North Korea Threatens Turkey With Nuclear Missile Strike

North Korea have threatened Turkey with a nuclear strike if it takes action against Russia

North Korea have threatened Turkey with nuclear missile strikes if they dare to take action against Russia, Ad-Diyar reports. 

Kim Jong-un has said that if Turkey confronts Russia or continues its support of ISIS in Syria and Iraq, then Pyongyang will not hesitate to launch a nuclear attack against them.

Mizan News agency reports that the North Korean leader has promised to “wipe Turkey off the map” if Ankara takes part in the Syrian war, cooperates with the US and helps ISIS any further.

The threats show that North Korea fully support Russia’s fight against ISIS, sources say.

We will bring you more news on this story as it progresses.

  • Sam Hebbron

    sooner the better turkey wiped off the map the better things will be push the button korea please

    • Al Gerian

      in your freams

  • Al Gerian

    Just try and you will see turkish respond and who will be wiped

    • Jean-Francois Dube


  • Frank Mc

    That video is precisely 1.08 minutes long which equates to 1.1333 decimal minutes. Reduce: 1+1+3+3+3= 11 The Number “11” is a Zionist Freemason signature. Expect possible false flag nuclear terrorism from Obama who is the Great Satan of this planet.

    • mike h

      i guess it is 1.00133333 minutes!