Putin Bans U.S. Adoption Of Russian Orphans Due To Pedophile Epidemic

Vladimir Putin has issued an immediate ban on U.S. adults adopting Russian children over fears for the safety of the children due to the pedophilia epidemic plaguing the United States.

Vladimir Putin has issued an immediate ban on U.S. adults adopting Russian children over fears for the safety of the children due to the pedophilia epidemic plaguing the United States.

The law, which was passed emphatically by both houses of the Duma, raised eyebrows in Russia, however Putin explained “the country will not be responsible” for the abuse of their children at the hands of pedophiles.

Americans adopt children from abroad more often that citizens of any other country in the world, and while the vast majority may have honorable intentions, there is increasing evidence that an elite pedophile ring uses adoption to enter children into child sex trafficking, with many of the children disappearing without a trace.

D.C. children most at risk

The elite pedophile ring operating out of Washington D.C. has made children living in the nation’s capital the most “at risk” in the country, according to U.S. Department of Health and Human Services data, with an astonishing 23.4 per 1,000 children suffering abuse. The next closest is New York, another known elite pedophile hub, with 17.4 cases per 1,000 children.

Despite the disturbing statistics, Putin’s ban on adoption to the United States has been seen as controversial in some quarters. The President tried to explain himself in front of a hall full of Russian and foreign journalists, many of whom were surprised by the adoption bill.

The first question asked why Putin had made “the most destitute and helpless children into instruments of political battle.” The second was even more blunt, calling the bill “cannibalistic.”

Live on Russian television, Putin mounted a strong defense: How could the journalists stand idly by while U.S. elites “abuse Russian children. You think that’s normal?” Putin demanded.

What’s normal about being abused? You like that? What are you, a sadomasochist? The country will not be responsible.

Passing a new bill in Russia has never presented much of a problem for President Vladimir Putin. With control of both houses of parliament, legislation backed by Putin generally amounts to a Kremlin fiat.

When the adoption bill went up for a vote in the Duma, only four deputies voted against it and two abstained. An overwhelming 400 voted in favor of the new law.

This is not the first time Putin has called out the West over pedophilia.

Last year Putin used his annual Christmas press conference to accuse Western liberal elites of abandoning the traditional values that made their countries great. Instead of building a future based on solid Christian values, Western elites have created a culture of “excessive, exaggerated political correctness.

This new culture is so destructive it will lead to the downfall of Western civilization if it is not arrested, he warned.

In the four hour question-and-answer session, Putin said there is an international push for a New World Order that will “remove national sovereignty” and “destroy identity and of God-created diversity.

To reach this goal, Putin states that Western elites have begun rejecting the roots that their societies were built on.

Many Western states have taken the way where they deny or reject their own roots, including their Christian roots which form the basis of Western civilization. In these countries, the moral basis and any traditional identity are being denied – national, religious, cultural and even gender identities are being denied or relativized.”

In these countries, the moral basis and any traditional identity are being denied – national, religious, cultural and even gender identities are being denied or relativized. There, politics treats a family with many children as equal to a homosexual partnership (juridically).

“The excesses and exaggerations of political correctness in these countries indeed leads to serious consideration for the legitimization of parties that promote the propaganda of pedophilia.

“The people in many European states are actually ashamed of their religious affiliations and are indeed frightened to speak about them.”

Baxter Dmitry

Baxter Dmitry

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Baxter Dmitry
  • Black Swan

    ” I know thy works, and tribulation and poverty, but thou art rich, and I know the blasphemy of them which say they are Jews, and are not, but are the Synagogue of Satan.” The Book of Revelation, Chapter 2, Verse 9
    Russia removed the last Rothschild Soviet psychopath on Christmas Day 1991, his name was Gorbachev who received a hero’s welcome in the U.S.

    • rick lonzy

      Yes brother you hit the nail on the head. Putin brought back Christianity to Russia, which is why he is hated by many in the United States. It was Putin when he came into power removed the Rothschilds oligarchs and their schemes to crush Russians.

      • Henry Melito

        Putin I salute you

  • veryverysoon

    Truth be known…the same shit would be going on in Russia…. the demons that inhabit the pedo’s aren’t restricted to America.. they are in all races in all countries…. its the next step after power… an individual gets the power in one way or another.. then the power trip no longer gets them off…the only high left is to interfere with kids… its not rocket science…its satan and his demons manifesting… The Lord will carry out his sentence on this earth with speed and finality…VERY SOON…

    • rick lonzy

      Amen brother

    • Karendal Sadek

      Russia for many years was the
      #1country for human t

  • Reader

    The news story cited is five years old.

    • Dawn Newman

      You’re correct. I also recall hearing about this several years ago. Putin obviously knew something was going on well before many Americans became aware of it.

  • Alesandra House-Malispina

    Putin Putin Putin!!!

  • Pat Enery

    While this story may be old, Putin is to be commended on his action in the light of the Pizzagate & Pedogate scandals. A thorough house cleaning of the perps & their blackmailers would go far in restoring functional government here. The “do nothing” Congress would cease to exist & their blackmailers rendered temporarily ineffective. Declaring their AIPAC lobby a foreign entity would put a lot of nails in their coffin. The final nail, of course, would be ending their private bank here, the Federal Reserve, & restoring Congress’s responsibility to coin money & regulate the value thereof.

  • Catch and Release

    When will we get our own priorities straight?

    Putin can protect his country by making restrictions and getting rid of billionaires who have a negative political agenda. Yet someone tries that here and are met with all sorts of opposition.

    • ronin4life

      To be fair, Putin is only capable of these things because he is himself tyrannical and authoritarian.

      • Chris

        Yes the old adage “you must become a monster to fight monsters

      • Lynda McCallum

        Maybe he is but he is a great leader & no matter how or why he is protecting the children.

  • sherry hodges

    I actually recommended this to Russian authorities over 10 years ago.

  • Polina Stanton

    Putin, protect all Russian children – do not let them become slaves of U.S pedophiles or forfeit their genders in the name of political correctness as they have done with all U.S children!
    Now, let all pray for American children!
    May God save them!

  • Lynda McCallum

    Does it matter how old it is? President Putin did the right thing he’s protecting the children.

  • Karendal Sadek

    I do not like Putin, but if this is real. I respect him for doing it. That being said, what about all the Russian human trafficking in and outside Russia? They are selling little chubby nine year old girls in the PNW. Probably boys too.