americans will accept this because it will make their children ‘safer.’

The public will accept microchips as easily as they accepted barcodes on consumer items, the report says.

Mother of three Steffany Rodroguez-Neely talks about how she briefly lost her daughter after she hid behind a rack of clothes in a department store – “Every parent’s nightmare when you can’t find your child.”

If it’ll save my kid, there’s no stuff that’s too extreme,” says Rodroguez-Neely. “Micro-chipping would be an extra layer of protection, if something bad does happen.”

Rodroguez-Neely says that members of the local Tampa Bay Moms Group, people like Kerri Levey, are wary about implanting a microchip into their children.

You’re putting a battery in your kid, you’re putting a chip in your kid. And, where does it stop,” asks Levey. “Where? It’s going too far. This is a child we’re talking about.”

If a small chip the size of a grain of rice could have prevented a tragedy, I think most parents would have said, I think I would have done it,” responds Rodroguez-Neely.

‘Those who give up essential liberty, to purchase a little temporary safety, deserve neither liberty nor safety.’ Benjamin Franklin.

Nobody reminds Rodroguez-Neely that tracking devices already exist that do not need to be implanted into the body. Watches, cell phones, etc, are all already used by parents for this purpose.

And wouldn’t these chips be more useful to predators (individual and organised) than those who want to protect the children?

But NBC’s propaganda piece, aimed at normalizing the idea of microchips, went even further.

Electronics expert Stuart Lipoff said that microchipping children is “safe and inevitable.”

“People should be aware that testing is being done right now. The military is not only testing this out, but already utilizes its properties. It’s not a matter of if it will happen, but when.”

Branding human cattle

Lipoff also told NBC that people shouldn’t be concerned about “big brother” tracking their children – this technology will only be used for “safety and convenience,” he says – and that the technology is nothing more than an upgrade on traditional cattle branding, and barcodes on consumer items.

When barcodes first came out in the late 1960s, people were appalled. They were wary of them and did not understand the concept. Today, it is so commonplace, we don’t even notice it. A microchip would work much in the same way,” he said, adding that it will “definitely happen.”

The only catch is that you won’t know exactly what is being put into your child’s body. You also won’t know who will have access to the data. If history repeats, it will go from being technology adopted for its ‘convenience and safety’ and then overnight will become mandatory for you and your family – or else.

Baxter Dmitry

Baxter Dmitry

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Baxter Dmitry
  • Javo Santo

    Here in Argentina a football team started chipping there members, offering them discounts and faster entrance to the stadium. A normal persona will say hell no, but must football fanatics are just too stupid, and they love the slogan: “take your team under your skin”.

    Let the games begin !

    • MissValentina

      Sad but true!

    • Symon Mandawala

      If you have a chip, don’t go for medical exam involves MRI or CT scan you will regret that

      • Sheila Ramirez

        Good point. My mom has internal pump and almost got the wrong mri done. I had to speak up and tell doctor about her pump.

      • Anna

        What’s your logic here?

        • Linda Gail Wall

          Some MRIs will rip out any metal in your body because of the magnets. That’s why they have you remove all jewellery

  • julie

    Rodriguez needs help if she honestly thinks that micro chipping your child is acceptable what’s wrong with this woman if she cannot watch 3 kids then only have one ,how pathetic is this woman .
    No way on God’s green earth will this ever be accepted by Parents and by Americans,all your doing is adding the sign of the beast read your Bible woman.

    • rjh4elohim

      NO. I WILL NOT TAKE THIS NASTY GOV RFID. The microchip is NOT the MARK of the beast, but, the gov will use it for many things, including tracking, and eventually to eliminate/kill us … IDK what lies they tell, I KNOW THEY WILL. If you check Exodus and Deuteronomy, you will see what the MARK /SIGN or SYMBOL of our YHWH /GOD Is, then you will understand what the M.O.B. is.

      • Rachel

        I don’t agree. It says no man will be able to buy, sell or trade without the MOB so…it fits.

        • Diana Baskin

          But this first stage is supposed to be for tracking kids. We know they will use this, keep your children safe, to get parents to agree. People are too dense to realize that children have been kept safe for thousands of years without it. I understand that later is will be the one where you can’t buy or sell without it but they have to get the masses to agree to it. Once they have one they can use it for anything they want. I know people might think this is crazy and maybe it is but I think there is a way right now for them to track us and see what we are saying and doing, through internet and perhaps TV and maybe cell phones. I don’ t trust the Government one bit. Neither party.

          • Rachel

            They don’t have “to get the masses to agree to it” per se. They’ll just do exactly what was done with the eftpos card. Introduce it as an option, some will take it many won’t at first. Then people start to let their guard down when they’re not being pushed, start to see benefits. They slowly faze out other options ie: bank starts charging more to use eftpos, etc, then eventually the ATMs will no longer accept them…basically become obsolete.

          • Martha Martin

            I believe before long they will want to implant newborns before they leave the hospital when they’reach born. For safety measures to identify the correct parents. They will no longer need Code Pink then in case of a missing baby or abduction of a baby on the maternity ward. That will be their reasonING behind it for the parents. It is in Obamacare that it will be implimented to those receiving Obamacare. Also, that vaccines will be mandatory. This is one reason it was passed and signed into effect. You know, the bill they would pass and read what was in it later.

      • MissValentina

        Exactly!!! This is the NWO system coming to fruition and most ppl HV no clue! They HV been using these tracking devices voluntarily and involuntarily since 2007.

        • Martha Martin

          The paper currency we have, dollars, has tiny chips in them. Now look at debit and credit cards being issued because they are supposedly safer when it comes down to thieves scanning them and against identity theft. Next a chip within our body will be considered safer so they will tell us.

      • SweetPea2004

        Satan is sneaky, and above all he is the great deceiver and the father of all lies. He is causing this microchip to look sweet and innocent and to be ever so helpful, but in another article I read we are told that later on this chip will be programed so that you will not have money, therefore it said, without this chip you will not be able to buy your food or do any personal banking of any kind.
        They would not come out with this, and pay all the money to give it away to people, just do away with it real soon. The government always has some kind of sneaky plan, which works with the plans of Satan, and this chip is an evil thing, that will steal you of your privacy and you soul if you take it.

        • Diana Baskin

          They already have it set up so you rarely touch money. Most jobs now require direct deposit so does Social Security and my Pension does as well. I rarely see money now. So they will say the chip just makes it easier and more convenient and you can’t be robbed or hacked. I think the mark will be more spiritual like you have to worship something because it wouldn’t be a sin otherwise.

  • http://www.lookgreat-loseweight-savemoney.com/ Carolyn Hunter Dickerson

    No freaking way will this ever happen. Not on your life OR MINE! There are far too man people who ARE AWAKE and will never bow down to the establishment!

    • Wolf Fogarty

      You’re right, there are far too many people who won’t tolerate these chips but the insane other side to that is the fact that there are too many who will.
      That’s when the deeper problems and issues will surface…..

    • undeRGRound

      LOVE the way you THINK! Here’s one of my Favorite memes… applies more to your TPP comments, however. https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/1b9b45dd3f20e996735f48deb3f26362866e5de48cffcce666c59180b555c35b.jpg

    • DTPoolman

      It’s the Christians with the Holy Spirit that made this a natural abomination even until now. No one would suggest it, even in the age of the Damien movies. It was too well known, too scary, people were too independent. Now they will increasingly get stupider as we marvel at it, and they will mock and scorn us and then hold us up to kill. See? It is here, and so are they.

      • Henry Mason

        So Christians are to blame for the Beast and the Mark of the Beast? That is what I gather from your comment!

