Thousands Of Citizens To Protest Elite Pedophile Ring Outside The White House

Thousands of protestors to take to the streets of Washington DC against elite pedophilia

Thousands of protestors are scheduled to take to the streets of Washington D.C. this month in order to urge Trump to expedite his investigation into the elite pedophile ring operating within the American government. 

The demonstration is scheduled to take place in Lafayette Park on March 25th at 11am.

Protestors are planning a peaceful and productive gathering in the nations capital in order to bring public awareness to the Washington D.C. pedophile ring, otherwise known as Pizzagate, and show solidarity to law enforcement officials who are currently investigating it.

NN reports:


One of the main backers of the event is Pedogate investigator and former mainstream media journalist, David Seaman, who posted a message on his YouTube channel to promote the demonstrations:

Pizzagate protest planned – Washington, DC, March 25th at 11 a.m. Eastern Time.

All are welcome!

We want a peaceful and productive morning of civic action against true evil and pathetic elitism… Pedogate is real.

We push back, with love and with strength.

Protests in other cities across the United States may be planned for the same day, but I have not looked into the legitimacy of any of those protests.

If you are financially able to do so, join us in DC. Afterward, I’m happy to meet with you all at a bar somewhere.

This is how change occurs. -David

Some attendees of the protests are planning to wear all black and remain still and silent as a display of self-control and individual empowerment.

We’ll keep you posted with any updates as they happen.

  • Djago

    A bit late?

  • neverpartofthesolution

    not too late…better late than never.. good to see this is happening….suck a big dick mainstream media…you have lost control….. The mainstream media should have initiated this…… but they are part of the problem…never part of the solution

    • sobmaz

      Trump is par or the problem as well. As soon as he was elected he said Hillary was a very nice women and he didn’t want to lock her up.

      • Theresa E Hawkins

        President Trump ask Jason Chaffety back around the first of the year to investigate Hillary, he hasn’t forgotten anything. As far as pizzagate he’s on top of that as well, he’s calling it child trafficking. This sick satanic mess that so many politicians as well as the rich elite are involved with is being exposed daily. There is a power greater than these self appointed gods that is in charge of this presidency, our heavenly Father. The circumstances of the world has nothing to do with what God can do. Continued prayers for our world, trusting God to lead President Trump and all those associated with the administration.

        • sobmaz

          You are a crazy loon. I bet you believe the Flat Eart Theory too.

        • sobmaz

          By the way, this demonstration attracted 50 people despite the claim of thousand. Only absalute nuts believe this crap and I guarantee Trump isn’t wasting his time on it.

          As time goes by and you realize Trump is not pursuing pizzagate you may finally accept you’ve been had but I guarantee you will find some other b.s. Story to believe in and you will forever continue voting against the economic interests of your self and average Americans. Republicans and their b.s. Have you hooked.

        • sobmaz

          Still waiting for your B.S. theory to be prosecuted by the Trumpettes. Will it happen in my life time or is Hillary more powerful than Trump?

      • Justme

        Always remember, human trafficking was conducted through the Clinton Foundation. Also what is on Wiener’s lap top. Trump did say that Hillary would be taken down by a Wiener.

        • sobmaz

          Always remember your loser President Trump is letting it continue and is actually protecting Hillary. Protecting a pedophile is just as bad as being a pedophile!

          Unless of course it’s all BS.

          So is Trump a defacto pedophile by standing by and letting it continue? Or did it never occur in the first place?

        • sobmaz

          Still waitin…….

  • Steph

    I like the protest idea, I do…but I do not like or trust David Seaman. He’s always after “buzz” and has ulterior agendas. And when he says let’s have “fun” at a protest for children being killed and trafficked?? He probably won’t even show up.

  • Black Swan

    An offer of Medically verified Castration rather than incarceration, and mandatory after a second offense will help eliminate this psychopathic degenerate mental disease.

    • Linda Harpe-Turner

      Trump has the power to change the laws so that rich and powerful men as well as all who hurt children be held accountable in whatever it takes to make that happen. Hit ’em where it hurts! Financial restitution to their victims for a whole lifetime destroyed as well as their descendents; to start with.

      • sobmaz

        And he won’t……….because?

    • Sally Tudor

      Castrating them would NOT work!! They would just use other methods, like broom handles!! All Pedophiles should be EXECUTED, they do NOT reform! Children will
      always be at risk with the Perverted Pedophiles free!! My God, they are
      as EVIL as the Barbaric Savages of Islam!! This should NEVER be allowed
      in the United States of America!!

