President Assad Accuses France, UK, US, Saudi Of Supporting ISIS

President Assad interview reveals that he views France, UK, and US as supporters of ISIS

Syrian president Bashar al-Assad has given a rare interview with Czech television where he accuses France, UK, US, and Saudi Arabia as supporting ISIS militants. 

When asked what it would take to end Syria’s four-year civil war, Assad answered:

When those countries that I mentioned — France, UK, US, Saudi Arabia, Qatar and some other — stop supporting those terrorists.”

If you want to fight and defeat them (terrorists), you have to cut and suffocate their supplies, their armaments, money … coming mainly through Turkey and with the support of the Saudis and the Qataris,” he went on.

I think it (the downing of the warplane) has shown the real intention of Erdogan who, let’s say, lost his nerve just because the Russian intervention has changed the balance on the ground.

If you look at the relation with the West, in 2005, I was the killer. In 2008, and after, I was a peace-maker. Then in 2011, I became the vulture. Now, there’s some positive change — of course shy kind of change, not the explicit one,” he said.

  • Gregg Rasor

    Well isn’t he about the stupidest person in the Middle East not to mention a war criminal!

    • Jason Wilson

      is he stupid? Is he wrong that the US and Turkey are funding terrorists in Syria? Is it good that the US helped to create ISIS? That’s been revealed in a DOD report obtained this year by Judicial Watch. I think our leaders are the war criminals.

      • Gregg Rasor

        Yes GW Bush and Dick Cheney should be in prison for lying about WMD’s and if they would have acquired a Status Of Forces Agreement with the Iraqis then ISIS would have never happened!