        • Martha Martin

          No,Henry. I believe she was referring to the fact that Satan is to blame and is the reason for the Mark of the Beast and that Christians are aware of what it will truly be. No buying or selling without it. If you don’t receive and have one, the rest who do will turn you in and you will then be killed. The ones who willingly receive it will scoff at the beliefs of the ones who will refuse because of our belief and faith in God and Jesus and the Holy Spirit. At least I hope that is what she meant for that is what the chip will mean.

        • renee

          How could you gather anything from that comment?

    • Cathy Devine

      There is far to many who ain’t awake and will use this . We need to be prepared because what is comeing. Don’t fear God is near

      • Linda Gail Wall

        Amen, God told us that He didn’t give us a spirit of fear.

  • dumpster

    Or like when they came out with socialist security cards. They used to have printed on them, ‘Not to be used for identification’, but they stopped putting that on them once everyone was used to them. Now look how often you’re asked for your S.S.# for identification.

    • http://streamnerd.com/ Ian B

      Not very often, and if it’s not the IRS, I simply say they don’t need that information.

      • Smoky Dogbert

        Evidently you have never dealt with the unemployment office then. Your SS# is your ID. Apologies for commenting on such an old thread.

    • http://messiahmews.blogspot.com/ MessiahMews

      We have this form in case anyone asks…
      Citizen’s Assertion of Legal Right to withhold disclosure of SSN – Freedom School – Texas

    • CATRYNA49

      The same was said about the Social Security number generations ago.

      • Brenda Stines Mills

        is your card implanted? mine is not….lol!…..yet…..

    • Martha Martin

      Exactly. Now you can’t work without one and it has become a necessity. My great grandmother said when they first started the use of the SS cards and numbers, it was ushering in the Mark of the Beast to come afterwards.

  • raythemixer

    Barcodes on labels is decidedly NOT the same a chipping people… I will consider this an act of violence against me and mine. Those involved will be treated accordingly.

    • Joan

      neither is branding cattle! no one can track those either

      • raythemixer

        Good thing most ranchers no longer use brands… They use RFID enabled ear tags.

        • Sandra Bell

          Poor animals — believed to be just a number, when actually each is SOMEONE. Breaks my heart.

          • dainz

            What Sandra Bell??

          • Mark Robinson

            She’s obviously a PETA type.

          • Sandra Bell

            I’m not, nor have I ever been, a member of PETA. I don’t think there is anything wrong with feeling sad for any living being, who is treated like he is nothing but a number and then meets a most horrific end. They are innocent and have done nothing to deserve what they get. Just expressing what most people would agree with.

          • Vicki Albertson

            Do you eat meat? Any kind of meat?

          • Sandra Bell

            Never once in my life. I was lucky to have conscious parents who were way ahead of their time. I had help. It’s the people who stop consuming flesh after a lifelong habit of doing so that I admire most.

          • James Fleury

            I wish all of you in this particular “sidebar” would take it somewhere else. A bunch of idiots taking over a post regarding a totally different matter. If you don’t care to discuss the original article…get gone, fools! Wow.

          • Sandra Bell

            You’re right, James. I apologize. I never expected my short comment to enrage and engage so many. I am in full agreement with protecting ourselves from ever being scanned. Carry on.

          • Bunny

            @Sandra Bell
            FYI; Any comment made regarding animals and/or food will spark many replies! 😉

          • Ben James

            “…I never expected my short comment to enrage and engage so many…”

            I call bullshit. You know and understand completely that your comments are inflammatory, and they will engage and engage many people. That is the ONLY reason you make comments of that type to an article of a COMPLETELY unrelated topic.

            You, madam, are a liar and a hypocrite.

          • Bunny

            Sandra Your pretty nice to apologize to someone, James, with the way he made his rude comment I certainly wouldn’t have! He could have said what he wanted without being an asinine about it!
            >>>”A bunch of idiots taking over a post regarding a totally different matter. If you don’t care to discuss the original article…get gone, fools!”<<<
            No one is an idiot nor a fool simply because you made a comment off topic. Smh.

          • renee

            It’s technically muscle, so why do you insist on calling it “flesh”? Flesh Is akin to skin. Most people don’t eat animal skin. Is a pound of flesh the same as a pound of meat–or a pound of muscle?

          • http://www.smartmoversatlantic.ca/ jeff smith

            you are either mentally insane or you are extremely shallow to compare humans to animals .

          • Sandra Bell

            I think you have me mixed up with you.

          • loretta66

            Stick to the post!! Fuck!!

          • Jim Peachy

            vegtables have feelings too. Hitler was a vegan and look what happened.

          • Sandra Bell

            Hitler was NOT a vegan. Puleeez! He was NOT even a vegetarian. That erroneous rumor got started because his doctor recommended an occasional cleanse for health reasons. He would occasionally refrain from eating flesh for a week because it clogged his system and slowed him down. He adored his Vienna sausages, his bratwurst and all other flesh Germany is famous for. Please educate yourself and know what you are talking about before you post fantasy. Hitler’s private cook was a Jew, who was allowed to live because he was so talented at his profession. That cook told of Hitler’s favorite dishes, which consisted of loads of meat. The Fuhrer did not value life — not people — not animals. — only those he could use for his own benefit.

          • Martha Martin

            You sure know alot about Hitler’s personal life. Even if he wasn’t a vegan, same thing as a vegetarian by the way, why would you even want to defend anything about him. Especially something as mundane as his diet. You have obviously read up alot on him. I wonder why?

          • Sandra Bell

            And where do I “defend” Hitler? I’m just stating facts.

          • Susie Chadwell

            Good to know. Why do ignorant people put informed people down is beyond me!!!!!

          • Nica10

            Express YOUR feelings please … NOT the public’s nor what you “assume” or “want/wish” to be the majority view ok Sandra Bell.
            It is a pet peeve of mine that I find so often these days where a single person is so eager to speak on behalf of the masses whether it’s our view or not!
            If you feel a certain way then say you feel a certain way. If others choose to support you or back you up … Then kudos for you. Until then – it’s yours and yours alone ok.

          • Sandra Bell

            Now, whose feelings am I expressing here? No one’s but MINE! I never claim to be speaking for the “public” — not even once. Your statement is idiocy. It’s obvious that I am not speaking FOR the masses. I am speaking TO the masses and IN SPITE of the masses. It might behoove you to take a course in logic.

          • Ernest Kinnamon

            Just expressing what most people would agree with. This was at the end of one of your comments, you do not even lie very well. Thank you for not being rude though, we do have too much of that.

          • renee


          • Scooter Davis

            I agree with you Sandra! You are speaking for me too!

          • Nica10

            It’s fine to agree with someone but use great care entrusting them the right to speak for you on their behalf! The day WILL come where they speak and it’s not in your agreement anymore … And it will be too late to get the right to speak for yourself or be heard when you want it.

          • Nica10

            My my Sandra Bell … How quickly you backpeddle. Remember this? “Just expressing what most people would agree with.” … Your words. Looks like most aren’t agreeing #1 and if that’s not speaking for us – I don’t know what the hell is!

          • Sheelagh Hanly

            This is supposed to be about micro chipping, not about individuals on this thread!

          • Travis Phyllis Chrissonberry G

            Ok back to chipping i do not want anyone in my family chipped

          • Nica10

            Then Sandra Bell shouldn’t have started the sidebar … And sheesh … Who are you? The nazi police telling us what we can and can’t write about here? If you don’t like my posts – report them or ignore them!

          • Bunny

            @Sandra Bell
            I’m not disagreeing with you about the “numbers” thing, but indeed you did state “Just expressing what most people would agree with.”

