People With Rhesus Negative Blood May Be Aliens

rhesus negative
Acid for Blood - Alien: Resurrection (1997)

Studies conducted on rhesus negative blood types show that they are missing the Rhesus factor, a protein substance present in the red blood cells of other humans.

Theories suggest that people with Rhesus negative (RH) blood may be from outside this world.

Others suggest they are fallen angels from the heavens above or they belong to an alien race from somewhere in the vast darkness of space.

What is clear is that those who have with Rhesus (RH) negative blood are different and unique.

A person who has RH negative O blood is able to serve as a donor to any person regardless of their blood type. But if they need blood, only their own type will suffice.

They represent 15% of the human race and are mostly from northern Europe.

Truth Theory reports:

The four common blood types of today include A, B, AB and O. The differences between each blood type is dependent on the proteins in the blood, but when it comes to RH negative blood types, which make up about 10 to 15 percent of the population, they don’t have these proteins.

The question that is on the minds of scientists now, is where this group of RH negative blood type people originates from. Looking back about 35,000 years, scientists believe that the blood type is linked to specific tribes and groups. Europeans have the greatest incidence of this blood type, but only 3% of African-Americans have it, and only 1% of Asian people have it.

Some common characteristics of people with this blood type include having a higher IQ, having a lower body temperature, having more awareness (physically and emotionally), having red hair, being sensitive to heat, and having blue, green or hazel colored eyes.

This blood type is shrouded in even more mystery when we look at pregnant women. RH negative women who become pregnant have difficulty delivering a baby with an RH positive blood type, as their bodies naturally attack and try to kill the fetus. Thus, they are given a special sterilized solution. (Anti-D or  RHo (D) immunoglobulin)

But, why would the woman’s body attack the offspring it’s been helping give life to?

This is where a relatively new theory comes in and suggests that it’s possible alien life has influenced this blood type. What’s even stranger is that almost every person who has reported being abducted by (or interacted with) aliens has the RH negative blood type.

It’s certainly very possible that aliens visited our planet, as they’ve done for centuries, and somehow tooled around with the genetics of mankind. After all, history from all over the world has shown time and time again, through ancient texts and depictions, that we’ve been visited by beings not of this world.

What do you think about the blood type that is missing a key link to evolutionary humans? Could it be that some of us have alien blood running through our veins?rhesus negative

Edmondo Burr

BA Economics/Statistics
Assistant Editor
  • Angela Bruce

    Er, no. Rhesus negative people cannot donate to “anyone, regardless of blood type” ! Only O neg can do that.
    B- can give to AB+ , AB- , B+ & B- but not O+ or O-;
    A- can give to AB+ , AB- , A+ & A- but not O+ or O-.

    • Margaret Worrall

      Read it again, he said ‘A person who has RH negative O blood is able to serve as a donor to any person regardless of their blood type. But if they need blood, only their own type will suffice.’

      • Angela Bruce

        It was edited after I made the comment.

        • Margaret Worrall

          Oh right. 🙂

  • Donna Cannon

    Ridiculous post! ….Haaaahaha…..!

    • Xavier McHenry

      Not as bad as 90% of the posts about it. lol

    • Nolan Bad Heart Bull

      You have no idea of the knowledge some people have.

      • Dee Angott

        I’m just in aw

        • Libby

          im an alien

        • Ambet

          Aw or awe? Awe.

      • Dee Angott

        You have no idea how in aw I am.

      • Dee Angott

        No. You really don’t. True statement, very!

  • Penny Mayes

    Are we supposed to believe this stuff when so much of it is wrong?
    RH neg women are not sterilised – my first born was RH positive, her sister RH negative, both now in their 30s with children of their own.

    • amfrancis2

      I was given rogan shots during my first, my second and third pregnancies and after because both 1st and 2nd were positive, but because I was fixed after the 3rd I didn’t need a shot even though she was positive.

      • kim

        I has 17 shots with my second. I almost died! I lost so much blood I passed out. There was so much blood on the bed it looked like a horror movie. I passed out on the toilet. I’m sure it was a lovely sight.