  • blam

    Seldom mentioned by pizza gators is the Jersey scandal of 2008, Isle of Jersey, the orphanage where the ‘elite’ grabbed kids and ….. Jimmy Savile’s crimes PALED in comparison to the Jersey pedo ring. The Brits were one sick bunch of weird morons. And it all goes up to the CROWN and doubt P Diana was murdered is erased, the types in Jersey illustrate the corruption at the TOP beautifully. God knows what Diana saw at Buck House, is that why she tried to kill herself many times? Did she fear for her two boys?
    Nevertheless, I applaud the demo next Saturday in front of the White House, wanna bet the ‘elite’ media won’t cover it? And leave David Seaman alone, he’s out calling attention to these crimes against children

  • Stradart

    Medical castration doesn’t stop hands and psychopathy. These people have to be destroyed. No help nor change possible with those scum of the earth.

    • Sally Tudor

      All Pedophiles should be EXECUTED, they do NOT reform! Children will
      always be at risk with the Perverted Pedophiles free!! My God, they are
      as EVIL as the Barbaric Savages of Islam!! This should NEVER be allowed
      in the United States of America!!

      • sobmaz

        I pretty much agree. What of a man who could stop pedophilia but won’t? Trump should have all the info about pizzagate. Either pizza gate is b.s or Trump is aiding and abetting.

        • Sobmaz is a punk

          How much power do you think a president has when hes completely surrounded by sickos? Do you still believe in LEFT and RIGHT? LMAO Pedophiles will only get exposed by independent investigations. If enough people catch on then it will have to boil over. You sir are part of the problem. Too many punks like you are hindering any progress to busting these sickos in high positions of power.

          • sobmaz

            Trump has the power of the Tweet yet not one word about Hillary and her child sex slaves.
            Leave this link and go back to your flat earth page.

          • sobmaz

            And… you blame me for Trump doing nothing about this fake story ? LMAO

  • Stradart

    People should post ALL Pizzagate true activity and Articles on CNN, Washington Post, MNSBC, TIMEs every time they come out. Make the oblivious public aware!

  • Sally Becker

    As bad as this subject is, I understand why they are going at this one first but IMHO it is absolutely necessary that they go after BO next. This wiretapping thing was done through British intelligence so there is not trail. I for one would like to know HOW any country friend or foe can have access to our database on a 24/7 basis.

    • sobmaz

      Because the British did not spy on trump at Obamas reques.

  • lather

    HA HA HA HA HA HA!!! Fucking KOOKS!!! “Pizzagate”… HA HA HA!!!!

    • Rupert Chappelle

      Look up “The Finders” and “CIA”, fool.

      • lather

        Get some meds

        • Rupert Chappelle

          Nerve poisons from the nazi concentration camps in a less than lethal dose is your idea of medication.

          Cell phone done ate your brain.

        • stellar1

          Shut the Fuck Up You POS

  • Michael Sultana

    I’m actually glad this is happening !!!. … I don’t care if this is politically motivated or not (?) but you cannot doubt the cause is a
    really good one to get agitated over. If President Trump’s sole achievement is to blow this situation wide open and put some sicko’s
    away, then fair enough ..

  • stellar1

    Peaceful is Great.. but sometimes you just have to kick their Asses…

  • BobCat

    Why aren’t you protesting against Hillary who is part of child trafficking and exploitation with Pedestal? Jeff Sessions needs to go after these criminals.

    • sobmaz

      Give me a break lady! Why do you think Trump isn’t going after Hillary?

      • Justme
        • sobmaz

          You are a freaking idiot. Do you have one, JUST ONE video of Jeff Sessions talking about pedophiles controlling or deeply imbedded in Washington? Or do you only have fake news articles saying what Jeff Sessions is doing ?

          • Sombaz is one of them

            Stop your insults its obvious you support pedophilia and your triggered 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

          • sobmaz

            My insults? You mean when I call you an idiot for believing Hillary Clinton ran or is running a child porn ring while making pizza?

            I’m one of them? Why because you are nentally deranged?

        • sobmaz

          By the way……have you always been this gullible?

        • sobmaz

          Still waiting. Hillary still free as a bird and now the Trumpettes are using private emails!

  • vq5speed

    Nothing going to happen to the Clintons and Obama..