          • Sandra Bell

            Hi, I just now saw your comment from last month and wanted to respond that when I mentioned that “most people would agree”, I was referring to my last sentence that “They (the factory farmed animals) are innocent and have done nothing to deserve what the get.” Most every normal person I have ever spoken with (over decades) — even flesh eaters and excluding psychopaths — people who are capable of loving their dogs and cats, would agree that animals in factory farms are innocent and that they have done nothing to deserve what happens to them. Wouldn’t you agree with that statement?

          • loretta66

            Are animals beings with emotions? Or just put here for you to learn compassion?

          • Bunny

            On my behalf I’ll answer that, lol.
            Animals are beings with emotions as well as we can learn compassion from them! Many humans have lost some compassion these days and need to learn it again!

          • Liz Adams Jackson

            You can speak for me Sandra, I back you completely!

          • Rick Crowell

            Pet your next Burger from McDonald for me!!!!

          • Sandra Bell

            I’ve never been to that place — a place largely responsible for destroying rainforests, displacing indigenous people, polluting lakes and waterways and escalating degenerative diseases and death.

          • Martha Martin

            At least their chicken mcnuggets don’t actually have any chicken in them! Just being humorous. I don’t like McDonald’s either. Or Walmart.

          • Bunny

            Rick Crowell- Well, she wouldn’t be petting a cow cause that shot McDonald’s sells is certainly not real beef, IMO, lol.

          • JohnBoy Fisher

            So u don’t eat meat?

          • renee

            Flesh. Get your terms straight.

          • renee

            It’s actually not such a horrific end. They never know what hit them. That doesn’t include their stay at the stockyard –that might be a different story.

          • Sandra Bell

            I just feel sorry for those who live in concentration camps and are sent to bloody abattoirs. Don’t you?

          • Vicki Albertson

            How is your food compared to those who suffered the atrocities in concentrations camps? WHO ARE YOU?

          • Sandra Bell

            WHO AM I? Just someone who does not see sentient beings as “food”. Have you ever gone and looked up close and personal at where your “food” comes from? The sights and sounds have brought many a big strong flesh eater to their knees in tears. I’ve seen it happen many times. What those protesters attempt to make clear is the packages of bloody, plastic-covered packages are viewed by most as just that — packages of “food”. They are no longer in the form of the original furry animal who owned those body parts. It’s so easy for the average person to disconnect and desensitize. Just take one step backwards from the butcher shop to what happens right before the dead body arrives there.

          • Rick Crowell

            Actually I have seen where my food comes from. Most of our food comes from MY property during hunting season. It is what keeps my family alive and well. The human body was designed for protein. Our brains consum ALOT of that protein we take in. We hunt deer, rabbit, squirrel, goose, duck and more. Everything is LEGAL. If it where not for hunters the population would be over whelmed and diseases would spread.

          • Scooter Davis

            And the protein comes from the plants. That’s where the animal gets its from. There is absolutely no nutritional value in meat of any kind. So before you go out and shoot a poor defenseless animal why don’t your and family plant a garden to eat off of. You can also earn money this way by making it a community garden as well. It only takes an acre of land! So Sandra Bell is correct. If you don’t see the cruelty in what you are doing. Then God bless your mind and heart. Because its a fact one day you will.

          • Mic Applegate

            God has blessed me with His word. Genesis 9:1-3.

          • renee

            Yeah, I guess he forgot about those verses where God told Noah and his sons to eat meat.

          • Rick Crowell

            If your so UP ON GOD, maybe you should READ YOUR BIBLE!!! The animals where places here for God’s people to eat! I did not FORCE you to eat what ever. So don’t push your PLANT bushit on me!!! Your comment is false in stating meat has no value. Get your shit straight!!!!

          • renee

            Oh, my! Sounds like you’re a little behind on your Bible reading, too, Rick.

          • renee

            You bring up something I’ve never understood, Rick. If we were to stop eating cows, what would become of them? Would we build cow sanctuaries, and raise money on Facebook to support them, or would we just let them become extinct? Maybe let them roam on the prairie like bison? Not to mention pigs. Wouldn’t you just love having a “crazy pig lady” next door?

          • Martha Martin

            I saw my daddy hang rabbits from a tree limb and knock them in the head, cut the head off, and skin the rabbit. I ate the rabbit and loved fried rabbit. I also had a pet bunny rabbit at the same time. I got her for Easter and named her Esther. I loved that rabbit. I was 6 years old. Even as a child I knew there was a difference in an animal that was a pet and an animal that was for food on our dinner table.

          • Sandra Bell

            Oh my! You don’t see that, as an innocent child, a partition was placed in your heart and in your brain by adults — a form of child abuse done through ignorance. Imagine actually believing that there is a difference between those innocent, defenseless beings we love and those we torture — when there is absolutely no difference.

          • renee

            Sandra, I’d be interested in knowing your view on abortion, since, you put your argument in those terms. You used the term “sentient being” a few comments back. I see that term used quite a bit by people who are arguing the point that it is perfectly acceptable to torture and butcher babies–tiny human beings–in the womb, because at a young gestation, they are not sentient beings. I think that is a much greater societal evil than killing animals for food. Some people would vehemently disagree with me. Those same people, by a large margin would agree with you, when it comes to killing animals for food.

          • Sandra Bell

            Hi Renee, I love children. I could NEVER murder a child at any point of development. My love and compassion for animals is an extension of my child-protective instinct.

          • Nancy Pegg

            buy your meat from local farmers.

          • Scott

            Not 100% for or against your view Sandra, but where do you draw the line, mammals, fish, insects? They all have faces.

          • Sandra Bell

            I try to never cause pain and death to anyone. I just took a cricket outside, who had accidentally wandered in.

          • renee

            How about the many cattle farmers, who eat the animals they raise–or pig farmers, or chicken farmers? Certainly they aren’t desensitized or disconnected from the source of their food.

          • Sandra Bell

            It’s a disassociation disorder — a dark age mentality, where from youth, humans are conditioned to stamp out their natural, innocent compassion and inclusiveness. They are brainwashed into finally accepting that the feelings of animals don’t matter “They’re only animals” — that their terror and screams are not to be compared to those of humans. When a lie is repeated over and over it is finally accepted as Truth, especially if it is one’s parents and associates doing the lying. Kids grow up repeating the errors of their fathers, and so the vicious cycle of violence continues.

          • Scott Worley

            One day, long, long ago there lived a woman who did not whine, nag or bitch.

            But that was a long time ago….. and just one day.

          • Scott

            Now that’s funny!

          • toongoon

            But they sure taste good!

          • Jim Peachy

            I like mine done.

        • Joshua Tryon

          And how do you think they first tested the technology? This is no more than evolution of that technology. So how is it different than us being “branded” as cattle are?

        • treebird

          RFID, is chipping

    • Bunny

      Agreed. Chipping humans is going TOO FAR!

  • KCTennant

    Lets micro-chip Pedophile Judges, Senators, CONgressmen, Bankers & Perverts as a trial run for a couple of decades and study their behavior.

    • rjh4elohim

      THANK YOU!

    • Rachel

      That’s what they’ll do. First murderers, rapists & paedophiles will receive the frontal lobe implant (which they already are utilising) & lower security repeat offender inmates will get it in their right hand.

      • charmer512


    • Deb


    • Dorma Hisler

      Perfect ! Let’s do it first !

    • Joan

      any criminal, not specific ones

  • http://streamnerd.com/ Ian B

    How in the hell does putting a microchip in your child make them “safer” ? These morons in the news seem to be rather confused about what a microchip does. It’s exactly like barcoding them. It’s a static number, it doesn’t help you track them.

