Nestle CEO: Water Is Not A Human Right, Should Be Privatized

Former Nestle boss Peter Brabeck-Letmathe claims that water is not a human right and should be privatized and controlled.

Brabeck-Letmathe, the now Chairman of one of the biggest corporations and the largest food product manufacturer in the world,  believes corporations should own all the water on the planet, and no one should be allowed to have access to it unless they pay.

He also states that GMOs have never caused illnesses despite hundreds of independent studies showing otherwise.

So, is water a free and basic human right, or should all the water on the planet belong to major corporations and the elite?

Should the poor who cannot afford to pay these said corporations suffer from starvation due to their lack of financial wealth?


This article was originally published in 2014 and is frequently updated

  • Allan Standfield

    This guy still sucking air?

    • Tim Kern

      Just like you.

  • Susan Labranche

    This guy is insane any relation to Hitler he is twisted in his thinking too !They should lock him up and throw away the key !

    • Tim Kern

      Your intolerance is matched only by your ignorance. When you claim a “right” to something, you’re claiming something that others may also claim. Who is to decide who gets what — you? That must mean you own it. Oh — you don’t? Then how do you claim such a right to distribute it?

      • Ron Temchuk

        So, the air is polluted to such a degree it is virtually unbreathable. Purchase your bottled air from Nestle, a great money generating resource, not a human rights issue. Evil capitalist greedmongers. He boasts about the 4.5 million nestle people he supports while not giving one whit to the 7 billion souls who have a right to water and air. Disgusting and disturbing.

        • Tim Kern

          If you have a problem with how much water Nestle buys, purifies, bottles and distributes, then call the government. Nestle can’t get a drop without the permission of the people you elect.

          • Ron Temchuk

            You are missing the main point of contention. I do not care that Nestle buys, purifies, bottles and distributes water. I do care that they feel they can extrapolate from this that they can hold sway over a population by saying water is not a human right but a resource that is there to make the rich richer and to control distribution of a life sustaining element at the expense of life to the unfortunate, not to mention the environment crippling plastic bottle fiasco. By the way, I get my water from a well.

          • Tim Kern

            If everyone got his water from his own well, this problem would go away.

          • raziel71

            I dont know if you are as old as your picture but the adage “the older the wiser” just dont apply to you. I guess you are really bored.

          • Tim Kern

            Older and wiser, both. But I wasn’t talking to you.

          • raziel71

            Still , you may be old, but not wise.

          • Michael

            The sooner you are dead the better place the world will be

          • Tim Kern

            Michael, I appreciate your venom.
            You make crystal clear the point about how tolerant you liberals are. You want to run everything, control everyone, and kill off anyone who disagrees. You’re a classic.

          • Ismael Brimsley

            I think it is you that wished to control everything. You think that profiteering is your right with no regard for your fellow man….you could care less how impoverished other people are as long as your laurels are fattened….

          • mark528

            no that is a republican

          • Matija Jurić

            no…there are just more ways of doing things and if i have to explain then surely you wouldnt understand…and somehow he was right…i doubt young people today will grow into your kind is soon extinct…i just hope everything else connected to your views does the same

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          • Tim Kern

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          • Billy “The WiZaRd” Angus

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          • AllanK-9

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          • Linz

            Lol don’t y’all have something better to do with your time than to exchange insults to strangers on the internet? How old are you all? Water is a human right but truth be told when shit gets scarce in America, we’ll have to fight for it, in one way or another because there will always be people who make us. I personally believe it’s a human right. Even science research supports the notion that kind and giving people are happier.

          • Snoops27

            Perhaps dumb and dumber would be a better description…

          • None of your bissness

            shut the fUCK UP

          • Kathy Surette-Coles

            And then we can plant all our vegetables and fruits and pull our horses and heads out of our asses and move on….

          • Janglemuffin Trapnose

            Or rain catchment ,like this guy in Texas. This is a valid point. Bottled water has proliferated largely on the wings of convenience. Who is buying all those bottles? If we were not addicted to this kind of convenience, such a market would not be a threat.


          • barbeeyorkielover

            It’s sure something to think about. I can’t believe how the people on here are getting so far off topic, as well as getting so nasty.

          • whazupbro

            Not really because wells link to aquifers and companies like Nestle can take enough water from the source so that wells will run dry. That is the issue at present in CA. People are being told to restrict water and they are worried that the water is drying up. I’ve lived on a well for over 40 years. We previously had a deep well but our neighbor, an elderly woman, had a shallow well. She often had problems in the hot summer months with her well starting to dry up. We now have a well in winter and summer water from the city.We still pay for water usage in the summer and we pay sewer only in the winter which tracks water usage too, but from the well.

          • Tim Kern

            At some point, people who want to live somewhere will be restrained by how many people the locale will support. Californians want to live in the desert — with plenty of water. That’s irrational. They need to move to Minnesota or Michigan or Wisconsin. But then they wouldn’t have their mountains and desert and seashore!

            You’re not entitled, just because you have put yourself in a situation where you need something. Bwaaahaaa. Grow up, people — you’re not entitled to what isn’t there, or what isn’t there any more.

          • shadowydog

            This is very true. We are having this problem in Nevada with aquifers being drained. And this issue came up when people in California objected to Nestle stating that they didn’t have to abide by drought restrictions since they were pumping their water off of Federal land in California and then made the statement quoted in the article.

          • Snoops27

            If only the same could be said about idiots like you!!

          • rebel1204

            Very true, it a pond… The rain… A cistern. So many. Choices.

          • Gary wilson

            Not if Nestle owned the water. He said it should be privatized.

          • xreadmore

            Maybe you should just leave Tim, seek help

          • Water is precious

            Then you have no rights in this battle. Not everyone has access or rights to have their own well. Are you aware that your well is connected to a water table that you likely share with others. Your use takes water away from someone else. Your neighbor, under your rules could run all the water out of the water table and you’d be screwed–dry well. But the gov’t controls how many wells are in certain areas. They make the rules, if you want the rules changed-vote for a government that doesn’t give away everything to anyone who whines. Water is a limited resource and isn’t “free”. What makes you think air is “free”! Do you pay taxes?

          • Ron Temchuk

            I am aware of the water table and more importantly how it is directly affected by the particular watershed area it is a part of. All this yammering about water should be a commercial commodity is only relevant now because of the general abuse of all our natural resources which has put us in peril. Examples are abundant but here are two which have devastating impact. 1: industrial-style agriculture is sometimes considered a great success but voters and taxpayers have unknowingly promoted and subsidized through
            ill-considered government food and farm policy choices that impact the
            environment in many ways. It uses huge amounts of water, energy, and
            chemicals. Toxic herbicides and insecticides are accumulating in ground and surface waters as well as depleting aquifers at an alarming rate. 2: Fracking is a disgraceful abuse of the water table and watershed wherever it is practiced. The millions of gallons of water used in fracking operations not only
            strain water resources, but end up as vast amounts of contaminated
            wastewater. Fracking has been reported as a suspect in polluted drinking
            water around the country. With just these two examples I find it unconscionable that the fatcats in board rooms can create this peril and then use it as reason to tighten the chokehold on the common man by speciously stating that water is not a right but another commodity to manipulate markets and line their silk pockets with this ill gained lucre.

          • freeagent37

            Agreed! How may enough of us affect a change in this dire situation? Time is running out!

          • None of your bissness

            how long intill they poison that tooo.

          • Ron Temchuk

            I think they are well on their way to poisoning wells around the world
            with things like “fracking” which is unbelievably foul when they fail,
            and they do and have failed spectacularly, like flamable well water. The
            trouble is even in our food processing where megafarms drain 80% of
            California water and huge pig factories which create massive fecal laden
            ponds which are not processed in any way. Things are getting dire
            because of megacorps capitalistic greed lining the silk pockets of the
            1% on the backs of us all.

          • tek wyzrd

            Nestle is making use of water resources on an
            indian reservation which makes it impossible for state or federal
            authorities to do anything about it.

          • Tim Kern

            Interesting. Then I guess you have to appeal to the Earth-loving and magnanimous sensibilities in the local Native Americans.

            I guess they would rather have the money than the water — and it also makes the idea of “the peoples’ RIGHT” to their water, moot.

          • Matija Jurić

            i guess we still dont know what you are trying to say other than explain how your bitter goodbye is coming in unifinished phases

          • Dan5404

            When the world sees the possibility of an end to what was once not considered to be a concern, clean drinking water, it changes everything. Private profits are not even a consideration when lack of a vital natural resource can threaten much of mankind. No company should be allowed to further deplete that resource, especially in areas that are already critical.

          • Tim Kern

            Hmmm… who SHOULD be “allowed to deplete that resource?” The State? The residents of that state? Anybody?
            Nobody? — then where do you wish to move them? Oh — and what gives YOU the right to make that decision?

          • paul middleton

            nobody should be allowed to deplete it you stupid ignorant foolish vile man. your a dinosaur. soon hopefully extinct. your a crude ignorant man.

          • cutglass57

            You need to learn syntax and sentence structure. Particularly before you go casting names and questioning intelligence. Might be good to grow a pair of real man balls and stop threatening people through a computer like a little prepubescent boy.

          • Ismael Brimsley

            it should be the right of ever man, woman and child as well as creature to have the essentials for life….a company is not entitled to the same rights. But the LAW has given them that power because of greed and profiteering. You are a typical republican that cares nothing about the common man but only about your fat greedy fingers…may your death be hasty…..

          • Tim Kern

            You know, there are sources of water other than Nestle.
            I bet you use some of them.
            If you were smart enough, you could even collect your own.

          • BigDan57

            Except in some states it is not legal to collect rain water.

          • Tim Kern

            So again, as always, the problem is not with Nestle, it’s with the government.

            And I’m not sure you’re right about that, in any event. (But if anything’s illegal somewhere, I’m sure it’s illegal in California.)

          • cutglass57

            Even the left-wing Mother Earth News has been complaining about that collection problem. I’ve known people since I was a little kid who kept big 55 gallon drums to collect water. You should be able to collect rain water. It’s really good to use for gardens and emergency drinking water (if you keep it clean or filter it). I don’t understand why the government thinks they can stop that. The water will get used any way. It will go through the system, end up in the air again as vapor and fall out of the sky again. Water does not go away. It goes through what ever system from the human system to the farming system to etc etc and it ends up back in the sky. If it didn’t we would have all died of thirst a long, long time ago.

          • Billy “The WiZaRd” Angus

            Tim Kern, you’re nothing but an old ugly redneck fuddy-duddy!!!
            ~May Your Formal Attire Be Reduced To Cleaning Rags~
            and ~May Your Fancy Home Be Reduced To Splinters And Dust~

          • AllanK-9

            Wow, you are the biggest fucking moron on the planet, do us all a favor and put a fuckng gun in your mouth you dick wad!!!!!

          • Matija Jurić

            yes….I…and EVERYONE will SEE how much EXACTLY goes up,down,under and inside…transparency is not an issue with good will people…am i getting throu at all? priority is getting rid of obstacles like you

          • freeagent37

            Agreed! Let the people of the land unite at least in one common area of concern and take back our power to institute just and fair laws for the “common” good. We need to vote the scum bag rich (who are part and parcel with the ruling elite) OUT and vote IN those that we really know will represent the majority!

          • Ismael Brimsley

            the people WE ELECT??? Because the superpacs haven’t already gobbled up what little difference OUR vote meant. You sir are an IDIOT!!!

          • Matt Ragan

            My Lord, are you ignorant. Every person you can/will elect is a corrupted politician.