    • Margaret Worrall

      He didn’t mean sterilized the way you took it. It was the wrong word to use. They are given an injection of antibodies to prevent the baby being rejected. It is usually only necessary with the first pregnancy.

      • Lisa K Gregg

        Actually it is during all pregnancies if the spouse if positive blood type or blood type unknown. Also it would be 2 shots, one about half way through just in case the babies blood gets in your blood stream and after delivery they test the baby right away and if the baby is positive you get another shot to make sure if any of the babies blood got in you during birth you don’t develop the anti-bodies. I am 0 Neg and had to have the first shot twice. Both my kids are negative luckily.

        • Margaret Worrall

          I am O neg my partner was O pos. I have four children, I had the shot after my first child was born only. so No it isn’t always with all pregnancies.

      • Jessie Robinette

        Incorrect. It’s the subsequent pregnancies that are at risk, because the mother’s body builds the antibodies due to that initial incompatibility.

    • kim

      I’m Rh neg and I had a miscarriage before my first and second child. I have learned that only O pos men can get me pregnant AND that I am only attracted to O pos men. Weird huh. My kids like to remind me that I was supposed to have 4 kids (mostly when they are being annoying lol).

      • Angela

        i have had the same thing happen to me.All three of my surviving children are o poss, and so is my husband.

        • kim

          I had a suspicion that was what was going on. My son was allergic to my breast milk.

  • John Merrick

    We all know where this propaganda is heading.. kill Whitey.

    Expect to see more of this type of garbage as Whites slide into minority status, everywhere they have made their homes.

    • Xavier McHenry

      I’d kill ya for being a redneck retard making the white race look bad with fucktard comments like the one you just made. lol! But that’s about the only place anything is headed to kill white people. Dipshit.

    • Margaret Worrall

      You are the one trying to turn this into propaganda, Stop hatemongering you moron!

  • Karen Barnes

    The article does not properly explain blood cell genetics. O Rh negative blood types are the universal donor. They have no antigens on the surface of their blood cells. This means that antibodies are not formed towards these cells. However A, B and AB and Rhesus positive blood types will cause the O neg type person to mount a response to kill the cells and these types cannot be used for transfusion or the O neg patient will die. In the case of an O Rh neg mum and Rh pos baby the mum’s body begins to create antibodies to the baby as its blood is like any invader. Mums are given an injection of Anti D antibodies which ” mop up” the baby’s cells in her system so that her body doesn’t form antibodies which will remain to attack the next baby. “Blue babies” were common prior to 1966 when this “vaccine” was first used. AB and Rh pos genes are dominant and will manifest in a baby when one parent is positive.
    As to aliens, they must have had greyhound dogs as pets because they are the canine universal donor!

    • Margaret Worrall

      It wasn’t meant as a genetics lesson, just an explanation of a theory.

      • carolinemerald

        Indeed you are right —-and yet many of us appreciate Karen Barnes’ detailed, accurate and in depth observations. Blood types are a fascinating and vital source of information are they not . . . ….? Thanks and praises to those who share with us these closely guarded, medical secrets and enable others to understand and help to minimize emotional suffering among young potential Moms and Dads

    • Rebecca Wildsmith

      Glad you talked about the O Rh neg mum & the problem only arising with the 2nd child, as that was what made me want to comment on. Maybe it was a ‘weird’, ancient form of natural contraception within their blood type? I’m writing stories here! Probably because I’m O Rh neg! I read years ago in a National Geographic magazine that O Negs possibly came from the island of Atlantis. The ‘population’ with the highest level of O Neg people is the Basque Country. I also have Basque blood & green eyes. I found the protein thing very interesting… Is that why I’m often cold?

      • Barbara Bush

        Something many people don’t know is that a Type O (and in my personal case O positive) female can have the same experience when having a baby with type A, B or AB blood as well. When I gave birth to my 3rd son (the second one born with Type A positive) He had to be treated just as a baby with a positive blood type would be treated if born to an Rh negative mom. There is no vaccine or treatment for this specific anomaly. In the days of less modern medicine, I would have lost this child within 3 days of his birth.