    • The Bear

      A deck of cards under the skin might be noticeable on a kid. LOL!!

    • Wolf Fogarty

      The chips are not totally unlike the ones put under the skin of dogs. They identify lost dogs owners as long as the owner has registered the chip. Agreed, nothing to do with actual safety.
      When Obama was planning his health care program, there was chatter about chipping everyone who enrolled. Supposedly the chip was to hold health benefit information, health information, personal banking information, birth dates and current addresses, with talk of having GPS capabilities. It was also said that only people having the chip would have access to banking, buying groceries or any other types of purchases, for that matter.
      I have no doubt that this gov’t has not yet ruled this out regardless of the opinions people have.
      While it sounds like a plot for a science fiction movie…. we have to think about everything this gov’t has already done and understand the very real possibility of these chips.

      • Gina

        I agree with all about the MOB and what it’s suppose to mean but for the next 8 yrs hopefully, as long as Trump is our President, this will NEVER happen.

        • Anna

          Gina–I hate to disagree with you but I do. I’m not so sure Trump will try to stop it.

    • Rachel

      They have been testing these for many years already. They are able to use satellite to track people with them. I personally met a man who used to work creating these back in 1992 he was a Christian missionary and predicted this. He also had an actual chip he showed us. Might sound bs…But oh well.

      • MissValentina

        Mind control and Torture purposes as well.

    • Jessie Smith

      Something that small can run off body electricity. You watch and see.

  • Lainy

    There is absolutely no reason to every do this!

  • Matt

    Disgusting satanic f*cks need their kids taken off them

  • https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100008226816244 SinDelle Morte

    This cannot track your child. It’s useless for that. It would only be worth anything after they found the child’s body, when they could scan it and get the child’s info. What it CAN be used for is a national ID program, and to store bank account info. I think is the bigger idea here.

    • Wolf Fogarty

      The chips are not totally unlike the ones put under the skin of dogs. They identify lost dogs owners as long as the owner has registered the chip. Agreed, nothing to do with actual safety.

      When Obama was planning his health care program, there was chatter about chipping everyone who enrolled. Supposedly the chip was to hold health benefit information, health information, personal banking information, birth dates and current addresses, with talk of having GPS capabilities. It was also said that only people having the chip would have access to banking, buying groceries or any other types of purchases, for that matter.

      I have no doubt that this gov’t has not yet ruled this out regardless of the opinions people have.

      While it sounds like a plot for a science fiction movie…. we have to think about everything this gov’t has already done and understand the very real possibility of these chips. We never dreamed that the gov’t would poison us, the soil or the water, but the poisons are everywhere and in almost everything.

      • https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100008226816244 SinDelle Morte

        Absolutely agree.

  • katy

    New world order and you can’t make us take a chip, a sip, nor the mark of the beast.

  • Anon

    To much control! Your fools to believe this will solve anything! But as long as the sheep follow the Shepard it will come to pass.. How did we ever survive? Baaaaaa!

  • Marthinus

    Belief me there is enough liberal people in the world who will take this. Its the foundation laid for the mark of the beast.
    When u have it they can program it easily to function as a buy/sell regulator.
    With this they will have totall controll over a person.

  • http://www.math.missouri.edu/~rich/MGM/primer.html rwinkel

    “upgrade on traditional cattle branding” … I get it.

  • lwg

    Go ahead and take the mark of the beast if you want I wont. The Man who was the top scientist in the 1960’s that created the RFID chip said that they know without a shadow of doubt they created the soon to be used mark of the beast.

    • Tracy Mills-Sherman

      You hit it on the nail.

    • Rachel

      Can you refer us to a book or link with his statement Iwg? Where did you hear that plz?

      • Robert


        In no uncertain terms, this microchip inventor discusses why we should not take the RFID chip even if it becomes mandatory…

        By taking the chip we not only lose our identity but our minds as well…

        • Rachel

          I agree, however I was looking for an answer to my question. You’ve just made another quote/statement without any foundation I can look to to support future statements I’d like to make. Link or reference to original statement please?

          • DAb

            The Bible

          • Rachel

            Right so the Bible tells about “The Man who was the top scientist in the 1960’s that created the RFID chip said that they know without a shadow of doubt they created the soon to be used mark of the beast”??? Some people need actually THINK before they speak :/

          • Anna

            I won’t take it either under any circumstances.
            “and he caused them, both small and great to take the mark” (of the beast)
            Revelation 13:11-18 in the Bible.

          • Sheelagh Hanly
          • Rachel

            Hi Sheelagh 🙂
            IWG said: “The Man who was the top scientist in the 1960’s that created the RFID chip said that they know without a shadow of doubt they created…” I am well aware what the Bible says and have my own beliefs & understanding of this. Thankyou for your help. But my question was to IWG as to a link to something that shows the name & statement by the “top scientist” he quoted!

      • renee

        He read it on the Internet…

    • Denise Barnett Walsh

      OMG! This is scary, scary, scary!!! How can we prevent this? My children or I will NOT take the mark of the beast!

      • Sissy Mcginnis

        Just don’t accept I will not go for it God bless you

      • Linda Gail Wall

        You can’t stop this, it’s part of God’s prophesy in the books of Daniel and Revelations. But you can be prepared by being Baptized in Jesus name and filled with the Holy Ghost, according to Acts 2:38-39, and by reading your Bible, living a Holiness lifestyle, finding a good truth speaking church, and praying and asking Jesus to light your footsteps and direct your path. Just never take anything in your right hand or forehead. Read the KJV Bible from cover to cover, which is what I’m working on doing and do it as a family. And remove anything from your life that isn’t of God

    • Sissy Mcginnis

      Amen noone will be putting anything in any of my children nor myself God bless you

  • fardnasir

    to hell with a damn microchip to the pale or white so-called Jewish Wealthy Elites Luciferians (The Synagogue of Satan) this is a warning to you we see you we are watching everything you do you will not get away with any of your plans of what you think you are about to bring upon the people this is the end of you make your move and end your country and world very Quick

  • Michele Scalpi

    NOPE NOPE NOPE not my family NOT EVER! the out of control de facto govt can kiss my a$$. This is not lawful and any news agency running this propaganda should be banned!

  • Thora Lynn Nutting

    Stupid, stupid, stupid. Like gun free zones and Sex Offender Registry keep us safe. Oh, and we can’t talk bad about terrorists because it will cause them to kill us. Just can’t make this stuff up.

  • Kita Mc

    How about they microchip the pedophiles and these inmates they keep losing.

  • Blaine Smith

    They chip pets and animals in the wild for tracking. Chipping human beings??? It’s coming.

  • D. Pennington

    It would be real hard to impossible to force a medical procedure on anyone. Doctors can’t even force invasive medical procedures on anyone even if they are going to die without it. The government would be taking a high risk for MANY lawsuits due to any kind of a complication from such a procedure as well. Furthermore, depending on what they are made of microchips might also cause people to not be able to have MRI’s which could be life threatening.

    • Smoky Dogbert

      With single payer healthcare and a shift in politics it would be a slam dunk to be “forced” to get a government RFID chip.

  • James Braun

    Did anyone happen to tell the chipped it contains cyanide ? it can be activated at the push of a button . One more thing , to get one means you are with satan no longer with GOD , not a good plan , but don’t worry , GOD has the answer and it’s not what you think .

  • Not pro Israel

    Remember the movie Alien, every one of the colonists on the alien planet had an RFID chip implanted into them. It did nothing to prevent the aliens from snatching them and impregnating them to use them as hosts for their young. That movie was a metaphor for what the state wants you to do with your children. It’s all a false sense of security a way for them to make money to track your children to understand their every Habit to cater to them psychologically and bring them completely into the fold of the system. Who’s to say that they won’t convince your children that you are the enemy and have your children come after you in just a few years.?