            As long as people still actually think politicians in this day and age are a good thing for this country, this country will continue to delve further and further into oblivion. This country’s system and stability will collapse onto itself, it is only a matter of time. America as a free, pure country, is doomed.

          • lopear11

            Wow, someone who thinks the same way I do.

          • Ron Jackson

            Not always true. As an example, the water being pumped by Nestle out of the aquifers in Northern California are pumped from an Indian Reservation, There in lies the rub for CA. Gov. Jerry Brown.

          • Tim Kern

            Read my comment of a month ago, below.

          • Scott Collom

            Its not a Government issue,thats why they get away with it.

          • Tim Kern

            They can’t do anything without government’s permission. Whether that’s the Cali government or Tribal, it’s still government. Government owns (or claims to own) all resources.

          • Matija Jurić

            i have a problem with a system that allows people like you defend itself by using its own system rules as a guideline

          • Pam_L

            I’m sure that the person who’d answer would be YOU, Nestle troll.

          • Tim Kern

            Not a troll. Please address my arguments with something other than an epithet. That is, if you
            a) know that an epithet is, and
            b) can.

          • Emily Baker

            Clearly you have some kind of partnership/gains from nestle. The people we elect have nothing to do with what this antichrist is doing. It is illegal to take rainwater from many states, so what does nestle do? The come to British Columbia, pay us nothing and steal the water from our aquifiers. The government does not control this, no matter who ends up in power its the people behind them making the decisions, and those same people will be there no matter who we elect. We can stand up as free people with rights, but we don’t because we are weak and lazy. You are misinformed, delusional, and clearly brain dead with your head in the sand. Nestle is pure evil for the people of this world. They arent buying shit, they are stealing it from us and then making us pay for what was once ours. People like you dont deserve life, why you were ever given a brain to waste so blindly is beyond me.

          • stevekando

            They can if the TTIP / TPP gets through.

        • falling321

          You do NOT have a ‘right’ to water or air. Just look at California or any drought stricken area. If there was a ‘right’ to natural resources, you could not be fined for taking a long shower or doing your laundry on the wrong day! If it ever comes to the point where natural resources are truly in limited supply, it IS going to be a case of survival of the fittest and strongest…no one is going to give you a drink that could be relieving their own child’s thirst! You will have to pay or fight.

          • Ron Temchuk

            I am aware of the water table and more importantly how it is directly
            affected by the particular watershed area it is a part of. All this
            yammering about water should be a commercial commodity is only relevant
            now because of the general abuse of all our natural resources which has
            put us in peril. Examples are abundant but here are two which have
            devastating impact. 1: industrial-style agriculture is sometimes
            considered a great success but voters and taxpayers have unknowingly
            promoted and subsidized through
            ill-considered government food and farm policy choices that impact the
            environment in many ways. It uses huge amounts of water, energy, and
            chemicals. Toxic herbicides and insecticides are accumulating in ground
            and surface waters as well as depleting aquifers at an alarming rate.
            2: Fracking is a disgraceful abuse of the water table and watershed
            wherever it is practiced. The millions of gallons of water used in
            fracking operations not only
            strain water resources, but end up as vast amounts of contaminated
            wastewater. Fracking has been reported as a suspect in polluted drinking
            water around the country. With just these two examples I find it
            unconscionable that the fatcats in board rooms can create this peril and
            then use it as reason to tighten the chokehold on the common man by
            speciously stating that water is not a right but another commodity to
            manipulate markets and line their silk pockets with this ill gained

          • Ron Temchuk

            80% of the water used in California is used for megafarm monoculture crops and then hopeless consumers and misguided grocery stores waste 30% of the food which was produced at such high cost to our natural resources, most dire the resource of water. So the misdirection of pressure becomes being fined for to long a shower while having virtually no affect on the water gluttony of the major users and abusers, megafarming monoculture in California. The farms are in the wrong geographic place and are mismanaged by greedy boardrooms with no care for the common people.

      • Mr G

        You don’t need to attribute “claims” to Human Rights. Just google them.. Article 25 clearly states the rights in this matter. If you think that your society is best served by privatising Water Supply, then the economics should be scrutinised. If the Public Supply is dependent on Market Forces, then can different modes of supply (bottles, wells, standpipes, bowsers) offer a service more reliable? More cost-effective? California has a coast – Is there a market for Reverse-Osmosis in the Public Supply? The infra-structure of the Public Supply is already there and is part-and-parcel of Society. I do not see a profit for Privatising water supply – it will always be too cheap. If it is not cheap enough, Society will correct that through Politics or Direct Action.
        If you want to draw an analogy; “Let them eat Cake”?

      • Kathy Surette-Coles

        Tim, Neither does Peter Brabeck-Letmathe. Water isn’t something Nestle made it is a resource that we have destroyed that was already here…And surely you can’t suggest a corporation decides who gets water and who doesn’t….No one has the “right to distribute” water….sadly we have been blinded to think that the water “provided” I mean SOLD to us by companies is better than water out of our taps and in some cases that may be right but in some cases it is BS….Will it be now based on this idiots statement that if we are in a forest and find a spring and take a drink that we will be charged with THEFT!!! NO…..

        • Tim Kern

          Well, Kathy, you make several points. Let me try to address them.
          I don’t know why you think “a corporation decides who gets water and who doesn’t.” Nestle can decide only who gets Nestle products. The State decides who can buy California water — and whether politicians are any better-qualified or have any purer incentives is up for debate. After all, Nestle has to sell to whoever comes up with the money — politicians can be arbitrary in who gets the resources they control. Well, they chose Nestle (among others).
          You’re also right — much bottled water comes straight from the tap of municipalities whose water is deemed to taste better (or whatever — you pick). You’re paying for the convenience of pre-packaged water, and of course you have the right to put your own water (tap, well, or rain, etc.) in your own bottle. Nobody makes you buy bottled, or Nestle.
          And if you trespass on my land and take water from my spring, how is that any different from your taking gold from my mine, or even my dog off my porch?

          • Matija Jurić

            it is different because if we believe your story then molecules of your stench would be coming on top of my body when you would try to shoot me for tresspassing and drinking your water and quantum physics says you are already traspassing my brain…should i shoot you? and in a fair future i think it would be deemed a good deed..since both of our pasts will be measured easily and heavy rains would fall out of hollow mans reach

      • paul middleton

        its water. you have NO right to claim it. you foolish man. some things should not be claimable. some thing are a god given right, and should not be available for greedy misers like you. who would sell there own family, are your family claimable, can i make a claim on your sister for instance so i can sell her. no. there has to be a limit to what you can and cant sell. some things like water and people should never be something you can profit from, look whats happened to the forests, if they allowed people to carry on chopping down the rain forests and the amazon, eventuallly we would have no co2 no breathable air because you would Damage the earth atmosphere, like water if you guys get your way, you would also damage the earth natural source of water in sopme way, and like now, you actually think your right over anybody else, only because you see money in your greedy eyes and you wont listen to anyone, cause you think your right, you think you have a right to everything well you dont. and you have no right to profit from something as natural and important as water, it is A NEED. YOU CAN NOT LIVE WITHOUT IT.

        • Tim Kern

          Everybody needs water. Water is a scarce resource. How do you get it from where it is, to where people can drink or otherwise use it? How do you make that water fit to drink? Do you have a solution?

          Well, Nestle does, and people voluntarily pay extra for that solution. Those who don’t like Nestle’s solution buy their water from other sources, or gather and prepare it themselves.

          The expensive water gets sold to those who are willing to pay for it; the cheaper water for those who want to pay less; and the “free” water goes to those who gather their own, exchanging their labor directly, without use of money. Less of the expensive water gets used or consumed; it is only when water is cheaply available or sold below its cost of final delivery that it is wasted. Nestle, therefore, is helping conserve water, as opposed to the State, that leaves trillions of gallons exposed to possible contamination and evaporation.

          Just how would you modify that system, so it all works out? If you are that smart, I’m sure God can use an apprentice. There are many more problems for which I’m sure you have solutions. Me? I prefer to let freedom of choice, markets, and industrious people figure it out.

          • Kairen

            Yes, because they have done so well in handling starvation and drought in their own country now.
            These corporations are the reason depletion has happened and not from the use of the common person.
            Much like the ignored GMO studies, even those done through Government Agriculture/Medical and independent Universities, this man, and you, seem to forget that these companies have caused more damage than good,
            You seem to be a voice for the company, damage control or PC, either way, none of your rationalizations put forth solutions without consequences to earth and mankind
            There are many systems that are being used today and many solutions put forward where companies do not need control, they are often labelled extreme when the same could be said of the corporations believing water should be owned or controlled by them.
            Companies are too irresponsible for this kind of responsibility, their incompetence has been proven over the year seeding doubt in the minds including those in environmental careers or scientist, in fact, scientist lead the voice of opposition in this.

          • Matija Jurić

            i have a solution…first…i might be dumb to post it on internet but here it goes….everything should be payed for in percentages of your whole assets..bread for example 19% and so forth….while the rich are getting WTF..we establish new infrastructure and relocate people to new cities (who wishes) and turn the old cities to amusement parks and imagination land…and when we build it…the rich will say THANKS…and rejoin humanity..and maybe we could all dance with equal bad knees and maybe that will be the only issue of the evening

      • paul middleton

        HOW ABOUT WE JUST USE COMMON SENSE tim kern. how about we use some humanity in these situtations, not a greedy powerful c.e.o or you. these things like trees and water are more important to our earth than you care to consider, because you think aBOUT TODAY AND NOT TOMORROW. HOW ABOUT YOU USE SOME COMMON SENSE, STOP THINKING FROM YOUR POCKETS AND BANK ACCOUNTS. WATER SHOULD NOT BE CLAIMABLE. LIKE ALOT OF THINGS. BECAUSE THERE TOO IMPORTANT TO LIFE AS WE KNOW IT, THERE NOT THERE TO PROFIT FROM they are there as part of an eco system thats delicate. Life can not exist without water. or air. you keep your dirty hands off it, along with that horrendous vile c,e,o.

        • Lynne Meade

          He won’t be around long enough to care…don”t waste your breath.

        • Matija Jurić

          i think people should be talking about taking some of the rights BACK to us…not the other way around…constitution of any country should please its citizens first and foremost..but the problem is for EVERYONE to have it ALL…those same EVERYONE would have to be stuardess in a g5 afternoon before she gets her own ride back home in it….so..between taking back what is ours we need to regulate what should be BORROWABLE

      • Carl F Bruschnig Jr

        Water could be considered a human right under the US Constitution.

        “We hold these truths to be sacred & undeniable; that all men are
        created equal & independent, that from that equal creation they
        derive rights inherent & inalienable, among which are the
        preservation of life, & liberty, & the pursuit of happiness”

        Since water is a fundamental component of human life, it can be argued that it is protected under the US Constitution, therefor, Nestle cannot privatize and restrict access to water.

        • Tim Kern

          How much, what purity — and who is to be forced to supply it? Do farmers get more than sity folk? How many baths and showers, and with what allocations, do you propose?
          Same with housing. Same with clothing. Same with food.

        • Tim Kern

          The original draft of the Declaration of Independence, from which you are quoting, was never adopted; and in any event, it is not the Constitution.

          Also, it’s not Nestle that is “privatizing” the water; it is the Tribe (or the State) that is first assuming ownership, and then selling the water.

          Further, your assertion that Nestle can “restrict access to water” is ridiculous on its face. Nestle’s ownership of water that it purchases “restricts” the access to it in the same way that any other legal ownership “restricts” access to that asset. Your ownership of your home “restricts access” to yourself and those you choose to invite in, and keeps everyone else out; likewise, your ownership of your bank account, or the stuff that’s in your refrigerator (including your water), or in your wallet.

