Pizzagate: BBC Cover Up Another Huge Pedophile Scandal

The BBC has declared Pizzagate "fake news,” attempting to cover up the scandal as a “fake story that shows how conspiracy theories spread.”

The BBC are the last organization on earth that should be weighing in on a pedophile scandal, but the state-sponsored outlet with a shameful history of covering up elite pedophile scandals has declared Pizzagate “fake news” and dismissed the scandal as “the fake story that shows how conspiracy theories spread.”

That would be the same BBC who covered up their star presenter Jimmy Savile’s decades of extreme pedophilia until as late as 2012 – only relenting and acknowledging the scandal after it was forced into the open by independent investigators.

Just this year Dame Janet Smith’s report into the Jimmy Savile pedophile case concluded that BBC bosses must have been aware of Savile’s activities when he sexual assaulted numerous young girls, some as young as 10-years-old, whilst he was presenting the BBC’s Top Of The Pops program.

Another BBC employee, TV presenter Stuart Hall, was also found guilty of sexually molesting children. Again the BBC had to report that that its bosses were aware of Hall’s activities and did nothing to stop it.

Now the BBC are attempting to cover up Pizzagate. Their article quotes James Alefantis, the owner of Comet Ping Pong who maintains his total innocence and claims Pizzagate “ignores basic truths.”

They ignore basic truths. For instance, the conspiracy supposedly is run out of the restaurant’s basement. We don’t even have a basement.

It seems that the BBC, while attempting to dismiss the Pizzagate scandal, may have accidentally caught Alefantis in a lie. He told the BBC that his restaurant doesn’t have a basement. (Pizzagate investigators claim the secret basement – of which they have uncovered damning photos – is central to the operation.) But just last year, before the scandal broke, Alefantis is on record telling Metro Weekly that Comet Ping Pong has a basement in which he stores his own produce.

The BBC’s idea of investigative reporting is asking a powerful person if they are guilty and when they say “I’m innocent” the BBC says “Case closed!

Basic truths“? How about a dose of those awkward things called “facts“?

Of course Mr Alefantis may well be confused, or have been misquoted, but the inconsistencies don’t help his case, especially as he shared Instagram photographs of construction work in his basement.

Naturally, the revelation that Mr Alefantis is changing his story as the investigation continues went over the BBC reporter’s head.

Let’s take a look at some more of the BBC’s spurious claims:

No victim has come forward. There’s no investigation. And physical evidence? That doesn’t exist either. But thousands of people are convinced that a paedophilia ring involving people at the highest levels of the Democratic Party is operating out of a Washington pizza restaurant.”

The BBC are ignoring those awkward things called “facts.” There is an investigation. Three pizza restaurants have been raided and proprietors arrested on pedophilia charges in recent times as law enforcement continues investigating the pizza-related pedophile culture that the FBI warned about in emails released by WikiLeaks.

The story riveted fringes of Twitter – nearly a million messages were sent last month using the term “pizzagate”.

The BBC are up to their old tricks, attempting to cover for pedophiles. By informing their readers that the story exists “on the fringes” they are trying to stigmatize it, essentially warning their audience they will be considered fringe loons if they take an interest in the scandal. However the BBC can’t keep up the lie for the duration of a single sentence. “Nearly a million messages” sent about pizzagate in the last month suggests it isn’t fringe – it’s mainstream.

So how did this fake story take hold amongst alt-right Trump supporters and other Hillary Clinton opponents? Let’s start with the facts.

See what the BBC is doing here? By shamelessly claiming the “fake story” is an “alt-right Trump supporters” theory, they are further stigmatizing it, attempting to politicize an issue that is much more important than fleeting partisan politics.

In early November, as Wikileaks steadily released piles of emails from Clinton’s campaign chairman John Podesta, one contact caught the attention of prankster sites and people on the paranoid fringes.”

There they go again with the “paranoid fringes” slur. You’d have to be crazy to believe an enormous public institution could be covering up the actions of elite pedophiles, wouldn’t you? It’s almost as if the BBC have forgotten about Jimmy Savile already.

Of course none of this proves that Alefantis, Podesta, or anyone else caught up in Pizzagate, is actually a pedophile. What Pizzagate investigations do show however is an enormous amount of compelling circumstantial evidence – and people want answers. Mainstream media attempts to portray the scandal as a crazy, fringe alt-right conspiracy theory simply won’t wash.

