Picture Of Orlando Killers Dad Visiting Clinton’s Office Surfaces

Orlando shooters father pictured visiting Hillary Clinton's office

The father of the Orlando shooter turns out to have been a frequent visitor to Hillary Clinton’s office at the State Department, according to newly released pictures. 

Seddique Mateen, pictured above, is also a candidate for President of Afghanistan.

Powderedwigsociety.com reports:

This is a little disturbing.  Remember Amed Mohamed and the exploited islamic opportunism with 14-year-old “clock boy” bomb hoax from Irving Texas and how his father was running for political office in Sudan?

Well, apparently 29-year-old terrorist Omar Mateen (below left) comes from a similarly engaged political family and his father, Seddique Mateen (below right), was/is running for national office in Afghanistan and not happy with the government of Pakistan.

orlando-11-omar-mateen orlando-10-seddique-mateen-father


Mr. Seddique Mateen the political candidate is also a prolific user of social media and has reams of U-Tube footage broadcasting his political ideology.

Facebook account here – YouTube account here –  In addition, the jihadist’s father was a frequent visitor to Washington DC and the U.S. State Department.  – SEE FULL STORY HERE

In most of his social media postings Mr. Seddique Mateen takes the position that they Pakistan Government is to blame for most of the problems with Islamic Extremism, in Pakistan and Afghanistan. Jihadi Dad promotes the side of the Taliban in pictures and dozens of messages directed to President Obama.

Mr. Mateen is photographed with numerous Washington DC Politicians – SEE HERE –  (wonder who was taking the pictures).

In addition, Got News.Com has discovered the sister of Omar Mateen, Miriam Seddique, purchased Omar’s house for $10 in April via a “quit claim deed”.  –link–

It would appear the jihadist Omar Mateen was making preparations for this attack for quite some time.

Donald Trump was correct again when he called for additional scrutiny in December of 2015.   The families of these terrorists need to be a concentrated focus for attention.

  • Evangelina Aguilar

    yeah i believe it an inside job so they scare people.. since the trump fear card is not working.. the billary klinton have to use other stuff make up a terrror attack i believe it..

    • Nomen

      @Evangelina Yes, it was a hoax-inside job. No victims. Staged as well.
      Bu makes no difference the media do the rest true or false.

  • daffodil127

    The dad seems to be a certifiable crazy person, and not a genuine candidate for Afghan president. It seems like the apple didn’t fall far from the tree according to Mateen’s ex.

    • Pop_Korn

      Why not ? Certifiable crazy seems to be a qualification for US prez.

      • james barfield

        Got that right Hillary is nuts!!!

        • SnakeFreeman

          Crazy like a fox.

          • Telast

            She is a pig chasing a truffle.

        • Lee O. Welter

          Hillary may be a psychopath, but she is far more clever and maybe more sane than those who favor voting for her.

      • Stephen Lambert

        Got that right…. they are all nuts, some just nuttier than others………… lol……. except it isn’t really funny……. one of the nuts will be in charge of the biggest arsenal in the world with the most ignorant men in the world trained and willing to use it…….. beam me up Scotty……..

        • Lee O. Welter

          Our K-12 “public school” monopoly was modeled after the 1819 Prussian mandatory schooling, designed to produce obedient middle managers and military officers. We must do better: Thomas Jefferson warned: a poorly educated society will not remain free. We have been heading that direction for more than a century.

    • Nomen

      All the fake governments in Iraq, Afghanistan etc. alle the countries the ZioNzies bring down are then rules by puppets. Puppets breed in the holes of Wash DC , Tavistock(England) etc.

      Also Hitler was a double agent. A british agent breeded in Tavistock institute.
      Prove: Why just did let escape 300,000 English soldiers at DunkirK He allready conquered Holland Belgium en north France!!!

      Why had he is ally Franco in Spain not shut off Gibraltar the gate to the Mediterranean and North Africa etc etc etc!!!! 🙂

  • Anonymous

    He was homosexual. He was conflicted over that. He went postal because of the conflict. He was jealous of others that could be out, when he had to remain in the closet.