          Private property is, by definition, owned, and its utilization is at the decision of the owner; it cannot be taken by popular opinion; and it is explicitly protected by the Constitution:

          Article 10 states, “No State shall … pass
          any… Law impairing the
          Obligation of Contracts…”

          And the Fifth Amendment says that, “No person shall be …deprived of life, liberty, or property, without
          due process of law; nor shall private property be taken for public
          use, without just compensation.”

          That means you can’t just lobby away another’s private property. Once Nestle owns something, it’s theirs. You can buy it, or you can leave it alone; but those are your only legal options.

      • Janglemuffin Trapnose

        I appreciate your perspective Tim, however, is there place where you feel the line should be drawn? What if it became illegal to collect your own water? What if one agency buys a small parcel and drains the water table of the valley supporting the surrounding population (like the milk shake scene in “There Will Be Blood”)? What about selling air? What about selling sunlight? Is their anything which should not be commodified? I ask your opinion, respectfully.

        • John Leaman

          In some ways, you could argue that they’re already selling sunlight – the most expensive areas to live in cities are often on top of tall buildings….where sunlight is most easily accessed, I would presume…

      • Snoops27

        And your arrogance is matched only by your stupidity..

      • PEI Red

        Full Definition of RIGHT
        : righteous, upright
        : being in accordance with what is just, good, or proper
        : conforming to facts or truth : correct
        : suitable, appropriate
        : straight
        : genuine, real

      • JeanxPaul

        @timkern:disqus Did you take your pills ?

      • Dionte

        Are you joking? Without water we die. Its not a want its a NEED.

        • Tim Kern

          Your need does not constitute someone else’s obligation. Except that of your parents, until you grow up.

    • Robin Martz

      I agree. He said himself that he needs to make more money. It’s all about MONEY

    • Kavita Batra

      I was just about to say that…..

    • TsukiNick

      Relation to Hitler? Not even close…. please just go. If you think a CEO who doesn’t say water is a right is the same as invading other countries and his politics you are way over exaggerating.

  • Englishish

    “[…]water is a foodstuff like any other, and like any other foodstuff, it should have a market value. Personally I believe it is better to give foodstuff a value so that we’re all aware it has its price, and then one should take specific measures for the part of the population that has no access to this water.” At no point in the interview does he say, nor does he indicate that human beings don’t have a right to water. He says that water is a valuable resource, and as such it should have a market value. I don’t necessarily agree with him, but it isn’t an extreme view to have.

    • Maggie

      Does he not realise the american DO pay for their WATER? at the store and at the home.. i pay $80 every 3 months? you do too…

      • Dana

        Thank you, that was my exact thought. Water already isn’t free, it is regulated by your local city government. While prices seem higher in some areas, the only thing that is likely to occur by privatization is unregulated prices which will of course make it less affordable for the citizens of the U.S.. Greedy Greedy, Greedy.

        • Tim Kern

          “Unregulated prices” promote conservation. Forcing down the price of something promotes misallocation and overuse.
          You’re also assuming that the government somehow has a right to own everything. How is that different from a company’s doing the same? (OK, I’ll tell you: Government can hold a monopoly. If a private company charged more than the market would bear, a competitor would offer it for less and put the greedy company out of business. But no one can put the greedy government out of business.)

          • Matija Jurić

            why not invest in recycling? for greater good

    • Scott Murkin

      It is an extreme view that doesn’t feel so extreme because we’ve gotten used to it, or things similar.

    • rushisavietnamwarhero

      Bottled water DOES have market value. The water that falls out of the sky and collects in our lakes, rivers, and aquifers is part of the commons. We pay for easy access to it as a public utility. To put this public utility in the hands of private corporations and give it “market value” is to invite all kinds of problems, because that’s what happens when the commons are privatized.

      • Mary

        yes, you get it.

      • Tim Kern

        You are perfectly free to collect your own rainwater, purify it, and bottle it. And defend your efforts against lawsuits and contamination; and you’re free to distribute it, and charge whatever people will pay for it. But after you’ve done all that, it isn’t some “right” of anybody else to just come and take what they want.

    • Matija Jurić

      if you are talking about 1 cent per 1000 gallons fine..take it from my tax

  • Rixar13 McGinnis

    Nestle Corporation does not have the right to bottle natural rescources to sell for profit at local expense.

    • Maggie

      Companies do bottle natural resources and sell it though thats the thing.. how far are these greedy companies going to go next.? fencing off all the water areas?

      • Mary

        The difference is these other smaller water companies, bottle at the source of water springs on the property they happen to own. They don’t go into the communitys public water reservoir and steal it! California government should be ashamed! Anything for a buck in a backdoor deal.

    • Tim Kern

      If you have a problem with how “the peoples'” water is managed, then call the government. Nestle can’t get a drop without the permission of the people you elect.

      • tek wyzrd

        Sorry but you are wrong. Nestle is making use of water resources on an indian reservation which makes it impossible for state or federal authorities to do anything about it.

      • Kathy Surette-Coles

        Tim…you don’t look Corporate from your pic but you sleeping with this company…

  • Cherie Kaczmarek

    his man is a jackass. the water is not just his or his companies, it is a natural resource he needs to stop being an idiot and the state of California should enforce their water saving methods to them also

  • Maggie

    Guy is a fucking moron

    • Tim Kern

      Look in the mirror.
      When you claim a “right” to something, you’re claiming something that
      others may also claim, with equal status.
      Who is to decide who gets what — you? That must
      mean you own it. Oh — you don’t? Then how do you claim such a right to
      distribute it?

      • Elise77

        HOW DOES NESTLE?? You seem to have difficulty following the path of your own logic.

        • cargosquid

          Because they pay for it.
          They are NOT claiming a right to it.
          They are claiming that it is a commodity.

          Which it is.

      • B T

        Doesn’t make the guy less evil.

        • Tim Kern

          I would think the “evil” one is whoever takes all the water and claims it as his own, then sells it, according to some political whim. Is that Jerry Brown?

          • B T

            If he could, he would. And you know it.

          • Tim Kern

            California already did.
            And they’re selling it. Nestle wouldn’t have any water if Cali didn’t sell it to them.

          • B T

            Sad thing is, California is in severe drought right now. There is a petition to stop it, as Nestle is basically bottling what little California has left and selling it back to them at a much higher rate than they were originally paying for it, as well as shipping it elsewhere.

          • Ron Temchuk

            Oh ho! As I go through the thread I find this telling statement. I believe you are describing an entity such as Nestle in the suit of the “evil” one here. The “evil” one who takes all the water and claims it as his own, then sells it, according to some boardroom whim. That is Nestle!

          • Ron Temchuk

            I think I have read enough of this thread that it makes me think you Tim Kern may be more than just some sort of capitalist stalwart, but may indeed be a shill for mother Nestle. Au revoir.

      • Alex

        I saw all your comments and I must say, you really are just a pretentious idiot. When did you become the expert in human rights, Tim? So many claims yet so few sources to show for it.

        • Tim Kern

          Well, Alex, I’m glad you’re at least looking.

          I don’t have the answers — I keep asking how all the self-righteous people justify their own allocation plans. Do THEY have some supreme knowledge and right to decide who gets water and how much, and who doesn’t? Do YOU?

          That, my friend, is pretensiousness. And I think it’s revealing.

          • Matija Jurić

            its pretentious to think there isnt a solution just because you dont have one…why o why dont people look outside of the box and imagine how da vinci and everyone ahead of their time felt…its pure META moment and its slipping away as you’re getting older

      • stumbler2001

        I want to be clear that I think the solutions to our water problems are more complex than can be summarized in a brief comment thread. I do, however think you should stop using the above argument, which I have now seen you use twice. A human right, by definition, is a right shared equally by all humans. So those who claim access to water is a human right are not in any way denying that right to anyone else. Of course those who say water should be free are wrong too. Nothing is free. There is always a cost to obtain water, whether it’s the labor cost of walking to a stream or building a cistern, or the financial costs of a municipal system. The reason I side with the human right side of the argument, is that it says, no matter the costs involved, we should insure that no human goes without the basic resources they need to survive. The privatization model does not do that. This is why so many find it repellent. As for your suggestion that people call the California government if they don’t like what Nestle is doing? I agree. They should. But let’s be real. I am sure you are not naive or foolish enough to think that call will carry the same weight as a Nestle lobbyists call(and deep pockets).

        • Tim Kern

          I use the argument multiple times, because the counter argument is being made by may, who, unlike you, do not read much of the thread before posting.
          I believe you are talking about a need, rather than a right. A need requires satisfaction; a right implies that satisfaction without effort. And as you point out, there is always a cost to obtaining water (or anything else). Even access to air requires one to put forth the effort to breathe, or to pay for a lung machine.
          Any time you talk of the allocation of a resource, you are talking either politics or economics, which are opposite paths to the goal.
          Economics requires exchange — labor in exchange for a good, for instance. To the extent that one produces what others want (again, absent politics and governmental favoritism), they are rewarded with the expanded choices available to them.
          Politics, on the other hand, is force, employed to take the resource from whoever provides it in useful form and distribute it, according to political whims.
          I prefer the economic path — it relies on inventiveness, thrift, and effort. Freedom to choose what one wants, in relation to what one can afford, in other words.
          Politicians can and do promise everything to everybody, ignoring the costs of production and the incentives in obtaining whatever they lay claim to. And people who believe they have a “right” to something they did not earn vote for the biggest thieves, hence the limits on pure democracy that are required for a functioning society.

          • Matija Jurić

            what if we pay the ENGENEERS and MAINTENANCE…and let ROBOTS do the rest…that way some of that 60BILLION dollars would be used for real work

  • emxresty

    he wants us dead..

    • mikeatle

      Not really. He just wants your money. All of it.

  • stanley patchoski

    we pay for Ur water in N. Pa. to drink clean and purify water, and we have to pay to flush it down the drain or down the street. what comes in and what goes out we pay for on the meatier but what this guy is talking about is something else,that’s not good.

  • Kat

    I followed this because I wanted to see what the Nestle CEO said, not just a rant about what was supposedly said. There is no quote anywhere in this article. Does anyone have a link to where I can read/hear his words? If he said what is claimed, that would be awful. However, I cannot help but be suspect that this is propaganda fluff.

    • Thomas Paine

      He originally DID say that in a 2005 interview. Because of the backlash, he is now an ardent “supporter” of water conservation and bringing clean water to impoverished areas ( He is currently chairman of Nestle, which however, has no problem building their California bottling plant on an Indian Reservation so they are not under California jurisdiction to conserve water – which they sell for profit under the “Nestle” and “Arrowhead” brands.

  • Kat

    Oh silly me, the video didn’t initially load and I only saw the article below it. I am going to watch it right now. DOH

  • Heywood Ja Blowme

    This fucking Nazi bastard is off his fucking rocker. He thinks water should be privatized! How about air mother fucker!!!!! Water is not a commodity, it’s a necessity. It’s provided naturally by mother nature and is FREE. This fuck stick deserves a swift kick in the nut sack, and a bullet between the eyes.

    • Tim Kern

      Just because something is a necessity doesn’t give everyone a right to take it. The water that’s provided by Mother Nature IS free — just go gather it up, purify it, store it, and defend your right to its ownership. Sell it is you wish.
      Now, if you have a problem with the way California sells “free” water, write to Sacramento.