    • http://political-religious-connection.blogspot.ca/ JP

      Duh, that’s what Hitler did with the Brown Shirts. You’d do better to explain it to a monkey: they’d be more apt to listn

  • Tracy Mills-Sherman

    Mark of the Beast. No way and hell will they be chipping my children. I gave birth to them and they have no say so.

  • Jay Wood

    disgusting, its the mark of the beast

  • Veritas

    False & insane logic!

  • remainderman

    The hell they will …

  • Deb


  • Classified007

    Invasion of privacy, this is unconstitutional even if they tried I would leave the country before allowing it to be forced onto my child.

    • GG

      What country do you think you can go to where you can get away from this? Many other countries, like Sweden for instance, have already begun implementing it also.

  • Sovereignty Soldier

    My family will never be chipped! We will make ghost of those trying to force the chips though! Death to the Illuminati! 2017
    III%, get some!

  • Dawn Porter

    i dont trust the reasons for this i think one aim is control zombies


    If NBC supports it, you know it’s bad. The MSM is nothing but stupidity and evil.

  • God’s friend

    What does the Bible say about The Mark of the Beast which is 666? The antichrist will force everyone to get The Mark without which no one can buy or sell. Is the Real ID Act a precursor to The Mark? meaning: Mark of the Beast Revelation 16:2 and 19:20 cite the ‘mark of the beast’ as a sign that identifies those who worship the beast….

  • Gary Glass

    Just something more to get you comfy with the chip so that when the rfid chip comes you won’t have second thoughts. Four words for you and you need to research MARK OF THE BEAST…..So sad to see people fall for this stuff.

  • LeAnna Lukas

    I was totally against it too. Consider myself a Christian with those beliefs. However, until you have a predator grooming your child for human trafficking you will not understand the desperation and things you would do to keep your daughter safe. This crossed my mind among many other things.

    • Brenda Stines Mills

      a chip won’t keep a child safe…..it will ID the body when they find it, or ID the child if they cannot tell you their name…..keeping your child safe is your job……it is NOT a GPS LOCATOR…….”keeping your child safe” is a selling scam for chipping …….chipping a pet is good because a lost pet can’t talk or give an address…..

  • Steve Langdon

    B. S.!!
    That will never happen to anyone in my family and I will do everything to keep it that way.

  • Bill

    If the parents of these kids were being keep an eye on you wouldn’t have to be chip, besides if your a Christian you should know that your not suppose to be marked it is the sign of the beast and you will not eat from the tree of life, check it out for yourself don’t go by what your preacher say’s they are not always right.

    • renee


  • Jason Hommel

    This is the Mark of the Beast, Revelation 14:9 A third angel followed them and said in a loud voice: “If anyone worships the beast and its image and receives its mark on their forehead or on their hand, 10 they, too, will drink the wine of God’s fury, which has been poured full strength into the cup of his wrath. They will be tormented with burning sulfur in the presence of the holy angels and of the Lamb. 11 And the smoke of their torment will rise for ever and ever. There will be no rest day or night for those who worship the beast and its image, or for anyone who receives the mark of its name.” 12 This calls for patient endurance on the part of the people of God who keep his commands and remain faithful to Jesus.

    • Smoky Dogbert

      This is not so obvious at this point. If we are called to deny Christ in order to get chipped and we are not allowed to buy or sell without it, then it fits this scripture. So far it is nothing more than technology. That said, I am vary of this and will avoid it if possible.

      • GG

        One of it’s uses is to pay for things, i.e. buy and sell. It IS often put into the hand, as well. Not sure about the forehead, but my bet would be that we will get there.

      • Cowles Michael

        By accepting the chip, you are not trusting God for your sustenance, you are trusting the Beast, literally worshipping the Beast in a most fundamental way. depending on him and his beast sytem for your sustencance.

      • charmer512

        Right hand forehead Rev 13:16.

  • Karla Cape

    This was happening back in 1994… I was asked if I would allow them to micro chip microchip my child…my answer in no uncertain terms…HELL NO! YOU ARE NOT PUTTING A PERMANENT MARKER ON MY CHILD

  • Donna Henry Beard


  • Ralph DeWitt

    People are absolutely sheep if they allow this and follow blindly and allow it to be done. Where are peoples brains, obviously disengaged.

  • ladykatie25

    How is this going to help find your child if they are kidnapped? Microchips can’t locate your pets. They can only tell the person who finds it who it belongs to. And if they want to make this mandatory, this is will be yet again, just another violation of our constitutional rights.

  • goturner

    Revelation, here we come! God’s word stands, irregardless of whether or not we choose to believe!

  • Chuck Robey

    Mark of the Beast!!!!

  • http://messiahmews.blogspot.com/ MessiahMews
    • Kenneth Hadler

      Does not sound appropriate for for the name you used!

      • renee

        There seems to be a lot of that going around.

  • Matthew Wright

    This is a highly irresponsible article, Baxter. Try using a less click-baity headline and actual facts. This is not going to happen. It would be a violation of ethical and legal prohibitions. Also: this is a local NBC affiliate, NOT “NBC News” the national organization. Fear and panic sell. Totally bogus. Take off your tinfoil hat, people, and research things a bit before writing crap like this.

  • LYnn Waldrop

    These chips are a part of tracking their “product”. All you medical info and finances, location at any given moment and what your buying. A good example is that if you are needing a new vaccine they will send you a notice and send around a vaccine can to come to your home. Or have. The guy at the gas station give it to you whilst getting gas. If you don’t they just fine you from your money account that is in the chip anyway. This is the nature of industrialization and colonialism ~~~ out law freedom and nature and harmony- profit off of slavery, manmade disease, synthetic attempts at nature and chaos.


    Steffany Rodroguez-Neely is a paranoid idiot. “his technology will only be used for “safety and convenience,” he says – and that the technology is nothing more than an upgrade on traditional cattle branding, and barcodes on consumer items.” An upgrade to “branding” “consumer goods”; nice way to talk about someone’s precious child. We have all heard this song and dance before and seen where it has taken us. It is BS to the highest degree.

  • noone

    Over you’re dead body!!

  • GG

    Mark of the beast, ladies and gentlemen. Keep your eyes open and your mind focused on the truth. Don’t let this happen to your kids.

  • Carol Clinch

    I would rather have DNA taken at birth than microchips inserted..

  • Alen Mikic

    I fully support Benjamin Franklin’s view of freedom! ‘Those who give up essential liberty, to purchase a little temporary safety, deserve neither liberty nor safety.’ Benjamin Franklin

  • bowie1

    Will hackers be able to access a microchipped child?

  • Brenda Stines Mills

    movie LOGAN’S RUN….

  • Dirty_Martini

    GOOD NEWS: Most Americans will not do this, ever. This is wrong and an invasion of privacy.
    BAD NEWS: By not microchipping kids, we help PEDOPHILE RINGS grab children for human sex trafficking, and child bondage slavery/murder. But I guess they already know this and keep doing what they do. Pizza, anyone?

  • Wendel ‘BlackWolf’ Kurz

    Wow you people need to loosen up those tin foil hats its apparently cut of all blood to your brains…..smdh
    “BIG BROTHER”, “MARK OF THE BEAST”…..ROTFLMAO OMG are you people for fucking real…

  • Jessie Smith

    He who does not receive the mark, will be unable to buy or sell. Government tracking will be for all. Guess I will starve or die without my meds.