    • Akash Goodoree

      Hilary is a vindictive horrible woman who can lie to a grief stricken mother like that over Benghazi. Obama lied to her to. Shame on them disgusting. could they not have told her and they must have ways of keeping people quiet. They did not have to lie to her.

      I am liberal and glad she is not in the white house.

      They are horrible people one with a good public image one who is getting to old for the tooth (collapsing, mini-seizure, unconttrollable laughter). Oh yeah she is also a witch (im not religious but she is not a white (good) one shers the evil who believes in Moloch (that cat from the old testament you know the one who like to sacrifice babies).

      • sobmaz

        Refresh my memory, what lie did she tell to the mother? Hillary lied about many things, but over half the time she made truthful statements. Trump lies 98 percent of the time. Which is the lesser?

        • Chmeee

          Does it matter really? They’re both liars. Which is the bigger one is meaningless.

          • sobmaz

            You’re idiot. Hillary lies about having to take cover in Bosnia, Trump lies about EVERYTHING.

          • Sobmaz is one of them

            Dude your really triggered LMAO. Your going down dude. Keep watching your mainstream news and keep being constantly lied to you are the real idiot

          • sobmaz

            How’s that Uranium one scandal going? Pizzagate? The Clinton “body count”?
            All BS!

  • Tena Dockery

    Fake news!!!

  • Joseph Monyok

    There going to have to get rid of FBI director Comey if anything will ever be done.

  • Day

    Wasn’t Donald Trump under investigation for child pedophile

    • Sally Tudor

      Your a LIAR and a FOOL!! President Trump is a saint compared to any of them!! The Clinton’s are Pedophiles too!! Podesta is a Pedophile SOB too!

    • mscoulter

      Yes, and Sally Tudor is also a child rapist since she supports Trump after reading the affidavits and subscribes to fake right wing “news” websites.

  • mscoulter

    Why would Trump care about bringing pedophiles to justice when he is one himself?

    • Sally Tudor

      Your a sick MF, if you could justify Pedophilia, just because someone else is guilty!! President Trump hates Pedophiles, and they will be brought to justice! Maybe you are one too, since you are calling someone something so horrible!! EXECUTE all of you Pedophiles!! They do NOT change!!

      • mscoulter

        Hey bitch! Obviously you can’t fucking read or do not understand what affidavits are. They are SWORN testimonies by his victims, you dumb cunt. You voted for a fucking pedophile, therefore you must also be one.

  • Sally Tudor

    All Pedophiles should be EXECUTED, they do NOT reform! Children will always be at risk with the Perverted Pedophiles free!! My God, they are as EVIL as the Barbaric Savages of Islam!! This should NEVER be allowed in the United States of America!!

  • jewels

    Isn’t it amazing? I am sure that most of these people have been in demonstrations against our President, and for Hillery Clinton, and her friends, the same ones who are involved the child sex rings, All the rich “good old boys clubs”. Every male who is found guilty of sexually molesting a child should be hung, by those gonads until they die. Every female, should just be hung at dawn.

  • Shah_Boogey

    Lmao you idiots. Even Alex Jones, the idiot who started this, just said it PizzaGate was false an made up. Now go ahead an tell me he was told to say that by the elite.. Since when does he listen to elites? Wouldnt he be dead by now?

  • etyrnal

    one thing that’s sort of scary about this… knowing the CIA, NSA, etc’s power of hacking, monitoring, controlling media, and their usage of malware/viruses…
    they can PLANT data in people’s computers too. So they can destroy people.
    In fact, if they wanted to, in order to protect themselves, couldn’t they technically do a quick survey of all those trying to FIGHT it and EXPOSE it, and then start PLANTING the illegal stuff on those people’s computers, then go after them, arrest the, speed them through trials, and put them away… …and you know the stereotypes about what happens to those sorts of people in prisons… right?

    I recall reading a story about an investigative journalist who was investigating government corruption (i think in california, maybe regarding a mayor), who was arrested for it… and managed to know just the right person to discover and PROVE that the stuff was PLANTED in his laptop using a backdoor virus of some sort…

    not denying this horrible phenomenon… just saying, it feels dangerous all the way around. There seem to be some people (lots), who have a LOT to protect, and maybe who’s LIVES depend on it.

    How dangerous would a modern day Salem Witch Trials be, that instead of using “magic”, used CREATED evidence, where the REAL perpetrators, in order to protect themselves, plant ‘evidence’ on people who they need to silence??

  • Shawna W