  • Heywood Ja Blowme

    Water in California is short, because they are selling it overseas

    • Doug

      Nestle’s use of water in California is insignificant. I think it’s dumb to buy re-packaged tap water but whatever. Meat production uses much more water and if we want to reduce our water consumption eating less meat is a good place to start.

      • Thomas Paine

        I don’t call 200 million+ gallons a year “insignificant” – especially in an area that has suffered severe drought for the last 3 years when it is done solely for profit: “…(734 acre feet)…Those amounts translate to about 200 million gallons a year — ,” The (Palm Springs) Desert Sun reported.

        Any processed food plant uses significant amounts of water. The answer is NOT to eat less meat (um, don’t you think plants need water, too? Today’s broadcast on NPR cited EACH almond grown in California needs one gallon of water) but to eat food that is locally sourced, fresh, and unprocessed. Ever heard of gardening? You eat food that you plant and grow yourself.

      • Thomas Paine

        “Seventy percent of all water withdrawal is already used in agriculture, and while all such activity requires water, growing enough soy or corn to create biofuels is especially water-intensive. For example, to produce just one gallon of diesel fuel up to 9,000 gallons of water are required. Up to 4,000 gallons are needed to produce enough corn for the same amount of ethanol. By way of contrast, producing enough food to meet the caloric needs of one person for one day in, for example, Tunisia or Egypt requires about 666 gallons of water, and twice as much in California (caloric needs and intakes vary widely from region to region due to dietary customs).” – The New York Times, October 5, 2008

  • Bobby

    He just lost a customer.

  • Spudslee


  • rushisavietnamwarhero

    Let’s see. It falls out of the sky, and is essential to all life on earth. My goodness, how could water POSSIBLY be a human right? And who could possibly see any problems with privatizing the world’s water – i.e extortion, hoarding, false shortages, criminalization of rainwater collecting, etc. in order to guarantee corporate profits?

    • Mary

      my mom was right, they’ll soon figure out a way to charge for air too.

  • paul middleton

    i just sent nestle a complaint why dont you too. >> Can you please explain to me your C.E.O stance on water and who has a right to it and who does not. Can you explain why nestle has a right to water over mankind. i can not for the life in me understand these horrendous comments, and your company has crossed the line. remember its those very people who buy your products. it would be very easy for people not to buy nestle products, but maybe your C,E,O thinks he is above the world has god himself written to your c.e.o giving him sole possession of the worlds water supply. i just wonder. because he is so adamant that nobody has a right to water. but he seems to think he has a right to go around stealing water out of lakes around america. and california to be exact. your company’s stance on this is horrendous. and foul i will never buy another nestle product as long as i live. Contact nestle here.>

    • Tim Kern

      FORMER CEO. I’d guess they’ll ignore your letter, since you spout off before you know what you’re talking about. And that doesn’t even begin to touch on your economic ignorance.
      If you have a problem with how California sells “your” water, complain to California.

  • paul middleton

    this man is foul. horrid arsehole. who the hell does he think he is. id love to know what is going on in california where a lake there has 62 trillion barrels of water missing out of it. i wonder whats being allowed to go on now the governments seem to need money. a lake doesnt just dry up on its own. its not natural.

    • Tim Kern

      Just proves (if your facts are right) that the State is a poor custodian of public goods.

  • paul middleton

    Everything on this earth is a natural resource which should be free to every man women and child. but because of the way the world has grown. some people think its right to take owner ship and sell it to others. in an ideal world.. all resources should be there for mankind. not something to profit on.

    • Tim Kern

      So, everybody should just be out there, cutting down the trees on your property? Drinking from your pond? You earned that stuff; it’s yours. If others can just come along and claim a “right” to it, what will you have? And if you will have nothing and your work gets you nowhere, what’s to keep you producing, just so others with less enterprise and effort can come along and take it?
      When others have taken all that is yours, how do you survive?

      • Ulrik Mersø

        I’m really really glad that you are old, Tim. It makes me extremely happy to know that your sick worldview won’t last much longer. It’ll die with you.

        • Tim Kern

          May you some day open your mind and use it, and understand.

          • Ulrik Mersø

            Shut the fuck up! You are as sick as Peter Brabeck. An arrogant selfrighteous elitist moron. Please just die! The sooner the better!

          • Tim Kern

            …or not.

          • Ulrik Mersø

            You have NOTHING to say to me, except brain dead corporate bullshit! The planet needs to un-learn your way of thinking to survive.

          • Billy “The WiZaRd” Angus

            You are a self-serving, stuck-up infidel!!!
            ~May The Sands Of The Sahara Clog Up Your Arteries~

          • Matija Jurić

            he goes too far..but it would be better if you just realized before you do,so he as well might open his and we as a WHOLE can co exist..but as long as you propose inequality as a way it would always be,and not the way it unfortunately is just NOW….NOW..first time ever we have means to change that…i feel sorry i might not live long enough to see it…i dont understand why you dont feel the same…here is an example…lets imagine we(not rich people) dont allow any rich people near us…anywhere…EVER…talk about a shun/banishment huh? it worked in dark ages tho..banishment was the worst

          • Kathy Surette-Coles

            Tim, liking your OWN comments is a little odd…

          • Tim Kern

            It raises the whole thread, and I like my comments, anyway.
            I like yours, too. 😉

          • Billy “The WiZaRd” Angus

            You don’t even have a brain, you worthless piece-of-$#!+.
            You’re so stupid, you don’t know a baseball mit from Miichael Jackson’s glove!!!

          • Tim Kern

            It’s “mitt.” Two Ts.

          • Billy “The WiZaRd” Angus

            It only goes to show that YOU’RE STUPID!!!!!
            I guess I’m gonna have to put another curse on you…
            This time, it’s the Curse Of Death!!!

          • AllanK-9

            Wow, you are the biggest fucking moron on the planet, do us all a favor and put a fuckng gun in your mouth you dick wad!!!

          • Billy “The WiZaRd” Angus

            If I’m a “moron”, then you’re a stupid, inbred
            lowlife redneck, trailer-trash scum!!
            In fact, you’d look better at da’ bottom of da’
            Hudson in cement overshoes!!
            (and yes, I was a mobster in past life)

            Ya’ know what….YOU’RE TOTALLY DULL AND BORING,

            and you’re probably an ISIS sympathizer!!
            As far as I’m concerned, I don’t give a rat’s arse what you say to me,
            and I don’t care if you put a gun to my
            head and shot me down in cold blood or chopped my head off….
            I’m not gonna fall in line and conform to your
            corporate-polluting mentality…

            I’m still gonna fight corporate greed until
            polluters are done away with with once and for all,
            or until this old Earth is blown to Kingdom Come,
            whichever comes first!!!

            I guess you’d prefer to see mushroom clouds
            sprouting up in your back yard when World War III breaks out!!
            Or do you prefer to have your house swept away
            by raging floodwaters and an EF-5 tornado???

          • AllanK-9

            Lol, Bottom feeder…

          • Billy “The WiZaRd” Angus

            If i’m a bottom feeder, then you’re a panderer to ISIS and Boko Haram.

          • AllanK-9

            Lol, loser

          • Matija Jurić

            we UNDERSTAND ..what…YOU..are trying to say….its the OTHER way around that is bouncing off of your head

        • Kathy Surette-Coles

          Ulrik Merso, Don’t use the old card on Tim..I am not exactly young…Young at heart but I have well seen the other side of 50, not even sure if Tim is that old…But he is closed minded and believes only HIS side..

          To be open-minded you understand that BECAUSE we have put ourselves in this situation we now have a need for our water supply to be “BOTTLED” and a company does that (for a price) BUT to think that it SHOULD be handled and MONOPOLIZED by BIG BUSINESS is closed minded and self-righteous…

          • Tim Kern

            I never said it should be handled by big business. All I said is that, however it’s handled, it starts with the State, so if you don’t like Nestle’s former CEO’s attitude, call Sacramento, and tell them how you think it should be done.

          • Matija Jurić

            we cant call anyone because the politics has escaped the people’s grasp so far away right now its only a matter of time selma happens ..i just hope it wont be too late for hope

          • shadowydog

            And Nestle was getting their water in California off Federal land not an arrangement with the state. Thus they claimed they didn’t need to follow any drought restrictions imposed by the state.

          • Matija Jurić

            thank god for people like you…gives hope that listening and learning is age proof..just like a kind heart

      • Kairen

        Again, this kind of rationalizations shows how little you have in content for a true agreement.
        Many countries of the past have lived in peace, in fact for 100ès of years, it was not until the war mongerling countries decided to expand their own lands that the issues of control over natural resources happened.
        In fact, this argument is a waste of time on your behalf and not worth an answer.
        When your intellect matches your passion and you can deliver forth true debatable facts without insulting the intelligence of others in the obtuseness of the rationalizations you use, people may take you more seriously
        How much does Nestle pay you

  • roni levi

    im closing my eyes and listening to him and i can imaging an SS officer talking to me!

    • Tim Kern

      Your only problem is that YOU want to be the SS officer. Your plan should be forced on everybody, right?

      • dmarco

        Pls pardon me, you do not wish your plan on everybody, yet you do not mind one’s monopolization, of say, en example, a commodity/ a resource/ or a basic natural molecule, necessary for our life on this planet? I am only now wondering, if this does not bring about controls/limits on consumers’ options in acquiring this product, in question here, therefore possibly, instilling thee initial (if premeditated) plan on only those of us (of the masses) that do depend on it to survive? Make any sense?

  • lcuvillier

    This coming from someone sitting in his highrise telling everyone else how they should live. Typical liberal/fascist

    • Tim Kern

      You are doing the same thing.

      • lcuvillier

        You are a sick individual. Because I want people to have their freedoms, I’m sitting in my highrise? If you don’t know the difference, then you need to go back and re-read history.

        • Tim Kern

          Not because you WANT things, but because you think your non-arguments should prevail. You’re an elitist; and if you had power, you’d be a tyrant. That’s all I’m saying.

  • Patrick McLaughlin

    NWO hack. When will we rid ourselves of these parasites?

    • Tim Kern

      Stop electing them. Nestle can’t do anything with “California’s” water that your elected officials don’t let them do. Only the State has that power; Nestle doesn’t.

  • Dave James

    Quite right too …How much is he paying the Native American tribes to use their water and natural resources ?

    • Tim Kern

      Native Americans never established property rights. Didn’t need to, with a continental population of three million souls.
      But they still went to war with each other over territory (including water), on a regular basis.

      • Dave James

        And ??
        whoever won owns it so how much did you pay them ?
        Or are you advocating a return to the wild west range wars .
        Suggest you watch the film, the man who would be king for appreciation of water rights.

  • Rebecca Crabb Cisco

    As long as he is CEO of Nestle, I won’t be buying anything from that company. Who is with me? For that statement the stockholders should demand he be fired. He is a poor representative of the company. And he is a poor excuse for a human being. I am sure a little digging into his background would bring up some criminal activity. Put him in prison and let him buy water out of his $7 a month prison allowance.

    • Tim Kern

      Read the article. He’s the FORMER CEO.
      Your reading comprehension skills need to improve, before you start running the world.

      • stumbler2001

        You know, I don’t completely disagree with everything you say. You make some valid points. But your condescending, arrogant attitude makes it hard to put up with you. Before you belittle her name and reading comprehension skills, perhaps you should also read the article again. You may then find that he’s the former CEO and CURRENT CHAIRMAN OF THE BOARD of Nestle. Perhaps you should take your own advice. You just mocked and belittled this woman for a mistake that was actually yours too. A little humility in the future, perhaps? PS- don’t go semantic on me and say “She said CEO” Her point was that he’s in charge. And that point is valid.