    • Cowles Michael

      God gives warnings so you can be obedient and prepare. So if you’re not preparing to plant a garden, if you are not planning to move somewhere where you can have chickens for eggs, and cows and goats, and partner with sensible neighbors then you are a disobedient human who is ignoring godly instruction from God himself. Stock up on meds, Skip those lattes, and those DVD rentals, quit smoking, get rid of your cell phone and save that money to buy a new place to move to.you have approximately 6 years left. We are already one year into Daniels 70th Week. Putin is King of the North, and Obama is still the Clandestine King of the South….Putin represents Global Christianity and human Liberty, nationalism…..Obama represents his Global masters. It’s Trump and Putin against the whole Global Empire…..

  • William Ayers

    The chip implant is not the mark of the beast however I have been told in the chip is the number 666 the mark of the beast is when Sunday worship becomes law soon it will be enforce
    The Antichrist is Roman papacy, Sunday is the false Sabbath
    Saturday is the true seventh day Sabbath the mark of the beast is a test for ur obedience on God commandments, Revelation 13,14,15,19:20


    read one chapter in the bible..read revelations then make your mind up

  • Larry Fish

    Never will happen God will not accept this, you are putting the wrong spin on this going too far as to track a person in a free AMERICA satan will and is using this as his way to the new world order!!!

  • Sandy Little Schaefer

    Oh, I certainly did notice the barcodes & Still am wary of them, knowing what the Bible says in Revelation. Guess some of us will be beheaded?

  • Bobbye Ables Sanderson

    It’s all in the Bible, people. We are nearing the end of time

  • Anne Over

    No. If I had a child it would not have his/her every movement available for the government, retailers, or whomever to track. “We won’t do it except for safety” is a lie. It’s a step to control. I’d even homeschool if I had to, if chipping was required for public education.

  • doornazi

    Please do not insult my intelligence and compare humans to a loaf of bread. I WILL NEVER BE MICROCHIPPED AND I WILL NOT ALLOW MY KIDS OR GRANDKIDS TO BE CHIPPED EITHER. It is government control. IT IS THE MARK OF THE BEAST !!!!!

  • T E R R I F I E D x

    Do NOT microchip your children!! Whether you believe it or not, God is real, and the Bible isn’t just a made up story. There is a Heaven and a Hell!!
    This microchip is the Mark of The Beast! First there’s discussion about world war 3 and now they want to put microchips in everything? The shadow government is behind all of this and they don’t want you to believe it! Don’t fall for this, don’t let Satan in!

    • renee

      If you believe in God and the Bible, why are you TERRIFIED? And you’d be better off reading your Bible, than every bit of hysteria you read on the internet. Don’t be confused with things that are truely of Satan, and things he wants to confuse you with. The more hyteria and confusion the better, as far as he is concerned.

  • Rinny

    Mark of the beast….God Speed I will die before I will be micro chipped by government manipulation & control.

  • Rinny

    This is past the line of human rights

  • Larry Betson

    Sorry this American will not accept this. So that they could not buy or sell unless they had the mark, which is the name of the beast or the number of its name. Revelation 13:17

  • Darryl Lawton

    Neither myself nor any other member of my family will be treated like chattel property. Ready to die for your beliefs? Try microchipping one of mine.

  • tobarbara

    no – Americans won’t accept chipping their children. Some will of course – but many to most will not.
    First, prove it makes anyone any safer. Second, prove it won’t be used by the government or evil people to track your child for evil purposes.
    Prove they can’t be blocked.
    Prove their is no health risk.
    And then…… there is that ‘mark of the beast thing. That will be a specific mark – and no one will take it by accident. But things getting a chip for convience and/or safety and the getting tatoos will make the coming ‘mark’ easier to accept for some people. Sometime back I read an article that said they were working on a chip that would be applied like a tattoo – and that eventually they would be able to allow people to choose what they wanted their chip mark to look like – just like a normal tattoo – but it would have the chip in it.

  • Sandra Bell

    There’s one more reason why the government does everything possible to discourage home and community gardens. The more dependent we are on the grocery store, the better to insure a micro-chip implant in every member of society. We won’t be able buy food (or anything) without one. The day is coming.

    • renee

      Since when does the government do anything to discourage or prevent people from having home or community gardens? I know plenty of people who have home gardens. I could plow up my acre and a half this spring, and no one would try to stop me. You have some very odd notions.

  • Lisa Blake

    Nope. I will not conform

  • zeb doz

    fuck that shit man i wont take it

  • Hooch

    The Best kind of Slave is one that thinks it is free.

  • Cozmo1138

    Oh, good lord…

  • Gin

    Love how they list chipping cattle to barcodes on consumable items to microchipping children as if is just a natural progression of events. WHAT?!? Just bc they repeatedly say this WILL happpen doesn’t mean it actually will… It’s like they are trying to bully us into accepting this lunacy “because it is inevitable.”
    AND – every stupid policy, law, or other practices start out similar: this will only be for this ONE PURPOSE and it would NEVER be used for any other reason so disregard any silly fears you may have. We would NEVER do that (use it against you, track you without your knowledge, etc). REALLY?? Govt always says that to get a policy “through the door,” then they run wild with it. Ex: years ago, govt had a tough time getting public approval for a law against not wearing seatbelts. It was finally proposed that the law would only be cited and ticketed if someone was already pulled over for some other reason – that they WOULD NEVER solely pull someone over or ticket them only for not wearing a seat belt. In a relatively short period of time, that is precisely what they were doing… watching drivers and pulling them over just bc the driver didn’t have a seat belt on. Billboards went up everywhere stating Click-it or Tickit! If they say something will never happen, you can count on it happening sooner rather than later.

    This crap is SCARY!!! This is sci-fi material. There has to be a better way to keep track of each other. I say terrible idea – No freaking Way!

  • Eddy Ensing

    Over my dead body, I will never receive the mark of the beast.

  • Earl Halton
  • Shai Imhotep Kates


  • Syncrodude

    The problem is that the elite know they will not be able to control the baby boomer gen. They are working on the next generation, millennials and onward. They are at first programming this new generation into acceptance through societal engineering. It will be very hard to combat. They are good at what they do and have virtually unlimited resources.

  • Kenneth Hadler

    Several thoughts. 1. No, I do not want to the have such a chip inserted in my body, but I can certainly see it as a benefit for keeping track of criminals, parolees, illegal aliens, etc. 2. Some people have been voluntarily branding their bodies with tatoos for years. 3. It could definitely be a way of checking identity of voters and used to eliminate multiple votes, etc.

  • iworkforthestate
  • Proud Grands

    Parents need to teach their children discipline and consequences not implant them with the hidden symbol of the “Mark of the Beast!”

  • Ovacee

    Although I have my own opinions concerning this procedure or processes, it will make it a lot harder for these creeps to succeed in child abductions.

  • Nedra Parlin Pottmeyer

    Good idea for criminals maybe. I’ll never be a number!

  • Amy Zents

    This is a question that is controversial. Nevertheless if it goes mainstream in the benefits outweigh the cost then I think a lot of people will jump on board. Look at smarphones, why would you want to have a chip when you tell everybody where you are on Facebook! But if a chip can save a life, then people will think twice about using one. There may be other solutions that are better than the chip, let’s hope.

  • Diana Baskin

    Have people gone mad? Are they seriously considering putting a chip inside of a child because parents can’t keep up with them. How about watching your children. I see kids walking around by themselves all the time and wonder where are their parents. My kids and grand-kids never got lost with me because I made them stay with me and I watched them. If they are the kind that wonder off put them in a stroller or cart or hold their hand. Do what you must but don’t put a chip in them so you can track them. GOOD LORD! Take some responsibility.

