North Korea Announce Plans For War With US And South Korea

North Korea leader Kim Jong-Un has announced that the country is gearing up towards war with the United States, and South Korea.

He defiantly referred to South Korea as “a U.S. puppet group“, and said that the country no longer viewed the United States as a source of threat or fear.

In a statement made during Air Force drills (which he said were part of the preparations) he announced “preparations for a war full of the will to settle with arms accounts with the U.S. imperialists, the chieftain of aggression, and the South Korean puppet group keen to escalate the confrontation with the fellow countrymen and that of social systems, seized with sycophancy toward the U.S. reports:

The drills were carried out on the occasion of the 62nd anniversary of the armistice agreement that ended the Korean war of 1950-1953.

He added: “Gone forever is the era when the United States blackmailed us with nukes; now the United States is no longer a source of threat and fear for us and we are the very source of fear for it.”

  • Red Blooded American

    We have Obama to thank for how N. Korea and other countries view us; after he made cutbacks and weakened our military.
    Thank God we have a “MAN” in office that is not weak and trying to build our military back up. This is totally on Obama and his libturds!