    • Cyrix11

      That explains why he did recon on Disney World. *rme*

      • Anonymous

        Perhaps he did, perhaps he did not. Just because he went to Disney World, does not mean he was doing recon there. As far as I know, he went to Disney World. However, he did not shoot up Disney World, he shot up a gay nightclub, right?

        • obfuscation100

          He saw the alligators at Disney World and chickened out.

          • SnakeFreeman

            Or realized the nightclub was a softer target and killing gays meets the ISIS agenda.

          • Telast

            HRC sent him. That’s why his dad met with her… plans..

    • Zaphod Braden

      BULL — Have you noted the “morphing” story ….. first he was a muslum terrorist, then when TRUMP was proven correct in blocking muslums the story CHANGED to he was GAY and a frequenter of the “Pulse” club, but THEN his wife was driving him “by the club to SCOPE it out” WHY does she drive him by, if he is a FREQUENTER?!? They just cannot get their story straight. By the way, as usual, they are using muslums terrorism to attack YOUR 2nd Amenbdment RIGHT …… after they get your guns they will move on to get rid of the 13th and the 19th Amendments

      • Anonymous

        Wait. The liberals are the ones who are wanting to eliminate the 2nd Amendment. So…they also want to turn us into slaves and deny the vote to women?

        • Zaphod Braden

          WAKE UP CALL ——–
          W-rong Bush calls HILLARY his SISTER IN LAW:
          Alcoholic Barbara Bush says her sons call Mr. Clinton “my brother by another mother.”
          CBS NewsSeptember 9, 2014, 11:07 AM
          Bushs and Clintons: Unlikely partners in crime research theMENA airport research Prescott Bush&NAZIS.

          BOTH Clintons were SNITCHING on their “fellow” anti-war activists.
          It was the CLINTONS who pushed NAFTA through Congress and opened the floodgates of American jobs flowing overseas. . The massive trade pact was signed into law by President Bill Clinton on January 1, 1994 And AWAY went your good paying JOBS.
          It was the CLINTONS who destroyed Glass-Steagal and opened the floodgates of BANKER CORRUPTION and Working Class Home destruction A lot of blame has sloshed around for the sub-prime meltdown, from greedy borrowers to greedy mortgage brokers to Alan Greenspan, but if you want the real culprit, it was the repeal of the Glass-Stegall Act. On November 12, 1999, Glass-Steagall was passed under the Roosevelt administration in 1933 in direct response to the Wall Street shenanigans that ushered in the Great Depression where banks shoved their own depositors into buying the stocks the banks were dealing. Its repeal, under the Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act, drafted and passed by a Republican congress, AND SIGNED BY William Jefferson Clinton,

          • Anonymous

            Oh yes, I already knew all that. I just wanted to get you to say it. 🙂

          • Telast

            The Clintons are the end of democracy.

          • Zaphod Braden

            Clintushs —– Bustons

        • CC1980

          No under sharia law and that’s where we are headed in the fast lane courtesy of BO and the dems: anyone who does not convert to muslim and all that it entails, has to either pay a tax, become a slave/sex slave, or die. Under sharia law women don’t have the same rights as men.

          • Telast

            The silliest thing ever written. The danger is HRC. She is a fascist, far more dangerous than the ten Mooslims who are here.

          • Pamela Olson

            Straight from Al Bagdhadi’s mouth; black and white if you will; clean, no doubt about it straight talk about what Islam is and what it will do if given the opportunity to invade America. Gee, I don’t see where anyone can give these people a pass for passivity or moderation and call them peace loving. 3 choices to choose from. Kinda like frying pan, fire or left in the lake to swim with the other sheeple. Hmmmmmm. Not much of a choice. How deaf blind and dumb does one have to be not to see the dangers inherent within the peaceful (supposedly) religion, culture and history that is Islam? Enslave their women; may be a bit trickier then these ‘men’ are used to; but ok, fairly plain and no explanation needed. Burn down their church, yup, plain as day and clear in it’s intent, pay a tax. Ahhhhh haaaaa, now this is where it gets good folks. Look into the ‘jiyza’; it’s wide changeable and varied in it’s meaning and not a set ‘price’. They take everything until you’ve nothing left to give in tax which means you either take on the mantle of Islam and become Muslim, or they ‘fight’ you and kill you. Gee, isn’t that special? Que the church lady! If this doesn’t make plain the Intent of what is settled between all 5 sects of Islam, then nothing will! Wake up people; these nut jobs truly believe this crap and will, if given the chance, do exactly as Al Bagdhadi subscribes them to do!!!