  • Brian Kudalis

    Think about this. My name is BRIAN KUDALIS I was chipped by Zeta Reticulains when I was three years old. Zeta Reticulains are what the notorious Gray Aliens look like .
    So I know these Aliens are chipping people from my own real experience .
    I grew up researching what the heck happened to me ?
    I found out the governments around the world are letting them micro chip it’s human population .
    Now if they know and won’t tell us but want to micro chip the population using the aliens technology .
    I don’t like it . I don’t trust them .

  • Other

    It reminds me of the book. the barcodet tatoo…

  • Luther R. Norman

    If you were ever concerned before, this report will clarify it for you. Just like the company in Wisconsin boldly microchipping their employees, and they believe it will give them access to snacks and not have to search for their keys. I say for a moment pretend your children are library books, if you for get to scan your books and start to leave the library the gate will sound and prevent you from leaving. Do you feel safer when the guard calls you over to examine your books?

  • Cathy L Clark

    That chip is not really very small. It’s big enough to make a hole in your hand. That’s a lot bigger than a regular needle used for a regular injection like a vaccine or antibiotic. Not me. Indontbwant it.

  • Nica10

    No way, no how … My children nor will my grandchildren ever be microchipped! It will literally be over my dead body before I allow it to happen!
    Putting out more news stories and such to try to normalize these things to get people to cave and do it is sad and pathetic NBC.

  • Ted

    I had two parents growing up, the government wasn’t one of them. There’ll be a lot of dead gov officials if they try this.

  • Dana Lewis

    Revelation 14:9-10New International Version (NIV)

    9 A third angel followed them and said in a loud voice: “If anyone worships the beast and its image and receives its mark on their forehead or on their hand, 10 they, too, will drink the wine of God’s fury, which has been poured full strength into the cup of his wrath. They will be tormented with burning sulfur in the presence of the holy angels and of the Lamb.

  • Elaine Finch

    That is just crazy…. I always wondered what could make people accept this kind of invasive tagging… and it turns out they will use anything to force it upon the people… Here, they are using the love of our children… If you don’t do it, you don’t love your child… I have an idea… put down your phone and pay attention to your child and he or she won’t get kidnapped.. it’s really pretty basic.

  • Jonah Hirsh

    Lipoff also told NBC that people shouldn’t be concerned about “big
    brother” tracking their children – this technology will only be used for
    “safety and convenience,”

    Yeah? Two words: NSA, metadata.

    Go take a hike.

  • Carol Dutra

    What is injected into a person is an object the size of a grain of rice that contains a ‘Transponder’ and has a number. That number corresponds to a DATA BASE where the government will store all information they have on the person. You will then become property of the ‘state’. The Transponder gives off radio waves that are supposed to not be harmful, but in animals, dogs, cats, horses and zoo animals that these Microchips have been implanted in, cancers have grown around the Transponders and then spread to the rest of the animals body. Is this what people want for their children? Those children that survive to grow up will end up losing everything they own to the ‘state’ which is the central ‘federal’ government. This is complete control of a population via a small Microchip, the size of a grain of rice.

  • Susan Boggs Dockery

    This is described in the bible…its the Mark of the beast….and the end of life is near

  • Joshua Dante Haynes

    lol good luck . not happening i ll die fighting to stop it before you will chip my kid

  • Stacey S

    Im sorry but wasnt this about microchipping our children not about where our meat comes from…..how quickly the subject changes…..me for one will never allow myself or my kids to be chipped….thats why I live in the USA

  • Liz Adams Jackson

    Never would I want microchips in myself or my kids
    and if we were made to do this what happens to our freedom! Then 5 years down the road we all get Cancer from having them inserted in our bodies!!!

  • Sissy Mcginnis

    I will say this once and once only there will be No one pitting anything in any of my children for any reason or in me either a chip, come on America really? Read God’s word people and wake up. GOD BE WITH YOU ALL GOD BLESS YOU

  • Vonetta

    With chipping kids and your talking about predators; you honestly don’t think they aren’t paying attention to these articles. Please… then to top it off now they have a reason to harm our kids faster to find the chip to remove it to ensure they are not being followed. I’m sorry no one is thinking outside of the box here. Chipping our kids or adults is NOT THE SOLUTION! !!

  • Aaron Gordon Burton

    Yeeeesss.. Good.. Good.. Give the chip. For the glory of Satan.. :/ . Shmh.

  • https://www.facebook.com/occupydemocratsparody/ Gaijinman

    Wow… what a vile whore. I’ll be glad to tell her where she can stick those chips.

  • James Fleury

    A “security and safety issue” for the children. What BS. Children grow up into adults…voting adults. Indepeendently thinking adults. Implanted with a chip when they were children does little to disguise the fact that they would grow to be ADULTS with a chip! When are they absorbed into the body and passed out as waste products because the ADULT did not of his own free will decide to have that chip implanted? When and how are they made inactive? Adults can take care of themselves…so when are these “chips” to be removed or made inactive years after they were deemed “for safety”? Or are they now going to serve a more dubious and dangerous purpose of tracking (for ANY purpose) the general population? Ain’t gonna happen if there is any actual common sense left in the majority. Very, very dangerous stuff…

  • Penny

    Please please do not take this! this is prophecied in the bible Revelation 13:15-18 that many will take it, but you will damn your soul to hell as spiritually it is the mark of the beast which the number is calculated as 666, it will cause spiritual death for eternity, the bible is true and God has given us warning to not take the mark of the beast which is the microchip!

  • Pegeth13

    Exactly how does this make children safer. I can think that if a child is found they can scan you to find out your home. However, if someone takes your child, they are going to make sure the child is in a position where they cannot be scanned. Does anyone think that human traffickers aren’t capable of keeping someone that they have taken away from places where they will be scanned?

  • Carol Walters

    The beginnings of the “Mark of the Beast” you say? You could be right about that one.

  • Angie Kissel Weightman

    Already enough pedophiles in our government, don’t make it easier.

  • Catch and Release

    I predict huge fines if you let the battery die.

    It will be like emmisions on a vehicle, you will need to have it up to date every year to register your child.

  • Jennifer Ann Slatton

    I do not agree with this and sounds like it may be forced upon us if they’re relating it to a barcode. So many people these days do not watch over their children like they should. I work in retail I have seen a lot. I’ve seen a baby sitting in seat of cart and mama down opposite end around corner in deep thought. People will leave their children at my store (5 and under) and go to Walmart across street come back in hour while at same time stores are shopped by sex offenders…. several of my customers are on the sex offenders list but parents that don’t watch after their children is like they trying to get rid of them. Children is the parents responsibility.. Chip in our children is not the answer and I hope they do not force this for I like to think it goes against our free will.

  • Vicki glover

    Someone will be dead if they try to enforce this on any member of my family!

  • Robert Curtis

    Try to barcode or chip my kid. You’ll be the one with a problem. I’ll put a net of resistance together (sorta already have it) so strong that those toting the idea will be vanquished.

  • juxtaposer

    How does an identification method does the holder safer? My current credit card has a chip that previous card technology didn’t have. It doesn’t make the card physically safer from theft. How would an implanted chip make a child safer from kidnapping?

    • Bunny

      My thought exactly.
      Does it identifying the body? Which can already be done. Does it track where people are so we can ‘save’ them?
      It makes no sence at all to me. I think it’s simply an intrusion and would NEVER support such a thing.
      Half of the time even people who chip their pets never get them back!