  • Xavier McHenry

    I would laugh my ass off over this, but I have to take into account that there is more proof that aliens exist and are doing weird things with us than there is God existing…in fact there is no proof whatsoever that a god exists save in written fear propaganda from the time.

    • Jacqui Killick

      Classified documents have started being released lately confirming first contact, and the Vatican has gone so far as stating that alien theories do not interfere with their beliefs. Makes me wonder if they will then reveal their possession of the giant skeletons in their possession, those excavated in the 1700’s … But when I wonder will the USA finally admit publicly that they have had contact? I have been researching some of the classified information in these past months, thinking that the USA cannot maintain their secrecy for too much longer.

  • Nolan Bad Heart Bull

    Hello, people

    I am from Pine Ridge, SD. I am of Lakota Sioux decent and I believe the RH Negative Blood types are of Alien decent…I was told by someone, who I have GREAT RESPECT for, that the Aliens that came long ago (and are still here/around today) are a precursor of us and that they have tried to fix their DNA because they are dying out. The truth of the matter is; The RH Negative blood types are the ones who were and are descendants of those who were abducted by the Aliens that have tried to fix their DNA. Just know they are watching. Legend has it that we are in the Fourth (4th) world. The First (1st) was ruled by Black man, which like nowadays, who prospered and greed became rampant. Then their world was destroyed by Fire. The second (2nd) world was ruled by the Yellow man, same story, prospered and greed set in. The 2nd was destroyed by Ice. The Third (3rd) was ruled by the Red man. Same story, prospered and greed set in and the 3rd was destroyed by water. Now we are in the 4th world, as you may have noticed the prosper and now the greed of people and nations are becoming more and more detrimental to this planet. The Legend has said this 4th world will be destroyed by all the past three worlds; Fire, Ice, and Water not in that order but you can think of melting ice, nuclear weapons, and the afterm athletes of the Nukes being used will be Cold weather possible ice age!!! Get in touch with your inner being and spirit because you might come back after you die.

    • Janet Witt

      You have any ideas how I can get ready.Seems everything I have ever known was just a big fat lie.

  • TexasOlTimer

    My granddaughter saw this article and sent me the link telling me “YOU IS AN ALIEN!” Yup, if the article is right. I always thought I was just strange! 🙂
    (and no comments on her grammar – she was just showing that it’s a fun article).

  • Angela

    Hi there i,m a RHS O,i have red hair and hazel eye,s,both my parents had a different blood type to my own. My mother was an O poss, and my father was A poss.So on that alone means that at least one of them would have to be an alien to have me.And before people say that they were,nt my parents. They were.

    • Mandiii Hammond

      You have 2 blood factors in your blood and you get one from each parent. If O is positive and o is negative, your mum would be Oo and your dad would be Ao. You could of been any number if blood types but for you, you got a double negative oo, one from each parent

  • Jimmy

    Trash. Can’t explain the specifics of something? Must be aliens. Probably not the first thing to jump to.

    • Libby

      are you trying to say i am not an alien! 🙁

      • Nicolette Meyer

        Some of my neighbours used to think I was – but they were just b***y racists!

    • imast

      It’s a theory, as clearly stated with “may be” not “must be”. In real science ALL theories should be investigated equally and without prejudice, regardless of what makes you uncomfortable, or we would never learn anything. Did you know the Earth is round and orbits the sun yet? That was crazy not long ago also.
      Unless you have more to offer than trashy troll comments why bother? You can do that on youtube, imdb, facebook etc.

  • angie

    I am O neg RH neg. I had the shot with my first one while pregnant and never again. Luckily my husband is also RH neg so it wasn’t necessary. I was told I would need it during and after every pregnancy if he was positive as each pregnancy would be more dangerous than the the one before.
    As for the donor part, a person with O neg Rh neg can donate to anyone with negative blood types, especially the Rh neg groups. O positive Rh positive can donate to anyone with positive blood types, again especially the Rh positive groups. O blood is the universal donor but you still need to be careful with the positive and negative parts and the Rh factor. If you give a Rh neg person a blood transfusion from a Rh positive universal donor, especially a woman, it is risking her chances of being able to have a child.
    As for the alien part, come on. If they cant figure something out the first thing they say is “Alien related”. Give me a break.