Baxter Dmitry

Baxter Dmitry

Baxter Dmitry is a writer at Your News Wire. He covers politics, business and entertainment. Speaking truth to power since he learned to talk, Baxter has travelled in over 80 countries and won arguments in every single one. Live without fear.
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Baxter Dmitry
  • notl8

    When one sees a story on the news about some killer that murdered someone in a gruesome way, one most likely would think that this is a very sick and terrible person to do such a evil thing and they should be caught, and prosecuted in the most harsh of ways. Of course, Now when it comes to those that hold high positions in our community or in our us government, it is odd to believe so many could be so mentally screwed up as to be involved in satanic cults and child destruction. Are they not also as capable to do evil things as the killer we had no thought about dismissing the evil and could believe what happened bringing out our anger ? when those in high places practice such evil and are higher in position than the authorities and hold enough power to destroy anyone that would bring out their evil into the open, they will eventually screw up. and this Comet Pizza, Ping Pong pizza, pedo ring has more than enough evidence to open peoples eyes in hope the cries of the innocent will be heard and those evil ones be indicted. There is no place for the main media to ignore this

    • Amaris

      I take comfort in one thing….., we know justice will never be done, because the corruption within the justice system goes very deep. But God will bring all that is hidden into the light, and we will see His justice in the end.

      • Ralf Yuri

        If you look out,

        the empire of satan has been established not by satan, but by his servants making his agenda, using lies.
        So I think it’s up to us Jesus’ servants to tell the truth and destroy the empire of lies.
        We just need to investigate and unmask them.

        • Farm Clarity

          What if “jesus” and his message have been corrupted ?
          Would that mean his hands are tied and most religitards are once again letting the cock crow thrice ?
          Fools , its to corrupt , its too powerful , justice cant come on this world .
          pussies , get up and FIGHT , cause thats where redemption blossoms

          • Ralf Yuri

            If you really know the world in which you live, you know that satan controls the whole world with lies through his servants.
            Then you will see that Satan can do nothing against the servants of Jesus.
            So what’s your question?
            Is about the satan existence ?
            Is about satan controlling the world with lies?
            Is about Jesus true?

          • Amaris

            when you say ‘fight’ you do mean a spiritual fight right? Jesus’ message/ Gospel can NEVER be corrupted, only people are corrupt.

        • Crystal Sears-Woll

          Ephesians 5:8 For ye were sometimes darkness, but now are ye light in the Lord: walk as children of light: 9(For the fruit of the Spirit is in all goodness and righteousness and truth;) 10Proving what is acceptable unto the Lord. 11And have no fellowship with the unfruitful works of darkness, but rather reprove them. 12For it is a shame even to speak of those things which are done of them in secret. 13But all things that are reproved are made manifest by the light: for whatsoever doth make manifest is light.

        • EMILIA ZYCH

          Exactly! Well said!

  • Amaris

    isn’t it funny, how the BBC will show no concern about children being abused, but their concern is for protecting the reputations of VIPs? Sick, what a bunch of liars. I no longer watch their fake news. It is also likely that they are involved with the murder of Jill Dado, one of their reporters who was going to expose the paedophile ring within the BBC.

    • Stephen Coyle

      And what about a investigation of the murder of Cilla Black, another good friend of Sir Kitty Richards.Also friend of Jill Dando and Elm Guest House.


      They are definitely involved! what I don’t understand is how the innocent people that work with these scum can just sit back and not take a stand! If i worked for anyone like that and came across something i suspected, I would do everything i could to uncover the truth! i wouldn’t be able to sleep at night knowing i did nothing but sit back. Whether they kill me or not, i would die trying to protect those children!

  • Hugh Tops

    This sucks so much, kids getting abused becuase BBC, ITV and the rest of the world cannot be bothered to open their eyes to what is happening to the kids in their countries, these reporters are stupid and evil too, PizzaGate must be brought to light and all the politicians that traffic kids must be brough to justice, this satanic evil is truly destructive and must be brought to light

  • freemind

    i think there all going to burn in hell and they think like most think its all fake. lol remember you cant change your mind when you die.