        • Tim Kern

          You make a good point. I criticized her reading comprehension. She, however, is trying to ruin his business, insinuates that he’s a criminal, and (without any evidence of crime or mention of his necessary accomplices in government) demands that he be put in prison.
          I accept your criticism, but may I suggest you also denounce her fantastic interpretation, her fabrications and insinuations, and her mean-spirited, uninformed demands?

          • Matija Jurić

            mean spirited? i would gladly be mean spirited to you in person, on internet its folly…but does that make me , both of us or just you jail worthy?

  • VM Cox

    It states in the first line that he is the FORMER CEO of Nestle. Probably should get in touch with the PR folks, I’m sure they care about bad publicity more than any CEO.

  • Rich-D

    If you listen to what he said, you would realize the headline is a sham. BTW: We already pay for water by means of a water meter!

  • Jon

    No problem, although charging a rate according to income is the way it should be. 1 cent for a bottle for the poor, $1000 for the rich, and $25,000 for Peter Brabeck-Letmathe as a bonus for stupidity.

    • Tim Kern

      So, the “poor” will buy up all the water, re-label it, and sell it to the rich for just $10. And get rich.
      You haven’t thought this through very far, have you?

  • Pray Hard

    People like him will be the first to be eaten.

  • Evert Harder

    Just want another product to be greeeedy over….you guys suck!

  • Tim Kern

    He’s absolutely right.
    Human beings don’t have a RIGHT to anything. They earn things, either by persuading or paying somebody to get it for them, or by getting it themselves.
    Otherwise, your “right” becomes a claim on somebody else’s efforts. They call that, slavery. Humans don’t have a RIGHT to force other people to work for them.

    • Anders V

      Of course he is right in the fact that we reap what we saw. The only matter he and you (obviously) are completely ignorant to, is the fact that we live in a society where we are able to take certain liberties. This isn’t a question of slavery however, nor is it a question about having people working for you.
      Reading through your comments, you’re more than eager to comment on the fact that it is approved by the govourment, aren’t people paid to control the water supplies by the govourment as well? So you’re saying that everything we pay taxes for, should become a part of the private industry, so that the weak, ill, young and old can’t have a life? This is of course just what came across my mind after 2minutes of thinking – Have you done yours before liberating your thoughts and insults?..
      Anyhow, this isn’t as much a matter of getting more work. There are plenty of opportunities to create work for enviromental purposes, not to mention other “publicly approved” purposes. To limit people’s opportunities and freedom.. Doesn’t that bring us back to your slavery claims?
      I’ll stop here, if I write anymore noone would bother reading it..

      • Tim Kern

        There are plenty of ways to waste human labor. The trick is to employ it in the most-efficient, most-beneficial way. The market does this instinctively; government doesn’t follow the same rules, so it is by nature inefficient; and the bigger the government, the less-responsive it is to the market, and the less-efficient it has to be — thus politicians’ brags about “creating jobs.”
        I don’t understand your argument about “everything we pay taxes for, should become a part of the private industry, so that the weak, ill, young and old can’t have a life.” It relates to nothing. All I’m saying is, this isn’t a Nestle problem or a capitalism problem — it’s a government-mismanagement problem. If it’s a problem.

        • Bruce Velocity

          Your right that its a ‘government’ problem. However, there is no reason to unfetter animosity toward’s the CEOs comments. And by government, remember, “them is us”

          As for your primafaci dog and pony about “humans have no rights”, you are either seriously deluded or don’t understand what the context of “Human” really means. Aside from a species, its generally well considered that “Human” refers to our species as a gathering (aka Society). So, when people say “human rights” they mean the rights we have acquired as a society.

          • Tim Kern

            The problem isn’t so much who is in office (with a few obvious exceptions). The problem is that government is so big, it has sucked up so many resources that there’s not much left for productive work.

            As for “them is us,” I agree — we somehow let them get all that power. And we’re never going to get it back by asking for it.

          • Matija Jurić

            wow..finally a part with which we all agree with you…the latter ofc…but the former is wrong…the resources are there…even the soil wont be a problem when quantum computers get in the picture;)

        • Matija Jurić

          weak ill young and old…you dont get that huh? it escapes you? there is your answer if you ask why are we asking you to reconsider another suicide…nah..harsh..but it sounds good:) sorry

          • Tim Kern

            Thanks for the thoughtful suggestion.
            It’s good to know that people like you will get older and run everything. Good luck.

          • Matija Jurić

            ty, but i am already old enough..which is beside the are still alive?:o

      • Matija Jurić

        i read it m8

    • Matija Jurić

      what if the rain falls into my mouth or what if someone more resourceful and with more organizational skills takes one poor musicians water just because he isnt able to get it that fast (his hands are pure you see)…then what? isnt it up to the people to make a way for everyone have everything as a goal at least?

      • Tim Kern

        If you’re a poor musician, then the solution is easy: practice.
        BTW, Where do you get water now?

  • Steffanie

    How many people on here pay a water bill each month? The city doesn’t give you water coming out of your tap for free. Your shower isn’t free, your laundry isn’t free… and your drinking water isn’t free… beit in a glass at your sink or in a bottle from the grocer. Yet, you want to jump on this man for saying it’s not a right… but when the government just quietly proves to you it’s not a right, you say nothing. LOL

  • Vicky Sabato

    is it time for another french revolution? for all of you lacking a history background, they literally tore the nobels limb from limb. i pity the poor fool who lays a claim to owning water.

    • Tim Kern

      Do you buy your water? Bottles or through a municipal distribution system? You do?
      Well, you must have bought it from someone who owns it. And when you walk out of the store with your bottle of water, you own it.
      So, are you the fool who claims to own water, or is the store, or is your city?

  • Peter Brunner

    The Former CEO is pointing out a very simple fact that most seem to overlook. He’s not saying Nestle has a right to all the water or any of it. He know they don’t. He wants to change what water is. His view is that water isn’t a natural resource but rather a foodstuff, like milk, bread, etc.. He’s saying that if we want to control how to use water as a food stuff, then you have give it a value. Once you’ve done that then you decide how to sell it. If someone can’t afford to buy water, then you can work out a way to supply them with water. While he doesn’t say it, he’s implying that government can pay for water for those who don’t have it. What he proposes is that Corporations can best supply foodstuff to the world. Since Nestle is one of the largest Foodstuff Corporations in the world,they could do that the best, supplying jobs for people while making a profit for themselves. His view overlooks how water is used. It is more than just what people drink, it’s used in manufacturing, agriculture, etc, It is a Natural Resource like having Forests, Gold, Silver, etc. As society has evolved, Natural Resources have become a series of rights that the government controls thru a series of laws, etc. We are already paying for water so what he says isn’t new. What is new is how water is considered, if it becomes a foodstuff, then Corporations not government can control water. If you’re worried about water, you should be more worried about how Corporations want to replace government as the power in control of how society works. If I recall, we don’t elect Corporations to govern us, but we can elect officials who think of what’s best for all the people instead of the Corporate Bottom Line.

  • Dozer

    If water was a right and free then why do I have to pay my water bill every month? Those in California that create ways to catch rain water and are being fined by California… do they not have a right to rain water? Its not this guy that’s the problem its the government of California’s problem. You may not like his viewpoint but he doesn’t have the power of the law behind him… the government does. 30 years of liberal policies in California have made it nearly impossible to capture water. I read that over 90% of rain water flows back to the ocean. Instead of fighting with Nestle over the scraps, why not create ways to capture the water that is already there that you’re ignoring. Its like walking down the street and seeing a $5 bill and a $100 bill and getting in a fist fight over the $5 bill while the $100 bill just sits there.

  • Michael

    I’m not sure that “privatizing” water would make it’s distribution any better. As the system stands, the water is distributed through purchasing power and offered to the citizens at a discounted rate from what they’d pay if it were private. Market pressures “can” keep the price from rocketing to the point of complete affordability, its also within the ability of a segment to collaborate to keep prices from going below what they want. ( Yes, this isn’t legal, but it’s certainly been done before, and likely is still occurring today). We have trouble keeping regulations enforced on the stuff the gov’t controls as is, can we really regulate yet another private industry, should it pop up, with any real effectiveness? So long as corporations are paying for the water resources they’re using, we can’t really bring them to blame for what they do with them. However, it would be interesting to find out just how much they are being charged for the water they’re using in comparison to what the public is being charged. Even then, we really only have a legitimate argument if they’re getting the resources at a significantly reduced price. It would even make sense for consumers who are purchasing the water from the reservoirs to pay a higher price if they’re using it for a profit rather than being a final consumer, BUT we’d have to make that true of all who are doing it for that purpose, including laundromats, car washes, ect. Then, in a time of crisis, it could even be cut off to those who use the water for profit purposes in order to keep some availability to the citizenry; which would be impossible if the system were completely privatized.
    As for the mention of capturing the large portion of water which runs off into the ocean… NO! The ecosystem is already under strain as is! We are not the only beings on this planet and a large number of creatures we depend on for life to continue rely on the run off water from the land. the brackish water contains hundreds if not thousands of different species that would quickly become extinct if we were to capture every bit of the water that fell over dry land. Ask an oceanographer if you don’t believe me. A far better system would be to look at how we currently use the water we have and find ways to make ourselves more efficient. enormous amounts of water are wasted every day for personal vanities and poor management systems. How much evaporates into the air when people water their lawns during the heat of the day, or farmers with their fields? Restrict spay-spread watering to the hours between twilight and dawn, when the temperatures are lower and the water has a chance to be absorbed instead of simply evaporating. Or for that matter, restrict watering lawns to once weekly! The grass is far more resilient than you think it is. Find ways of utilizing waste water. Seriously! The water from your toilet, you know, the brownish water, would be perfect for the garden. Water with the fertilizer already in it! The water from the bathtub would do wonders for the lawn, just don’t use too many dye and perfume containing soaps.
    Charge a deposit on plastic bottles if you want to see the waste of plastic decrease. Not a nickel for a case of bottled water, but something that people would actually want to have back. 25cent/container. Hell, if the consumer’s didn’t want the quarter back, I’m sure some neighborhood kid would be glad to walk around collecting bottles. Pretty soon he’d be able to afford that PS3 he wants, and would be buying it himself instead of a gift from momma and daddy. Then he might even appreciate the damn thing.. imagine that….

    • michael

      that was supposed to be “complete inaffordability”, thank you autocorrect, you little focker!

  • Anders V

    Ya, time to voice my personal opinion:
    Water should remain a public ressource for two reasons:
    1) It has been for over 1 trillion years (yes, before our race even began breahing)
    2) Otherwise the poor, sick or otherwise limited would die within what? 2 weeks?..
    Just a little comment on the second one:
    Sounds like a great plan Nestle: “Lets stop the overpopulation by killing the weak, so we can have a master race” … Didn’t I hear about someone else wanting to do this in history class..?

  • crazywolf9043

    What a heartless douche bag! With beliefs like that, it will be easier to pass a camel through the eye of a needle than this misguided clown to ever see the Pearly Gates. I hope he gets a refresher course in HUMANITY before his time comes. Hopefully in time to undo some of the harm he has obviously done to his fellow man…

  • TishTash

    While Nestle’s ex-CEO’s rant is an asshat comment in regards to water, the fact remains that almost all scientists consider GMOs harmless, and more importantly, vaccines as well.