  • Brenda Gress

    The Bible says those who receive the “Mark of The Beast” will eventually get horrible sores all over their body.. DO NOT get the Mark, Please

  • Martha Martin

    Convenient and safe for who? We are not cattle. We are people and we don’t need to branded. For what? To be round up into a herd for sale to the highest bidder or for slaughter? Beware. The first step of the Mark of the Beast!!

  • Motherfor Justice

    ok when is enough is enough that we do not stand up and take our country back and our children whom are being stolen at a record rate in my state 1 every 40 min

  • Christos

    All these years Problem – Reaction – Solution..that’s how it’s done.

  • llj10

    No matter what your feelings or beliefs on the ethical treatment of animals, please stop! This news piece is about the gov’t microchipping children!!! It has been minimized and hijacked by this discussion about cows. Let’s get back to the horror of our gov’t placing microchip tracking devices in our bodies. It is a sign of the end times and will be used to exert complete and total control over all humans. Your ability to buy and sell will be controlled by the gov’t and if you do not comply the gov’t will have you exterminated… This is the ultimate goal of the One World Gov’t.

  • Des


    Moderate Conspiracy theory and moderate pseudoscience. Mixed factual reporting. Sure…this is an accurate place to get news.

  • Loren Benfield

    Sure over my dead body. Yea the government also told the Native Americans their will be peace between us. I know my phone can be tracked at any time and I don’t like that. Just ask an Native American can you trust your government.

  • Myra Dean

    You should be a proper parent and watch your children the way parents used to.

  • loretta66

    OR ELSE what???
    Stop experimenting on our children. I can see cattle, cars, etc. Trying tracking the PEDOPHILES, ILLEGAL ALIENS, MURDERERS, RAPISTS, INMATES, ETC!! THOSE ARE THE ONES TO TRACK.



  • Bob Smith

    A bullet is a little bigger than a grain of rice, and can really keep you safe too.

  • Amber Easterday

    The goal here is to eventually have an entire generation of microchipped individuals who will then in turn think nothing of microchipping their children and before long the entire society is microchipped. Every infant, adult, and pet. That’s where it started is with our pets. If you “love” your pet you make sure it is microchipped right? In case it gets lost it will be easier for the owner to be contacted. That was the protocol for getting us used to the idea, then it’s not a far leap to think I love my child more than my pet and I care enough to take “safety” measures for my pet why not my kid? Well the problem is if your kid gets kidnapped they are more likely to get killed or mutilated with a chip in them because it’s not like the kidnapper won’t know by that time that our entire society has implanted tracking devices. They are going to get rid of that chip or your child maybe both. Just how are microchips supposed to protect your kids? If someone intends harm for someone, that chip won’t do anything until after they are missing. Then it’s more of a danger to their lives. Don’t buy into the propaganda people, the Government wants to track and control it’s citizens and keep us dumbed down and we buy into it in the name of “safety”look how many freedoms we have lost just since the “war on terror”.

  • treebird

    This is how they gain control over all the citizens, they start with the children. They won’t care if they are being raped, but if you(Or them after growing up) do not pay all your taxes, child support or mortgage on time, they will know. Goodbye to protesting against the Establishment, that will get you caught and locked up much quicker!

  • Louise Mitchell


  • David William Reid

    The hell they will be. I’m not your cattle and neither are our children.

  • John Musilla

    This is the mark of the beast(666) mentioned in the bible & whoever has been microchipped is doomed forever & is going to the lake of fire – There is no more salvation, redemption, repentance or mercy for this person – The LORD GOD JEHOVAH has already warned us -once you are microchipped you are lost forever & ever & hell fire is your home – Neither the Blood of JESUS or grace of GOD or mercy will ever save you – so please DO NOT ACCEPT THE CHIP – repent now by turning away from ALL sin & worldliness & be born again — be baptized in water & receive the gift of the Holy Spirit – pray everyday – read bible – refuse to sin – live holy – obey the bible – worship Jesus – no secular humanism, no post modernism- no lust & moral decay of this world – no fornication, no homosexuality, no worldliness in dress – be holy- be holy – be holy – THE LORD JESUS IS COMING

  • John Musilla

    Rev 13:16-18; Rev14:9,10*,11*; Rev16:2; Rev19:20; Rev20:4,10, 11- 15;
    obamacare makes allowances for evil microhipping – 666 also beheadings of those christians who shall refuse this evil microchipping – evil, wicked preachers are going to arise saying that it is ok to be microchipped – they are liars & thieves like the devil himself – even the media will pro microchipping because it is of the devil & wicked –
    obama is the son of perdition, the obamanation of desolation, the lawless one – the evil antichrist himself- the beast- the son of the dragon – satan- evil, evil, evil
    pope francis is the 2nd beast & very very evil too – wicked through & through
    the usa is babylon full of wickedness & homosexuality – abortions & whole sale lies
    catholic church is idolatry & evil – antichrist – repent catholics & believe only on THE LORD JESUS CHRIST ALONE – not pope, saints, fathers, priests, mary, images, idols, rosaries, upside down crosses on chest
    Repent & believe on the LORD JESUS CHRIST
    PRAY: LORD JESUS YOU ARE THE SON OF GOD & NOW MY SALVATION & LORD – YOUR BLOOD CLEANSES ME FROM ALL SIN & GIVES ME NEW LIFE – I CHOOSE HOLINESS AS MY LIFESTYLE – pleasing GOD MY FATHER – I REJECT ALL SIN & WORLDLINESS & choose Christ Jesus my LORD – fill me Holy Spirit with your self – i divorce my old life of sin & moral degradation & choose light, truth & holiness by power of blood of Jesus – the bible is my roadmap to gloryland – heaven – no more love of money or selfish ambition- ONLY CHRIST JESUS MY LORD AMEEEEEN

  • timothyf7

    This is just the begging. In the Addendum to ObamaCare, which very few have read, there are guidelines that will have to be followed in the manufacturing of micro chip that are to be inserted in humans. Why add this if it were not planned? Here’s a breakdown of the Government Guidelines… http://www.fda.gov/downloads/MedicalDevices/DeviceRegulationandGuidance/GuidanceDocuments/ucm072191.pdf

    This will eventually not be voluntary. Using the ‘children’ excuse is the start and then it will transform into all citizens. It will be portrayed as only having medical information… believe that if you will. Companies are already getting on board, at least one is already encouraging its employees to try it… https://www.nytimes.com/2017/07/25/technology/microchips-wisconsin-company-employees.html.
    Color me paranoid, but if a medical card carried on my person isn’t enough to save my life in an emergency… let me die.

  • Brad Hallowell

    Never happen! As if a kidnapper couldn’t get a steak knife and needle nose pliers! I will permanently END anyone trying to chip my child! I promise In the most violent way possible! Chipping opens up new ways at identity theft! Even more intense and devestating than what happens now! Besides the fact the Gov will have you low jacked wherever you go on the entire planet! Make it a law, make it the only way to survive and we will live off the grid! No one in my family will be marked! Ever! Locked and loaded!

  • Sandra Bell

    You are so much nicer than most. Thank you for that. Check out online how animals are treated for their entire lives on factory farms, including dairy cows. It is so unfathomable and horrendous as to make anyone break down in grief. What I have seen ruins my life. Why do people love their dogs and cats, but have absolutely no compassion for cows, pigs, lambs, chickens, turkeys, etc? Pigs are as intelligent as dogs. They are not SOMETHING — they are SOMEONE. No one wants to die a terrifying, painful, bloody death, yet we pay to send tens of millions of innocents to exactly that. Plus animal ag is killing the planet and causing the increase in degenerative disease in humans. Our lack of compassion comes back to slap us.

  • Sandra Bell

    Thank you, Bunny. You are dear.