    • Farm Clarity

      Course one can change his mind after death , the soul is powerful , thats where hell is .
      after death regret and the impossibility of physical effect

      • Giorgos Christian

        he/she means you cant change what you’ve done in your ife

  • DoctorCrankyFlaps

    The BBC make me wanna puke.

  • marcel alfa


  • marcel alfa

    Fuck you BBC fuck all of the Children Fucking and Protectors of all the Main Stream Media fuckers….hopefully all of you..go to Hell……!!!!!!!


      they will def go to hell…and believe it or not, i’m sure they are living it now in fear of being exposed very soon! God will not let this continue!

  • Alan Beam–ns. According to some, what is referred to here is a known pedo-code
    to the FBI.I don’t know if this is true, but what on Earth are they talking about here?
    Add this to all the other stuff, which again may be only circumstantial (depending on the eye of the beholder),
    and the new stuff i’m sure is to come, this has to be investigated thoroughly to make sure no children are being harmed.
    Going completely overboard in this case is completely justified.This particular case may indeed end up being fake in the end.
    But this horrible shit does go on at the highest levels and is systemic.And is continually being covered up.

    I also believe, as the justice system and law enforcement seem useless and have failed to remove this from are society,
    drastic measures are needed.How about Special Forces and any bad asses who hate pedos systematically interrogating
    and exterminating every pedo they can find anywhere no matter how high or how low, off the face of the Earth.We could remove
    this vermin forever.Again drastic, but I believe very much needed.

    I sense that part of the system itself wants this stuff removed (I think there may be some kind of war behind the scenes over it).And I think my plan to some degree will be used,probably in complete stealth.
    It might even be happening right now.That reminds, has anybody seen John Podesta lately?

    If drastic extreme measures are not done,this will never go away.And it will get forever worse.
    And that will be completely unacceptable for our future children,whose protection of their innocence and purity is more
    important than anything else in the world.
    This will end completely and totally, and will never happen again, once they are all completely exterminated.
    And this can,will, and must happen.All pedos and pedo protectors and apologists be warned.Your time will be up
    for existing in this world.I predict it will be sooner rather than later.

    May I humbly suggest we start with the media? It seems pretty clear to me who’s side they have been on for the last
    how many years.That should keep the pedo-extermination squad busy for many years alone.

  • Inherent chaos

    Does anyone realize his name means “I love Children” in French?

    • InterestedAussie

      Interesting! I am not French, but I am pretty sure it goes like this: J’aime L’Efants! It reminds me of the pizzagate Instagram photo of the guy wearing the t-shirt “J’aime L’Enfants”. So many coincidences?!

      • Inherent chaos

        Oh wow! I’m praying it all is pushed into the light.

  • epleguy

    Remember when the Rotherham scandal was just a conspiracy theory too? Look how that turned out.

  • noazdad

    It’s fake. Move on. Nothing to see here, except how “fake news” gets easily mistaken for something more.

    • Gemma Tell

      Ha ha ha, you still gonna see what’s fake.

      • Rottenmac

        Tell that to the people who were almost killed today because of your bullshit fake conspiracy crap.

        • Gemma Tell

          You are going to have to do a lot better than that to make me feel guilty for someone else’s sins. Of course, you don’t have an ounce of feeling for the victims, now do you.

          • Rottenmac

            WHAT victims? WHERE are all these victims? How is it NO-ONE has come forward and said ANYTHING? Lemme guess, they’ve all been murdered and kept silent with hush money or some bullshit.

            Pizzagate is a non-starter. Tell me when you finally come to terms with the paedophilia in the church and the sins they STILL commit before you come at anyone with a fake news story conspiracy non-starter like this.

          • EMILIA ZYCH

            you guessed right ahole!

        • Johnny Kay

          Rottenmac: “Gunman” Edgar Maddison Welch is a professional actor. From

          Edgar Maddison Welch
          Bio (1)
          Edgar Maddison Welch is known for his work on Mute (2011), The Mill (2008) and A Tale About Bootlegging (2005).

          to: Miscellaneous Crew | Actor | Writer | Art department
          Hide Miscellaneous Crew
          (2 credits)
          2008 The Mill
          (production assistant)
          2005 A Tale About
          Bootlegging (production assistant)
          Hide Actor (1 credit)
          2009 The Bleeding Raver / victim
          Hide Writer (1 credit)
          2011/II Mute
          Hide Art department (1

          2008 The Mill (storyboard artist)

          • Rottenmac

            Having one (ONE) credit for ‘acting’ as an extra on a straight-to-dvd film, doesn’t really qualify you as being and ‘actor’. Most likely, he was a P.A. or something else, and they needed an extra body, so he raised his hand and they said, “Yeah, fine”

            Not to mention 5 credits in various ‘films’ doesn’t make you Scorsese or Kurosawa. Pretty sure you can get that just by looking for shit work in Hollywood. I know you can be hired as an extra just by asking around.