  • KC Teo

    Why not privatise oxygen too duh.. retarded things to say from a ceo man, too shelfish

  • Allan Standfield

    What all this comes down to is greed. It started way back when the money hungry people started to move west and did not have the brains to look forward and see that they were destroying the land, the animals and everything around them. At least the native people were smart enough to not destroy the things around them. The government is just as greedy as all the corporations are. The corporations buy off the politicians to get what they want. How many of you people out there would vote for a person to be president if they said that they would kick every body out of the Whitehorse and have only four people max from a state to represent that state with no lobbying on any issues, only what the representatives would bring to the table and there would be a three level tax program, one the for the rich, one for the middle class and one for the low income. No more loop holes in the tax system. The ones that does not think this might work are the ones that want a rich and poor United States.

  • Caesar

    Hey Peter Brabeck-Letmathe I will drink all the free water I want any place I please to I like to see you stop me and my family and friends from drinking water and our children go ahead I dear you!!!! Peter two words for you how is FUCK YOU !!??? you living asshole. Fuck off!! Just for that I think everyone should drink all they want and also start taking baths and not showers any more and fill them tubs up high. I hope you see this post. You or no one will control water ever and never in a million years you Natzie fuck hole!! As we say in Italy Vaffanculo e muori !!

  • cargosquid

    technically he’s right…it IS a commodity. B) HE doesn’t have a right
    to cheap water. Time to price it by the amount used. C) Screw him,
    he’s an ass and we don’t have to buy his products.

    California is short of water AND money. Raise his rates.

    If the water had been priced as a commodity, there would be more water available.

    • Kathy Surette-Coles

      Time to price it according to use????…it is already more expensive then gas which is not necessary to our survival…

      And to believe that if it was priced as a commodity, what so only the rich can have water..what the hell is this HUNGER GAMES or SOYLENT GREEN..the problem with this thread is that like every natural resource we rape it and destroy it and call it commercialism/capitalism and then bitch about it when it is gone…we don’t own this planet…but we sure as hell abuse it….

      • cargosquid

        If you price it according to demand, like any other commodity, those using the most would be paying the most. Those using the least…, regular people, would be paying the lowest rates. Laws of supply and demand.

        • Matija Jurić

          but we allready.. do pay tap water..we pay taxes for communals…we call them that in our country…they are a state regulated company

          • cargosquid

            The company is not buying water from the community. And taxes are flat. If they demand more water…raise the price on those using most. Variable pricing. Taxes are not a market.

          • Matija Jurić

            oh..ofc..sorry i forgot to mention..we have water meters and each family has measurments:)

          • cargosquid

            Yes…. and you probably pay a fixed rate. If the rate increased as demand goes up….. water would be conserved. The bottled water company is buying on a reservation as a commodity.

          • Deovindice

            Jefferson knew what he was talking about when he said “the Power to Tax is the Power to destroy”. The Progressives are wielding it like a sword.

          • cargosquid

            That’s one of the main reasons, if not THE reason, the income tax was invented.

    • Tim Kern

      I understand you don’t like his attitude, but if he’s paying “too little,” call Sacramento. Nestle doesn’t set the price.
      Whatever problem you think you have with Nestle, it starts with the State.

      • cargosquid

        Actually, that was my point. I think his attitude about it being a commodity is just right. He’s still a jerk.

        But it isn’t just Sacramento. I think he actually built his factory on an Indian Reservation….so there’s that also.

        • Tim Kern

          I don’t like how he comes across, but the reservation… sheesh.
          Same argument, though — whatever the problem “the public” has, it’s with one government or another. Nestle doesn’t steal the water.

          • cargosquid


            This problem is caused by CA worrying more about left wing ideas than making sure its residents have enough water, either by reforming rates, building reservoirs, desalination plants, etc.

          • Kairen

            And you had direct possession of the contract and acquisition agreement to know this, I guess you have read all their dealings to know this for sure, that this company is so high in their ethics and morals that a complaint has never been brought forth against them or out of court settlements have never occurred, or even any legal issues with them.

          • Tim Kern

            Anybody can complain. Your comment is a case in point.

      • paul middleton

        yes @timkern:disqus tim kern i totally agree with you, the state needs to be alot more strict with companys taking what ever they see fit. there is alot wrong with the world, lets start fixing it, not making it worse just becasue you can profit on something doesnt make it right that you should take it for yourself.

        • Tim Kern

          You can’t make a profit unless you’ve convinced someone to give you money, and you can’t do that unless you value the thing more than your money.
          Except governments; they can just “take what they see fit.”

      • Billy “The WiZaRd” Angus

        Nestle` can kiss my a$$ and drop dead!!!

        • Tim Kern

          Then don’t buy anything. Make it yourself.

          • Billy “The WiZaRd” Angus

            If you don’t want to end up a victim of witchcraft, BACK OFF!!!!

          • Gord Milne

            If you claim to be able to use witchcraft to harm others than you are no better than the “For profit CEO’s” of these giant companies. Use your talent for good only, Rember the rule of sevens. If you say you are who you are.

          • AllanK-9

            Wow, you are the biggest fucking moron on the planet, do us all a favor and put a fuckng gun in your mouth you dick wad!!!!!!!!!!!

          • Billy “The WiZaRd” Angus

            I don’t have a gun, and I don’t have any
            intentions of getting a gun, you stupid redneck cunt!!
            So…Ya’ talkin’ to me???
            YA’ WANNA PIECE OF ME??????

            EAT MY SHORTS!!!

  • Caesar

    Hey Peter Brabeck-Letmathe I will drink all the free water I want any place I please to I like to see you stop me and my family and friends from drinking water and our children go ahead I dear you!!!! Peter two words for you how is FUCK YOU !!??? you living asshole. Fuck off!! Just for that I think everyone should drink all they want and also start taking baths and not showers any more and fill them tubs up high. I hope you see this post. You or no one will control water ever and never in a million years you Natzie fuck hole!! As we say in Italy Vaffanculo e muori !! I guess he watched that movie TANK GIRL to many times LOL!! and got a brain fart idea LOL!

  • Darren Forster

    Water is part of the planet, it was here before corporations arrived, it will be here after corporations have disappeared – so at what point does he think that corporations have a legal right to steal it and claim it as their own, they don’t make it, at most they just put it in a plastic bottle and stick a shiny label on it and clean the pollutants that they’ve put in it out of it!

    • Tim Kern

      Everything on Earth is part of the planet. Using your own argument, explain what’s in your refrigerator. Or explain your refrigerator.

  • Larry Balan

    Idiot. Well maybe you should stop breathing the air tthat’s available to us all. That might put you where you belong. Goofus .

  • Kathy

    What a son of a bitch. The key word here is Former Nestle CEO. Who are you to decide about the only source that humans need to survive? Really? I hope you choke on a glass of water, when it’s your time to go.

  • Gill Redfearn

    I pay water rates for the water I use in my house so I suppose I am paying for it.

  • Xscilune

    Water is not a food stuff it is a necessity.

  • Brenda Jenkins Bolin

    Everybody can do what they want, personally, I will not support, and will no longer buy any products made by Nestle. I know what I buy won’t make a difference, but if other people do the same…btw it’s just my opinion…Tim Kern’s is a complete idiot and ass. Just an opinion.

  • Luis Atehortua Jr.

    I am very surprised that Nestle did not change its brand name to the
    LV Global Business District Water!

  • Leroy van Leeuwen

    last time i checked i am paying for water lol if its not a company like this it is a company of the government lol in any way you turn it you always pay for ur water unless you got a well in ur basement

  • Ulrik Mersø

    Peter Brabeck is a disturbingly sick individual – and like many other CEO’s in the elite, a disgustingly greedy sociopath, that should be imprisoned for crimes against humanity and crimes against the planet.

  • Kathy Surette-Coles

    This guy is an asshole…my suggestion since in my opinion Nestle water taste more like tap water than tap water…is when you buy water buy it from any company other than Nestle product water…

  • donald peerenboom

    yet more proof that allowing nestle to take b.c.’s water for a pittance should be up to the people of this province

  • Becky

    I thought they canned his ass.

  • Herafore De Games-Mon

    .. actually, california would be wise to develop “reverse osmosis” technology, in conjunction with “tidal energy generating”..
    .. get power AND clean water at the same time..
    BONUS: . nestle’s “investment” in the monopoly would be rendered “a waste”

  • Talleyrand

    Remember Cochabamba, Bolivia…. Those slum-dwellers were real fighters.

    Having said that, the corporate raiders will come for everything and anything they can lay their hands on…. When it comes to accumulating wealth, they are creative and unscrupulous. The only danger ever posed to these people were the radical, green-tainted youth of the 70s, more sober and serious than the hippies, and more conscious of the environment, and ready to find alternatives in the face of staggering oil prices… Then came Reagan and Thatcher and the culture of greed even swept them up. Today, companies like Apple have made us all the accomplices in the profits they draw from the concentration camps that produce their wares in China, Philippines, Vietnam, etc… And so most people say “I know, but what can I do???” Boohoohoo.
    Say no. Become active.

  • Michael

    He is completely and utterly insane. He looks and acts like a Bond villain.

  • Rebecca Fay

    Another article says that Nestlé has been piping spring water from the San Bernardino National Forest with an expired permit since 1988 and raised questions about potential impacts on the ecosystem. They just pay the expired permit fee of $524. each year and continue their operations. The government office that issues the permits is so behind, and gives priority to other new projects.
    However, the way to stop Nestle and other corporations from doing their damage to the water supplies in CA, is simple. Quit buying bottled water. Nestle is pulling approximately 1 Billion gallons of water a year from CA! Get a Brita, drink tap, get a reverse osmosis thing for your faucet, whatever, but stop buying all those little bottles of water! I don’t believe privatization of water in CA is the answer. Californians seem to have forgotten their own history, and this “rights” thing is out of hand. California was mostly desert originally, and still is for the most part. When massive amounts of people began moving here for various reasons, water got diverted, wells got drilled by the millions, dams were built and aquifers began to get drained as urban sprawl and population growth became rampant. I live in the central coast, and over the past 10 years I have watched the hills disappear at an alarming rate underneath grape vines. This area produces wonderful wines, which I love, but the cost is great. Lately people in areas where wineries are drilling wells deeper and are drawing more and more water to grow and plant more and more acres of grapes, their wells are running dry. These are families that have lived several generations on their little parcel of land and can’t afford to have new wells drilled much deeper to reach the water that is left in the aquifer. Where are their rights? How do we decide who gets how much? Lake Mead, formed by a dam, has reportedly dropped over 150 feet in the last 10 years, boat docks now nowhere near where the remaining water is! Aquifers are dropping as more is pulled out than the rain can replenish, the ground is actually dropping in some areas so much water has been pulled out! Saltwater intrusion into our rivers is becoming a huge issue as water is drained from them and is not replaced by snowmelt. What do the people of California do? Demand that the government give them water! Yes, the government was responsible for building the dams, etc. to provide the water in the first place, but why do people think it is their “right” to have water? Maybe people need to move away. Sorry, but Desalination plants are very expensive, and how do you get the water out to Fresno and other areas that are far inland? More aquaducts, more expense. I feel that since water is under government control, they should be doing a better job or protecting what is left and making sure that it isn’t wasted! We homeowners are told to turn off the spigot while we brush our teeth and other small things, yet we are allowing huge amounts of water to be used for fracking, and to bottle water and send all over for people to drink? Most states don’t need water, and drinking water from CA is so unnecessary. I know that the water bottling companies provide a lot of jobs, but the first thing I feel our government should do to help the drought is to cancel all permits for water to be bottled. Maybe these people could be put to work in desalination plants?

  • pop_schlepp

    What a dick.

  • Jessica Tang

    so much stupid in one video

  • Billy “The WiZaRd” Angus

    Peter Brabeck, I hereby put a curse of death you!!
    We shall never conform to the corporate infidels like you!!