    • me

      now days are different in pregnancy. ladies are forced to get the shot. I know cause my husband and I are both rh negative and I didn’t have a choice on the shot. I try getting out of it last year and they gave me a choice of getting the shot or I was out on not having an ob doctor. all 4 of my children are rh negative.

      • Rebecca Wildsmith

        Your 4 children could only be Rh negative as both parents are. A child can only be the same blood type as the mother or the father, they can’t be anything else. That’s what I was taught.

        • jan v

          assumed paternity………..

          • Rebecca Wildsmith

            Obviously assumed paternity. Years ago, many ‘parents’ found out a child was not their’s through blood testing.

      • Dirty_Martini

        You should have called a lawyer, because this was sheer medical malpractice. You may end up one day later with an autoimmune disorder, because giving an unnecessary BayRHO or RhoGAM shot suppresses a woman’s immune system for the rest of her life.

      • Jessie Robinette

        The reason you were given the shot as a precaution is because the medical staff will not assume paternity. You and your husband may both be negative, but there is a chance that one’s spouse is not the bio father, and the bio father may be rh +. That is why clinics now often give rh – women the Rhogam shot as a precaution. It could be dangerous for the fetus not to do so, in the event of paternity being different than what is presented. My OBGYN was actually very upfront about this practice. They won’t risk a potential incompatibility issue simply because they’re potentially operating under false paternity info.

    • jan v

      O- can donate to both – and +

  • Socks McRockin

    I think it’s more likely that it was a harmless/benign mutation that took hold in Northern Europe. We have huge amounts of evidence that genetic mutation happens, whereas the evidence for alien life is less established.

    • jan v

      possibly the winters were less harsh on people with lower body temps and that’s why that type survived better in that climate same goes with any different types maybe an AB+ with a higher body temp did better in hotter climes and were naturally more hardy there

      • Alaister Copland

        I’m O- and I can’t stand the cold – my hands just stop being capable of work when the temperature falls below 40F.

  • Janet Witt

    It’s weird I have everything they said Rh people have blue eyes sensitive to heat etc. but I am O- weird.

  • Laird-Jon

    I’ve always thought my wife was strange but now I know she’s only an alien.

  • Bruce Wayne

    Well, damn, why don’t the aliens send me the lottery numbers telepathically?

  • Manie

    Amazing science journalism! Actually though…rhesus factor (antigen D+} is thought to be protective against negative neuromotor effects arising from toxoplasmosis infection (cats). Some recent studies have demonstrated an association at pop level looking at motor accidents.

    Other neurological effects of toxo infection are thought to include neuroticism. Rhesus – is greatest in Europe, where exposure to toxo, from wild cats was (originally) low compared to other geographic regions. In comes the domestic cat and exposure is now much higher. ‘Maybe the reason all the alien abductes are Rh- is actually a manifestation of the negative neurocognitive effects of toxo infection which are significantly greater in Rh- phenotypes. I.e. Your article is a load of total rubbish.

  • Hamid Kennedy

    Check out adventure novel by Hamish Cantillon called Extinction – on Amazon Kindle

  • runnerin1

    I’m A-. The characteristics the article speaks on are spot on.

  • Truth-Teller

    Another Racist propaganda article out here made to make out “African Americans” and any relative thereof as being dumb and Europeans aka White people as the superior intellectual race. This shit is getting sad.. It makes Asians out to have 1% of the “GOD-LIKE” blood type yet again implying they aren’t as intellectual as Europeans…when in all actuality, Every damn thing is made in china and Asian people are masters in mental intellect and projection. Most statistics regarding new inventions and elder inventions..White people have stolen from other races and Claimed it as there own…yet again creating lies to white-wash the entire globe…making europeans out to be something they’re not. This is very sad…when a bunch of self-centered racist journalist, novelist come together to spread untruth.

    • Bram Rhys Swarr

      what the fuck are you on about, blood has nothing to do with intelligence… if statistically accurate data is all it takes to claim racism then its a problem with you.