            Keep trying, though. It’s cute for you guys to try and justify your crazy.

          • EMILIA ZYCH

            You must be a pedophile!


      you’re either a complete fool, or a pedophile yourself!

      • noazdad

        Your poster boy Alex Jones at InfoWars has already apologized for spreading this fake news story.
        It’s FAKE. It NEVER HAPPENED. Case fucking closed.


      you must be a pedophile.

  • InterestedAussie

    Watch the movie “They Live” – the mainstream media play such an interesting role in that “movie” …

  • metalman5150

    thoughts without words – mistaking motion for action – believe half of what you hear and none of what you see.

  • John in Brum

    The BBC will report the story as a news story, but only when they have been shamed into it, and then they will report it as if they are the investigative reporters. To add insult to injury we television owners in the UK, are forced by law to pay for that liberal/left wing rubbish to be broadcast.

    • maddyswatch

      That really has to hurt. I cannot believe that that television/radio fee still exists in this age of multiple devices which are not television sets but which can be utilized as such.

  • Will

    Do you people not understand it s fake? This news has been proven again and again to be invalid, THIS ISNT REAL. THIS IS PEOPLE TRYING TO PLAY YOU TO HATE HILLARY. the idiocy of this is that you people believe it. God, the pure blind acceptance of this is what causes problems in our world. Dont be so goddamn gullible and stop believing bs conspiracy theories.

    • maddyswatch

      You obviously have not seen the photos. Open your eyes to the real machinations of the power hungry Hillary and her nasty (and probably murdering) cohorts. Another Wikileaks e-mail from John Podesta reveals him joking about Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia’s (uninvestigated) death and calling the death excellent “wetworks” which everyone knows is CIA language for assassination. This is NOT fake news and haven’t you noticed yet that none of these leaked e-mails are being called lies or phony? Because they are the truth. Wake up!


        some people are stupid, nieve, and blind! one day they will wake up.

        • noazdad

          nieve? who looks stupid now…

    • CNN = Fake News!!!

      A satanists who cusses? Say it isn’t so! Well, if #PizzaGate is fake, then how do you explain all this?
      NYT doesn’t believe pedophilia is a crime.
      NYT > 2014/10/06/opinion/pedophilia-a-disorder-not-a-crime.html
      Creepy Joe Biden
      YouTube > watch?v=TIXdNQrDaaQ
      If I remember, this is the same guy who admitted giving his personal phone # to kids.
      Maybe you need to look at the sick, sick, sick post by CNN Chris Cuomo advocating that people should teach tolerance for a 12 yr old girl seeing a grown man’s pecker in the locker room? You sick, sick, sick man!
      CNN Chris Cuomo / Twitter > ChrisCuomo/status/834745679394246658
      (Guess who they support? Obama? Hillary? Oh, no!)
      CNN has admitted they lied about Trump

      CNN Van Jones calls Trump/Russia “collusion” nothing burger/fake news.
      CNN (YouTube) > /watch?v=zsTbrFhEFFo
      Hillary sold uranium to Russia
      NYT > 2015/04/24/us/cash-flowed-to-clinton-foundation-as-russians-pressed-for-control-of-uranium-company.html
      Hillary/Obama are the only Russia collusion that happened.

      The rest = fake news put out by the lying fake news media that does not believe pedophilia is a crime.

  • maddyswatch

    Well, it is an unfortunate fact that along with the LGBT protection laws, the pedophilia community has snuck in through the door as well. Just as the entertainment industry is basically controlled by the LGBT nowadays, there is also a very large number of well placed and powerful leaders in the industry who are “child lovers”.

  • James Dillinger

    It’s time for the people to step up an take action. Our Governments aren’t doing anything about such a sick crime. It doesn’t matter who is committing these attrocious crimes against children, they should be dealt with in the most harshest way. If the law won’t then it is up to us.