  • MC

    I’m not defending the man or the company. But the headline and this brief article is misleading. Watch the video, read the subtitles and then decide if that is what he’s really saying.

    • MC

      Grammar correction: “…the headline and this brief article ARE misleading.”

  • southron_98

    Well the right wants health insurance for the poor halted; they feel $133 dollars a person is too much for food; they feel if a poor person buys cookies it is a sin; it has been proven drug testing welfare clients has resulted in less than .003 and that actual voter fraud toward either party in all 50 states has been double, tripled checked and in the last 5 elections found to have been 111 cases but every day , all day they run on and on, so by judging their actions I would have to say yes it is capitalism at its best.

  • Pattie

    What a pompous ASS!!!!

  • slavebane

    What do you expect from the Vichy French? There are traitors in every country … in America, it’s most of our employee = politicians.

  • Eighty bucks a month

    Um…I pay already pay for water. I pay the city. If I owned my land (oh wait I do) and had a well (oh wait I can’t because the city has THE well. So I pay the city. If every one in town had a well the water table would have more risk of bacteria. Not everyone can afford 5 serene rural acres. If you do have a well, you still pay extra electricity to operate the pump. So, yeah, already pay. It’s not private though, and they do have to answer for what they charge. The charge is half water use and half sewer…So the charge is about the same as the basic electric for a pump. OH and then there the deal that the water quality isn’t the best and often stinks so bad can’t drink it–So I end up buying a gallon or 6, or an onsink filter until the water quality improves. No, water isn’t free. That said, I understand that this is the dimrod in charge of the company that is bottling water and removing it from a drought stricken state. That is wrong on so many levels.

  • Janice Nodine

    All it is is tap water put in a plastic bottle. I will never buy any nestle products and I sure don’t want nasty bottled water

  • PoorGirl

    CEOs are not GODs, though this one seems to believe otherwise! When the time comes to pay for water and the air we breathe, have lost the fight AND the right to complain. It will be too late and apparently, that time is nipping at our heels. We certainly do need a hero to lead us in the Fight for Our Rights against money crazy leaders of these corporations, who are all about profit. It really will be the Fight of Our Lives, because without the free God-given water and air that mankind an all animals DO HAVE THE RIGHT TO … we will expire. The only ones left will be the wealthy. Who will lead us against this fight?

  • Cine Taylor

    People already pay for bottled water. More people will start collecting rain water, I know many that already do this. It’s Corporations like this that want to make money with zero regard for Human life. My home is GMO FREE. I grow my garden from NON GMO plants. BOYCOTT MONSANTO & specifically Nestle.

  • laz

    some of these companies come in and suck up local water sources ,then
    stealing it out from under residents , they bottle it and sell it
    including back to the residents whose source they are diverting away. I
    usually just buy distilled water anyway
    since it’s actually free of contamination. Also that’s in the USA . In
    other poorer countries though it’s been much worse. Where the government
    is so corrupt that it is directly and blatantly for sale, people have
    died in water riots after Nestle persuaded the governments to make
    gathering rainwater illegal ( Yes really ) or accessing wells in one’s
    own community illegal. . That’s what Mr. Brabeck means By “Human Beings
    don’t have a right to water.” Not that they aren’t entitled to some
    fancy Nestle bottled, purified water for free, but rather that the poor
    or those that are not buying it from nestle (or if nestle wants to suck
    up and ship off their water to sell elsewhere for a premium) can well,
    basically go die.

  • mad asfuck

    fuck you!!! nothing in the universe has any value. money was invented by a cunt, a cunt who wanted to control the people. and put a value on things that we need so we need to work for them in order to get the things we need to survive, or we die. before money we lived off the land for free, nothing had any cash value before that. so you are talking shit Mr Nestle cunt

  • Ignint

    Did anyone bother to watch the video? Oh wait, of course not. You all would rather yell and scream and call each other names …

    Here is what he actually said:

    “Water is of course the most important raw material we have today in the world. It’s a question of whether we should privatize the normal water supply for the population. And there are two different opinions on the matter. The one opinion which I think is extreme, is represented by the NGOs, who bang on about declaring water a public right. That means that as a human being you should have a right to water. That’s an extreme solution. And the other view says that water is a foodstuff like any other, and like any other foodstuff it should have a market value. Personally I believe it’s better to give a foodstuff a value so that we’re all aware that it has its price, and then that one should take specific measures for the part of the population that has no access to this water, and there are many different possibilities there.”

    *Note that last part.*

    And he’s right — water does have its price, because water (or more specifically, clean freshwater) is a scarce resource. There’s only so much of it, and it can be hard to get a hold of. We all *need* water, but that doesn’t necessarily mean we have a right to use as much as we want. And money is not evil–it serves various useful functions, such as representing the cost (in terms of time, effort, etc.) of obtaining or producing something. Prices can also indirectly control how much of something people use, which might be a really useful thing if we’re facing droughts and need to limit water consumption.

  • Matt Ragan

    May as well just make it illegal to have any sort of rights or possessions while you’re born into it. Like it or not, corporations and in some ways the generally rich and their corruption, greed and lack of humanity are ruining this country beyond repair.

  • Michael Dempsey Sr.

    Not that I eat Nestles products, but I will make the conscious effort not to touch their products and urge everyone to do the same while vocalizing your contempt for this crazy ideology. No water for Peter! No water for Peter! No water for Peter! No water for Peter! Free James Brown!

  • PaminIndy

    THIS IS THE MOST IDIOTIC STATEMENT THAT I HAVE EVER HEARD FROM ANY PERSON OR ANY PRIVATE COMPANY! Who the hell does he think he is?? Every human being or animal, even plants have equal “rights” to the waters on our planet. THROW THIS UNCONSCIONABLE IDIOT OUT OF THE WATER BUSINESS. In fact, should there really even be a “water business”??? They don’t own it!

  • John

    If water isn’t a human right, then whose his company marketing to, if not humans? If water’s not a human right, then not only should he not even have access to it, Farmers shouldn’t be growing vegetables. What would Brabeck say to all of that? I say, water belongs to everyone on the planet!

  • Shannon Marie Embrey

    Ok 1st of You Sir are Not God and water was put here for us all do yourself and everyone else a favor and kick rocks at you’re own face…

  • jordans1

    Pretty soon a corporation will find out how to take out a patent on happiness and charge any person who asserts they are happy. Not everything in life should be considered owned, or a commodity.

    • Matija Jurić

      good analogy

  • Kate Purnell

    He is making a very standard economic argument: when you allow the free market to deterimine the value of something, it will automatically be used in the most efficient way. If water is simply a “human right” then my right to fill my pool is equivalent to your right to have enough water to survive. There is nothing differentiating those, which is of course ridiculous. His direct quote is:

    “Personally I believe that water is a foodstuff like any other and like any other foodstuff should have a market value. Personally I believe its better to give a foodstuff a value so that were all aware that it has its price and then that one should take specific measures for the part of the population that has no acces to this water, and there are many different possibilities there. ”

    He’s NOT saying people shouldn’t all have enough water to drink. On the contrary, he’s saying that making water part of the free market will allow us to “take specific measures” to make sure everyone has water.

    • Matija Jurić

      i dont think water is the only thing people without water need…we need to fix much more than that for them…but regulating waste and recycling should be first and foremost…recycling and efficient usage up front

  • Raquel Santiago

    HA good luck with owning all the water in the world, its impossibly, nearly the entire planet is mostly water, but only a portion of that is potable. That said, they are learning more and more how to desalinate the oceans and seas faster. Eventually, we will see this attempt to do that, and some cities already do charge people for their water usage so it is not just him. I vote we all go outside build a well and let see him try to take it, when he does we thow his ass down there and leave him there.

  • Lisa Leach

    BOYCOTT EVERYTHING FROM NESTLE!!! i personally will NEVER buy anything from them again!!!

  • Mike

    The bottom line here is corporate arrogance & greed. This is not a liberal or conservative problem. This is a human problem. We should all boycott Nestlé products.

  • Carlo Martell

    Arrogant corporate elitist PRICK ! Screw you there should be a LAW that says water ALL WATER IS now FREE everywhere . . .

  • Nicholas McDiarmid

    News, Truth, Unfiltered? So what happened to your headline? Saddening that well-intentioned media outlets feel compelled to play the same game as the abusive corporates they intend to challenge. I am not a supporter of this man, at all. But he did not say he did not think water is human right. He did indicate that a naivety in thinking potable water is somehow free. I live in a country which is water scarce, but because people do not associate a monetary value with it, it is still used for washing cars and wasted gratuitously. He alluded to other mechanisms to accommodate those who cannot pay for it. I wouldn’t trust him to oversee that, however. The point is, he is right, in many ways. Treating water, piping, reticulating and metering it, all costs money. Humans do conserve that which they attribute a monetary value to, and that system should be refined to ensure we conserve and manage water better.However, exposing it to the ‘free market’, which is doesn’t really exist anyway, would be tragic. There are many middle paths to explore, and thinking about it as a duality is not helpful.

  • Ijaz

    Corporations should be limited to their size oversize corporations become greed driven and only bring harm to society.
    He should be arrested for his ideals they are a threat to mankind.

  • nic

    Don’t agree with his comment about water but can someone cite one of the studies that “prove” gmo related illness. I have been searching for this info for years and can never find independent research that proves this either way.

  • Al

    No more Nestle for my household from now on. This dude clearly thinks everything revolves around him.

  • RuariJM

    This article is simply untrue. In fact,,what Brabeck actually said was very responsible – including pointing out that fracking uses ten times as much water as conventional oil and gas extraction.

    Whose agenda is being served by pushing this “Nestle deny water is a human right” meme?

  • Nathan Gypps

    Article 25 of the Declaration of Human Rights,
    (1) Everyone has the right to a standard of living adequate for the health and well-being of himself and of his family, including food, clothing, housing and medical care and necessary social services, and the right to security in the event of unemployment, sickness, disability, widowhood, old age or other lack of livelihood in circumstances beyond his control.
    If i am not mistaken you NEED water to achieve an adequate standard of living.

  • DJN

    First of all, the quote on the image above is not accurate at all. What he said was that the position that water should be a public right was an extreme position, because that position inhibits developing a sustainable solution to the problem of providing water.

    “personally I believe it’s better to give [water] a value so that we’re all aware that it has its price, and then one should take specific measures for the part of the population that has no access to this water.

    The biggest social responsibility of any CEO is to maintain and ensure the successful and profitable future of his enterprise. And only if we can ensure our continued, longterm existence will we be in a position to actively participate in the solution of the problems that exist in the world.”

  • zyggy

    Next step?… Aire privatitzie?.. Completly MAD! Breth is also clean?. Well ask babies to pay fir it! …wrong doings from capitalism!

  • geaaronson

    He has stated that human beings don’t have the right to access water. So now he is no longer a human being?

  • Duke Godwin

    If you believe he said that people should die of thirst because they don’t have money you’re retarded. In fact, that’s almost the exact opposite of what he said. As usual this is just closet communist useful idiot vanguards reposting memes based on lies and deliberate distortions of reality. Lies, half-truths, false claims, bashing good people and creating a vampiric narrative as they march forward collectively towards their favorite cliffs.

  • Duke Godwin

    Lie some more why don’t you, fascists.

    • tedlv

      By extension, you want to ban a lot of stuff. Cars have radiators that need water. Ban cars? My toilet needs water to flush. Ban toilets (you go first)? Think before you post, OK?