    • Libby

      yes every darn thing is made in China and it breaks within 5 minutes of getting it home! and that is not being racist it saying they make things on the cheap and their crap.
      If you see racism in this article then you are more racist than the average racist.
      Why oh why do people keep showing the racist card all the time even when they are totally wrong. honestly…grw up mun!

    • Dirty_Martini

      Stop race baiting here, and blame it on the Nazis… they discovered Rh negative blood in 1937. And there are many blacks with Rh-Neg blood. President Obama is AB-Negative.

    • Steven

      Just because Asians are making damned near everything does not make them super geniuses. That which they make we whites invented and that makes us special .

    • Amber

      If the statistics are there showing the results for IQ TEST favoring Europeans, don’t be angry, instead work on getting those IQ’s up and changing those statistics. Until you have done that, you need to learn to accept things as they are without screaming “racists”! It’s not saying African Americans or Asian people aren’t intelligent, it only implies the RH negative people tend to have higher IQ’s on average. It is what it is.

  • Bram Rhys Swarr

    don’t we all wish it were aliens, only our primitive, bloodthirsty species could not handle it. see the opening for the episode “In A Mirror, Darkly” in Star Trek Enterprise.

  • Libby

    I always knew i was different……im special… alien! hahahahahaha

  • Ken M

    I think its actually spelled racist

  • seanachiejimk

    I always thought I was an Alien! LoL

    I found some new twists in this article as I’m of the O- (negative) blood type. Aside from what I find amusing – I was a long tome donor of the anti-d antibody used to vaccinate Mothers with negative blood types. (I had to quit due to heart problems). This vaccine prevents Hemolytic Disease of the newborn. This article explains this disease:

    ‘What is hemolytic disease of the newborn (HDN)?’

    ‘Man With The Golden Arm’: Rare Blood Type Allows James Harrison To Donate Blood To 2 Million Babies’

  • Surette

    I was born with RH negative blood and it was killing me so I had to have a complete transfusion when I was about an hr. old. My Rh negative was killing me so How do people survive the first hrs of their lives without deadly consequences?

  • ratmand

    This is freaky because my dad had this blood type. Am I part alien?

  • jeffsprague1


  • Ramona Ray

    errr I am not a stinkin alien nor am I a lizard sheesh get a grip someone just figure it out please.

  • Annoyed student

    There is no such thing as a rhesus blood antigen group Rhesus is a kind of monkey that was experimented on along with rodents when trying to discover clinically significant blood group antigens
    The Rh (not short for rhesus!) blood group consists of 3 genes that code for D, then E, e, C, c antigens, and a protein that ensures their correct expression
    If this gene is missing due to deletion the they are Rh null and cannot express any of the above antigens
    The author appears to be talking about the D antigen only
    There are also other clinically significant blood group antigens that may be present on their cell surface which can cause HTR or HDFN other than D!
    Stop writing absolute nonsense!

  • Glen Eagles

    I’m A RH Negative, guess that makes me an Alien lol

  • Nicolette Meyer

    Are you barmy? I do not believe in Angels, fallen or otherwise. I don’t think I’m an alien either. I adore the sun and often flee Europe for the heat in the winter. I am a brunette with green eyes. Am O Rh -. Unfortunetly can’t donate as am taken medication.

  • Terry Larch

    This is rather interesting, however if you are searching for alien and UFO stories stop by our site sometime at:

  • mayo

    Manie is right. We alll need to get down and have a toxoplasmosis test.
    It is a parasite and us RH negatives are more likely to get it… The positive Rh might be a way to protect against it.

  • Lucia

    The percentage of RH negs worldwide is 6.7 %. I thought it was 7,5 % but there is a more recent chart which states 6.7 %. You read that it’s 15 % worldwide in lots of articles but that’s only in Europe, not worldwide somehow you guys mess up these figures, if you are going to write an article at least do your homework thoroughly. About the alien ancestry of the Rh neg’s that is highly speculative and it is dangerous to portray a portion of the population as descending from aliens or, also another nonsensical story , as stemming from the fallen angels.This is not factual, it’s just made up mambo-jambo and to the Rh negs out there calling theirselves out as being superior… think twice about that history proves it’s not in your advantage
    to be deviant.

  • RLW Jr

    I will read the comments first next time.. more interesting..