    • Lee O. Welter

      Does this description refer to Mr. Omar Matteen, or to Mr. B Hussein Obama?

      • Anonymous

        Well, only one of them picked up a rifle and shot a bunch of people, so I guess that kind of narrows it down a bit.

        • J Y

          True, the other one only bombed Libya to dust, according to Hillary: “no one dead” there. One with a rifle that kill 50 people, or the one ordered bombers that kill 100,000s invisible brown people… decisions, decisions…!

  • Starwhite1

    It is amazing what the sheeple will believe, ‘The shooter was homosexual’. Nope. He was a Muslim. He wasn’t indoctrinated in a public school like here in the USA to accept such filth. BUT if we can spread misinformation that he was gay we can deflect the growing anti sentiment towards Muslims. The shadow government is working hard to bring their New World Order. Next they will focus on confiscating all guns in order to bring whats left of America down.

    • Galley_Queen

      Don’t be so phucking dense. SMH.

    • Justin Burton

      because something doesn’t fit your personal narrative, that means it must be a lie, right? Don’t talk about “sheeple” … do you really believe that there are no homosexual Muslims? Do you believe everything is cause and effect along a completely linear, single issue/motive to single affect?….indoctrinated to accept such filth….filth? Starwhite? You are all about dictating morality…and I bet you’d love to do it with a gun.

    • Anonymous

      You just keep listening to your right wing media. You are the sheeple.

    • Gray

      Omar Matteen went to school in the United States, he was born here.

  • ArtofARC

    Omar is an actor, B quality actor. Easily will do anything for a buck.
    This ALL propaganda, get your heads out of the sand…they duped a few
    fools that can’t think if their life depended on it. Obamas Mom was
    Jewish, Michelle is Falasha Jewish …If you lived in Chicago, pay
    attention and have a functioning brain this is just common knowledge,
    you’re being had.http://www.imdb.com/name/nm5753533/?ref_=ttfc_fc_cl_t23%

  • http://wordcraftandstatecraft.blogspot.com/ Bahu Virupaksha

    Trump is right Crooked Hilary will bring in terrorists in such numbers thst Americans will not be in a position to even defend themselves.

    • Mark Meyers

      Oh yes I will.

  • Galley_Queen

    “It’s true that the image was not in widespread circulation until after
    the 12 June 2016 Orlando Pulse shooting, but false that Mateen was
    shown “visiting Hillary Clinton’s office.” The photograph was among more
    than a dozen published by the British tabloid Daily Mail, and its caption
    indicated that the images were taken in April 2016 (years after Clinton
    vacated the office of Secretary of State in 2013):” “http://www.snopes.com/orlando-shooters-father-clinton/”

  • http://www.divine-way.org Marie Devine

    (BibleGateway.com has Bibles to read in many languages, free, online. )
    There are many lies told about “homosexuals” “gays.” Our Creator and Protector is the judge; be sure we know what He says:
    I CORINTHIANS 6:9-10; Leviticus 18:22; Deuteronomy 23:17-18; Isaiah 3:8-9; ROMANS 1:18-32; COLOSSIANS 3:5-6; 2 TIMOTHY 3:1-7; JUDE 1:7-8.
    God has better things for us all.

  • Joe

    There is no longer any doubt in my mind that we have to come out of the gate in full force, or America will definitely never be the same. So many laws have been broken protecting a thug from Chicago, who is not only illegal, but a damn liar.murderer and a narcissist.
    If we fail to come out swinging and in full force all of our efforts, would have been for nothing, and you self serving elitist saying your not voting for Mr. Trump and you will vote for Killary, you are no better then the lowest BLM members. Put your egos back in your pants, grown men acting like any low life liberal. Pull your pants up and do the right thing. obuma meeting with Saudi big shots.in private, scares the hell out of me. This patsy is going to get US killed.

  • MariusB333

    It’s scary how a lot of critical information is kept secret by the media……