  • Bo

    I guess I have purchased my last product from nestle. they should be made to pay the millions trying to recycle the water bottles they produce (creating pollution).
    he would also like the owner to be Nestle.

  • mona19595

    Remember he is the FORMER CEO of Nestle no wonder he no longer works there. He also states that GMOs have never caused illnesses despite hundreds of independent studies showing otherwise.

    • tedlv

      I agree that Nestle should not be held accountable for his comments. I would be very interested in studies that prove GMOs cause illness. Real ones, not those found on tinfoil hat sites. Can you provide them?

  • PaminIndy

    I DISAGREE! Water is a God given right, for humans and animals, even plants and air. IT IS NOT THE RIGHT OF BIG BUSINESS TO OWN IT OR STEAL IT. How much money do they pay the landowners where the water is located? THIS REALLY PUSHED THE ISSUE, HOW DARE YOU???????

    • tedlv

      Rainwater runs off my land into a stream, and eventually into the Tennessee River. Nobody pays me for it. Current regulations in cities in my state (not my location, thank goodness) would charge me for that runoff! Think that one through for a while. People can’t dam it, should they be charged for the runoff?

  • tedlv

  • Deidre Hammond

    I believe he should not have the right to breath.

  • jenniferkersey

    since when is water free he obviously has an accountant to do his account so has no idea in south Africa water is incredibly expensive and since it doesn’t belong to anyone who has the right to sell it. so how can you privatise something obviously caught him after a one pub lunch too many

  • Ana

    What an idiot! Please tell me there was no water on planet before this jerk came along and he is the one that invented it so that he could become king of waters. Water is nature and every living thing has a right on it.

  • mj taylor

    Another ass hole who OWNS everything he sees and like midas all he touches turns to gold at least in his small mind! We as a people cannot allow this to happen . water will be more valuable than oil , and in some places it already is ! Nestle should fire him , I for sure won’t buy their products anymore and incorage others to do the same . I hope he makes to much to draw unemployment too !mj

  • DL Thomas

    Guess someone is going to solve this problem with a .32 cent bullet???

  • Judy Thomas

    The difference is that humans cannot survive without water but there are many types of food to eat , not having them all won’t kill us.This guy is absolute NUTS! He sounds like a control freak to the extreme!

  • Judy Thomas

    Where can we obtain a full list of their products so we can stop funding the wanker?

  • Jake Thomas

    After watching the video part you claim he states those things, you twisted the words a little bit and left the good parts out. His point was to treat water like a foodstuff good, and provide it to those who cannot afford it. Coming from California, maybe this is the only way people would stop being wasteful of their water.

    Not sure.

    Also GMOs are harmless. :p

  • kc

    You are a bit late. The water service in Britanwas privatized during the Maggie Hitler Thatcher regime. Completely illegal but were theres money to be made the law dosent count.

  • falling321

    When you claim a ‘right’ to something, you are claiming that you MUST be provided this thing, regardless of your ability to obtain it for yourself. Is there really a right to water? No. If a company or public works brings that water into your home, you pay every time you turn on a faucet, if you had a ‘right’ to water, they could not charge you a dime! If a company puts water in a bottle, you DO have the right to walk into a store and purchase it as freely as anyone else regardless of your race, religion, gender, age and so on. If you have a stream running through your property, you do NOT have the right to dam up the water and prevent anyone down stream, nor do you have a right to walk into someone else’s home or property and drink from their faucet or dip from their stream just because you are thirsty or want to wash your face. There is no ‘right’ to water folks and no way to make it a right, without taking rights away from everyone else. Your rights end where my nose begins. In fact, as clean water becomes more and more difficult to obtain, you will find that you have less and less ‘right’ to it! Just look at California or any drought stricken area to see what I mean! If people had a ‘right’ to water, there is no way they could be heavily fined just for taking a shower or washing their clothing on the wrong day!

  • Trisha Whitney Perretti

    Who the hell do these people think they are?!!! Water is free, air is free, land was free till the white people came here and stole it. Everything we need is provided by God. Nestle “water” is horrible to begin with. I get my water from a FREE spring in the mountain. The cities/towns made people with well water (which I grew up on) tie into their sewer system which should also be illegal. These corporations are out of control, “access to water should not be a public right”????? I hope all your products are boycotted. I won’t be buying anything with your name on it….spreading the word!

  • Trisha Whitney Perretti

    Who the hell do these people think they are?!!! Water is free, air is free, land was free till the white people came here and stole it. Everything we need is provided by God. Nestle “water” is horrible to begin with. I get my water from a FREE spring in the mountain. The cities/towns made people with well water (which I grew up on) tie into their sewer system which should also be illegal. These corporations are out of control, “access to water should not be a public right”????? I hope all your products are boycotted. I won’t be buying anything with your name on it….spreading the word!

  • rick_drysdale

    He makes a lot of sense and the fact is in much of the world people do have rights to water on their land. They own it.
    He did not say that all water should be owned by private companies to control. He did mention that people who cannot afford to own water rights should not be denied access.

  • rick_drysdale

    What a dumb piece . The guy is not the CEO of Nestle . Lying headlines are dishonest and this rag preached about people being dishonest. Listen to the interview and then tell us what he said. Idiots every where .

  • Omgami

    Interesting since I already pay a public utility for my water. How does he think it’s going to become privatized when its already a public utility?

  • JBow

    So he thinks it’s his ‘human right’ to privatize it and line his pockets…. Oh what I would love to do to these wankers who love to take take take…

  • jo morow

    nestles has been buying property in south america since 1996 above, near, and below waterfalls, dams, rivers streams. local farmers now cannot feed their families or livestock. nestles has no concern where the locals will get water in their third world country with very little infrastructure. another big water wealthy buyer is george bush. had his daughter go to south america and make purchases for him…. this is just the beginning.

  • Loren Jay Honstein

    Privatize life. Really the only sane option left.

  • Whats in your water

    Shall I send you a check if it rains you selfish dick.

  • Barbie Soli

    so who the hell he think he is??? does he really want to keep it all to himself? HOW ABOUT CLEANING THE AIR??? GOD MADE THE EARTH WITH 3/4 PART WATER FOR EVERY ONE TO USE, PEOPLE & ANIMALS AS WELL! one more crazy rich person, that think is a god!

  • Linda Eagles

    If water is not a human right – then we should all deny Nestle products and leave them on the shelf and deny their right to OUR WATER.

  • john

    Its not a question about human rights, its a question about survival, its drink water or die, if you hold back water from my family…you might as well have a sword to our necks, and you see there is a ton of us who will not let that happen.

  • Lawrence Bigles

    Anyone ever stop to think of the impact of removing countless gallons of water from the ecosystem? Having all this water stored and not cycling in the atmosphere is going to have major repercussions in the future.

  • joe

    Nestle’s water has been and will be free until 2016? then pay $2.50 / 1 million litres? Citizens pay a $250 fine for watering their lawn?
    That could buy a Citizen 100 million litres at the Non-Citizen, Corporate rate?
    The Corporations lead the people getting paid from us to work in our government offices … not to serve us but to serve them 100 million times better?

  • Sharon Stone

    He is part of a collective. With the USA. He wants to rule the world with these men and women. And this is his assignment. My picture is what he should be under

  • dc

    So in essence if you’re broke you don’t drink….then eventually steal…..or die! What a B_ _ _ _ _ d! Let’s see if this guy can live without water for long…put him in jail with no water….he might get the idea after day 2 or 3….for that matter anyone agreeing with him might share the same situation….I’m fairly sure they’d all agree in short order it is an essential to life. What a bunch of losers!

  • whazupbro

    I have one more word to say on this: “Interstellar”.

  • MaeBeaBaby

    I hope his dick rots off.

  • Jeff Urness

    what a dick

  • Genny

    Plain and simple ….. GREED!!

  • stlhdsal

    Nestle takes hundreds of millions of BC water for free, and this guy thinks water should be privatized? What an arse hole!

  • Aubrey Robertson

    “He also states that GMOs have never caused illnesses despite hundreds of independent studies showing otherwise.”

    I’d be interested in reading some of those “hundreds of independent studies,” because I have read dozens, and meta-analyses too. Based on my exploration of the subject, there are somewhere in the area of 2500 studies showing their safety, and around 5 discredited studies showing otherwise. Maybe you should get your facts straight. I should have known better to trust a website with “truth” in the title. Typical snakeoil tactics.

    I posted a more thorough rebuttal of this crap here:

  • florence morissette

    He talks about how important to make people work…and at the end…He is amazed about the Japenise manufacture being highly robotized…almost no people he said…really?…

  • Rafael

    see this S.O.B . . asked to resign in the next 72 hrs . . .he must
    think he’s GOD to decide who gets water . .who don’t . . .BASTARD !!!!
    make it rain on you own yard . . .TY it asshole !!! see how much
    control of water you have

  • ABBfan

    What’s everybody freaking out over. This is an article by a water filter company! An advertisement! There is nothing but money to be made by the people who sponsored it and that’s it. Did anybody read what it says, or did everyone just jump straight to the hate train? Plus the guy they quoted is an EX-CEO from Nestles. He has everything to do about nothing at all. Whatever you all are bitching and raging about doesn’t even matter because it’s not anything that is really going on. And it’s a lot funnier to laugh at all the haters spouting off, trying to show (somebody they don’t even know and never will) that they are smarter than the last poster. A lot of hate going on here, all about absolutely nothing, except possibly some unbridled, big fat know it all egos.

  • Matthew V. Brown

    I think he should die from thirst.

  • None of your bissness

    you are a scumbag terrorist that just wants to start a war.For money/If this is true

  • sciencetruthnow
  • Deb Ashlynn

    Nestlé is using Palestinian land, so what did you expect? If they are corrupt enough to take land that isn’t theirs they sure as hell aren’t going to care about your water.

  • Shotgun_Joe

    I will gladly sell him the breathing oxygen that I own.
    Obviously, this caveman has already been oxygen-deprived.

  • freeagent37

    the only way to stop their water usage is to boycott all nestle products.

  • the king

    Being able to walk isn’t a human right either wonder how he would like that taken from him ?

  • queenofmeanie

    I will never purchase any more Nestle products again, not with this animal still living.

  • illib1

    It is time to boycott Nestle products and companies owned and promoted by them. To start with they own Purina, Loreal cosmetics, candy bars of course, nestle brand bottled water especially. BOYCOTT NESTLE PRODUCTS NOW!!!!!!

  • imre cali

    Funny how when you’re rich nobody else has any rights. And yet there are a lot more poor people. How does that work then?

  • Black Swan

    What a pitiful greedy de-humanized psychopath.
    ” Many have made a trade of delusions and false miracles, deceiving the stupid multitudes.” Leonardo Davinci

  • Paul Kersey

    needs a good kick in the teeth ! perhaps more !

  • Prncess segun

    He has made his billions ,to be able to afford anything n now heartless enough to say water is no human right ,so d poor can ho thirst to death if not affordable by them,wen almost 80% of d earth is water,,so let him go on n privatise d special gift of God for mankind.atferall Lagos ,Nigeria has passed same slavery bill into law. .one of d cruelties of selfish capitalist Nations.This ideology is very uncivilised n repugnant to natural justice to human existence .water is our RIGHT n NOT FOR SALE

  • PrajnaParamita

    He is not insane, merely a psychopath. In fact I have seen now two studies that stated without a doubt that at the top of every large corporation on this planet the people in charge have medium to severe psychopathic traits. Theyre slowly running this planet. Is this acceptable? The water supply is being induced with several chemicals as part of a mass control program.

  • Cindy

    We already pay a water bill; what more due you greedy bastards want from us. The water belongs to the earth.