Police Called After 9 Yr Old Uses Ruler As Pretend Sword In Playground

Police Called After 9 Yr Old Uses Ruler As Pretend Sword In Playground

An angry mother has hit out after police were called to her son’s primary school when he was caught using a ruler as a pretend sword in a playground game of ‘knights and dragons’.

The teachers at St George’s Bickley CE Primary School, in Bromley, south London have been accused of overreacting after asking officers to speak to Kyron Bradley, who waved the ruler around as he played with two friends.

The Mail Online report:

The youngster’s mother Natasha Bradley said she burst into tears after hearing police were being called over a ‘stupid game’.

Miss Bradley, a 27-year-old carer and mother-of-two, said she had attended a meeting with headteacher Geraldine Shackleton following the incident on April 27, and had assumed it had been ‘dealt with’.

However, she was then told that police officers were coming to the school to speak to her son, a pupil in Year 4, about his behaviour, on April 29.

Miss Bradley, from Orpington, said Kyron had only been doing ‘what boys do’ – playing at ‘swordfighting’ with a pal in the playground.

She said: ‘I explained to my son that it was a stupid game to play as he could have fallen with the ruler. He cried, but he understood.

‘I had already dealt with Kyron myself. Why the police were involved I haven’t a clue.

‘I was so disgusted with the way he was being dealt with I burst out crying.’

Miss Bradley told the News Shopper, a local newspaper in South London: ‘I am quite a strict parent. I am not saying my child is an angel, but he has never been in trouble for anything more than being a bit chatty.’

Another parent at the school, who did not wish to be named, said: ‘These boys were just playing knights and dragons in the playground.

‘They could have been using a stick, a ruler or their imagination – the whole thing is totally over the top and a waste of police resources.’

The school declined to reveal precise details of action taken against Kyron but Mrs Shackleton said: ‘Sometimes having a gentle conversation with children, with parents or guardians present, can help young people fully understand possible consequences of actions they have taken.

‘I am expected to use my judgement and act appropriately to ensure children and staff in my school are safe.

‘It would not be appropriate to discuss individual situations, but in general terms schools work closely with local police as a matter of routine to gain help and guidance in these matters.’#

The Metropolitan Police confirmed officers from the local neighbourhood team had been sent to the school in the wake of the incident – but the force said it ‘does not comment on individual incidents involving under 18s’.


  • Zoe Hunter

    what a bloody nanny state…….whoever got the police involed should be sacked..they clearly have no idea on how to let children be children and lack the ability to use their own judgement on situations…. What a waste of police time..!.

  • yaakovwatkins

    In the US, assuming that the head teacher was white, there would be a lawsuit alleging racism. Stories like this are the reason that I don’t watch television situation comedies. The real world provides stories which are much funnier.

    Unfortunately, the poor mother has to deal with the idiocy of the teacher.

  • muryeaman

    I don’t understand this. What rule was the kid breaking. Was he assaulting another student with the ruler?

  • Melanie Roberts

    I am disgusted,it seems to me that a set of incompetent idiots are running that school and they sould be sacked for wasting police time and in effect teaching the other children how to do so.Both the school and parent are the ones to speak to the child Not the police,I am so glad my children are grown up and that I do not have idiot school teachers/heads to deal with.It seems the world has truly gone mad!

  • Khai Fox

    She deserves to die. She put that kid in danger when she called the police. At the very least, someone needs to find this cunt and beat the living shit out of that stupid bitch until her limbs are so fucking broken and bruised she can’t lift a fucking phone.

  • Richard J. McLaughlin

    This is proof that PC sucks! I used to sword fight with a ruler with my classmates back in the early 70’s when I was a primary school student. I know that the teachers frowned upon us doing so, but the disciplinary action rested with them. The police never had any part in it. We also used to play Cowboys and Indians and its sister game Cops and Robbers. Today, our children get into serious trouble just for doing what their parents used to do when they were their age. It’s high time we stood up to political correctness and put the parents back in charge of their children. The State has no business in how we raise them and our teachers are the ones we trust with their futures. And it’s the politically correct teachers that abuse our trust, destroying our children’s futures.